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Sunday partying in London

Generally Sunday is the day of rest and recovery from the night before and the void between going back to work at the start of the week. However, in the city it is the extended day of partying which has become integral for the weekend revellers who want to carry on dancing into the early hours of Monday morning.
At the forefront of the Sunday selection of events are a handful of promotion brands that have built their superior reputations from the ground up, including FUSE, secretsundaze, Half Baked and Keep on Going which each offer a unique and individual experience that is perfected by each careful detail  including sound, the artists, the venues and the crowd. As a result, London has become a beacon for Sunday afternoon partying which has become as essential as Saturday night. With warm weather on the horizon, daytime partying is soon to become a very significant part of every electronic music lover’s diary which will be overflowing with a spoilt amount of choice. Though thankfully, there are a variety of events offering something for the entire spectrum of the electronic music community.

 FUSE copy

Taking Sunday partying to a new level since the tail end of 2008 at East London hotspot 93 Feet East are infamous party starters FUSE who have since then established themselves as a London institution. The underground aficionados have consistently sold out events due to a strong core of FUSE residents including Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich NxT and Rossko, which have proven to be a recipe for success. With a combination of high technical sound, visuals and a carefully crafted crowd, FUSE has crowned itself as the church for London’s electronic music community. Though the party is built up around its core of residents, many renowned DJs have graced the decks in the past including tINi, Onur Ozer, Sonja Moonear, Guti and Julian Perez, which have equally become essential additions towards the perfect FUSE formula. Staying true to their underground roots, event details for the summer have not been announced yet, though they will be guaranteed to cause a roadblock at their new home in Shoreditch, Village Underground.

secretsundaze 2

Alongside FUSE as a pioneer for Sunday daytime parties are secretsundaze, who have certainly stamped their mark onto the underground electronic music scene since their birth in 2002. Fore fronted by resident DJs Giles Smith and James Priestley, secretsundaze has rapidly become an ambassador for daytime partying and has occupied a variety of venues across all depths of London including Studio 338, The Laundry, Bloc (Autumn St) and Oval Space. To put it lightly, Smith and Priestley have perfected colourful, fun and musically on point parties. Over the years their program has included a mix of cutting-edge talent including Moodymann, Ricardo Villalobos, Four Tet and Levon Vincent.  In the run up to the summer, you’ll be able to catch Martyn, Delano Smith, Jeremy Underground, Florian Kupfer and Mr Beatnick at Studio 338 near the end of May, not to be missed.

 half baked summer party

Since its inception in late 2009 onto East London’s radar, Half Baked has served up an innovative collaboration of both art and music and has showcased a wealth of talented artists since its emergence including London residents Greg Brockmann & Robin OrdellZip, Mike Huckaby, Margaret Dygas, Fumiya Tanaka and Fred P to name just the tip of the iceberg. You can always expect Half Baked to put their personal touch on parties which are held in exclusive spaces dissimilar to a club environment which are all the more exquisite during the summer season. With a reputation for providing an outlet for organised fun, the East London outfit has become vital towards the success of Sunday afternoon partying in the city. With many mouth-watering line-ups to saviour in the sun soaked months to come, the pick of the bunch scheduled to play are Petre Inspirescu, Norm Talley, Praslea, Nastia, Sammy Dee, Thomas Melchior and Raresh.

 keep on going

The unsung hero of the bunch though is none other than Keep on Going, which quite simply does what it says on the tin as the definitive ‘after party’ in East London.  Offering up marathon events spanning across 24 hours in a string of private intimate venues, Keep on Going has built its reputation as a party for the dedicated Sunday reveller. Thriving off simplicity, it has proven that all is needed for a roof raising party is a stripped back intimate venue, a pair of decks, a loyal community of people, and a selection of locally sourced talented DJs. It has become integral for the reputation of underground electronic music in the city as it gives local DJs the opportunity to showcase their talent in a very appreciative environment. Past bookings have included Harry McCanna, Samuel Bellis, Antony Difrancesco and Unai Trotti. Uniquely, it is the only consistent weekly party on a Sunday and is a staple choice for discerning electronic music fans who simply want to ‘keep on going’.

Sunday afternoon partying in London has become more accessible than ever, providing a platform for local DJs to showcase their skills and an avenue for the underground community to explore. Afternoons have become a much more unique and advantageous format of partying, competing with Saturday nights due to a selection of colourful and charismatic promotion brands that consistently continue to broaden the horizons for the electronic music lover.


by Sam Quilter