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MEOKO Presents Hidden Treasures – Introducing FUUDhoods

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over.

For this week’s treasure we’ve dug deep to bring you a stunning gem that’s adorned with feathers, sequins, leather and faux fur – we give you FUUDhoods.


Fuudhoods bring a whole new excitement to the world of accessorising, by taking headwear to the next level. The London based brand fuses comfort, creativity and style to produce these fantastic handmade and unique detached hoods, perfect headwear for any avid festival-goer. The brand takes inspiration for their pieces from retro 80’s fashion and pop art with many pieces of the collection featuring bold, graphic prints and lots of bling.

fuuds 3

The hoods are versatile and can be worn up as a hood, down as a scarf or with ties behind your back becoming a stole.Fuudhoods are proving increasingly popular at festivals –SGP, Glastonbury, Burning Man, Bestival, on the ski slopes , in clubs or simply as everyday accessories. This year you can find Fuud Hoods being sold at Eastern Electrics festival, Glastonbury and Love Saves the Day and may also feature at a few other UK festivals later in the year. They will also be launching a special Burning Man collection in April.

All their clothing is made using responsibly sourced, recycled and vintage materials to create individual and unique statement pieces, with many of their designs being limited edition. Fuud not only produce these amazing hoods but also design stylish bomber jackets and trackies, fetching onesies and headbands that also encompass the unique retro brand style.

burning man copy

Fuudhoods at Burning Man


Fuud hoods have also just launched a completely made to measure, bespoke service where you can have any outfit you desire designed and created especially for you! This service allows customers to pay a visit to the Fuudhood’s studios in Hackney where you will have a top to toe fitting and select your chosen material from a vast selection of vintage and one-off prints. This service is absolutely perfect for any fancy dress enthusiasts who are in search of something utterly unique and are really looking to stand out from the crowd. MEOKO loves them!

5501 212988718844931 207619379 n

If you want to become part of the Fuudhood revolution – Fuudhood’s can currently only be purchased from their own online store or can be found at Brick lane market on Sundays. For more information regarding their bespoke service simply email 

Fuudhood’s have kindly offered up an amazing prize for our readers – A voucher to win your very own Customised feather Fuudhood (with a value of £120).To be in with a chance of winning simply email with the title ‘FUUDhood FOR ME’.  Winners will be announced in 3 weeks time via our Facebook page. Good Luck!

Head to the Fuudhoods website

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A word with Professor Inc – Plus exclusive mix

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Professor Inc. is one of those characters for whom music has always been life. From a very early age, Frédéric Poix was exposed to all manner of musical fashions, sounds and styles, from rock’n’roll tapes in the car to playing drums in his father’s own jazz band. It was his passion for punk rock however that led him to explore electronic music, starting with the Detroit and Chicago traditions and gradually working his way through. MEOKO caught up with the Professor to discuss his unquenchable love of dance music and just why France, and especially Paris, are just so damn hot right now. 

Professor Inc

Hi Professor, thanks for talking to us. Unlike a lot of your peers, you didn’t grow up in Paris. Tell us about your earliest musical experiences, playing drums in jazz and rock bands in your hometown of Arras.

Hello everybody. I’m very glad to be able to communicate and share a podcast of my tracks with Meoko, I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the London scene. I discovered electronic music through radio and magazines, buying music every week and also through the Amiga-PC tracker scene, which was a way of seeing how the music was made. Playing jazz rock with my dad and punk rock with other different bands led me ultimately to pure electronic music and got me deeper into the dance music culture. My first record was on a UK label, I think it’s owned by Peace Division right? Low Pressing? It was in the early 2000s and back in the day my mates and I would get all got excited having our track played by Pete Tong and all. Week after week I got deeper into the groove, going back to the early days, finding bridges between genres. That’s maybe why I release so many different sounding records.

How did you then first encounter electronic music? What specifically were you drawn to in the music that playing drums had never managed to satisfy? 

