To the man who says good morning,

Every morning when I get off the bus and walk to my offices, you are there, saying ‘Good Morning’ not just to me, but to everyone who walks past whilst you whistle a merry tune. I’d like to thank you, for bringing a small piece of humanity back to my modern commuting life, and starting off my day with a smile.

You see, human interaction isn’t something you Londoners seem to deal with so well. If you ever want to freak someone out then next time you are on the bus, just look out and smile at passers by, the reaction is amusing I can tell you.


It’s almost as if the seats facing each other at the back of the vehicle and on the underground are there as a social experiment for the viewing pleasure of those operating CCTV, forcing you into 10 minutes of awkward fidgeting, inspecting your empty phone screens, avoiding like crazy that fatal moment your eyes lock with the person sitting right in front of you.

Yet on the streets conversation is everywhere, it’s not like people aren’t talking… Hands free Bluetooth devices have produced a city of folk who’d rather pound the pavement speaking to seemingly themselves than even acknowledge the thousands of other passers by they encounter daily.


As a generation, a nation even we are often portrayed as suffering from extreme loneliness, yet the news speaks of over population. Maybe if we just even said a small ‘hello’ to the abundance of real life human people we came into contact with every day, just as you do, this could easily be solved!

I often think of our older generation, the ‘lost’ generation and wonder how they feel in a world so different and impersonal than what it was in their youth. Wishing your neighbor well was a daily practice, and as much as change is an inevitable fact of life, it seems sad to add fuel to the fire to an already isolating time in life by being ignorant to those who crave contact the most. So even if not for the busy commuters with hectic lives, you would be surprised by how much something so little as a ‘how do you do’ can brighten up a certain someone’s day.


It makes my day so much more wonderful, and I’ve been brought up expecting nothing but cold shoulders.

So thank -you, whoever you are, I don’t even know your name and yet you greet me every morning as if I were your friend; for it is people like you who are to be admired and many should take example from.


It is nice to feel human again


Yours sincerely,

The very grateful passer by



Written By Eileen Pegg




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