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Circo Loco NY Day Preview – Win FREE Entry PLUS latest Visionquest Album

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BILLBOARD circolocoNYD-nolink

Seasoned party veterans Circo Loco return to London on January 1st for the next instalment of their coveted annual New Year’s Day celebration. The 2013 event will see the respected global brand take over the iconic Brixton Academy, which has proven itself in recent times to be one of the capital’s favourite, and best suited, electronic venues. With a capacity of over 5,000, nowhere in the country can quite match Brixton for its classic, decadent interior and potent, electrifying atmosphere.

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As ever, the most important feature of any Circo Loco party is its line-up, and this year’s selection looks set to be as strong as ever. Long-established residents Tania Vulcano, Clive Henry and Davide Squillace will be joined by two of this year’s most prolific stars: none other than Seth Troxler and Maceo Plex. Ensuring the party keeps moving throughout its entire eight hour duration will also be System of Survival and one of the most revered DJs on the scene in Mr Shaun Reeves. All consummate professionals, all fantastic acts, all under one roof. Plus, for those of you familiar with Brixton’s famous sloped deck, it will be transformed on the night into a flat, levelled dance-floor to keep you dancing way into the early hours of the brand new year.


Somehow, a pair of tickets to the NYD party have appeared on one of the desks at MEOKO HQ. How they got there is anyone’s guess but so as not to arouse any further suspicion, we’d like to give them away. If you fancy taking you and a friend, and think you can make it through until the 2nd still standing, just answer this simplest of questions: oh what the hek, we’ll also throw in the latest Visionquest album …


Circo Loco translates as what in English?

a) Crazy Circus b) Rowdy Circle c) Mad Circuit

Send your answers to

Doors open at 9pm on Tuesday 1st January and close at 5am. Tickets are still available online from £47 but hurry, because they will sell-out.

Exclusive mix from System of Survival 


Full line-up/

Tania Vulcano

Seth Troxler

Maceo Plex

Davide Squillace

System Of Survival

Clive Henry

Tickets available here 

Adriatique chat to MEOKO + Exclusive mix

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Hello my dear Adriatiques, so… tell me all about your mix… How did it come about? Where did you record it, and how?

Adrian: Same as always… we checked the sounds, decided the direction, and recorded it with Traktor in our studio flat. We always would like our mixes to be suitable to be listened to in any situation, not only in your car on the way to the club. More like a radio mix.

For us, it sounds more like you held a cocktail in your hand while getting ready for a nice sundown session on the cruise-liner. Love this image which gets nicely trashed by your photo of you guys in the shopping trolley, really love you guys!

Adrian: Thanks for the flowers.

Must admit that I only stumbled across you recently when checking out your new release with Tyladomid, Feeling Good. What’s the story of this record?

Adrian: Better late than never! Well, we already made this other record with Tyle, the second release Diynamic’s sublabel 2diy4. He came to visit us in Zurich a few times  so we ended up producing some stuff together… Feeling Good was one of them.

Exclusive Andriatique MEOKO Podcast


This was one of the first records, but it already shone through that you found your direction back then.

Adrian: Well, we are music lovers and DJs for ages and ages and listen to so much music. So when we finally started producing, we came up with soooo many projects… but only after showing our stuff to others, things would start to show. Before the record on 2diy4, we had one or two other releases, but it was around that release that we started to show continuity. In the end, it all went quite quick. We never really had a plan but put in a lot of hard work, and of couse loads of fun and spontaneity. We know for a long time that we love to make, pay and live music…. oh yeah.

How did you get into this, and for how long do yo DJ together? What is it that unites you?

Adrian We met about three years ago, both working as DJs respectively, and hooking up at gigs where we were both booked. We realized that our sets would fit together well, and on a human level, we also clicked, so, it was just happening step by step basically… what most unites us are our differences. This is turning into a healthy dependency at the moment. Meoko: Are you both from Zurich? Adrian: Adrian One is from Basel but lived in Zurich, and I am originally hailing from Austria but moved to Zurich.

