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Reset Robot – Let Your Soul Outside


Released 07/04/14

Reset Robot has produced a progressive and melodic album with a satisfying blend of light and darkness. Some really whistful numbers like Ghost Machine are enhanced by the husky midrange vocals of Mr Woo, which is followed by eccentric tracks like The Birth of Terry Burrows. From the soaring heights of Mings of Strife to the abrupt and gritty bass of Unprocessed Layer or the retro throwbacks in Desi Beats, it really is a rich and diverse release. 

Listen and buy it here.

reset robot


Marc dePulse – No Need to Worry (Kölsch remix)

Noir Music

Released 31/03/14

Joining Phil Kieran and FreakMe on remix duties, Kölsch turns his hand to Marc dePulse’s recent release, giving continuity, forward pushing motion and that special Kölsch touch of atmosphere. Playing around with vocal loops to create tension and release, Kolsch has readied this song for dance floors, adding a bouncing, flat toned mid line which holds it all together. Hollis P Monroe and Overnite vocal line pops its head in and out, but is no longer the feature of this largely instrumental number. 

Listen and buy it here. 

kolsch remix


Floating Points – King Bromeliad

Eglo Records

Set for a May release.

I hate to be a tease, but this one’s not quite available as yet. Don’t despair however, as you’re likely to hear this out and about already, with Four Tet already supporting this excellent new music from his friend and musical colleague (they tend to swirl in the same creative circles), Floating Points. This particular track is groovy as anything, with the smoothest rolling bassline and jazzy drum kit percussion. Excellently structured, this song is the gift that keeps on giving – be sure to play it right through and appreciate its developments. 

Listen here.



Jordan Smith