an open letter


To – the last ones standing…

Your presence on the cavernous dance-floor during the depths of the morning hasn’t gone unnoticed each weekend. Although a majority of the crowd filter out during the embers of a party, you are the ones that motivate the DJ to keep smiling, keep spinning and to save some of the best and most memorable selections until last. You have inspired the ‘extended set’ and ‘one more tune!’

In similar fashion to illegal UK rave culture, to ‘dance til the police come’ you are the ones dancing ’til the lights come on’…and I salute you because you are the troopers with a never say die attitude. Your early morning escapades are probably fuelled by the excitement of ecstasy and the fear of finishing the fun, but if the music is still thumping, the dance-floor should still be pumping, and it is, thanks to you!

last ones standing

The concept of the ‘after-party’ has been devised for you, who genuinely want to ‘keep on going’ into the peak of the afternoon and evening. Yes, your legs and back are aching, your mind is doing somersaults, and your desire levels are filtering out, but you are united with your fellow revellers and you can still contain a smile on your face. The passing thought of your bed is a blurred memory, that can wait though until the fun is over…

You’ve now got to the stage of sombre speaking in the smoking area of the after-party. ‘What’s your name?’ Where are you from?’ ‘Who did you see tonight?’ Yes, the conversation is hollow, but your still staying strong, and not everything is lost…the DJ’s are lifting the tempo inside to an intimate array of flamboyant foot shakers, your not leaving yet… When the dust settles though, you can go home again, ready to face the mundane week ahead, reclaiming your weekend medal of being ‘the last one standing.


See you at an after-party soon?


By Sam Quilter