Ferro! This Dutch DJ and producers already entered line-ups of many cool parties. For people in Amsterdam he is a well-known name with gigs in Paradiso and Studio80, but lately he started to have gigs all over the world. He played next to mastermind DJ’s such as Zip, Rhadoo and Onur Ozer and in clubs like Salon Zur Wilden Renate and Club der Visionäre in Berlin and many more. Since last year he started to release some of his work on different labels. One of them is Moss Co; the record label of Archie Hamilton, who had spoken to Meoko just recently.


Hi Ferro, how are you today? Can you tell us more about your artist name?

Hi, I am doing very well. It is simply just my Dutch last name translated to Latin. I am 100% sure a lot of people cannot pronounce my Dutch last name.

How did you experience music when you were a child?

I think children always experience music differently than grown ups. They experience everything differently and it is hard for me to recall that experience, although I would like to have the ability to do this. I think I really liked simple music; it is fair to say that my taste changed a bit.   

How did you end up making and playing electronic music?

It just happened. I was always busy with music. When I was young I screamed in microphones all the time. That was a very unpleasant habit for the family [laughs].


What does the Romanian musical culture, like arpriar and the Sunwaves-festival, mean to you?

It’s an interesting sound and I like it a lot. There are so much young Romanian producers, who produce music at the moment that it is really hard to find the good bits. I really appreciate the Romanian input over the last couple of years. They showed the dance industry the power of repetition. Besides that, the Romanians showed with their lovely Sunwaves festival that it is really hard to party 5 days in a row.

Which other artists do you respect because of what they have achieved?

I respect many artists. I am really enjoying classical music nowadays. It is something so different from the music I play in clubs. There is so much emotion in it and in such a complex but natural way. I also respect many of the EDM artists. I think it is really difficult to be so enthusiastic while listening and making so much shit noise.

You recently played Fabric in London, how was it?

Well it was an honour to play there, especially because I am an audiophile. When you play at fabric you discover that you really can control a room full of people, when the room is full you feel like a conductor of an orchestra, although I never conducted one [laughs]. The biggest reason that causes this power is the sound system; it is the best system I played on so far! I was really happy that I could play in room 1 as well. I was a bit nervous at the start, but as soon as the people came in I felt really comfortable.

As a talented up-and-coming DJ, you probably have some dreams as a DJ. Which of those dreams already came true? And which dreams you hope to witness in the future?

One of them was playing Fabric [laughs]. That one came true. I try to have no expectations anymore. I try to live the dream and to go with the flow. This way, things can only get better. Actually there is one dream I like to fulfil and that is to dream as much as possible.

As a new talent, I can imagine it is not so easy to survive in the world. Can you live from your gigs or do you have a ‘real’ job besides DJ’ing?

At the moment I do only things that I like. Besides partying I have gigs every weekend and I feel blessed that I can travel around because of my music (and the music of others of course). During the week I am in the studio, try to stay healthy and searching for new music.

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Amsterdam is your hometown. What are the places to visit if you want to experience a really good party in this lovely city?

I am a big fan of all the events organised at the “NDSM-Werf” it is in the North of Amsterdam at the other side of the water that separates the Centre, East, West and South from the North. There are some venues there but most of the events are outdoor festivals or one-off events indoors. It is a rougher place than the fairy-tale city centre of Amsterdam and it is always a few degrees colder there.

What do you like more: being a DJ at a party or producing your own music?

I prefer to DJ at a party. In the studio it is mostly the music and I. But my music is meant to move people. When I am DJ’ing I can witness that. At parties magical things can happen because of music. Also drugs and alcohol play a role in this. I think all these factors make sure the crowd can “tune in” at the same frequency. Then a crowd becomes one and this is what I try to achieve.

Can you tell me more about which equipment you use to produce music?

I try to combine old analogue machines with new ones. I have some classics but I am always searching for new and rare pieces of gear. I am sharing my studio with two friends. This way we can combine all the gear we buy, that is a really big advantage because gear is very expensive. My favourite piece of gear is also the cheapest one: vodka.

Do you have any future releases you can already tell us about?

There are a lot of tracks ready to release but I try to make more tracks. For now my rule of thumb is quality over quantity.  

Thank you for the interview!