Deep, vocally and nudisco-fuelled, the sets and records mixed and produced by Swiss duo Adriatique have what it takes to sail off into the sunset. Meeting in 2008, the two DJs — both called Adrian, by the way — fused and morphed into a bigger better self, behind the decks, and in the studio. Their EP on OFF Records, produced with label stable mate Thyladomid, was an instant winner, and their releases, on labels such as their mothership Diynamic, 2DYI4, Wolf+Lamb Black, Cityfox and Culprit LA always reflect their solemn love for emotional house music. Opening new horizons by discovering their differences and overcoming them, the self-proclaimed brothers share almost everything, but also manage to maintain a healthy distance, something that can be felt on the dancefloor. Their set for Meoko overflows with vocal packed songs, and extroverted glam combined with a down-to-earth friskiness. Right into your heart.

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