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Cosmic Poem #4

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

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I like you
You like her
She likes someone
That likes someone
She is not that someone
As you are not that someone to her
And eye am not someone to you
But you are someone to me
I just wish things could be
A bit differently
To feel gently
The precious
That we once shared
But somehow
We all share together
Just never at the same time
And we don’t give a dime
About the person that gives
A dime about us
Thus, there is no trust
Just a vicious cycle
In circles
That never touch each other
Just gravitate one next to another
Dreaming of another
That dreams of another
So why do we even bother?

Stay cosmic
Your love is iconic
No matter how ironic

Written by urzique

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Free DNA Activation Meditation

By Cosmic, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks

We already did a big feature on DNA Activation and its benefits here .

“The biggest sin in life is to go to bed at night as stupid as you got up from bed in the morning.”

fractal patterns in nature


Did you know the human DNA is one of the greatest mysteries? Shaped like a dodecahedron, one of the most sacred geometry designs you will find in nature, our DNA holds many superpowers, one of them being that it can emit photons of light and absorb the light. Furthermore, we already know that light can switch from a radio frequency to an electromagnetic one, this making light both matter and frequency. 

blue spiral staircase

Think of your open DNA to be a portal to other dimensions of yourself, a wormhole as it can enable you to travel anywhere and anytime while also transferring or receiving remote energy. 

If it were to compare it to something, we can think of our DNA like we see a movie projector, our DNA shows the movie (our thoughts and feelings) and projects them on our screen which is reality. 

When there is a blockage in the subtle field you can have a first-hand experience of negative mental projections. Some of them can hijack the nervous system and control the “host” via perception. This interferes with the shape of the DNA.

Basically, our DNA is the source of consciousness coming into manifestation. 

The more symmetric and fractalized the DNA becomes, the more it can draw and HOLD sono-luminous frequencies from Source. The DNA is a biobattery built with immortality templates.

If you would like to experience a quantum shift and find relief for your mind and soul and clear off negative thinking patterns, then DNA activation is for you.

Change your DNA and open doors to personal liberation with this free meditation.


Written by urzique 

Cosmic Poem #03

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

What is flow?
Why is it divine?
What can’t you let go of?
What makes you shine?
Is patience really a virtue
Or just the natural order
Of this chaotic disorder?
You look for someone to sue
Did you manage to pursue it?
Your neverending dreams
All the projections
Making reality as it seems
As it was meant to be
.In Synchronicity.
It’s just the divine frequency
Tune in, just be
Allow everything to flow to you
In divine timing
So mote it be
Welcome to the new vision
Of you and me
In which you stay cosmic
As your love is iconic
No matter how ironic


Written by urzique

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Cosmic Poem #02

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self


What is meditation
The embodiment of sensation?
The embellishment of
Your inner light?
Which turns into A painful delight
That takes you all the way on
The journey of temptation
Wandering through a forest of
Crazy thoughts
Past doubts
Sailing through waves of emotion
Showing only the purest devotion
To the one and true ovation
Of my sick imagination
Flight or fight?
Is the questioning eye ask
To finally complete
This impossible task.

.Stay Cosmic.

.Your Love Is Iconic.

Written by urzique 



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7 Cosmic Meditations To Improve Your Morning Routine

By Cosmic, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks

One Google Search away and you will find tons of advice on how to improve your routine, change your habits, raise your vibration. 

I could not help but wonder what does this mean exactly? How can you raise your vibration? How do we know on which frequency are we currently vibing on right now? 

There is a hierarchy of the emotional spectrum when it comes to emotions and the frequency we emit when we feel those emotions. A quick check on how high are you vibrating is to tune into your emotions. 

brown wooden framed gray wooden door


The first thing to do when you wake up is to drink water and assess the state of your emotional being. 

I love this chart as it clearly shows the hierarchy of our emotions as well as differentiating between our consciousness level and what we experience when we are in a specific emotional state. 

We can see that the lowest vibrational emotion is shame followed by guilt, apathy, grief and fear associated with Inaction. 

