Merry Christmas from everybody at MEOKO! It has been five years since we launched the podcast series and to celebrate, we will be releasing x5 special edition mixes from selected artists over the course of the next couple months starting with none other than Barac.

After a long period of time at the top of his game, known for his intricate and high quality productions,on the likes of Pressure Traxx, Meander, and Midi Records. His intelligent and smooth sound is loved by many all over, whether moving the dancefloor in one of the best clubs in the world either mixing or one of his fantastic live sets, or it could be a lengthy journey on the beach in his native country Romania. There is something so special when this man enters the room with an ability to grasp the listener, allowing them to indulge in the variations of sound he has prepared.
It is with our greatest pleasure, that we can offer you this tasty cut from Barac’s set live from Robert Johnson, in Frankfurt, back in January 2016 for a Presure Traxx showcase. Famous for its intimate vibe, and incredible sound system, to nobody’s suprise, Barac steps up to the occassion with low swung minimal grooves lifting the atmosphere, accompanied by his signature curious movements of abstract sounds adding to the story the Romanian is telling. Pressure Traxx are known for their ability to extend much further than what meets the eye, there is no ‘same sound’, and this is why the wizard we like call Barac fits the bill like no other. A steady motion in to the trip, whether listening in your house, walking to work, or driving in your car, you will be absorbed in to the sounds you are hearing gaining an insight to the tight knit intimacy of Robert Johnson, and what Barac had to offer on the night.

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