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A Little Bit Different: In Conversation With Shur-I-Kan

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Shur-I-Kan – real name Tom Szirtes – has been making his mark on the scene since his debut release in 2001 on Freerange Records. With a background playing keyboards in numerous jazz, rock and funk bands in London, it comes as no surprise to hear these elements play a prominent role in his productions, and his deep love and understanding for the instrument has no doubt helped him to stand out from the masses. 2008 saw the birth of Dark Energy Recordings, a joint venture alongside Milton Jackson that now boasts over 30 releases from artists including MANIK, Kris Wadworth and Shades Of Grey as well as showcasing their own work. Ahead of his appearance at BCHP on the 24th May, we caught up with him to speak a little about what makes him tick, his take on the current state of house music and where he sees things going in the future. While we had his attention, we invited him to contribute the latest addition to our podcast series which you can check out below: 



How healthy do you think the ‘scene’ is in the UK? Do you have any favourite events or venues that always hit the spot?

I think the scene in the UK is just fine, there’s always loads of producers and DJs out there doing their thing. London is a major hotspot for the club music and has been for decades. There’s always new venues popping opening, but I often find myself at Plastic People, Horse & Groom or East Village – but thats because I’m an east london guy.

How does the scene differ outside of the UK? Do you prefer the vibe abroad or on home soil?

House music is global, but of course each country has its own vibe and flavour. The Japanese like it dirty and jazzy, the Brazillians like it loud and hard, in Europe its about the deep.  I like to travel its more fun, but there is something nice about being able to play in your backyard.


shur-i-kan east village

Do you do any live performances such as those you did with The Bays? Are there any plans for some further gigs with The Bays?

No the Bays are on hold for the moment. Andy the drummer is far too busy earning a fortune playing drums for Chase & Status, and musically directing the likes of Labyrinth and Rudimental. I’d like to get a live set together for Shur-i-kan sometime soon – perhaps after the album is done.

Suddenly everyone’s talking about Deep House. As one of the pioneers of this sound in the UK have you benefitted from this or is there a second wave of dj’s and producers who have perhaps piggybacked your sound?

To be honest I don’t even know what Deep House means anymore these days – it seems to be a term thats tagged onto anything that isn’t mainstream EDM. There’s lots of up and coming DJs doing their thing and thats cool, I continue to do mine. I think the Shur-i-kan sound is still pretty unique out there, it was never particularly leaped on by the media, which is advantage because it means it ages better!

There’s a lot of production with an early nineties sound around at the moment. Any thoughts as to why this sound might be having such a popular resurgence?

I have a theory that its a generational thing and that pop-music regurgitates music of about 20 years ago. Thats why disco / 80s was in a few years back, now its the nineties. Personally I’m really looking forward to someone reinventing Soul II Soul and the acid jazz movement for the new millennia… 

When did you set up ‘dark energy’? Why did you set up this label and what’s your musical plan with it?

Dark Energy was set up by myself and Milton Jackson, primarly as an outlet for our own releases. Then we started to get other artists approaching us to release their material on the label and so it spread, we’ve had a great rostur of artists including MANIK, Ian Pooley, Office Gossip, Tom Middleton and Terrence Pearce. Obviously we like to think we are solely responsible for their success 🙂



You like to produce music in other genres i.e ambient/nu-disco. Where does your interest in these other sounds stem from?

It stems from a general interest in music. I don’t understand people who only like one particular kind of music. Its natural to specialise, but I think you can get a bit stale if you only do one thing. Not every emotion makes sense to be expressed to the thump of a 909 kick drum, so thats why I try different things. It keeps me interested and fresh. That said deep house is certainly my mainstay and its definitely what I play out.

When is your next release on freerange? Can you tell us something about it? Do you produce a certain ‘sound’ on this label? 

My next release is called Stepping Tones and its out on the 24th June. Its kinda classic Shur-i-kan sounds – deep house with emotive chords and lush textures. Its getting loads of great feedback so looking forward to unleashing that one.

Where do you draw your inspirations from when you produce?

I draw them from other records – some of them are dance records, they may be jazz or ambient or even pop records. Most of the time the tracks come from experimentation – you just have to sit down and see what happens, where the journey ends.

