Very driven and very dedicated, this is how we know Andre Crom, a DJ and producer hailing from Essen in Germany’s West. The “people’s DJ”’s dedication to please and to tease and to follow current house trends back to the roots only to mirror(ball) its very essence, in a very danceable format of course, has been his secret since his early days. Always true to his disco roots, Andre has a strong connection with nightlife in all its facets — yet it took some time until the fully-fledged music journalist and booker gave in to the temptation, and moved to Berlin to dedicate himself to his label OFF Records in 2008. Since then, things have gone upwards steadily as he has proven to have fantastic tactics and a pokerface attitude when it comes to signing new talents as well as giving interestingly fresh producers a slot, amongst them, DJ W!ld, Chris Carrier and Robosonic. Andre’s breakthrough moment as a producer came about in 2006 when he and Tigerskin released a much celebrated record on Liebe*Detail, nowadays he shares studio time with Martin Dawson and Luca Doobie. His floor driven output very much sums up what his sets are all about. To undoubtedly find a surprise moment to get people dancing. Mischen accomplished. MEOKO 041 is taken from a live exclusive recording from Sankeys Manchester.

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