One Google Search away and you will find tons of advice on how to improve your routine, change your habits, raise your vibration. 

I could not help but wonder what does this mean exactly? How can you raise your vibration? How do we know on which frequency are we currently vibing on right now? 

There is a hierarchy of the emotional spectrum when it comes to emotions and the frequency we emit when we feel those emotions. A quick check on how high are you vibrating is to tune into your emotions. 

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The first thing to do when you wake up is to drink water and assess the state of your emotional being. 

I love this chart as it clearly shows the hierarchy of our emotions as well as differentiating between our consciousness level and what we experience when we are in a specific emotional state. 

We can see that the lowest vibrational emotion is shame followed by guilt, apathy, grief and fear associated with Inaction. 

Just stop and think about it for one second. How do you feel and how you experience positive emotions? How do you feel when you are ashamed or angry? 

Here are 10 short guided meditations you can use in your daily routine to keep my vibes high.

This is a 7-minute meditation you can listen to every morning, It can be potent, it’s super short and can help you get in touch with your mystical, mysterious, intuitive side. 

Don’t be fooled by the length of this meditation as this is quite powerful. Many have experienced an amazing effect. Every time I do this meditation I can feel waves of heat flowing through the main energy centres like never before. It’s a great and easy way to unblock any energy disruption you might experience in your body.  

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This is one of the most powerful mantras I have encountered so far. Each syllable has a specific meaning. If I had a bad mood and If I do not feel like meditating, I just chant this mantra or listen to it for 30 minutes. The cool part is that when you chant this mantra you burn karma for yourself as well as for others. 

Om = the vibration or sound of the universe; represents divine energy and generosity and purifies the ego

Ma = represents ethics and purifies jealousy

Ni = represents patience and purifies want or desire

Pad = represents diligence and purifies ignorance and judgment

Me = represents concentration and purifies attachment

Hum = the unity of all; represents wisdom and purifies hatred

This is a great, easy, simple meditation for really busy people that are not at all used to meditate. It’s a great meditation to be used in the middle of the day, between online meetings. 

Brian Scott has an amazing meditation channel on YouTube which I mostly enjoy. I really liked this guided meditation as It felt like a deep dive into my cosmic subconscious. 

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I just love to listen to this every morning. It’s chanted in Pali, the native language of Buddha and it’s basically a mantra about loving-kindness and the power of compassion.

Looking for a quick fix with remarkable results? The benefits listed include changing any belief in just a few minutes, releasing any kind of negative emotions you feel consciously or unconsciously, healing you from any traumas or mental issues, improving your financial situation, getting rid of depression or anxiety, releasing stress and frustration, improving your relationships and family situation. 

It requires little time and no effort or concentration to experience the benefits mentioned above and you can easily transform your subconscious mind to achieve success in all areas of life.

Happy meditation!

Don’t forget your Love is Iconic.





Written by urzique