Possibly one of the most interesting artists from Romania, Cap does not hesitate much to nail it. His fluent mix struts straight from subconcious subtleness to downright groovy frequencies that are precise and to the point, giving the reduced factor a sensation of depth. Spacial exploration while sticking to massive belt-drive rhythmicity reaches is his specialty, and his build-up of tension climaxes with the belching obscureness which makes Melchoir Productions dark and submissive „The Ritual“ one of the stand-out tracks of all times. Sometimes raw, sometimes sublime – Caps mixing technique and transitions owe much to surprise, and despite the hands-on feel, his selections are more than the usual pick and mix of hot tracks de rigeur but a deep and sensual slant of seduction. From sparse house to electro and straightforward into your mind – this is Cap at his finest. We’re looking forward to catching him at SW19 in Mamaia this April.

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