ANBC is a new collaborative project joining the forces of Bruno Curtis and Alex Neivel, both based in Prague. Meoko is proud to publish their first podcast, a dreamy micro-house progression which does not hold back on experimenting and drives the listener deeper with inventive melodic and harmonic integrations into steady neat beats.

ANBC was born as Alex pushed Bruno into diving deeper in the studio. After a lot of after party jams and light night studios sessions they figured out that the compatibility was just there and it made sense to start a collaboration on a brand new project. Since that day they have been producing a lot of music together – in this Meoko exclusive mix you can hear a lot of their own unreleased productions, and we can only be excited considering the quality of the mix and the fact that they might be published sometime soon.

Regarding their music influences in therms of style, Bruno comments “we’re very classically orientated, jazz infusion as well, experimental… So we try to bring those components into micro-house and just try to approach it in a way that what doesn’t make sense then starts to make sense”. Read the full interview here:


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