Guillaume Berroyer, aka Ark is perhaps best known for the sheer energy of his sets. He really does let loose. As the “Enfant terrible” of the early days of the experimental/minimal house style in France, he is truly one of a kind. A DIY electronic enthusiast through and a refreshingly unashamed music nerd, he loves his machines. Most importantly though, he knows how to bring them to life.

His own solo projects include albums and EPs released on labels in the calibre of Perlon, Karat Records, Brief Records and Circus Company, to name only a few. As one of the most colourful and inspiring characters to have emerged out of the French electronic scene, we simply had to invite him to put together an exclusive podcast for us. It was certainly revealing as Ark provided us his full track list:

……Catch him play next in London at Discobar on Friday 6th February.

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