Antwerp’s renowned Ampere is ready to host one of the most anticipated nights of this season, welcoming one of the hottest labels of the moment: Amphia. Born from the mind of Romanian studio wizards and musical visionaries Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, this label has rapidly shaped what we usually used to call the “rominimal” sound, adding to the usual intricated grooves the right dose of fuzzy synths, futuristic basslines and cosmic pads. The label name itself evokes ancient and epic scenarios, leading us to vast and desolate lands, where once performed deeds that are still remembered today.


Amp Amphia Event v1


The battlefield for the night (if we can say so) will be the magic Ampere club. The titans clashing will include label heads – Vlad and Cristi – under their SIT moniker, going live both as a duo and a trio, because they will be joined by extraordinary pianist Mischa Blanos, with whom they form the Amorf group. The Romanian squad will be completed by Arpiar’s associates Cezar and Dan Andrei whom, through a rich and deep musical selection, will enrich the evening unleashing unforgettable peak times tracks.



The Amphia’s sound could be described as an avant-garde blend of endless rolling grooves, deep intense atmospheres, delicate classic orchestra interludes and progressive-ish synths, that can often be found, even together, during the long and epic breathtaking breaks.


Amorf 2



Since its foundation, which goes back over 6 years, the label has given the chance to studio wizards such as Kamran Sadeghi, De Walta, Wareika and Dubtil – up to the latest EP by Rome’s talent Christopher Ledger with AMP021 – to express a truly no-boundaries idea of sound. Obviously, in addition to the names we’ve just mentioned, also appear those of Cezar (AMP010 and AMP015) and Dan Andrei (AMP018).



So get ready to welcome a series of artists, real music surgeons, who in recent years has enchanted people from all over the world including incredible venues like Sunwaves Festival (where they will perform again during the next SW27), Club Guesthouse (Bucharest), Hoppetosse (Berlin), Goa Club (Rome) and The Block (Tel Aviv) to name a few, demonstrating once again how their sound managed to make its way through the maze of the ever-growing “rominimal” movement.



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Words by Francesco Quieti


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