To celebrate in the best possible way the 10 years birthday of the fantastic Toi Toi Musik family, we have ready for you an exclusive mix by French-born Alex Troubetzkoy, who’s also known for sitting behind the ‘Pocket Club‘ alias, where he feels free to unleashes his inner jazzy-soul.


Alex will be part of a huge line-up which includes giants such as Sammy Dee, Dan Andrei, Dubtil, Vincent Lumieux and Brad into a huge marathon (21st and 22nd Feb) that will take place first at Guesthouse and then at Vissual (RO). 

The Toi Toi crew will visit many spots during the upcoming months including Lisbon, London, Barcelona and many more. Make you sure to keep an eye on their pages, so you won’t miss out anything in the future!



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  • Hi Alex, you’re going to play 21st and 22nd in Romania (Guesthouse and Vissual) to celebrate 10 years Toi-Toi Musik. How long have you been in this family and how did you get into it?

It was about 1 year ago that I joined Toi Toi. It was very special for me as I’ve always been sensible and close to their esthetic of sound, I danced in front of that roster quite a few times before I became a part of it… So yes it was a huge honour to be able to join this family of artists, and at the same time, it went down pretty naturally, as it feels like we are all kind of on the same page. I actually met Isis on something that didn’t really have anything to do with music, then followed months of talks and parties, a few trips abroad… It was a pretty smooth meeting 🙂



  • How does it feel to be part of such a big family like that of Toi Toi? is there anything that sets you apart from other roosters?

Well, it feels motivating of course, and sometimes reassuring too. As much as I love the party scene, my main purpose was always to create music, and so it was important for me whichever way I would go, to surround myself with people like that too. Most of the artists on the roster and around it were really key influences for me as producers, and how special it is to be able to have conversations and build relationships with the people who you looked up to all this time! I feel lucky and humbled.


  • Are you excited about your upcoming gigs 21st and 22nd? Have you ever played in these two famous clubs?

I’m super excited! I’ve played once in each club last year, Guesthouse being one of the most comfortable clubs to play in, geeky as I am it’s always a huge pleasure to put some music there. Vissual is one of my best memories of parties in Romania actually, the vibe was amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there again!


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  • Do you have new productions coming soon?

Productions are coming, and possibly a live-set soon too. I’m making music all the time but it’s sometimes hard for me to know where to stop as the process is really never-ending … I’m trying to be patient, I would like a certain balance between my ideas and the quality of sound I would like for those ideas before I start sharing my music more widely, but I’m getting closer to it!


  • Tell us about your new label/alias ‘Pocket Club’. Which sonorities would you like to share? We’ve heard some serious jazzy influences coming from you lately!

I used to play instruments and I went to music schools before electronic music actually, so jazz was an influence before that and still is! That’s why «Pocket Club», is a group of different influences. Sometimes it will be more jazz, sometimes more minimal, and on some projects, you will hopefully not know what you are listening too, a mix of all the details I like in everything, from how the vocals are recorded in Bossa Nova, to how smooth a jazz drum sounds, some noises and misunderstanding of minimal music but with a 1950’s warm and romantic melody over it … a best of the details that changed my life in a pop music format. In the idea of «intelligent pop music».



  • Is there any particular artist (or artists) that you’d like to collaborate with or you’d like to have on your label?

Well, it’s a little early to say, musicians will be involved, friends that are not working in the scene too. For the rest, I think I prefer to let you follow my journey. Time will tell!




Words by Francesco Quieti