Banner Daniel Stefanik 2Daniel Stefanik is a Leipzig based producer who is as adept at crafting big room tech house as he is more experimental minimal affairs.  He has been doing so now for almost a decade, most often on the internationally acclaimed techno powerhouse that is Sven Vath’s Cocoon label.

It was an important and good decision to go to Cocoon,” says the man himself. “Cocoon is a bank. For young artists it’s good to get the chance to play in clubs, where you probably could not go as a single artist. But of course it’s also an honor to be part of Sven Väth’s agency and label, too. He is a timeless artist and I respect him and his work a lot.”

Stefanik 5 Sept.2012

His own work has also come on labels like Moon Harbour and Kann Records, but also on his own label Dambala Experience run with Matthias Kretzschmar since 2011. Here he releases elongated, meandering tracks that are about intricate sound design and weird sonics as much as dancefloor dynamics.

Currently, though, Daniel is working on a new album. “At the moment most of the tracks are finished and I’m working on nuances,” he says. “This time I will focus on Berghain and techno themed, which are kind of tough cookies, not only because of the hype they had during the last 2 years. but also because there are lots of new artists producing techno in its simplest form, but a bit slower than 20 years ago. My intention is to show how I felt about that old techno. It’s more emotional and warmer than you hear on new productions.”

Daniel Stefanik playing at FUSE London

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Citing inspirations on the album as techno innovators like Jeff Mills and Carl Craig and saying that strings and melodies “make the difference” between good and bad music, Daniel also says his motive for the album is not all about making big hit records. “Everyone knows that!” he enthuses. “It’s about the impact the whole album has over time.”

On Saturday April 5th the German plays EGG London for the Familia party. He will be in DJ mode but in previous years has experimented with live shows. Not any more, though…

To perform with a laptop and click through some patterns didn’t satisfy me. For what I want to do, I need a pack of equipment, but how do you travel with all that stuff!? I didn’t find a good solution for me so finally I play with three decks. I mix three records, which go well together, and two of them build a new groove: this is also a kind of live performance.”

As such expect an especially technical DJ sets at EGG from the man who is always on the edge.


By: Rob Chadwick


More information about the Familia event and for tickets go HERE1922511 10152044670744022 2089350206 n