To the Raving Originals,

I know it must be strange to be stuck in a cultural limbo, through no-ones fault other than that bastard father time, but isn’t it great that our culture has lasted long enough for someone to feel ‘it’s not like it used to be’.

fathertime 1

Where other musical genres have eclipsed a decade only to be banished to the vaults of nostalgia, dance music just continues to keep on going.

As you have matured, the practices of clubbing have aged too, bringing with it the natural changes that happen with time…and isn’t it great that it just keeps on evolving rather than reaching a stagnant extinction!

So please, don’t worry, everything will be ok.

We will look after the nightlife with great care, and try our hardest to preserve what made it so good in the first place, but also not stifle the next wave of progression.

‘Not being like it used to be’ is perhaps a fair comment, the clubs, DJs and sounds in favour are no doubt different to what it was 20 years ago, but it is unfair to say that we ‘don’t get it’ like you did, that we ‘don’t understand’ the history.

Granted there are those jumping on the cool train, approaching electronic music as the latest thing to attend to gain brownie points and Instagram likes, but there are also the dedicated fans; Hoards of us fighting off the weekend blues, wrapped up in a duvet in a dark room, eagerly hunting down techno documentaries and rave memoirs of the past to find out more about how what just happened over the last 48 hours came to be.  

Energy Flash

With so much knowledge out there in books, films, documentaries and articles nowadays it would be rude not to take advantage of the luxury of learning!

The fundamental aspects remain the same, as King Weatherall recently said:

 ‘It’s still the basic concept that you knew as a whippersnapper, it’s a square or oblong room, with speakers and flashing lights, and drug addled teenagers seeking transcendence through repetitive beats.  

And it is this that holds us together, and is the beautiful thing about this crazy past time called clubbing.

90s rave

We are currently riding the wave of the pop culture storm, which will eventually turn to another genre of music before we know it. Think of it as a trial period for new recruits, an easily accessible taster session, and when dance music falls from grace it will filter out only the real heads, spawning a whole new exciting era which I can’t wait for!

So please, don’t loose faith. It is by speaking to those who were there when I only wish I could have been, who are responsible for spawning my passion for the culture and I urge you to keep on feeding us with information.

And I also encourage you to continue attending the nights we are running, listen to the music we are making and involve yourself in the future of the scene we are all part of!

Catch you on a dancefloor sometime soon?

With love,

The Millenial Clubber x 



Written By Eileen Pegg



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