Do you have different inspirations when it comes to dj’ing? What’s the difference between Shur-I-Kan in the studio and Shur-I-Kan in the DJ booth?

About half a bottle of vodka normally 🙂 Shur-i-kan in the studio is quite boring – its just a guy sitting in front of a computer, plying beats and then regularly checking facebook. Shur-i-kan in the DJ booth is a much more playful chappy – enjoying the music and the vibe.

Which do you prefer? 

I like both. I started off a producer first, so I guess making the music is my first love and gives me the greatest pleasure. But its no good making music without being able to share it other people and thats what DJing or performing allows me to do.

If there were three words to best describe Shur-I-Kan what would they be?

Little. Bit. Different.


You can catch Shur-I-Kan this friday where he’ll be playing at DAB for the second installment of BCHP.

Join the event here, and you can buy tickets on Resident Advisor


ANNOUNCEMENT: The MEOKO Project @ Red Gallery – June 28th ( The MEOKO Project has moved to VILLAGE UNDERGROUND)

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The MEOKO Project

Friday 28th June

Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London

We are delighted to announce our first official MEOKO event since launching back in 2011: The MEOKO Project is our way of celebrating our achievements over the past two years and saying a big THANK YOU to all those who have supported us along the way. So please join us for a truly special party that represents everything MEOKO is about – celebrating music, art, culture and more.

The MEOKO Project is a 12-hour musical and cultural experience located right in the heart of East London at celebrated arts venue, the Red Gallery. Alongside a stellar musical experience featuring rare London performances from the likes of Cadenza’s Valentino and Jun Akimoto of the London label and party collective, Fuse, it will bring together individuals, brands, and collectives under one roof to showcase the creativity and innovation that surrounds London’s colourful nightlife and music culture. 

meoko project logo banner

Spread over two floors, from 5.30pm until 6am, The MEOKO Project will feature a host of ‘exta-musical’ activities, including a London Nightlife Photography Exhibition curated by celebrated underground photographer, Daddy’s Got Sweets, alongside a ‘pop-up’ fashion market showcasing some of our favourite up-and-coming street wear brands including festival-ready Puckoo Couture and Fuudhoods.

We are also massively proud and excited to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive London premiere screening of new electronic music documentary, BEATZ: Divergences and Contradictions of Electronic Music which features over 150 artist interviews with industry professionals, label owners, managers and DJs such as Craig Richards, DVS1, Luciano, Loco dice, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Monika Kruse, Laurent Garnier and more. The screening will take place in Red Gallery’s basement from 7.15pm onwards, and there are limited tickets available with only 80 places – so please make sure you purchase your tickets for the BEATZ screening & party as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Watch the trailer below, and buy your tickets here. 


Plus, of course, it wouldn’t be MEOKO without a delectable house and techno lineup to take us through the night and for this party we have gone deep into the underground to bring you nine hours of partying with a selection of our favourite DJs and producers from Slovenia, Germany, Japan and London herself. 


Valentino Kanzyani

Labelled as one of the “founding forefathers of Slovenian techno”, Valentino’s laid-back but skilful approach to his craft (providing serious tech-house music and sets to the masses) has taken him around the world thrice over, making him one of the most respected vinyl DJs. As well as founding his own label, Jesus Loved You, and his own clubnight in Ibiza, Next Wave, Valentino is a celebrated producer with releases on Cadenza, Tenax and many more, as well as being selected to feature on Richie Hawtin’s upcoming Minus compilation.


Jun Akimoto 

Flying in from Japan, exclusively for MEOKO, Jun Akimoto’s return to the Big Smoke has been long awaited by all those who know and love the London institution that is Fuse. Jun’s love for electronic music truly began to flourish when he moved here in 2003; mixing, producing and striking up a passionate affair with dancefloors across the capital. 93 Feet East (RIP) was a particularly special haunt, and is where he met and became inextricably connected with Fuse London, a relationship that has allowed the musical careers of Jun and his frequent partner Ittetsu to blow up rapidly. Now with a collaborative project with Yaya Desolat under his belt, 

 we expect to see big things from this artist in 2013.

