To those that make up ‘Room 2’,

The DJ’s, the dancers, the promoters and all those that lie in between – this is a huge thank you for bringing an essential ingredient to underground nightlife that never should be forgotten.

Of course, the main room has its purpose. The bread and butter to any successful night, the main room provides the pull and the place to see the headlining act. This room is why you bought your ticket, why you chose to go out that night and where you can lose yourself in an audiovisual display of lights, sounds and sights.


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Given the choice however, I’ve never been the type to stay in the main room all night long… maybe its due to slight claustrophobic tendencies, but after a while the overwhelming intensity of it all causes for a spot of nightclub exploration.


There reaches a point in every night where I make my way out of the sea of sweaty dancers, taking a moment to gather my thoughts in the club corridor when the sound of twisted beats murmuring in the distance can only mean one thing, that Room 2 is close, and it draws me in every time.


Here, these 4 walls are a place for experimentation. Although the specifics of these vary from each event, they have a number of practical and important uses that any club would be silly not to open up the side room for its revelers, and this is an importance that you recognized. For this I thank you.

Thank you for providing a meeting point for solo members that have lost their crew. Lose yourself a little too deep in the main area and you can guarantee a trip to the side will result in a reunion like no other; if not with those you started the night with but long lost party pals of shindigs past will continue the night in good company.

Thank you for providing a resting place, a middle ground that takes you off your feet and out of the depths of the dance floor when the smoking area wont cut it just yet – just because our feet hurt doesn’t mean we have to stop fist pumping.

Perhaps the most important thank you should be saved for supplying a training ground for those who will one day play the main room, but for now are providing raw, mind bending cuts straight from the heart, the type that are untarnished by years of playing the circuit; the up and coming DJs on offer here have a musical taste that is nothing but personal passion.


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So once again, I’d like to show my appreciation to those who never fail to forget the value of options, for here is where the real club characters dwell. The tune selection is like no other, dance moves can get freaky, lights and décor can create a whole other world and most importantly, we all have a place simply to get weird – which is why we came out in the first place, right?



Written by Eileen Pegg



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