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His ability to pick out such a diverse blend of sounds, and seamlessly weave them together in a magical art form is just one of the reasons, why we will always have a place in our heart for Hoehenregler Records chief Basti Grub.

It has been a fantastic few years for him, since we last caught up back in 2012, working on major labels such as Desolat, Moan Recordings, This&That, whilst also taking care of business with his own imprint. There is always a fresh and exciting feel to his work and with a constant flow of single and EP releases it seems there really is no stopping the German selector.

2015 see the release of a wonderfully curious album called ‘Neu’. Basti has always seemed to adopt a ‘dare to be different’ attitude and he certainly portrays this throughout this timeless masterpiece. A more relaxed minimal approach seems to be taken, but of course solid abstract grooves throughout. The mysterious journey is topped off by the tracks simply being named ‘Neu 1, Neu 2, Neu 3…’ leaving it to the imagination of the listeners.

Whether DJing, or performing one of his unbelievable live sets there is always a distinct feel and atmosphere only he can create with his masterful selections, and wide variety of tastes, showing he really understands the parties, and the dancefloors that are laid in front of him. This Saturday 5th March he will be taking the reins at the B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception) 3rd birthday party, Oval Space. A tribal themed bonanza, in a brilliant venue to mark the 3 year milestone of one of the most exciting and influential parties in the UK right now. You can be sure that the ‘Basti Grub Effect’ will be in full force in such fantastic surroundings and a unique crowd that only B.A.R.E seem to attract.

MEOKO Soundcloud Exclusive – Basti Grub

It has been a while, but your return to Meoko has been highly anticipated by our team. We still listen to the last mix you did for us on a regular basis, so we are really excited to have you back. Have you been keeping well?
Yes, and I am also very happy to speak with Meoko again.
First of all, how are things going with your imprint ‘Hoehenregler Records’, any plans for the near future you can give us a heads up on?
Some new fresh releases and projects are planned. You can be curious..
We loved your album ‘Neu’ which came out last October, it really proves how versatile, and magical your music can be. Where did the ideas and inspiration for this come from? Any particular influences?
I am very pleased to hear that you like my album, thanks.
I can’t exactly say what influences in particular – it came out of blue sky. Like a new sprung source. All my inner feelings and ideas spray out of my head and are immediately implemented by me. My musical inspirations are marked by people like DJ Koze and Ricardo Villalobos.
How are things going with your imprint ‘Hoehenregler Records’, any plans for the  future, any particular artists you will be working with?
Let yourself be surprised. Some artists are planned which you already know on Hoehenregler.
We have been keeping a close eye on you since your last interview with us, seeing you work with the likes of This&That, Moan Recordings and most recently, the Italian label Hashplant records releasing your EP ‘Bananissimo’. Any specific highlights for you since we heard from you?
I’m so happy at the moment, I have a #1 hit with OH BABY DANCE / Basti Grub, Natch & Dothn
that’s all over the Beatport charts. Thats my personal highlight at the moment, it’s unbelievable. This year I will release a lot of new tracks coming soon ☺
Last time we spoke, you explained about your live set up, has this evolved much over the last few years? Do you prefer to DJ, or play a live set to a crowd?
I still play live – live is me, I feel free and wild when I play live. I can take my whole energy, all my tracks both released and unreleased, and I can present my own story.
Back in 2012 you did the 20th Meoko mix, and we have been so eager to have you back with a fresh podcast for us. What kind of material can we expect from you in this one? 
As always, you will find again the Basti Grub sound – new and fresh with unreleased tracks.
We love the way you piece together such an abstract array of sounds and vocals, is there anything in particular that triggers you off to come up with these?
It has to do with many components, ideas of different productions and mainly influences and my personal reflections in recognition.

On the 5
th of March you are playing at one of the hottest venues in London at the moment, Oval Space, at the B.A.R.E (Be A Rare Exception) 3rd birthday party. They really try and create a sense of unity at their parties with their crazy décor & themes, as a DJ do you appreciate the sense of freedom when playing at a party like this?
Am very pleased – I am playing for the first time in this grandiose location in London, and for this incredible event. I am very excited about the whole atmosphere and the amazing party people. My sound will be as crazy as the feeling that the event suggests. It will be a crazy night and I am looking forward to all of the crowd.
Finally, can you enlighten us on any Basti Grub plans for the summer/year?
Yes of course, we are planning a USA tour also an Asia tour, and many new BASTI GRUB releases ☺
Basti Grub will play alongside Luna City Express, Jnr Windross, Daniel and Leroy Roberts for B.A.R.E ’s 3rd birthday at Oval Space on March 5th. Tickets and info