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Cristi Turodache, better known as Melodie, has deservedly earned his status as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Bucharest’s scene. Over the past five years, Melodie has injected the scene with a vibrant, fresh sound, incorporating new influences and exploring new terrain. His polished, and continually forward-thinking productions, can be found on coveted releases across some of the scene’s most respected labels: Metereze, RORA, and Vivus, among many others. While his output positioned him at the vanguard of a new wave of Romanian talent, Melodie’s biography offers only a small glimpse of dedication to his craft.

We are incredibly honoured to welcome Melodie to our podcast series with two hours recorded from his set Saturday 9th of March at Club Eden. The podcast is testament to Melodie’s ability to create a sense of coherence amidst vast stylistic and emotional diversity. Traversing mind-melting textures from a range of genres and soundscapes, this mix is an escapists delight beggint the listener to get lost it.

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Vlad Dinu

By Meoko Mix

An advocate of the power of the groove, Vlad Dinu’s ability to extract new and exciting musical possibilities from his selections renders him a sought after presence in his local scene. Having appeared alongside Piticu, Charlie, Emi, Suciu, Cezar, Praslea, Kozo, and Ion Ludwig, Vlad Dinu is beginning to ascend on a promising trajectory of his own. Drawing from his multispectral influences, Vlad Dinu’s sets offer fresh and creative sounds delivered with an effortless veterans touch.

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Franck Roger

By Meoko Mix

This mix was recorded live in the south of France in Sanary-sur-mer for those who might know at Bard’O club, the spot is very intimate, it was the 4th time I was playing there and i really like to be free in that kind of small place to be able to play what i feel like at the right moment, and not have to worry about the crowd and whether they are dancing or not. This is what happens when you have a good crowd, being able to go from past to future, from classic to avant-garde gems.. for me this is how I like to play these days, moving across styles like this and not to be bored by a DJ who plays the same kind of music for hours… Hope you will enjoy this live mix.

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Robert Owens

By Meoko Mix

For our latest Meoko podcast, we are venturing into new corners of our musical multiverse for something a little different. We are honoured to welcome a true legend of the Chicago House scene: Robert Owens. An artist who arguably gave the voice to the genre, his instantly recognisable vocals have provided the soulful and emotive accompaniment to classics including ‘Tears’, ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and ‘Ordinary People’. Over the years, Owens has collaborated with an incredibly diverse range of talented producers – Larry Heard, Ron Wilson, Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Photek, Coldcut, and Dutch drum & bass artist Icicle. With a prolific output spanning from the 80s until now, Owens’ solo productions are undoubtedly a fixture in many record bags across the globe. The mix Owens has provided us is the perfect introduction to his infectious, smile inducing sound. A two and a half hour journey through deep cuts and classics of the highest calibre, this is surely one to lift your spirits.

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Kevin Saunderson

By Meoko Mix

Today we are more than proud to feature a myth in our podcast series, someone who is often named among the creators themselves of the techno music genre: Mr. Kevin Saunderson. The recording sets the mood with the timeless Kenny Larkin Tension Mix of Kevin’s own ‘Future’ featuring Inner City. Kevin then shows his skills as an artist who has the incredible ability to create a mood in its mixes with just 2 or 3 purposely chosen tracks at the right tempo – throughout the mix each track is extremely strong, with no frills. Whether it’s house or techno elements in the mix the result is astonishing; Kevin Saunderson brings a classic a Detroit touch to each single moment. The mix sucks up the listener until the end leaving one to scream for more techno – we could not have expected anything less from a legend such as Kevin Saunderson.

Kevin Saunderson returns to London this weekend; on Saturday 19th of January he will perform at Corsica Studios. And while platinum-selling Detroit artist will be back headlining room 1 of this special event, room 2 will also see something more unique than rare happening; Memory Box welcomes Renaat Vandepapeliere – the Boss of the one and only R&S Records who is known for taking risks in his sets beyond trends. Robin Ball and Brassica playing live finish up the line-up into what already feels like a memorable event – definitely one not to miss out if you are around London this weekend.