Listen to Jun’s MEOKO mix below

jun akimoto mix



Although a Dusseldorf native, Binh’s name and reputation is inextricable entwined with the modern underground Berlin. When he finally settled in Germany’s capital, he immediately made his mark with a residency at the reknowned Club der Visionaere and founding his own night, Noon. He has since taken his refined, deep techno style around Europe’s most iconic clubs and festivals, rapidly gaining fans and industry respect even before releasing any of his own material. Nevertheless, his first release on Concrete Music is imminent and the scene is waiting with baited breath for more to come…



Gaining a reputation from early DJ sets as resident and co-promoter for Toi.Toi.London, Voigtmann has, in a considerably short space of time, established himself as an electronic music producer with an ear for high quality underground output, as well as co-founding new label and DJ roster Toi.Toi.Musik. As a DJ, gigs at fabric in London, Rex in Paris and Club der Visionaere in Berlin have further cemented his reputation as a vinyl mixologist of the highest calibre. Now with a solid release just out on Assemble Music and many more in the pipeline, Voigtmann’s patience is paying off and MEOKO is excited.

Listen to Voigtmann’s MEOKO mix below

voigtmann mix

Rico Casazza

In today’s day and age of over produced and over hyped tracks constantly doing the rounds, it’s rare to find a young producer who has forged such a unique and special sound. MEOKO describe his experimental style as ‘Music from Mars’, futuristic funk meets deep minimalistic techno and house grooves. Rico Casazza certainly has our attention.

Listen to Rico’s MEOKO mix below

rico mix



Friday June 28th, 2013
17.30 – 06.00
Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London

Screening & party: £15 early bird / £20 / £25 

Party only: £10 early bird / £15 / £20 / MOTD

Buy tickets here

Join the Project on Facebook here

Hidden Treasures: Introducing SPANGLEWEAR

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hiddentreasures banner copy

MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

The sixth instalment of our ‘Hidden Treasures’ series represents another dazzling collection that will without a doubt be making the rounds on this year’s jam-packed festival circuit. Oozing with the outrageous vivacity adopted by pleasure-seekers throughout the UK, Spanglewear is the rather snazzy brand founded and designed by Bonny Tydeman (aka Little Miss Spangle). Aside from their festival-friendly creations, MEOKO love the positivity behind the ethos of the brand: “Spanglewear is about being your super-self, daring to shine, honouring yourself and empowering yourself – and through that sending out a message of joy and celebration. Life is glorious – we should live it that way”.


Spanglewear is actually one branch of the Spanglebooth tree, so to speak; Spanglebooth being a multifunctional design studio specialising in party clothes and event decor. Last year saw the “spangle clan” venture around the globe spreading their sparkles far and wide; Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains festival to erect hanging art installations in the trees, Croatia to help deck out the beach for Hideout Festival, and Burning Man to create the costumes for a play taking place on a travelling art-car…incredible!

The original idea behind the Spangle collective was to install an interactive photobooth at events and festivals, inviting participants inside the booth to be ‘spangled’. Subsequently, Bonny was given the opportunity thanks to her friends Jack and Ben of Mad Ferret Productions to host the booth at their acclaimed Parklife festival. From there the concept rapidly gathered momentum, leading to larger festival appearances such as Secret Garden Party and the legendary Burning Man. In Bonny’s own words, the Spanglebooth helped to “spread smiles and sparkles throughout many parties”, and it was from the design of fun, outlandish, spangle-ready accessories created for the pop-up booth that the inspiration came to start a more permanent fashion label.


Since then, Spanglewear has mostly focused on creating a range of uniquely stylish hats, caps, hoods, Russian hats, crowns and jumpers. Using bold colours, wacky fabrics and rich textures, Spanglewear products are usually always laced with faux-fur, gold chains and costume jewels.  Pretty much every single creation is one-of-a-kind, with their designer Bonny trying as much as possible to resist using her designs twice – unless she is really bugged to re-create them! Most recently Bonny has re-focused on producing more bespoke Spanglewear clothing, just in time for the imminent party season, offering customers the opportunity to order their own ‘100% Bespoke Festival Funsuit’, essentially an individually tailored all-in-one bursting with as much eccentricity as required.

spangle-meoko-beadedrussian copy

This upcoming year, once again you can catch the brand at a host of summer events and additionally they will be launching a series of unique printed tees and Spanglewear textiles. In the words of Bonnie: “prepare to be dazzled”!


