Well-esteemed MEOKO mix series is joined by none lesser than Bill Brewster, Bill Brewster, a librarian of well-disguised analogies, and of great recognition: The working title is ‘BILL BREWSTER presents LOVE TO BOOGIE: Hidden soul, funk and disco gems from the catalogues of the 1970s and early 1980s pop and light entertainment industry’. Paul Mc Cartney, Barry Manilow, Elton John, Phil Collins, A Mud, Fox, Donovan and Elkie Brooks are some of the picks that Brewster lines up to shine. It makes a great collection of songs that the elderly surely never synced with their home stereos. But Brewster, with his great sensibility for hooklines, instrumental solos, groove, and spark, does. There are parts of the mix that are more recognizable and owe a lot to the sparkling powers of the subversive powers of overgroundish pop, disco, soul and funk, music that is feeding from the public consciousness, but the way he presents these vibes is special, and striking. His mixing is an uncanny blending and sliding from one dancing moment of history to the next, slipping in and out of bumpy disco, fresh funk, soothing soul and the more charts-friendly hybrids of their respective epochs, and before we know it, he racks up almost two hours. The mix, while showing how our listening habits have shifted frequencies, and how it is possible to still attune to different eras of heroic shapeshifting on the dance floor, places the Brewster firmly on the crest of the next psycho folk scientist wave funking up the scene.

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