Just stop and think about it for one second. How do you feel and how you experience positive emotions? How do you feel when you are ashamed or angry? 

Here are 10 short guided meditations you can use in your daily routine to keep my vibes high.

This is a 7-minute meditation you can listen to every morning, It can be potent, it’s super short and can help you get in touch with your mystical, mysterious, intuitive side. 

Don’t be fooled by the length of this meditation as this is quite powerful. Many have experienced an amazing effect. Every time I do this meditation I can feel waves of heat flowing through the main energy centres like never before. It’s a great and easy way to unblock any energy disruption you might experience in your body.  

gold buddha statue with red and white round frame


This is one of the most powerful mantras I have encountered so far. Each syllable has a specific meaning. If I had a bad mood and If I do not feel like meditating, I just chant this mantra or listen to it for 30 minutes. The cool part is that when you chant this mantra you burn karma for yourself as well as for others. 

Om = the vibration or sound of the universe; represents divine energy and generosity and purifies the ego

Ma = represents ethics and purifies jealousy

Ni = represents patience and purifies want or desire

Pad = represents diligence and purifies ignorance and judgment

Me = represents concentration and purifies attachment

Hum = the unity of all; represents wisdom and purifies hatred

This is a great, easy, simple meditation for really busy people that are not at all used to meditate. It’s a great meditation to be used in the middle of the day, between online meetings. 

Brian Scott has an amazing meditation channel on YouTube which I mostly enjoy. I really liked this guided meditation as It felt like a deep dive into my cosmic subconscious. 

person holding white pillar candle

I just love to listen to this every morning. It’s chanted in Pali, the native language of Buddha and it’s basically a mantra about loving-kindness and the power of compassion.

Looking for a quick fix with remarkable results? The benefits listed include changing any belief in just a few minutes, releasing any kind of negative emotions you feel consciously or unconsciously, healing you from any traumas or mental issues, improving your financial situation, getting rid of depression or anxiety, releasing stress and frustration, improving your relationships and family situation. 

It requires little time and no effort or concentration to experience the benefits mentioned above and you can easily transform your subconscious mind to achieve success in all areas of life.

Happy meditation!

Don’t forget your Love is Iconic.





Written by urzique 

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Cosmic Poem #01

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self


white book on brown wood log

From the bottom of our cosmic hearts 

We are just tracing the lines between the dots 

So we can light up the path ahead 

For all to see it in their head 

As the soul is not where you think 

Wait, wait, don’t yet blink 

We dressed it all up in pink 

Just allow your thoughts to sink 




Breathe in, breathe out 

There’s is no doubt 

What to think I ought 

Breathe out, breathe in 

Love is within

The soul is in the mind

Blowing like the wind 

The heart has a mind of its own 

But until your soul is fully grown 

Please don’t mind 

Me asking 

Who were you asking? 

My heart asks my mind 

person holding heart shaped red balloon

Be kind 


Stay cosmic 

Be comic 

Your Love is iconic. 



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5 Cosmic Tricks About Meditation You Need To Know

By Cosmic, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks

cosmic tricks about meditation

Meditation. This seems to be the solution everybody throws at anything these days. It’s also very subjective and not everyone understands the same thing about it. 

There are many studies that show the benefits of meditation. But how do you meditate? Some people like guided meditations, some do active meditations, there are so many techniques and styles it’s even hard to choose from to begin with, especially when you don’t know much about it. 

Common practices involve meditating on a specific thought, on specific mantras, chanting a repetitive mantra, imagine a source of light growing inside you etc. 

It won’t make you a better person but it will make you feel better about yourself. 

It will help you maintain a balance in your daily life and give you the strength to face whatever life throws at you. 

  • Sitting 

Meditation is not about sitting in a specific yoga position. This is the first misconception. Don’t try to sit in a specific way. Just find a comfortable position. You can lay on your back in bed for example. You do not have to sit in a lotus position in order to meditate however, it is recommended to sit with your back straight as this enhances the energy flow through the body. 

 man near wall

  • Breathing 

You do not have to breathe in a specific way. The main idea is to become aware of your breath. Just be conscious and attentive to how the air enters and exits your lungs, how the air feels, what sensations in the body you have, how your breathing patterns change depending on what thoughts and emotions you go through. This is the center of meditation actually – being aware of your breath. 