Quite symbiotic. Do you sometimes piss the other off or is it always partytime?

Adrian: We piss each other off sometimes, of course. But we know each other quite well by now, this is not going to fail anymore.

Tell me more about the mix… There are quite a few vocal tracks in there.

Adrian: True, true. This wasn’t on purpose, although we like vocals and use them a lot… but we also like it hard and dry. Depending on the mood. Right now, there was just lots of good vocally material. We actually like it quite varied, but with some connection between the elements. As we are two, we complement each other… which gives us more variety.

What’s a good trip for you?

Adrian: Depends on the situation, the club, the festival, the time of night. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect trip when it’s not too direct, not too to the point, lots of detours instead of fast trails, and a nicely placed stylistic rupture. Carrying emotions, in the best case, positive ones. Something that stays with us, a memory. In the end, we both embody the same. It’s evident when people feel us.

Adriatique on Facebook 

By Katrin Richter 

Loft Studios Halloween Special w/ Dan Ghenacia & Dyed Soundorom – Win Tickets

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Loft Studios, West London’s most talked about new venue, continue their Autumn program with a very special, French-inspired Halloween event. The space, which recently hosted an exclusive M-nus showcase, as well as a Secretsundaze event in the summer, has fast become popular with the capital’s partygoers, offering a geographic and much-needed alternative to the East London scene. To date, their multiple Friday night soirees have been met with unanimous clamours of support.

Bringing their Parisian-fuelled funk to the building this Friday 26th October, in celebration of that most sacred of festive days, will be Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. The pair, who together make up two thirds of the formidable Apollonia crew, have been setting crowds alight all summer with their lengthy back-to-back adventures through contemporary and classic house. Armed with a plethora of fantastic music and over 30 years combined DJing experience, it’s never a bad party when these two are in town.

In true festive spirit MEOKO have teamed up with Loft Studios to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a pair of tickets to the event. All you have to do is tell us: Who is the third member of Apollonia?

a) David Guetta
b) Shonky
c) Ben Klock

Doors: Friday 26th 10pm – 06am. Tickets are still available online from £15. MOTD.

Full line-up/

Dan Ghenacia
Dyed Soundorom
Robin Ordell


MEOKO chats to Tom Clark + Exclusive Podcast

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tom clarke banner

For those of you unaware, DJ, producer and label owner Tom Clark is not, as you might presume, British. He is in fact one of Berlin’s hardest-working electronic musicians, with a career spanning from the early 90s and his days as a resident at Tresor, to the present day, where his label Highgrade Records throws regular parties at Berghain and Panorama Bar. Celebrated for championing what can only truly be described as tech house, in its purest form, Clark is very much a DJs DJ, which is part of the reason everyone is so excited that he’s returning to play at the Cartulli’s 3rd birthday on November 3rd in London.

Hi Tom, thanks for your time. You’ve been involved with electronic music in Berlin for over 15 years. What are the main differences in the way the music is presented and consumed in the city today as opposed to back then? Do you miss the ‘good old days’?

I’m not one to look regretfully back at the past. For electronic music it was naturally an exciting time, because there was a real feeling of optimism that a kind of revolution was coming. But these days it’s basically just as exciting. There are well established clubs and equally amazing parties. Above all, there isn’t a fight for acceptance of electronic music anymore. Of course there is a lot more competition now and the market has become a lot more professional. Who could have guessed back then that a DJ would need a manager, or that new media such as Facebook could become so pivotal to the success of a DJ? The definition of a DJ has also changed a lot. Now it’s not enough to simply play records, you also have to be a producer and even more, to have your own label.

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Berlin must be a tough place to be a DJ – everyone involved is so up-to-date on the music that you must have to work really hard to both impress and separate yourself from the rest. Did you feel a lot of pressure DJing when you were making a name for yourself? Would you say Berlin is the hardest city to DJ in the world?

