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To the bartenders…

Your availability and presence through the night including the embers of the morning (and beyond), has not been taken for granted. You are unsung heroes, delivering fuel to all in need at the most ridiculous of hours, right till the very end. What’s more, your mission doesn’t end with the last track, instead, you soldier on till the station is spotless.  You, bartenders, are the real last ones standing.

You have the endurance to allow the night to go forth by motivating everyone that has crossed your path, with the energy and charisma to leave your mark and have the customers return for more, whether that may be for good or for worse… who cares! Your skills at pouring that refreshing gin & tonic amazes me every time, I want it, I want more of it and sometimes you’re even willing to grant me that wish. To me, you are the divine gatekeeper of my foolishness and self-respect.

Moe Bartender Meoko

I’d like to apologise on behalf of all us who enjoy the pastime activity of so-called clubbing. There are many who disregard your expertise as a mere necessity to the operation, but they fail to acknowledge that drinking and dancing have gone hand in hand since… well since forever! You are true patrons to your trade, inheriting and mastering skills from a long lineage of predecessors, bringing the art of bartending through the ages, from the candlelit taverns of the midcentury to the dark and smoky rooms of today. It’s interesting (and scary) to imagine the world without you.

Us party-goers need to acknowledge these individuals for their excellence as industry professionals. We could alter the way in which their work is valued, and perhaps further improve the way they are rewarded…

Bartender Open Letter Vintage

Words by Alexander Fetokaki