If you want to get your hands on some rather spangle-y goods of your own, then MEOKO are offering one lucky winner the chance to win your very own RUSSIAN HAT and MULTICOLOURED CAP worth a total of £130 (pictured below). 

 spangle-meoko-Russian hat prize Image             spangle-meokoPrize image 2

All you have to do is email us at with ‘Time to get spangled’ in the subject title. Good luck (and don’t get TOO spangled now…)

Join Spanglewear on Facebook
Visit Spanglewear’s website

What Matters & Mixmag’s 501 Series returns with Audiofly

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501 series presents Audiofly, 11th May, Relay London

After the pretty exciting news and launch of the 501 series, a musical series taking place over 9 months throughout London and brought to you by What Matters and Mixmag, the team are back and are bringing AUDIOFLY to Cable’s new sister club, Relay.


As is the constant running theme throughout the series, Audiofly will be playing a six-hour long set. In a limited-capacity, intimate space, the Barcelona-based duo (formally known as Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito) will no doubt be bringing the deep and pounding flavour that has made their Flying Circus parties so immensely popular at the likes of WMC and Sonar Festival. Since landing themselves on Clive Henry’s Low Pressings label, the two have catapulted into being one of the most respected and in demand deep house acts on the market, as well as founding their own Supernature imprint that has released the likes of Nick Curly, Carlo Lio, Alex Niggemann and David Squillace. 


We’ve teamed up with 501 Series to offer you guys the chance to win 1 of 2 ‘season passes’ to the series, meaning free entry to the remaining 8 events of this season and the chance to see six-hour performances from Audiofly, as well as Monika Kruse, Oliver Huntemann, Pig & Dan, Livio & Roby, Noir, Todd Terje, Kink and Neville Watson Live. 

To be in with a chance of winning, simply email us at with ‘501 SEASON PASS’ in the subject title and the name of act you are most looking forward to seeing over the whole series in the message. Simples!

501series-Audiofly Poster


Final lineup for Gottwood Festival released with Ejeca, Urulu and more!

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Gottwood Festival 2013 – June 20-23 – The Woods, Carreglwyd, Llanfaethlu

We already knew that Gottwood Festival, The Escapist’s dream music and dancing experience, was high on our (already scarily swamped) list of things to do this summer. Nevertheless, the Gottwood team have got us even more excited with the release of their complete musical and visual programme, which will bring countless UK and European collectives, labels, and promoters together under one woodland roof during the longest days of the year, June 20-23rd. Stage hosts include the likes of Louche, Futureboogie, Hypercolour, Drop The Mustard, Cologne-based label Traum, Tief, and many more.


New to the lineup comes artists such as the experimental rising star from Belfast, Ejeca, alongside Urulu, whose retro, crate-digging sounds have gained him much deserved attention the past few years. On top of this, they’ve also announced Zoo Look, Pedestrian, Zero 7 vocalist Sophie Barker, and the endlessly fun vocalist/DJ outfit, AZ & TOR, will be joining the weekend’s festivities (which as you can see below is jam-packed!)

Quite excitingly, Gottwood have revealed that this year’s theme is ‘The Wild Things’, with the organisers saying:

“This theme is a reinvigoration, a celebration and most importantly an exploration of your imagination. We want everyone to pause, take a step back from their everyday life, leap off the edge, and wander into an unrestrained, untamed, wild and wonderful parallel mindset celebrating everything in your life that is not actually there, but is locked up top, and in most cases is rarely given a chance to flourish! We will be building an a magical backdrop of colour and vibrance, and we can’t wait for you to show us ‘The Wild Things’.”


With two open-air stages running until 4am, RFID providung 360 degree visual projections, as well as a whole host of installations and visual trimmings including live oil painting and wood sculpture, designed to turn the space intro a living fairytale. With Lonely Planet naming it the ’Greatest Region On The Earth 2012’, we cannot wait to see their plans in fruition!


