Since its inception, PIV has brought a unique and recognizable sound to the music world. The Dutch collective’s first release dates in November 2015. Since then, their output has been exceptional, delivering bomb after bomb by blending the most delicate and lush deep house sounds with the modern tech-house grooves. The PIV-sound has flooded every club, festival and Spotify playlist since. Among the artistic gems of Chris Stussy (A&R) and Prunk (founder), the label has released sublime tunes from the likes of Toman, DJOKOANOTRThe Willers BrothersS.A.M. and many more, establishing itself as one of the leaders in the scene. Their success is partially explained by an outstanding crew dedicated to making the PIV brand bigger and better every day. Today, we hear from Kevin, one of the cornerstones of the infamous crew, who will tell us what’s behind of PIV and the latest People Invited mix series. 


  • Where the PIV name comes from?

The name is an abbreviation of People Invited. As a funny side note, it’s also VIP spelt backwards, which basically sums up the meaning of our brand, which is based on inclusiveness.

  • Where do you think PIV’s success comes from?

Not easy to say, because it has to do with many factors. First, we hope of course because the people out there feel the same way about the music we release as we do ourselves. Then second, all the people behind the label are present and active in the scene. What we mean by that is, our team draws experience from both sides of the spectrum, as our collective consists of artists performing live and people who are more engaged in the crowd. Thirdly, our brand identity has been consistent with a recognizable output in our artwork and finally, we have been fortunate that a lot of our affiliated artists have developed their careers into different directions. The synergy between label and artist has played a big part in that way.

  • Was there a turning point into your rise to the top?

Not really. For us, we never really viewed it that way. It’s more like an ongoing journey. When we first started the label, we just wanted to be a platform that was a source for quality house music, as we really feel it’s a cultural legacy that has been left to us by previous generations. As time progressed, we started noticing more artists and upcoming producers, who were starting to feel attached to our philosophy. As a lot of these affiliated artists started progressing their careers while staying attached to the label’s identity and it helped both the label and the artists grow in their own way.

  • Which are in your opinion the 3 most significant tracks released on PIV so far?

We can’t get around Chris Stussy – Evening Drive, that has been #1 on all deep-house charts for so long. For the rest, we would like to let everyone decide for themselves 🙂

When we noticed a lot of events were being cancelled because of the circumstances, we reached out to artists that have released or played with us including some upcoming artists we have been following for a while now. We set a deadline and everyone who was on board at that time was included for the series.


  • What is the common point of all these artists?

It’s a collection of renowned and more upcoming artists from different sides of the music spectrum we represent. Some of them are more deep-house influenced, some a bit more minimal tech and some just plain club performers. We like the variety of it.

  • Prunk b2b Menado: will there be more of these unexpected b2b?

Perhaps there will still follow a few more. It’s always nice to come together like that creating some unique sessions.

  • Are there other artists that you would have liked to involve in People Invited?

Yes many more, but unfortunately we had to draw the line somewhere on the deadline date.

  • The PIV brand/label saw an unstoppable rise last year. With this “corona” tough moment going on, do you think that this will slow down your plans?

We think everyone in the scene will be affected by this with so many events cancelled already, but also in times like this, there are opportunities to analyse plans for the upcoming year ahead. We are in the fortunate position to be a flexible organisation, so, for now, we just focus more on running the label and as soon as the bans are lifted we can plan ahead for events again.

  • Will there be more initiatives against the quarantine/stop of parties from you?

Like mentioned above, it’s a good time to review your strategy and to make sure all the things are running smooth with the label, this podcast series was the least we could do for now and for the rest we just keep releasing music to hopefully make peoples time at home a little less stressful. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best and send our sympathy for everyone thas has been affected by this.

Words by Francesco Quieti