Virgin Galactic‘s Lunar Sonics Space Mission is a Moon-based music performance (set for estimated launch September 2020), it will be the first instalment of Branson’s galaxy-wide music tour set to make galactic music history.

Villalobos is booked to play a 12 hour B2B set w/ Afrika Bambaataa the wax wizard of the breakbeat; a peculiar pairing perhaps, but then again so is the combination of lemon zest and salvia but one can’t blame one’s pineal gland for imagining, right?


Villalobos mixing minimal into Bambaataa’s breaks could be revolutionary for the underground micro-hop scene currently culminating in Kyoto, Japan. Branson’s latest expedition ambitions suggest that future moon inhabitants will have the luxury of music culture at their eardrums will. This surely begs the questions of what type of extra-terrestrial life may be attending moon parties in the next millennia? and will partying on the moon actualize electronic music culture’s inter-planetary transcendence?

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It would be lunacy or should we say lunar-cy to believe this article has tangible substance and this is why you are ‘poisson d’evril’ this April if you have got to this point without realising that of course Villalobos is not playing on The Moon though if he was it would be surreal for sure and a pretty good way to embrace lunar inhabitance 🙂

April Fools, muufuckaaaas from the MEOKO team


Written by M.Ainsworth