The level in Berlin is altogether very high and many of the worlds best DJs live here and play regularly in the city. In some clubs it’s always a challenge to play because the club people in Berlin are constantly listening to the creme de la crème of DJs, week after week. But that simply spurs you on. And naturally, for your own artistic inspiration it’s also a big advantage.

How did the Highgrade relationship with Berghain and Panorama Bar first come about?

I’ve know the management of the club for years and used to play for them at the former club ‘Ostgut’, so there is a long-standing connection between us. The personal connection certainly had something to do with us getting our label parties in the club, but this alone wouldn’t have been enough to sustain a long term relationship. Ever since we have been promoting nights there, we have always made an effort to do a great job and I think Berghain also values us as a good and solid partner.

Exclusive Tom Clarke Podcast 

tomclark podcast

Few people have had the chance to really gain an insight into what Berghain/P-Bar is all about. In your own words, how would you describe it both as a space to play at and as an institution to have grown personally so close to?

The Berghain club has given techno music a new lease on life and is, in my opinion, also partly responsible for the wider revival of techno. DJs like Marcel Detmann and Len Faki have measurably influenced this sound. But the main thing is really that everyone who ever goes there feels inspired. The mixture of the people who party there can’t be found in any other club, anywhere.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt about life and DJing as a result of your sets at Berghain/P-Bar?

Probably to be patient. A lot of people may think that when you’ve played there once or twice then it’s all on. But most things happen in small steps. Only a few people achieve a kind of super ‘boom hype’ in a very short time. Most of the successful people I know have worked hard to get there. Therefore, I’d say keep it steady, stay true to yourself and keep on your own path.

They say London is Europe’s second city for electronic music. How would you compare/contrast the two cities in their attitudes and approaches to dance music? Are they dramatically different?

I would say that both cities are very different and not so easy to compare. There are probably a similar number of clubs in London as in Berlin but London still has location problems. A lot of parties happen in the same locations. In that way Berlin is extremely lucky. There will probably be plenty of locations in Berlin for the next 20 years. However I think London can still be very important for a musical career. In Germany people say that when you’re successful in England, then you’ve really made it! That’s definitely true in electronic music.

Highgrade Records has long had the reputation for putting out top-quality tech-house. This is a wide and often disputed sound, so what does tech-house, if anything, mean to you?

The term tech-house has almost taken on a negative meaning in recent years. But it basically describes best what we do on Highgrade. Our sound has always been in the middle somehow. Never really house, never really techno. It’s just what we do. We’ve stayed very true to this over the years and haven’t followed every new trend hype, like a lot of others have. A couple of years ago there were labels who brought out only minimal and techno and now suddenly they’re releasing deep house, a la Crosstown Rebels, just because that’s what’s hip right now.

Highgrade is such a prolific label, sometimes release 2 EPs a month. Is this something you guys think is important, to keep active and constantly fresh?

Sometimes we’ll bring out two EPs in a month, and that’s almost always one digital and one vinyl release. We think it’s important to maintain a regular output. Electronic music for the club can be pretty short lived these days, and sometimes there is so much good material available that we just want to get it out. Apart from that it’s important for all the core artists in our roster that they can regularly release a record with us.

Finally, you’re playing at the 3rd birthday of Cartuli’s day, at which you’re a resident. How did you first get involved with the party? What can we expect from your set?

I’m pretty sure they just booked me the first time. Then it was somehow love at first sight, and the vibe at the party is really something special. Basically everything just seemed to fit and the boys asked me if I wanted to come and play more often. Now I’m back again and I’m very happy about it. Expect something groovy and twisted… Panorama Bar House with a bit of kick arse Berghain techno thrown in!