  • Accepting 

Accept your thoughts as they come. Just allow your emotions to flow. You will be surprised at the clutter in your mind that will surface. That T-shirt you lost 10 years ago? The fight you had with your ex? Better answers you could have given in that interview? 

Your ego will try to attach himself to all kinds of stuff and this becomes a distraction in your meditation. Just accept and let go. Become the observer of yourself. 

  • Focus 

Concentration is the opposite of meditation. When I first started to meditate I would try to focus and concentrate and get frustrated that my mind was wandering. The mind has no beginning and no end. It just wanders through memories randomly and the things that pop-up are showing you the path of healing. Focus is the opposite of meditation. When you become aware of your body, of your breath, your thoughts and emotions, your ego surrenders to spirit. That’s when you can experience moments of euphoria and pure bliss.

  • Love. Compassion. 

We carry around so much suffering. It’s like we almost forgot that we do not have to endlessly carry all that baggage with us. The end teaching of meditation from my point of view is acceptance. Through acceptance, you can live your life with compassion for yourself and for everyone around you. When you finish meditating, wish for the happiness of all beings, seen and unseen. May everyone be happy. 

Last but not least, I think the most crucial trick one can give you is to be patient and try as much to limit any external stimulation as much as possible. Meditation is about teaching our monkey mind to relax and not react. 

It’s easier at first when you limit any external factors such as noise, fragrances. Just be yourself, as natural as you can be. One last thing: Breathe deeply. In. And Out. 


Be Cosmic, Your Love Is Iconic.


Written by urzique 

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DNA Activation – Achieve Your Highest Potential With This New Spiritual Hack

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

woman doing research while holding equipment

Forget everything you think you know about DNA. 

Much like our brain, our DNA has inactive segments we do not use. It is well known that we only actively use 10% of our brain, as Timberwolf explains it. 

Our DNA is composed of 12 strands. From those 12 strands of DNA, we only use 2. Statistically speaking, this means we only use 16,67% of our DNA. 

So what happens to this huge part of our DNA? Is it asleep? There are 10 unused strands are well known as Junk DNA or Shadow DNA. 

Can you imagine the amount of information and abilities that are stored in Junk DNA? Ever wondered what our capabilities would be if we unlock that huge amount of data?

What is DNA Activation

So what is exactly DNA Activation? This seems to be the latest hype among spiritual teachers as well as among scientists. 

From DNA kits that test and validate your ancestral origins to various techniques that claim to activate dormant information in your DNA, this is the new cool subject on the block as our perspective about DNA is totally changing. 

Having that in mind, could we reprogram our DNA? Do we influence our DNA programming when we have negative thoughts and emotions? Could we heal faster if we reset our DNA to its factory settings? 

We had it all wrong all along. Our DNA does not make us sick if we have a specific gene, our behavior influences how we develop when we adapt to the surrounding environment and Bruce Lipton explains this very well *insert link here* 

Just watch it. It will totally blow your mind. 

This is what DNA Activation claims to be able to do, to put it metaphorically. There are many similarities between DNA and language. DNA is the language our cells use to do everything they do. It’s basically our survival guide as well as the blueprint of existence. 

Our DNA stores all the possibilities, all the potential, all the ideas, history, everything. It’s like an open book of who we are but we forgot how to read it. 

 The Activation Process – How does it work?

Imagine the amount of information stored in the double helix DNA strand structure. What if Junk DNA which is 97% of our DNA is just dormant information and untapped potential?

There are different techniques practiced either by using sound healing, light language, reiki methods and so on to activate this innate potential that sleeps for now. 

The cool part of DNA Activation is that it can be done remotely, however, proper guidance is necessary. 

Once you learn the technique, you can apply it whenever you feel like you are experiencing emotional blockages, repetitive negative thoughts, panic/anxiety attacks, depression, fatigue etc. 

