Fuse London’s Infuse series is kicking off on the 4th March with a series of day parties at 93 Feet East. Curated by Seb Zito, attendees will see the likes of Ferro, OdD, Fabe, Jack Wickham, Joseph Williams, Javier Carballo, Mariano Mateljan, and Stuart Hawkins and of course, Zito himself. Promising to be a showcase of London’s greatest talent in house and techno, the Fuse crew will return to the legendary underground venue after almost five years. Meoko managed to have a chat with the curator himself to get the low-down on what to expect…


How did you choose who you wanted to perform at the Infuse parties? Were there any challenges you faced while curating?

We went with the idea of two local DJ’s including myself and two international guests. Then it was a case of going through our crew and picking the best suited DJ’s to each date. The flow of music is so important for the success of the party so each DJ needs to compliment the next, from warm-up to close, so that also plays a big part in the selection. The only challenge was trying to include everyone into three dates which could have been achieved with 1 hour sets but I am against that, a DJ needs at least 2-3 hours to play, feel comfortable & to perform at their best.

Ferrro MixC

It’s been almost five years since you last took over 93 Feet East, how do you think Fuse has grown in that time?

In the early days we were all unknowns so we only played at 93 Feet East. So the way we played was pretty much tailored around that room, environment and sound. Obviously being more established has taken our sound further into different realms of House but that London swagger is still present, it’s just evolved with varieties of experiences we’ve absorbed over the years. We’ve grown with a natural progression from a London residency to Ibiza to world tours and there’s still room to grow.

What made you want to return to the venue, and why did you decide to host day parties?

I think it’s one of the best clubs in the world and still do to this day so it was pretty obvious to go back for our sub label. It’s the perfect environment for a social gathering as well as a heads down, hands up rave. Once Enzo works his magic touch on the sound system and DJ booth we will transform that place back to its original glory if not better. As for day parties, Saturday daytime is pretty quiet in London so there’s a market to explore and build on and hopefully establish some of the great talent on our label.

Fuse has just celebrated its 8th birthday, what do you think is the key to its success?

We’re a tight crew of friends firstly so we all support and encourage each others careers, so strength in numbers is definitely a true saying. We’re all pretty consistent with our music and DJ performances and the guys work bloody hard to create opportunities for us all. Attention to detail is also key especially in the sound and environment for each party. We’re also just doing our thing and doing it in our way with zero external influences so I guess that makes us unique in our own way in this business.

What does the future look like for yourself, Infuse, and Fuse? Any more exciting projects you can tell us about?

Got some amazing music coming out on Infuse and the next 3 releases will be vinyl only, which we’ve never done before. First release is from Jack Wickham, second from Karousel with a remix from myself and the third EP is from East End Dubs with a remix from myself and Enzo. I’m currently working on my fifth Fuse London EP and of course we will be heading back to Ibiza in the summer along with some other shows scattered amongst the Fuse dates. I am also launching my 7db label which will feature a variety of artists I admire and have followed throughout my life with no strict genre or sound. Glimpse into my music taste so to say.

The Infuse Daytime series will be running on the 4th March, then 1 April and 6 May respectively. To sign up for tickets, have a look at their website and to stay up-to-date, follow their Facebook page. 


Words by Georgia Evans