Good and evil, light versus dark, a seemingly eternal ongoing conflict inherent in the make-up of our universe. On Friday 20th of March 2015, our sun high above was blacked out by the moon during broad daylight, and darkness cloaked the earth for a brief, solemn period; but light returned with the sun prevailing, victorious and imperious over our sky once again. It was the day of the historical solar Eclipse. ANRI provides us a with a podcast where similarly a battle between light and dark rages. Dark ambient overtones are interspersed with soft, layered melodies to provide a balanced and natural harmonious contrast, one akin to the balance and energy flow of life itself. The tide of this energy ebbs and flows one way and another all throughout and whilst ANRI at moments shows us her darker nature, ultimately it is the force of life and beauty inherent in ANRI which prevails, and which we bear witness to. A unique, compelling podcast from a Japanese Berlin based DJ and producer who we also interview this week in our Under the Microscope feature series for previously unrecognized talent.

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