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Ian F grew up in Slovenia only to build bridges via sound and musical concepts, is carefully welding together both, his own productions, and his djing activities, to come forth with something intrinsically authentic:  The multifacetted mastermind, driving force behind the Coloursmusic net label, oscillates actively between all his creative outlets and outputs, be it organising events, managing labels and artists, djing, and producing, and this wide-angled take on electronic music and the culture behind it is something which inevitably shows and gives his sound an emotional component.  Driving, eclectic and smooth, his mixes and productions are meandering like a river towards the Meditereanean, sparkling, quirky, yet laidback and profound.  Djing is actually a spiritual moment for him, and this is just one of the many truths he talks about openly in this short but precise interview.


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Hi Ian, happy new year to you. How do you reflect back on 2012? What lessons do you take with you into 2013?

Hello MEOKO, happy new year to you too!  2012 was pretty intense for me.. It was a bit exhausting but also a lot of good things happened. I had to make some decisions in my life and change a few things but at the end I gained a lot as a person and as an artist as well.  I have travelled and performed abroad more than in the previous years, met a lot of nice people around and made a few good friendships for which I’m really happy. So at the end I can say that I’m very satisfied about everything.  In 2013, I would like to continue this way and one of my main lessons will be to believe more in myself πŸ™‚


Last time MEOKO spoke to you, you were looking forward to working on your first artist album. How is that coming along? When will we see a release?

It’s still too early to talk about the release of my album but I can say that I’m working on it and I moved few steps further since our last talk.. I’m more a DJ than a producer so I’m constantly trying to learn as much as I can about production to reach my own sound that will satisfy me.  And would definitely like to release a few more EP’s before I will decide to put out my album.  We are also finishing some new tracks with Francesco Del Garda and we’re looking forward to make an EP together so maybe this will be the next thing coming out soon.



How would you currently describe the electronic scene in Slovenia? Do you feel challenged and inspired living and working there on a day-to-day basis?

In my humble opinion there is too many β€œwannabe” DJ’s, promotors and all kind of people who don’t have a clue how they should work and build a quality scene but they act as they are the creators of this culture in Slovenia.  Most of them are there just because of the profit or even worse, just because of the hype.. Unfortunately quantity replaced quality and this is wrong.  So this is not a real scene for me πŸ™‚

If I talk about the real thing I can say that there is a small but quality underground scene in Slovenia with really good artists, true supporters and few promotors that know how to do their jobs.. Beside this, I have noticed that there is a younger generation of DJ’s coming up who are able to see this difference and who are buying vinyls and they really dig music.   I’m surprised more and more every year and this is very positive.  But our country is small and you can’t survive as an artist only from this scene.

I don’t feel really challenged living here because of DJ-ing but I feel inspired and creative anyways.  I’m surrounded by nice people and friends and we support each other.  Beside this I live on the sea side, we have almost a mediterranean climate, a lot of nature is around, the area is calm, there is no violence.. It’s a good place to live or have a studio here but it can be also boring sometimes so it’s nice to travel around while I’m DJ-ing and I’m really thankful I can enjoy both sides.


Your ‘Colours in Music’ project is really interesting. Tell us a bit more about the concept, who is involved and why you set it up in the first place.

We started the project in 2010 with my good friend Aneuria.  We’ve been collaborating since many years before, digging similar music, working in the studio together, sharing a lot of common ideas connected to the music and club culture through all the years.. So we decided to do our first event in April 2010 at club K4  in our capital city Ljubljana.

Immediately a lot of things started making sense for us and we got the right vision how to put all our ideas and brainstormings from the past in one concept, so we decided to open a label as well under the same name.  Our vision was to connect also with other crews and new, younger artists that we respect and support and to create a network all together where we can share the music and other art forms which inspire us.

So one year later we invited Vid Vai and Evano to join Colours in Music.  They are a bit younger than us but in my opinion very talented DJs and producers from Ljubljana who are helping us to expand the project even further and making it even more colourful.  From this winter on also Francesco Del Garda from Italy joined our crew and we are very happy and proud to have him on board.  There is also a younger generation of slovenian DJs that we support and believe in.. Dj Fraku, who recently joined our crew, than dj Royce is also an interesting name and there are some other guys that we believe will rise in the forthcoming years..


 Ian F Exclusive Mix on MEOKO – Click here to Listen



Why did you decide to focus in on the notion of colour so specifically?

We realized with Aneuria that our ideas, music, productions, are developing and changing through time, which is normal and natural in my opinion.. It’s somehow colourful, if you wish to describe it in one word.  And colours were a good synonym to describe this work, music and process.  The best way to explain this is the actual description of our concept:

Because for us music is very colourful, boundless and through this,  we process our sounds through the machines which results in it having a very organic attitude.  Producing and performing music is a spiritual thing, a purifying process that fills the chakras with the energy, which connects us to the nature and places us on the right spot in the cosmic order of things. Or in a more rational language: creating and consuming music in the right environments with the right crowd makes us feel good.  This is our approach to the music, clubbing, supporters, art, party, culture and everything that goes with it


How have the public responded to the ‘Colours in Music’ parties, releases and to the project more generally?

Very good actually and we really appreciate it. We weren’t expecting such support at the beginning.  I am very satisfied because we have people at our events in Slovenia at K4 who are coming to our parties to hear something new and to get educated with music and this is very important for us.  I can never say thank you enough to all our supporters πŸ™‚


Part of it is a free digital download label.  Why did you choose to release your music for free?

Because we support vinyl and didn’t want to open just another digital label and put it on all mp3 music stores.. But since we can’t afford to print our releases on vinyl yet we decided to give the tracks for free also as a courtesy to all our supporters and as a gift to the DJs that we respect.  People who download the music for free can still donate if they wish, it’s up to them.  This is all part of the expanding network that we created which I was explaining before.

Right now we are about to release our first various artists CD which will be on sale and will be limited edition with hand made cover and we hope we’ll be able to start also with our first vinyl release this year.


Could you tell us about some of the music/events you have lined up for 2013? Will you be in the UK much?

In February we’ll have our next Colours event in Ljubljana with Valentino Kanzyani as guest, where I’ll play back to back with Aneuria, then I’m going to Rijeka – Croatia, in the same month I’m playing in Rome – Italy, then in March I’m going for the first time to Moscow – Russia, to play on a Next Wave event, in April I’ll be in Club Der Visionaere in Berlin, in May I will perform again in Croatia on Lighthouse festival and for the summer I will be in Ibiza for the whole season playing for Next Wave events as a resident dj.. All my scheduled dates are on my Facebook fan page anyhow..


You’re playing for Undersound in London on Saturday 19th January. What can we expect from your performance? Will you be fully representing the ‘Colours in Music’ brand?

Sure, Francesco Del Garda and me will be fully representing Colours in Music and will try to bring as much positive energy as we can and of course quality music πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to this event and hope that people will enjoy it with us.  Thanks.


Catch Colours in Music Label night at Undersound Friday 19th January at Dukes – Full Event Info Here

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