Meoko Mix

Vlad Arapasu 299

By Meoko Mix

Time has come for the last podcast of 2020 which comes from one of the hottest names in the Romanian scene: Vlad Arapasu. With many releases on top-notch labels such as Priku’s Atipic, Subtil, Serialism, EASTENDERZ, and Unic to name a few, the Bucharest talent worked his way up by providing a peculiar melodic-oriented style, always sustained by unwavering trust in gloomy sub-basslines, intricated grooves, and twisted synths. A trademark sound that he’s been able to convey into his label KONTENT, which hosted young promises of the rominimal panorama such as Macarie and Leanca, proving Vlad’s ability to give the right exposure to other fellow-talented producers. Hoping that this mix will set you in the right mood, we wish you happy holidays and we hope to see you all on the dancefloor very soon.

Much love, good music.

Franco Cinelli 298

By Meoko Mix

With a career that spans over three decades, Argentinian veteran Franco Cinelli could be easily considered as a true pioneer, especially if we’re talking about the South American scene. His first productions can be dated in 1995, and since then he’s delivered tens of quality house, techno and minimal jams on labels such as the iconic Esperanza, Ilian Tape, Bass Culture, Raum…musik and Girada Unlimited to name a few. During his long-lasting career, the Rosario DJ and producer has been able to constantly redefine himself, while retaining a keen romance with the Latino influences which have carved his works into a great blend of vibrant percussions, modular groove flavors and rumbling basslines, contributing to enhancing the value of the entire South American movement.

Luca Cazal pres. LVCA 297

By Meoko Mix

Hailing from Italy and now based in Ibiza, Luca Cazal has unleashed this year his new project LVCA to push a more underground sound, incorporating elements of the 90’s tech house, electro, and old school Italo sonorities, but without renouncing what is most dear to him: groove! 2020 has in fact seeing LVCA landing on labels such as Robert James’ Body Movement, Anthea’s Partisan, and most recently Sock It To Me (Ba Dum Tish) alongside Marlon. His very first mix features almost only unreleased solo productions from LVCA himself (spot the intruder!) plus collaborations with Sidd, Marlon, and Josh Baker and can be summed up as a hyper speed journey between 303 acid sequences, fast-paced drums, hefty bassline hits, and dreamy synths.

Satoshi Tomiie 296

By Meoko Mix

A pioneer. A legend. A point of reference for the entire world since the late 1980s who has been at the forefront of the global house and techno movement joins our podcast series for the very first time and we’re honored, really. This space’s not enough to tell how much he did, and still does, to the scene and would not do justice to explain all the facets of this timeless figure; so let the music do the talking and let yourself be carried away by 1 hour of pure dub pleasure by the one and only Satoshi Tomiie.

Karotte 295

By Meoko Mix

German veteran Karotte has been a mainstay in the techno scene for almost 20 years, giving life to numerous successful collaborations with other heavyweights such as fellow-German Gregor Tresher and Kaiserdisco. His typical raw and edgy sound has nevertheless been versatile, embracing more minimal and groovy house sonorities that led Karotte to have residencies at the famous Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and Munich’s renowned venue Harry Klein. And then there’s the long list of clubs and venues where Karotte often more than once made a lasting impression. Fabric London, and Watergate Berlin, The Womb in Tokyo, Space Ibiza, and Studio 80 in Amsterdam to name a few, just as festivals like Awakenings and Extrema Outdoor have welcomed the DJ phenomenon with open arms, and so we do, kicking off 2021 with a fresh new mix by Mr. Karotte.