Catch Tom Clarke next in London at the 3rd Birthday at Cartul’s Day alongside Claro IntelectoAlexkid, Kasper, Rico Cassaza, Unai Trotti, Dead Echo, Monika Ross, Ken & Davy and more 


Words by Carlos Hawthorn

Click Box chat to MEOKO + Exclusive Mix

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Click Box, spotted by Troy Pierce and Magda in 2007 and signed straight to the Items & Things label, are famous for their timeless, hybrid proto acid synth techno house sound. With their innovative productions and their fresh approach to presenting their music live, they firmly placed themselves at the forefront of musical synthesis and electronic evolution, thus perfectly fitting into the M_nus family who warmly welcomed the two Brazilians hailing from Sao Paulo. Playing together since the age of fifteen, Marco AS and Pedro Turra, who run a production studio together, are moving and shaking various musical projects which have reached the realms of the mainstream, with Ronaldinho starring in an advert they supplied the soundtrack to, yet they have stayed fantastically faceless, humbly hiding behind their machine-like moniker and a super sleek sound that bridges any gap between genres, and melting the most vital ingredients into a massive forward pushing entity. Their mix for MEOKO was recently recorded in a hotel room and reflects a high level of energy, genre-defying and powerful sounds. And to top it all off, we also managed to talk to the guys!

Hey dear Marco and Pedro, first of all, thanks for taking your time and making this podcast!

Hey, it was a pleasure! Thank you

How did you make it? What was important for you to get across with it?

We recorded it live, it was in an hotel room during our last tour in Europe. We think its important to record podcasts , this way we can spread our music to more people!

Is it a live set or a dj set?

Its a live set, we only played our tracks!

What kind of musical sounds did you try to weave in? 

We do a lot of different styles, so you’ll find techno, house, detroit and chicago influences, a little bit of 80’s sound! When we work in the studio we don’t get stuck to a genre.

Exclusive Click Box LIVE podcast 


Whose records do you like to play at the moment, who makes your mouth stand wide open? 

Lots of stuff, hard to remember. We love to play old tracks, doesn’t matter if its techno, house, detroit or chicago. We play a lot of stuff, edits that we do, unrelased stuff that people send!

What is the most important for you when you play live? I guess an amazing sound system and a crowd with a defined musical taste… 

That’s true, without a good sound system, you don’t feel the music and this is important when you play live, you need to feel it. The crowd has to be good also, super boring when you play and people are distracted, we like to play for people that get nuts with the music!!

And what about DJ sets, how do you define yourself there…? 

Pedro is a DJ since he’s twelve years old, so its very natural for him, me (Marco), i am learning to get better, learning how to make a good track selection! We really like playing DJ sets also, it’s a moment that we feel really free and relaxed!

I read you met fifteen years ago… what were you like then? What connected you right from the beginning? 

I was a musician and Pedro a DJ. Both of us were really into electronic music but playing different projects. Later in 2004 as we were good friends, we decided to make music together as Click Box.

I also read your parents and uncles were djs and producers, what kind of music did they make?  

Pedro’s father was a DJ playing disco and funk. My uncle wasn’t a musician but had an Yamaha DX7 and I was studying piano since the age of five so it was a really cool toy for me!

How come you both got into the same thing, and went into the same direction? 

Pedro was playing as a DJ since 1994 and I was playing keys in a different band, we were friends and decided to do music together, just like that.

When was the exact moment when it made click and you found your formula?

We don’t think like that, that’s why we stayed a long time without releasing anything, its very hard to get away of your own style and that’s what we try to do! We don’t want to sound the same!

How do you feel now about working and producing and playing together? 

This is what we like to do, so we try to get fun. Of course you have to learn how to deal with the road and highs and lows. We like playing and producing together!

Things started to go ballistic when you got signed to Items&Things in 2008…. how was it beforehand, what kind of outlook did you have in Brazil? 

We were just making music because we love it, and that’s also how it is right now. We are the same duo and we try to make cool music and make people dance!  

Are you still based in Sao Paulo? 