After DNA Activation, there will be a timeframe in which your entire body, mind, and spirit recalibrate to their original frequency and vibration. It’s like you are a musical instrument that needs attunement from time to time to sound as it was designed to. 

 10 Benefits of DNA Activation

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. Enhances your daily life abilities
  3. A strong immune system means that cells heal faster
  4. Greater creativity – cells that heal faster communicate with more ease between them
  5. Opens your inner sight (clairvoyance)
  6. Improves intrinsic communication with your multi-dimensional self 
  7. Heals depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors, negative emotional patterns 
  8. Improves sleep patterns 
  9. Eliminates physical pain 
  10. Clears self-sabotaging patterns 

Why should you activate your DNA? 

Do you feel you are in a rut? Whatever you try to do, you end up in the same patterns? Are you experiencing any emotional blockages? Repressed trauma? Do you feel you have all this potential that you are not manifesting? Are you trying to manifest and everything is not as you are imagining? 

Life is not supposed to be like this. We are here to experience the beauty of life and enjoy it with loving-kindness. Have you ever wondered if there is a shortcut here to help you return to yourself faster? 

Well, this is exactly what DNA activation is. A shortcut to yourself. That pure self which is not hurt, not tired and always happy to overcome any challenges life throws in its way. Experience it for yourself if you have the courage to live your highest potential and manifest your highest outcome. 

  Where can you activate your DNA?

There are several methods to activate your DNA. Born in Bucharest, Cătălin Tomescu has studied for many years the concept of intention and the mechanics involved in quantum physics. 

In 2009 he started a bioenergy work called Consciousness reprogramming which is now known as DNA activation. 

Cătălin T was born in Bucharest where he graduated college at the Romanian American University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in management. He is a special soul that guides people into tapping their potential. 

After many conferences about DNA Activation, unblocking and healing the soul, cleansing the aura and the energy centres.

In 2019 he embarks on a new project – Mental Training at the Conservatory. He helps orchestra artists to deepen their senses, to solve psychological resistance, to conquer fears that freeze expression to develop emotionally and to achieve a superior creative flow while training them alongside The Conservatory in Saarbrucken, Germany. Nevertheless, he worked with artists from orchestras from Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Romania. In the present, he is leading a private training group through online training in which he offers healing recipes digitally recorded, exclusively for healing the energetic primary cause of suffering, trauma, and personal attachments such as fear, anxiety, or the pain of unresolved events. 

Having experienced this through him, I can undoubtedly recommend him if you feel this is for you. You can find him and book an appointment here 


Written by urzique 

Discover The Art Of Living And Change Your Life

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

Do you just sometimes wish there were a place where you can go and just do nothing while resetting completely? 

The way of no effort. This is Vipassana. From my humble point of view, the most transformative experience one can have in life in just 5 days. 

Vipassana means looking inward, it means seeing things as they are in reality, it is the art of living. It is a process of personal purification by inward observation.  At the beginning, you observe your own natural breathing so as to discipline your attention. Thanks to the very sharp attention you can then begin observing the changing nature of our whole existence, of universal truths: impermanence, suffering and attachments. It is exactly this becoming conscious through your own direct experience which constitutes the purification process. It is a universal remedy for universal problems and does not represent a religion or a sect. Everyone can practice freely, regardless of race, religion, gender or political leaning, anywhere and at any time, and its result proves beneficial for all.

Yes, places like this exist. There is an international community of Dharma Organization where you can go and learn how to practice Vipassana and meditate.

Yet, there is a special place in Romania, in the mountains where people have been living there for more than 20 years. They practice Vipassana and receive others, donation-based, to teach them how to meditate. 

It is an art of living which allows you to have a positive role in your family and in society, a method of mental purification which allows you to face all of life’s problems and stresses in a calm and well-balanced way.

It a process of elevating your spirit, a manifestation of Nature and of the Universe and its purpose is eliminating suffering.

The place is absolutely gorgeous as you are just sitting in a pocket of trees between the mountains. I have experienced there the most amazing sunsets and sunrises in my life while deeply feeling my connection with nature. 