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By Meoko Mix

A few months ago, when we identified our artists to watch in 2019, Macarie had undoubtedly secured his position on that list. Hailing from Cluj-Napoca, the rising talent has established himself as a formidable force among a new generation of artists offering a fresh take on a genre that rewards the forward thinking. Macarie’s sonic tendencies as both a DJ and producer reflect an refined understanding of what makes music work. Driven by the endless pursuit of the perfect groove, Macarie creates a constant dynamism, whether it be through powerful basslines or meandering atmospherics. We are honoured to welcome Macarie to our podcast series to showcase his unrivalled dexterity behind the mixer, delivering an immersive hour of seamless blends and immaculate selections. An undeniably hypnotising mix full of buried treasures, Macarie indulges his deeper sensibilities and invites the listener on an enchanting journey into the unknown. This one is a total listening experience.

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By Meoko Mix

ANBC is a new collaborative project joining the forces of Bruno Curtis and Alex Neivel, both based in Prague. Meoko is proud to publish their first podcast, a dreamy micro-house progression which does not hold back on experimenting and drives the listener deeper with inventive melodic and harmonic integrations into steady neat beats.

ANBC was born as Alex pushed Bruno into diving deeper in the studio. After a lot of after party jams and light night studios sessions they figured out that the compatibility was just there and it made sense to start a collaboration on a brand new project. Since that day they have been producing a lot of music together – in this Meoko exclusive mix you can hear a lot of their own unreleased productions, and we can only be excited considering the quality of the mix and the fact that they might be published sometime soon.

Regarding their music influences in therms of style, Bruno comments “we’re very classically orientated, jazz infusion as well, experimental… So we try to bring those components into micro-house and just try to approach it in a way that what doesn’t make sense then starts to make sense”. Read the full interview here:


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Georgia Girl

By Meoko Mix

Over the past decade, Georgia Girl has built a stellar reputation as one of London’s leading DJs. Honing her technique through numerous residencies in London, Rome and Berlin, GG has developed an on-point style that has resonated on dancefloors across the globe. GG’s DJ sets are an extension of her personality, extracting an effervescent energy from her records and capturing crowds with an infectious groove. With recent years seeing GG hold down a residency with East London collective Keep on Going, in addition to regular appearances at Point, Half Baked and Eastenderz parties, it is fair to say that GG shows no signs of slowing down.

We are incredibly delighted to welcome to GG to our MEOKO podcast series, and simply cannot get enough of the mix she has put together for us! An intoxicating hour of stylish grooves, the mix is the perfect showcase of GG’s agile mixing skills and faultless selections. Polished house with a playful charm, this is Georgia Girl at her finest.

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By Meoko Mix

No history of Bulgarian electronic music would be complete without a mention of Deyan Zlatinov. You might not have heard of him but there’s a good chance you’ve danced to his music – particularly when you consider that Loopdeville has been engaged with electronic music since the 90s. A passionate collector with an extraordinary drive to take the crowd on a musical trip.

Coming on to the mix he made for us, you will find tracks that he loves listening and playing at the moment – probably only one or two of them have been released. Mid way the mix builds up with tracks from forthcoming releases on both Delooped and Erorr; productions from newly signed Bulgarian artists. Basically these tracks will be available at some point this year through his imprints.

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Maher Daniel

By Meoko Mix

Over the years Maher Daniel has been a artist who has truly crafted his work, and has proven this on the international dance circuit. With countless releases on some of the top labels in the industry, Maher has shown his diversity not only as a top class producer but a top class dj. Playing globally at some of the best venues and festivals around the world making him continuously in demand.
Currently doing label showcases world wide his brand has set itself as a top tear clubbing experience bringing smiles all across the board form SXM festival in St Marteen to Uberhaus in Beirut Lebanon.

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