Yes, we are still here. We have a little company here, its an audio production house for advertising and sometimes we like to produce some artists. We co-produced the album ‘La Plata’ from Jota Quest, a Brazilian pop rock band, and now we are working with a new band called Inky. We are also working on a new project called ‘Bleeping Sauce’, its a kind of rock synth pop formed by us and a singer, Eli Iwasa.

The scene in Brazil has changed a lot in recent years, what do you think about where it all went…, and how does this affect your live set and productions? 

The scene here is really far away of being a scene – promoters and agencies needs to learn to work together and make it strong!

Another change you are living through is that Magda, Troy and Marc are now running Items&Things independently… how did you feel about that change, what consequences did this have for you?

This is really good for us, we started releasing on Items & Things back in 2008 and then on M_nus. As we said before, when we go to the studio we like to do a lot of different stuff so it’s nice to have different platforms to release our music!

What kind of music are you making at the moment? 

We like to think that we are making music, not rotate it. It’s a mix of all things we like. Techno, house, 80’s stuff etc…

Where will it be released?

For sure — on Items & Things, Minus and Noise Music, a Brazilian label from DJ Anderson Noise, a very good friend!

You use lots of analogue gear but also combine it with modern technology… what is your philosophy? We like to use what we think that sounds good, we could be fine with just a Roland Juno 60 and a 707!

What are your plans for the future, what would you like to do?  

We want to work on our own album and do a different live show!

Words by Katrin Ritcher 

Click Box on Facebook 

Items & Things on Facebook 

Superfiction Recordings Label Night presents Episode #2 at Basing House on 12.10 + 4 Hour Exclusive Italoboyz Podcast

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After the success of their inaugural label showcase, Superfiction Recordings returns this Friday night to East London’s Basing House for Episode #2. The imprint, set up in July of this year by London’s favourite Italians the Italoboyz, came about from a desire to finally gain control over their output. The duo, who have nurtured strong working relationships with Get Physical, Moon Harbour and mothership over the years, felt it was time to start giving back to the scene that raised them, craving the freedom to release other music, from other artists, as they saw fit. Like the opening party, Episode #2 will feature the Italoboyz alongside partners in crime Blind Minded, who hold a creative role in the running of the label. A concept still very much in its infancy, this is a prime opportunity to see one of Europe’s most celebrated DJ and production duos in a new and invigorating environment, set against the intimate backdrop of Basing House.

Exclusive Italoboyz Podcast 


As if that wasn’t enough, ahead of Friday’s soiree MEOKO is very excited to announce that the Italoboyz will be providing the next mix in our celebrated podcast series. For those unfamiliar with them as DJs, the pairing cut their teeth on the formative decks of East London’s party scene, influential in transforming it into the international phenomenon it has become today. This 4 hour mix arrives as the opening extract from one of their marathon 9 hour+ sets at a recent Italoboyz ‘all-nighter’ affair in Venice. For those who associated the duo with peak-time floor-fillers, think again: this is a chance to see how just how versatile and mellow the Italoboyz can be.

To celebrate the arrival of Episode #2 (and the mix!), MEOKO have teamed up with Superfiction to offer one lucky person the chance to win 2x tickets to the event on Friday, as well as a copy of the first Superfiction vinyl & the next upcoming release.  All you have to do is tell us…

Which of these facts is (super) fiction?

a) The Italoboyz are originally from Italy.
b) Basing House is in the West End.
c) Superfiction was set up this summer.

Send your answers to

Doors open at 10pm and close at 04am. Tickets are available online for £6-10. MOTD.