Limited number of tickets left here

Visit their website here


Full lineup:

TRAUM / WIGFLEX: Extrawelt (live) / Ryan Davis (live) / Microtrauma (live) / Morris Cowan / Spam Chop / Ambitur /


JAUNT: Ben UFO / Blackhall & Bookless / Richard Rowell / Tom Rankin / Liam Vance

HYPERCOLOUR: Luke Vibert / Tom Demac (live) / Bareskin / Alex Jones / Cedric Maison

LOUCHE: Move D (four-hour set) / Brinsley Kazak / Josh T / Bruno Schmidt

TIEF: Bicep / Wolf Music / KRL / John Malcolm Moore / Thick as Thieves

FUTUREBOOGIE: Crazy P (live) / Futureboogie DJs / Christophe / Futureboogie All Team (b2b)

HIT&RUN: Marcus Intalex / 2 Bad Mice / Chimpo / Strategy / Rich Reason / Acre / Jonny Dub / Kanjira / Preacha – Hosted by Strategy / Sparkz / T-Man

APOGEE: Detroit Swindle (live) / Cera Alba / Charlie Banks / Zoo Look / The Pushamann / Owen Howells / K.A.G / Ron E / Gearo / George A G

ETA/REAL NICE: Waze & Odyssey / Real Nice / Ca$h Back / Benedict Jackson / Hugo Heathcote / Adrian Forster / Jimmy V / Luke Brancaccio / Rollo Maschietto

DROP THE MUSTARD: Ejeca / Urulu / Alex Blaxx / Croz / Farrer / Timmy P / Charles Darkly / Oli Hackett / Krywald NIXWAX: Joonipah / BEHR (live) / OJsmooth / Kris Le Vay / Hunter Giles / Rob Amboule / Alec Function THE SOUND OF C: TCTS / Toyboy & Robin / Jigsaw / Werkha / Belch / Jakkit & Saizme MANIPULATE: John Scudamore / Jackie Baxter / Ryan Pickering / David Moran / Haydn / Andy B

IDIOSYNC: Josh Butler / Luke Leadbelly / Aslan / Harry Crowther / Alex Foulkes / Black BOXFORD: Kostas G / Ed Steele / Dr Cubis / E-Ratik / General Weiredness / Slim D

ETON MESSY: Maribou State / Pedestrian / A.Z. & T.O.R. / Luvian / Transmission Collective / Atlas / Thieves / Eton Messy

GOTTWOOD Presents…

Archie Hamilton / Arkane Society / Autophase (live) / Sion / Ed Mackie / eLDOKO / General Roots (live) / Kalichakra (live) / Lacuna / Little Thoughts (live) / Lorcan Mak / LTMDTW (live) / The Scribes (live) / Sophie Barker (live) / Van Did (live)

Also… Ali Wilson / Angus Cowen / Bangor Uni DJ Society / Brothers of Jah / Butterside Up DJs / City Fly / Daffadam / Dan Jordan / Digby / FEO / Hannah Hammond / The Hat / High Hopes / Jarvis & Dean / Joey Nelson / Just William / Let the Machines do the Work / Leitmotif / Lizzle / Lucy Moores / Maff C / Nerram / Nick Assheton / Nick Duffy / Red:I / Sam Crofts / Sharkbait / Six Axle / Ste Waite / Theo Wainhouse / Thomas / Tweak / VII.Y.P DJs / Willow & Alex Lewis / Zade & Kayne Cross and more


Apogee / Boxford / Drop the Mustard / E.T.A & Real Nice / Eton Messy / Funktion-One / Futureboogie / Hit&Run / Hypercolour / Idiosync / Jaunt / Louche / Manipulate / Nixwax / The Sound Of C / Tief / Traum / Wigflex / Yoghurt Warrior


MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Yoghurt Warrior

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hiddentreasures banner


MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.


