Basti Grub loves to dabble with out-of-boundary sounds, styles and rhythms, rare track titles and surprising combinations, making the exotic sound domestic and the domestic cool. His forthright, joyful attempts to take the seriousness out of the contemporary music scene doesn’t stop him from sounding seriously solid, creating multifaceted tracks that do not seek to be fashionable but rather reflect deep playfulness and sincere personal pursuit of expression in a contemporary manner. Celebrating the exuberance of sound from different parts of the planet, he combines what catches his ear – the freaky afterhour conversation about pizza in one of his tracks being a full-grown example and weaves everything into a quirky yet calming stream of perception. The full-grown musician is led by passion and personal taste: Swing, reggae and an aching desire to be able to speak and understand Spanish are some of the keys to decipher Basti´s music.The producer found recognition for his releases on his own imprint Höhenregler as well as hot beds like Desolat, Cocoon, Movida, Suara Records, Compost, International Freakshow, Style Rockets, Dame Music, as well as upheaving the scene with his first album “Dschungelorchester”. With “Primavera”, Basti Grub stirs up the outdoor/ afternoon club fauna in love with eclecticism and novelty sound once more.

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