Full line-up/

Italoboyz (Superfiction / Moon Harbour / Get Physical)
Blind Minded (Superfiction / Moon Harbour / Trapez)

Buy tickets here

Italoboyz on Facebook 

Superfiction Recordings on Facebook


Bar 25 Film (Berlin) in London

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This Friday night Shoreditch’s Village Underground looks set to be given the full Berlin makeover as it hosts an exclusive viewing of Bar25, a film documenting the incredible story of one of the German capital’s wildest and most interesting clubs. Famous for inverting and flipping all types of social conventions on their head, Bar 25 was set up by four like-minded individuals, intent on using music, film and art to create a space where people could express themselves as freely and openly as they wished. Despite profits of over €2 million a year, the four founders lived in a caravan on the club site and even shared a toilet. Bar25 follows Lotta, Danny, Christoph and Juval and provides, for the first time, an in-depth insight into their unorthodox worlds.

bar25 BM Berlin Ber 152791b

To commemorate this exclusive, one-off London showing, Village Underground, in-conjunction with Half Baked, will be adorning the interior with an array of cushions, pouffes and sofas and there will be popcorn, face painting and other fun fantastical activities for people to enjoy. The film kicks off around 10.30pm and lasts ninety minutes. Danny Faber and Dirty Doering, two of the original Bar 25 residents, will be spinning after the showing, with Georgio Oniani playing before. Promising to be one of the most challenging and inspirational clubbing films ever made, this is one party not to pass up.

MEOKO are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a pair of tickets to the screening. All you have to do is answer this very simple question:

Bar 25 was located on the banks of the river…

a) Spree

b) Seine

c) Hudson

Send your answers to

Doors open at 8pm on Friday 5th October and close at 04am. The film runs between 10.30pm and midnight. Tickets are available online now for £10; more OTD.

Full lineup/

Georgio Oniani : 8pm – 10:30pm

Bar 25 movie (Screening) : 10:30pm – 00am
Danny Faber : 00am – 2am
Dirty Doering : 2am – 4am

Facebook Event

Tickets on Resident Advisor 

One Illusion London presents NY Stomp aka Gerd / Adam Shelton / Tom Craven / Bloody Mary & more – Win Vinyl & Tickets

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With Summer definitively over, it’s time to start looking ahead to a Winter of top quality clubbing. Two camps holding this exact sentiment to heart are One Records and Illusion Recordings, both leading the way as the UK’s brightest house music labels. To commence the brand new season in true four-to-the-floor fashion, the Birmingham and Leeds based imprints will be throwing a one-off collaborative event in East London, not dissimilar to their popular parties in Barcelona during this summer’s Sonar-Off.

Adam-Shelton-954x798 copy

As ever, respective head-honchos Adam Shelton, Tom Craven and James Cotterill will provide the necessary support, while the prime headline slot will be filled by none other than NY Stomp AKA Gerd. As the auteur of that groundbreaking EP on Illusion in January this year, this will be a really special opportunity to see the Dutch master at work, in a guise he only very rarely adopts. French-born DJ Bloody Mary will also feature, bringing her heady cocktail of thick basslines and sultry, twisted vocals to the dance. The chosen venue is victorian Vaults with a capacity of only 300, making this intimate space the one and only way to get properly into that Winter groove.

 Exclusive Bloody Mary Podcast 


Doors open at 11pm on October 13 and close at 06am. Tickets are available online now for £12.

To commemorate this meeting of minds on UK soil, MEOKO have teamed up with the two labels to provide ONE lucky winner with the chance to win 2 tickets to the event plus a vinyl copy of both the brand new One Records release AND the brand new Illusion Recordings release PLUS One Records T-Shirts. All you have to do is answer this very simple question:

Adam Shelton & Subb-an run One Records, but from which Birmingham house night was the label born?

a) Back to Basics
b) Warehouse Project
c) Below

Send your answers to

Full line-up /

NY Stomp (Gerd)
Bloody Mary
Adam Shelton
Tom Craven
James Cotterill

Illusion Recordings

One Records


Alan Oldham “The Future is now” + Exclusive Podcast

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Alan Oldham no click

Alan Oldham, the gentle yet hard-hitting techno DJ, producer and comic drawer hiding behind the futuristic moniker T-1000, time-travels with ease. Having mastered this skill to perfection, he is able not only to totally recall the past but transform the present into the future. Upon having witnessed true craftsmanship by no other than Jeff Mills in his native hood of Detroit in his early days, Alan felt deeply inspired and consequently had the cosmic force to find his own path, leading him through drum-fuelled sets around the 130-bpm-benchmark, productions on celebrated techno labels and… beyond. Moving back and forth between the two complementary poles Detroit and Berlin, the man eases out a bit, paints a lot, and gets on the going. His label Pure Sonik Records, started in 1996, is still around, and gets joined by a new outlet DRS. read on to catch the whole drift. 