For the fifth instalment of our ‘Hidden Treasures’ series, we bring you another budding creative brand, a real tasty treat in the form of Yoghurt Warrior. We came across the brand’s eclectic and eye-catching tropical wares at a recent pop-up event held by The Secret Emporium at Box park in Shoreditch. We later discovered that its founder, designer (and DJ) Jimmy Herrtage started up the brand from scratch three years ago, whilst studying at art college with just a £500 loan from his dad. Jimmy decided to merge his love of art and electronic music by designing and manufacturing tees that he would take along for his fellow DJs, whilst gigging at events (as DJ Shark Bait) – and from here the brand has grown organically, attracting the support from the likes of Annie Mac and Foamo.

YW flyer 1    YW flyer 3

In essence, Yoghurt Warrior produce a range of streetwear apparel, including unisex tees, sweatshirts, leggings and hats, which incorporate quirky designs and slogans with aztec and animal inspired prints. Since Jimmy moved to London the brand has grown from strength to strength, as Yoghurt Warrior has increasingly collaborated with a host of underground music brands, such as Troupe, Flux, Real Nice, Gottwood, WAYF and Secret Garden Party, helping to cement the clothing line’s association with youth culture and underground nightlife. Yoghurt Warrior have even produced merchandise for some of the event brands they’ve worked with; they currently stock a Troupe beanie and will soon be releasing a Gottwood Festival 2013 tee. Not only are Yoghurt Warrior’s designs the right amount of casually cheerful and seriously du jour, but MEOKO also has huge respect for the story behind the brand’s growth, from one man’s personal project to gaining recognition in a whole musical scene and culture.

486382 503654169697822 1187070280 n

This year you can find them hosting stalls at Love System Festival in Croatia at the end of May as well as Gottwood Festival, Secret Garden Party and Bestival. Yoghurt Warrior can also be found on the white isle this summer as they are hosting a week in Ibiza for the first week of July with Together Ibiza, Troupe, Flux and WSS.


Yoghurt Warrior have kindly given us a full pot of scrumptious goodies for you to get your hands on:

1 YW sweatshirt
1 YW tee

1YW  Troupe Beanie

1 pair of tickets to Panoramic Launch party w/ Kevin Griffiths, Milton Jackson – 5th May @ 360 Rooftop
1 pair of tickets to X w/ Art Department – 10th May @ The Egg
1 pair of tickets to Troupe w/ Dense & Pika, South London Ordnance – 11th May @ XOYO

YW flyer 2    YW flyer 4

To be in with a chance of winning simply email us at with ‘Give me Yoghurt‘ in the title. Winner will be announced early May. Good luck! 

Visit the Yoghurt Warrior website here 

Like Yoghurt Warrior on Facebook

Follow Yoghurt Warrior on Twitter

For more information on the Together Ibiza package click here

MEOKO Presents HiddenTreasures – Introducing Me & Yu

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 hiddentreasures banner

MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

proxy 1

IMG 2455

Picture credits: Me & Yu

Our forth Hidden treasure seeking quest has taken us up North to Manchester to seek out a small fashion label with lots of creativity, specialising in hand-made and hand-printed streetwear for girls and guys. We give you – Me & Yu.

meyu tshirt

Me & Yu create garments that boast bold statement slogans with cool illustrations and humorous quotes that are extremely unique. Me & Yu started in 2004 with the aim to create original, creative and affordable hand printed t-shirts – ‘clothes made with love that people love to wear’. You will find quality, art  and aestetics at the heart of every collection, with the brand designs inspired by animals, imaginary worlds, symbolism and inspiring quotes.

without music life would be a mistake copy

IMG 2159

Picture credits: Me & Yu

The brand itself is run by Angie & Gordon who also use their own unique style to hand draw every print using a combination of bold text, illustrative sketches and quirky graphics.  They create designs that they would like to wear themselves, keeping them as cool and creative as possible with an aim to stay away from mass-market appeal.




Handprinted unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts form the core range for Me & Yu, complimented by a limited edition handmade collection, and a range of accessories including beanie hats, bobble hats, pendants and sunglasses – all produced keeping in mind their original ethos of affordable hand crafted, creative fashion.


What MEOKO love about the brand is that everything is unique, creative and affordable with Tshirt prices starting at just £15. Me & Yu have offered up a great prize for our MEOKO readers – If you would like to be in with the chance of winning 5 T-shirts & a Sweatshirt of your choice from Me & Yu simply email with ‘Me & Yu’ in the title. 


