Coming right from the heart of Romania, Andrei Alexandru aka Aleka is one of the artists that managed to slip easily his catchy sounds and deep unique vibes among the “rominimal” movement. 


Born in Brasov, his passion for everything that concern house, minimal and techno music can be dated back to his early childhood. In 2007, he decided to make his debut in the underground scene but two years later, in 2009, his project started to grow with pure energy and he was joined by his friend Vygo. From then until 2017, Vygo & Aleka performed together many times as residents for ProudlyMadeByUs events.


Over the years, Aleka has shared the decks with many big names in the underground panorama such as Praslea, Raresh, Barac, Livio & Roby, Kozo, Cezar, Priku, Gescu, Alexandra and many more, enchanting the crowd with joyful vibrations in well-known spots like Dor de Munte, Dancing mountains, Kudos beach and UNUM. Nowadays, he is acting in London as a resident of Sound Symptoms. One of the productions that perfectly surprise these is Evening People. Crossing the common borders, in 2017 he founded his imprint Synesthesia.




  • Hi Aleka! How are you? 

Hey there! I’m doing fantastic! Many thanks for your invitation. It is a real pleasure to be here!


  • How did all start in this direction? Is there any person who guides you in this or you were a self-learner?

Ok, so it all began by going to some parties organized by some local clubs and not only, this happened when I was 15 years old. Slowly things escalated, from going to small club parties to bigger electronic music festivals. And this is how I got more and more in love with music and minimal techno scene.

Nobody initiated me, but I had Vygo’s support, whom I met in a club in Brasov, where he was performing quite often, by doing the warm-up for well-known DJs from the techno music scene. He took me next to him and slightly we started to play music together.



  • What kind of music do you approach?

Generally speaking, the kind of music that I approach has influences from all the genres of House music. I cannot say is more a certain genre, I’d rather say a little bit of all.


  • From where do you get your inspiration for your creations? 

I would say that I am not getting inspiration from a specific source, I like to select my music based on my taste, by seeing and thinking what the audience would like to listen when I perform. For me the crowd is the most important, they are the ones you have to make happy. As DJ, if your audience is happy and excited about your music, you feed off their energy!


  • What does it mean for you to be a complete artist?

I don’t know exactly what a complete artist means, I think every artist sees things differently, hears different and does things differently. Saying this, as for me, “complete” does not characterize myself.


  • What story your sets are telling? What is the message you want to deliver to your audience?

I would characterize my sets as being an amalgam of music through which mixing it, I am trying to convey to my audience a happy and unexplained state of positive energy at the time of their listening.


  • Could you please tell us more about your project Synesthesia label? 

This project was born shortly after my arrival in London when I met some people with whom I initially tried to create a concept of parties, but it was a failure and after a few discussions I realized that I better take it on my own and, together with my wife, I said that we will take care of “Synesthesia” brand only as a record label.




  • And why exactly did you choose this name?

Synesthesia means the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. The name was quite easy to find, my wife came up with this idea, she is dedicating herself to the psychological field. After explaining to me what synesthesia is, we decided that the name is perfect for what we want to transmit through the music we will release at the label.



  • So far, Synesthesia has released 3 vinyl records, in collaboration with Vlad Dinu, Mihai Pol and Hansel. How would you describe each one individually?

What I can say is that each of them has his flavours, they are very different from one to another, which is exactly what I am looking for. I do not want to release the same music style, I want listeners and those who buy music to get always something different.


  • Will Synesthesia collaborate with Romanian artists only?

I will not only promote Romanian artists, but we will also certainly have artists from abroad as well, and this will happen this year.


  • Where we can find Synesthesia releases?

They can be found in most of the online stores such as, Discogs, and in dedicated stores all over the world.



  • What surprises has Synesthesia in store for us?

Stay close! I only can say that you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by what we are preparing in the foreseeable future.




Words by Miruna Ioana Dan