Hey there event organisers, 

First of all, thank you, and thanks to the rest of your event team, for having organised such a mouthwatering line up for your very special event. Looking at the set times though, a few DJs seem somewhat out of place… The headliner playing first? The resident playing after the headliner? Did you take the DJ names from a hat and randomly place them in the schedule? 

Screenshot 2014-10-16 16.13.37

I go to your event, and see that indeed one of the headliners is warming things up instead of the resident. That’s cool, I guess it makes sense to get one of the headliners to play first, in hopes of pulling in an early crowd. The headliner does this brilliantly, as his beautiful techno sounds magically entices more and more people to the dancefloor, eventually filling up every bit of space. His “set time” ends and who takes over? a disco playing DJ, who completely breaks the rhythm. He leads the techno crowd astray by playing disco tunes and gets the crowd singing along to “Slave to the Rhythm”. Did you not check disco DJ’s label roster before sticking him in between two techno DJs?


He finishes his super jolly set, and now it’s all up to the poor guy who’s next on the line up to bring the vibe back to the darkened depths of techno. It’s not easy, and it takes some time to create a smooth transition. Don’t get me wrong, that other DJ was super talented, and disco vibes are always good fun, but there is a time and a place. Playing Grace Jones in between a techno night kinda kills the vibe, unless you’re a super talented wizard and can pull that kind of stuff off. I admire and encourage those eclectic sets, but not at the expense of that flow. DJs on the line up should at least share one significant factor in common to create smooth transitions between each artist, be it a record label or music style in common.

Screenshot 2014-10-16 16.28.00

Screenshot 2014-10-16 16.29.34 

Each set time slot is as important as the other, be it a warm up set or a closing one. And there is nothing wrong with being first on the line up, as we’ve touched about in our previous Meoko article about the importance of a good warm up set. 

Read up or tune in on who plays best at certain times…Don’t break the flow!


A raver that appreciates good music on the dancefloor. 



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