If you want to get your hands on your own Me & Yu garms, you can purchase online

Like Me & Yu on Facebook

Follow Me & Yu on Twitter

You can also find Me & Yu on instagram just search ‘meandyu’


MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing Puckoo Couture

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hiddentreasures banner

MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.


Picture credit: Kevin Voller

For our third instalment of our Hidden treasures series we’ve decided to head slightly further afield than East London. This time our treasure seeking skills have taken us to the creative hub of Bristol where one can find some cool, kooky, stylish creations by independent fashion label that is Puckoo Couture.

p insta pic

Founder and designer Dionne Thomas has been designing and sewing from a young age and after her fashion schooling in Bristol was inspired to start her own brand in 2010. Her inspiration comes from everything around her past, present, future, film, art, music, colour and costume. This collective inspiration has led to some truely imaginative garments as you can see for yourself. As Dionne states ‘Fashion should be fun not a chore, if it is you aint doing it right!’

leggingsP 2

Picture credit:Kevin Voller

Stripey, metalic, tribal, floral, whatever your style Puckoo will help you don you body in stylish panelled leggings, catsuits, bodysuits, swimsuits, reconstructed t-shirts and hoodies.  Puckoo Couture consists of a number of ranges ‘Streetwear’ a more basic and afforadble range, ‘fiesta dress’ suitable for parties and festivals & Puckoo really let go of their creative inhibitions in their Couture range where there are no limitations. The designer runs free with creative ideas, fabrics, textures and styles. Many Items in the couture range also feature collaborations with other artists – fabric designers TAPT, fabric weaver Emma Fallon and illustrator Victoria Topping. They are currently launching a new SS13 Couture collection entittled “SUMMER IN L.A. 2019 and a swimear collection just in time for this years Ibiza Season!


Although Puckoo Couture are based in Bristol you can purchase online from their website ( and they can also be found at Up market on Sundays in Bricklane (do check for updates on their facebook page as to when to find them there next). Puckoo Courture will also be appearing as part of House of Boo-Dior at Love Saves the Day festival in Bristol as well as at Eastern Electrics & Glastonbury festival this year. From 15th-24th March you can also find them in London at Boxpark Shoreditch as part of the Secret Emporium pop up shop which also features our other hidden treasures Fuddhoods & Only Child London.  They are hosting a launch night event with music & drinks this Friday 15th for anyone who fancies poping down – Click here for event details.

Picture Credit:Kevin Voller


If you fancy getting your hands on your own Puckoo couture garms then why not give our MEOKO competition a go and you could be in with a chance of winning a £150 voucher *Valid on Streetwear & Fiesta dress range. Simply email with ‘Puckoo me up’ in the title. Winners will be announced via our Facebook page in late april. 


Visit the Puckoo Couture website
Like Puckoo Couture on Facebook
Follow Puckoo Couture on Twitter
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Apogee presents two upcoming parties this Easter – WIN TICKETS to both + exclusive BEHLING & SIMPSON mix

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Up and coming party crew Apogee is turning 1 this year and they are celebrating in style with TWO massive London party dates for the underground calendar; the first at East London favourite Basing House on March 15th and then on to a secret converted warehouse space, as they team up with underground revelers Potty Mouth on March 28th.

MEOKO likes to lend support to newer parties that are making waves, and Apogee is certainly one of them in London right now. After launching their ‘presents’ series, they have proven their worth by showcasing some of the freshest breakthrough music alongside a selection of the scene’s more timeless veterans. Past bookings have included Audiojack, Giles Smith, Huxley, Adam Shelton, Maxxi Soundsytem, Simon Baker, Waifs & Strays, Le Loup, Coat of Arms, Cera Alba and Hot Since 82.

Details on how to win one of two pairs of tickets to both events + exclusive mix below.