The idea is simple. It’s a 10 days course split into 2 5 days courses at the moment. Before, the course lasted 10 days and it was pretty intense for most people. Now you can take the course in 2 parts and I must admit for me it was easier this way. 

The course starts on Friday when you get there and ends on Wednesday morning when you can leave, or stay if you choose to. 

They teach you the true art of living. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. To sit quietly, alone with your thoughts, without speaking for 5 days. You get there and you only have one thing to do: meditate. 

Now, don’t imagine you just sit and meditate non-stop. There is a well-thought schedule that is designed to be in a certain way in order for you to learn to meditate. 

Before embarking on this amazing adventure, you need to understand this is not a man-made technique nor a ritual based on blind faith.

It is neither intellectual nor philosophical entertainment. It’s not a wellness retreat, nor a holiday camp, nor a club for getting together.

It is not a way of running away from life’s problems.

You get there and the next day, you start meditating with different techniques. You will start a hardcore purification process. They give you vegetarian food which is mostly grown by them and this for me was very important as food helped me integrate my learnings. Basically, you are in a vow of noble silence for 5 days and you get to experience the life of a monk while learning to meditate. 

For anyone looking for a hard reset in life, I truly recommend this experience. If you want to explore further the art of living, search for The Children of the Sun. 

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7 Ways To Practice Gratitude And Cosmic Yourself Up

By Cosmic, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks

Did you know you can actually train your mind to think positive? 

My first venture into spirituality was actually about gratitude. That was the very first lesson and initiation I received. 

I was full of anger and resentment toward my parents as I am sure many of us have and I was desperate that I did not have money to go to India or whatever another holy place in the world and find someone that can heal me. 

If only I knew back then I had the power all along, as the witch says to Dorothy in Land of the OZ. 

Today I am Grateful book

Little did I realised that you do not need to travel to some distant place or outsource your healing process to a 3rd party and that each and one of us has the power to do that by himself. 

I was complaining to one friend about this, seeking guidance and she told me just that and gave me the most important information to start with. Forgiveness. 

Forgiving ourselves to be more specific. We are sometimes under this trance, deeply in the shadow of our emotional waves thinking that other people are to blame for how we feel, for how they treat us, for the things that happen in our every day lives and causes distress or anxiety. 

The epiphany I have each time I get angry is that subconsciously I am programmed to believe someone else is responsible. By outsourcing the responsibility of our actions and feelings, we end up finding someone to blame which results in giving away our power and energy. We get caught up in that hate and anger and we forget to just stop. 

white and black ceramic cup filled with brown liquid on brown wooden suffaceHere are 7 ways to practice gratitude easily in your everyday life. 

  1. The first step is to forgive. You cannot be grateful if you don’t forgive. In order to forgive, you have to start with yourself. Hoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer that is a very powerful tool in itself.
  2. Removing obstacles is almost as important as forgiveness. By allowing yourself the freedom of every possibility you are truly experiencing self-love. A powerful mantra to remove obstacles is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” mantra chanting 1008 times.
  3. Wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. Be grateful for who you are. Say Thanks. It may sound narcissistic but feeling grateful for your body, for who you are, for another day is so easy and so beautiful yet we forget to love ourselves. 
  4. Journaling. Have a small notebook and write at least 1 good thing that happens to you every day. Just think how beautiful it will be after 1 year to look back into this oracle of beautiful things to be grateful for. 
  5. Stop Apologising. Instead of saying “sorry, I am late” try saying “Thank you for waiting” or “Thank you for your patience. Might seems trivial but to tune into the gratitude frequency is about reprogramming how we address life. 
  6.  Say “Thank you” for everything you can. First, it’s free. If you want to achieve great things like reprogramming yourself to be whomever you actually want to, you need to learn the basics right. What’s more beautiful than saying thanks to people for the smallest things? Just say thank you. 
  7. Gratitude affirmations. You can write your own. If there is something you dislike about yourself, try finding a way to thank for what this is teaching you. Or you can opt for something like this

Thank You on wooden blocks