11838 210226643956 5837725 n

Hey Alan, how are you? Thanks first of all for your brilliant mix, I think it really shows where you stand as an artist and where techno’s at right now for you… what were your thoughts and your intentions when you made it?

Well you specifically asked me for a DJ T-1000 mix, then I had the idea to feature my new album in the mix, along with an advance listen to some remixes I commissioned. Those will be out soon.

The are quite a few tracks taken from your new album on there, can you tell me which ones they are (as I am not sure if I can put the whole tracklist into the interview text), and what their story is…

Whoa, mostly the whole mix is my new stuff! “Drums and Weapons,” “Cockblockin’ Beats,” “Know Your Enemy,” and “Head Down” are all off the album, and the “Drums and Weapons” (Paul Mac’s Ravetastic Mix) and “Drums and Weapons” (Justin Berkovi’s Nightrax Remix, along with two other remixes, will be out in the near future.

“Drums And Weapons” is quite a bloodthirsty name one would think… is this cos your nation is constantly at war?

No, they are DJ weapons to rock a dancefloor! Don’t politicize my music.

I could see from your comments in Facebook where you stand politically… what do you think about the current situation? What is your stance on where your country is heading, and what was your feeling throughout your child-and adulthood…

Exclusive mix – Alan Oldham 


I just had a heavy political discussion with a friend of mine earlier tonight. Politically, I feel hopeful. I am a strong supporter of President Obama. Nobody else could have handled all the crises that have arisen since he was elected, especially with now maybe 48% of the country against him, mostly for racial reasons. Yeah, I said it. Most of his promises have been kept. Would McCain/Palin have been able to fix the US economy by now if they’d been elected in 2008? And if almost half the country and the opposite party tried to block their progress? I don’t think so. And remember, Mitt Romney lost in 2008 to McCain, who lost to Obama. I look forward to the GOP getting crushed again in November, and to four more years of President Barack Obama.

You are also a Berlin resident, moving back and forth between the two cities that resonate Techno in its purest form,… how did you get to find your place in the two of them?

The business had evolved (or devolved) to the point where you had to be in Europe in order to play gigs. In the 90s, promoters would just pay for overseas flights, so you’d just fly over, play one gig, maybe two, then go back. No more. So I got a flat in Berlin and started to stay longer to tour. I’d go out between gigs, made a lot of friends, learnt a little German 😉 and I came to love Berlin.

What do you like about them?

Chicago is a great place to relax and spend the summer. Cook out a lot and get fat. I DJed a gig quite recently here with Tim Baker that was the first time I’d played locally in years. I had a lot of fun, so thanks to him!

Could you imagine living somewhere else?

If I won the lotto, I would jetset between Berlin for music, L.A. for art and writing, and maybe the Caymans to chill. A condo in each. My dream life.

How and where did the album come about, where is it released?

After my last tour, where I played Shanghai and the Philippines for the first time, I came back to the States energized to make music. I made “Drums and Weapons” between late October 2011 to April of this year. It’s available in all digital shops now. Vinyl coming soon with the fans’ help!

You are a man of many trades, please tell me more about your other passion, drawing comics...

I started out doing comics even before I learned to DJ. In recent years, I’ve been coming back to it. I’ve kind of evolved a bit from comics to paintings on canvas. I did an art show in Amsterdam in 2010, and in Berlin in 2011. I’ve been trying to build up work for my next show, but people keep buying the art off my Facebook page! A good problem to have.


Who is your favorite super hero?