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In preparation for their intimate EASTER WARM UP PARTY on Friday 15th March for which they’re bringing down Futureboogie’s BEHLING & SIMPSON and Dirty Bird prodigies KRY WOLF, we’ve teamed up with Apogee to provide an exclusive mix giving you a little taster of the soulful, funk-laced beats that will certainly be there in abundance…

Click below for exclusive mix from Behling & Simpson


On Thursday 28th March, Apogee are starting this year’s Easter weekend festivities with a bang by teaming up with the crew from Potty Mouth Disco to bring Get Physical label founder and accomplished selector, DJ T to headline a 2-room converted warehouse in East London. Not only did he co-found legendary Berlin record label Get Physical, DJ T, formally known as Thomas Koch, has also built up a reputation over the past two decades as a remarkable DJ and producer, with his avoidance of global trends or styles in exchange for consistently pushing eclectic, party-starting, bass-driven music. His sets are always exciting and fresh (see mix below for example) and reflect his own original productions, such as the acclaimed Boogie Playground (2005) and Pleasure Principle (2011) albums – this is a rare intimate set not to be missed!

Headlining Room 2 is the prolific yet mysterious Italian duo TIGER & WOODS bringing with them an exclusive London live performance. These two shot to notoriety after the release in 2009 of the underground anthem ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ under the moniker Cleo & Patra. Since then they’ve made their name as Tiger & Woods via an extensive catalogue of masterfully-crafted disco and house edits that have a formidable control over dancefloors worldwide.

Also joining these two innovative artists is DUKE DUMONT, whose electrifying dancefloor hits have sent him soaring into the limelight in recent months. Tracks such as ‘The Giver’ and ‘Thunder Clap’ on his For Club Play Only series, as well as his remixes for Lily Allen, AlunaGeorge and Bat for Lashes, have garnered him one of the champions of the hybrid sounds of deep house and ‘new jackin techno’. Lending support is another much-loved emerging talent in the UK underground scene, WAZE AND ODYSSEY, whose unique 90s-influence house-meets-garage stylings has attracted much deserved support from the likes of Pete Tong, Lazaro Casanova, Bicep and more. Expect big things to come in 2013 from all these artists!

Visit the Apogee website here 
Buy tickets to their Easter Warm Up Party on March 15th here
Buy tickets to Apogee vs Potty Mouth on March 28th here 


MEOKO are lucky to have x2 pairs of tickets to both events to give away! To enter please email us at with the subject title ‘Apogee’ and the name of the artist(s) you are most looking forward to seeing at either of the two parties…

Two winners will be chosen at random on March 14th. Good luck! 

Gottwood Festival announces competition to win a peak-time set at the festival!

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MEOKO are extremely excited about our 2013 partnership with the idyllic and wholly independent Gottwood festival, meaning we’ll be teaming up to bring you a host of exciting interviews and competition prizes in the run up to what is guaranteed to be an amazing weekend in the woods.

Hosting a massive, forward-thinking lineup with an emphasis on live and genre-defying artists, including Extrawelt (Live), Ben UFO, Move D, Bicep, Crazy P, Waze & Odyssey, Luke Vibert, Detroit Swindle (Live) and Tom Demac (Live) just for starters, this little festival is making BIG waves. Situated in the heart of the Welsh woodlands and next to the sandy beaches of the Irish Sea, Gottwood offers the British electronic festival landscape all the uniqueness and intimacy it’s been waiting for. We cannot wait!


Perhaps even more exciting is their announcement yesterday of the annual Gottwood Student DJ Competition, which gives unknown and emerging DJ talent the chance to win a set at the festival and with past winners featuring on the this year’s lineup, the stakes are high! In 2012 Solus won, with Atlas and Eton Messy as runners up – and all three return this year. Solus appears as part of the lineup, while Eton Messy host their own stage featuring Atlas.

“The Gottwood Student DJ Competition is a great platform to raise your profile and meet like-minded music lovers, as well as an opportunity to play at one of the UK’s leading niche music. Since doing the competition last year and playing a set it gave us the perfect springboard, and now we are delighted to be back.”Eton Messy

The competition runs from February 26 to March 28, is open to all young people and students, and prizes for the winner include a weekend ticket to Gottwood, a peak-time set at the festival, and a release on the Gottwood Presents Podcast series – with the two runners up also being able to play at the festival (and some free Gottwood tees thrown in). Do you need any more incentive?

For more info visit their website here.