So far at MEOKO, we have had some amazing DJs and artists, 199 of them in fact, to showcase their music in our incredible mix series. We have waited patiently enough and are now proud to present Brawther, a name synonymous with deep, quality house music, to represent our 200th.

Like all quality mixes, this one is teaming with lively cuts from Brawthers bag and goes on a deep journey laced with electrical noise and vinyl hiss. One delightful aspect of this work, and of his DJing in general, is Big B’s ability to summon new, special moments when mixing his two tracks. Not only does this take the sharpest ear in terms of harmony, but also real skill in beatmatching and selection – the result being one seamless string of songs, in which their overlapping creates new, amazing grooves.

Expect slouchy hats, wonky synths, soulful vocals, bumbling basslines and of course that tight, banging raw sound that Brawther is known for in this hot, vinyl only mix.

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