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Cosmic Poem #11

By Cosmic, Cosmic Events, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks, Cosmic Your-Self

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What Is Empathy Anymore?

When You Cannot Close The Door On War
History Repeats
Politics Playing The Same Beats
Just In Front Of Your Eyes
You Can Better See All The Lies

And You Just Lie There
In Front Of Your Black Mirror
Knowing That A Few Hours Away
People Are Dying… Again

We Are Being Run By Psychopaths
Treating People Like Lab Rats
They Lie So Well
They Believe Their Own Lies

And So It Starts
Although It Has Never Ended

More People Are Dead
While We Sit Here Speechless
In Front Of Our Computers
Trying To Compute
That The Past 2 Years Have Been

Our Prison
And The Present It’s Just Missiles
When Tomorrow Was Hope
We Woke Up Today To Discover That… Nope

Sitting Alone In Your House
Feeling As Trapped Like A Mouse
In This Reality, We Want No Part In
Wondering How To Help Those Bleeding

So Easily We Judge The Past
We Are Reliving Its Horrors At Last
It’s Happening In Front Of Our Eyes
Cities Turn To Dust
While The West Continues To Lust
Over Nothing As It Seems
If We Are All Not Free, Who Wins?

It’s That Russian Breeze
Here To Terrorize The East
While All We Want Is Yeast
Because We Like Our Bread
More Than Our People Dead!

What Is Empathy?
In A World Defined By Apathy
Scrolling Endlessly To Remember
Then Scrolling To Forget
Is It All Just A Bet?
Why Do We Never Win?
This Time, Will You Dive Within?

It’s A War On Consciousness
Yet We Are More Clever Than Ever
The Internet Makes Us More Connected
United In Action
Yet We Are Brainwashed By Our Reaction.

Written by urzique

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Cosmic Poem #10

By Cosmic, Cosmic Events, Cosmic Hacks & Tricks, Cosmic Your-Self

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What Is The Purpose Of My Drama?
What Am Eye Being Forced To See?
What Is Triggering This Trauma?
What’s Stopping Me To Be?
Seeing You Making Plans
With Others In Front Of Me
Makes Me Feel Excluded
And I ask Myself
Do I Matter To You As You Matter To Me?

Or Am I Just Being Deluded?

Is This A False Relationship
Of Cause And Effect?
That My Mind Is Interpreting With This Defect?

How Do I Shade Some Light
On This Unhealthy Attachment?

How Do I Let Go Of Holding Tight
To Participate In This Love Reenactment?

We Dramatize The Weather
Thinking That We Are Being So Clever
At The End Of The Drama
You Realize It’s Not Real
It’s Just Your Trauma
Trying To Teach You How To Heal

Become surreal

Should You On Your Tears Put On A Seal?
Or Just Allow Your Eyes To Feel
That Suffering That Was Blocked
That You Kept Carrying Around.

My Poetry Is Just A Good Night Story
It’s How I Express My Suffering, No Worry
Tomorrow I Will Forget
If Today I Don’t Do Something I Will Regret

The Only Way To Play-Along
Is By Staying Grounded, Staying Strong
Bleeding Again With Words On The Screen
Until I Release This Wound Locked Deep Within

Written by urzique