RE.FACE LIMITED has come to its 9th vinyl output which sees label head Toguè finally releasing on his baby. The Italian DJ and producer delivers three club missiles within which sonic atmospheres and enchanted twisted synths are free to take the skies above heady grooves and bulbous basslines. The label also welcomes Berlin-based Lorenzo Chiabotti who enriches “Cosmic Echoes” with some modular magic and a pinch of pure Italian flavor. To celebrate it, Toguè, alongside the RE.FACE guys have put together a special video that goes through the artistic path of the Italian producer, by sharing his music ideals and some considerations about what being an artist means to him.

1) Ciao Antonio! Good to have you finally here to have a word with you. You’ve been producing for quite a long time and I’m sure you could have the chance to release a vinyl EP over the years. Why have you waited such a long period? Was the wait worth it?

Hey guys! First of all, thanks a lot for having me on, it’s a pleasure for me. Talking about a vinyl release, yes, I could have done it a long time ago, but I consider myself an “old-fashioned” person because every time I do something I try to make the best out of it. I wanted to be ready for this step to sacralize this moment at its fullest, since I’m a real fan of the vinyl format and that “Cosmic Echoes” can finally do justice.

2) I guess that with “Cosmic Echoes” you’ve finally achieved a long-time goal. Do you have any other dreams?

Of course! Having the chance to finally release on my label fills me with joy and I consider it a big step in my artistic maturity. Realizing our dreams is never easy and having done it the “hard way” definitely adds something to it. Regarding the future, I have many dreams to achieve yet and most of those are part of my musical journey.

3) Tell us more about the EP. Why have you chosen Lorenzo as a remixer?

I met Lorenzo 4 years ago with the opening of Club Zero 11 (it’s located in Pescara and Togué is one of the residents and co-owner). We invited him to play and we both feel a special sympathy together, both behind the decks and outside the club. He’s such a great and humble guy! Two years later, I decided that he should have been the artist that suited the most with the sound of this EP, and I’m very happy about how his version turns out.

4) The last track of the EP is called “Time Capsule”: if you had one, what time would you like to live? Would you like to go back in your life to relive a particular moment?

Well, I will surely go back of a couple of years, completely deleting this horrible COVID period. But it is what it is, time goes on and we can’t do anything against it, if not make the most of it. One thing I’d love to live again in my life was the very first year of Club Zero11. It was so hectic and frenetic but we had a ton of fun. We were young, wild, and free and we barely know what we were doing and what Zero11 was going to be. I really hope this shit period will come to an end and to be able to play again inside of what I can call a second house for me.

5) How have you dealt with the pandemic, especially for a DJ resident that lives in a kind of small reality like the one of Pescara.

At first, the first COVID months didn’t hurt much as I used to spend a lot of the time in the studio, working a lot on new tracks. In addition, at that time, we didn’t know about the entity of this virus and for how long it would have affected. I don’t deny that being completely out of the game for over a year, not being able to do what I love it’s really tough.

6) Any projects for the future?

After this one, I’ve got many vinyl releases coming up which got postponed because of the pandemic. Also, I’m doing the final touches on another label I’m about to open. I will carry it alongside RE.FACE and it will be something very close to me since I will only release music from myself + remixes by DJs that I had created a good bond with over the last couple of years.



Words by Francesco Quieti


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