I don’t have a favorite, but I’ve been loving all the Marvel Comics movies of late!

How do you balance the two creative outlets you have, making music, and drawing, and how do the two complement each other?

It’s not really deep. When I get bored making music, I do some art, then vice versa. Especially when I’m in Berlin between gigs, that’s when I work on comics


How do you produce music? What’s your studio like?

All machines. I only use software in post. Editing, multi-tracking, EQing, etc. I am spinning on Traktor now, though, with the X1 and F1 controllers. I love not being at the mercy of decks and needles anymore.

What inspires you?

Everything. Movies, TV shows, art. I saw the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit earlier this summer here in Chicago. Very inspiring!

Who do you collaborate with? I heard you used quite a few tracks by some English techno heroes, like Ben Sims and Justin Berkovi…

They’re my friends and make great music. Paul Mac, too. Plus, they’re the only ones who still make tracks at 130 bpm and over!

Who is blowing your mind at the moment?

A lot of newer guys. Nino Sebelic, Plural, Kevin Gorman, Bodyscrub, Jason Fernandes, Developer, Alberto Pascual, Sigha. Angel Alanis is an old name, but he’s releasing a ton of new cats on his labels, and his remixes are on fire right now.

What would you like to make, next?

I’m working on my Detroitrocketscience project right now. I’m touring Europe as DRS next month. My first-ever tour with no vinyl. Old news for a lot of people but new for me! I play more minimal when I’m Detroitrocketscience, not hard.

Detroitrocketscience. How did this come about, and what’s the story behind this project? Same about DRS…

Detroitrocketscience is to me what Raudive is to Oliver Ho, or Traversable Wormhole is to Adam X. A fresh musical direction and purpose. DRS is the new label. “Laws of Anti-Gravity”, 10-inch is out now.

You are based in Chicago but sound-wise you re Detroit, how did you come to find your sound, how did you get immersed in DJing?

I started DJing in the early 90s. First on radio, then I learned to mix in clubs. I left Detroit in 2004, but am still a Detroiter 😉 Even though I have a base in the Chi, I don’t claim the Chicago sound at all.

Oh and last but not least, it seems as if you did enchant an entirely new peer group with your mix as many MEOKO listeners were not familiar with your sounds, what do you think about this… about electronic music having so many branches and stems right now, that one does not interweave with others any more at all? Is this evolution?

The reality is that Detroit, Chicago etc. are less and less relevant as time goes on. The new generation has its own set of heroes that do not overlap with ours. Remember that night we went to Club der Visionaire? And it was Seth Troxler and all the young guys. Me and you were the only old-schoolers there 😉

Is techno the dinosaur genre amongst them? Or: how does this genre reinvent itself?

I’m trying to do that right now. I’ll let you know 😉

What is 2012 for you???

A ton of artwork and paintings and a whole new business! A lot of releases, too. 2013 will be back to touring basics.

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Select*Elect Meets Cafe’ Sturz with Jimpster and Foehn & Jerome, Ranacat & Kasia at TBA – London

By Competitions, Hot Off The Press, MEOKO Exclusive

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select elect

Select*elect’s next house and techno showcase is upon us. Freerange Records head honcho and DJ/producer extraordinaire Jimpster headlines bringing with him 19 years worth of experience guaranteeing any dnacefloor to ignite. Alongside him are Grelle Forelle residents Foehn and Jerome who recently mixed MEOKO 30:

Foehn and Jerome Exclusive Podcast 


To win two tickets + Freerange T-shirts for the September 22nd event simply email with ‘Selectelect me’ in the subject title. Expect cutting edge music of the highest order, a basement pimped out with pumping sound and an intelligent up for it party crowd!

Jimpster  ( Freerange Records | 2020 Vision)
Foehn & Jerome  (Grelle Forelle | Symbiont Music )
Ranacat  ( Select*Elect | WoM | ARG )
Kasia  (KP Sessions |UK)


Guest List & Info:


Tickets for Select*Elect 

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