Agaric is a reincarnation of versatile DJ and producer Patrik Skoog, one of the latest techno producers to emerge from the close circle of artists who gave techno from Sweden its trademark branding. The late Nineties with its high energy loop techno fury and technical perfection on countless turntables marked the career of this young veteran who can look back on over a hundred vinyl releases on some of the biggest labels. Reinventing himself by creating yet another name for himself as an on-the-edge producer churning out a fresh and inspiring new sound by returning as Agaric in 2005 was a clever move, as Patrik, releasing on labels as respected as Raum┬ůMusik, Sunset Diskos, Nummer, Kontra Musik, Treibstoff and Liebe Detail, did not get stuck but embraced futuristic sound and aesthetics. With the foundation of his label and event row We Are, he created the perfect outlet, also for befriended artists who shared the same work ethics: Shonky, Walker Barnard, Ed Davenport, and Beaner helped to shape the sound of We Are, always on the sweaty and techy side of things and with a little extra energy somewhere hidden in the reduced outfit. His mix is dedicated to those forward-thinking souls looking for world peace on the dancefloor.

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