When I was a baby, my parents were playing vinyls of every kind of music, watching concerts on video and listening to radio, tapes and cds in the car everyday. When the first Rage Against The Machine album came out I listened to it all the time and from there I’d always approach music from a more obscure, mystical point of view. To compose with others is marvellous, but as for the lonely nights, being a one man band with electronic music turned out to be a passion and I think I made something like five albums during my teen years of various genres of electronic music. Of course, it wasn’t the best quality but it’s what motivated me to dedicate my life to it. I even sampled one of those tracks recently and included the sample in a dub track I’m making right now. I’d love to get back to recording some acoustic instruments, especially drums and percussion with proper professionals.

Is the scene structured in such a way in France that you ultimately felt compelled to move to Paris if you were to pursue music full-time? 

I was living near Lille for nearly ten years and suddenly wasn’t really into the musical exchange anymore. I definitely needed some fresh air. I moved to Paris primarily for work. I was coming here and there to the city and really liked the culture, the history and movies, the Parisian culture is something that is very particular to France. Eventually I was able to move here and I now can’t get enough of it. Every day presents you with something new.

How did you first hook up with Varoslav and Rue de Plaissance? What is it about what they’re doing that you attracted you to the label?

I met Varoslav for the first time at Syncrophone Distribution, where we were all stamping vinyls together. Djebali was there too, we took a photo and kept in contact. After building a folder of several tracks, I wanted to be with people around me of the same generation who were championing the “pro-experience” philosophy and not necessarily just after pushing super hard for instant, fleeting recognition. It’s the same with Syncrophone – it’s all about physical contact, enjoying the real life aspects of making music.

To Listen to Professor Inc’s exclusive mix Click here


Paris seems to be going through a particularly vibrant period party wise at the moment, with a specific emphasis on transforming new and interesting locations into clubbing spaces. How would you describe the way Parisians consume electronic music? Is their relationship with it different to people in London and Berlin?

For years the city suffered beneath the shadow of politics. The government’s attitude towards free parties and electronic music was terrible, except for Acousmatic & Concrete Music who have always been supported and well financed. This really changed recently with the rise of the new generation of electronic fans. This is happening not only in Paris but in a lot of cities in France. We played in Lyon two weeks ago, the club was rammed and the atmosphere was amazing. In Paris house and techno is simply everywhere now – in little bars, the bar/clubs, the clubs and at all public and private events. Parisians really like it underground at the moment, which means there are also more opportunities and jobs dedicated to the cause. At the moment it’s more the parties, every week is a new adventure. It’s really getting back to what it was and it seems to be only the beginning of something amazing. I guess Berlin has been a raw model for the past 10 years after London in the 90s – now it’s Paris’s turn!

There seems to be an especially strong sense of unity within the French/Parisian scene, arguably more so than in other countries/cities. You have Lola Ed, Apollonia, Phonogramme, Rue de Plaissance – all examples of collectives where French artists work closely with one another to produce consistently good music. Would you agree? Has it always been like this or is it a more recent development?

I think it’s important that we look to each other for strength. We all communicate and appreciate each other a lot. I’ve been blessed to receive support from pionners like Djul’z or second generation guys like DJ Deep and Dan Ghenacia. The ‘resistance’ is growing rapidly because people are really into working together to produce the best results. This Saturday gone for example there were 30 of us DJs at Nick V’s Mona the Party, playing early disco and funk to deep house and more avant-garde stuff. People were enjoying themselves so much, it was a true sign of the open-mindedness of today. As you say, it’s great that we support each other in everything we do. It’s a great pyramidal-type structure where everyone benefits from the dedication of others.

Tell us a bit about what you would classify as your ‘sound’. Judging by some of your recent mixes, you really go in for that tough, groovy dance-floor style, but then a lot of your productions go a lot deeper. 

I spend a tremendous amount of time listening to music and all the various sounds. For years I tried to hone in on the sounds of specific labels but now I mostly do my own thing and impose my style on others, although I have to say I’m never really satisfied 100% with my output. In terms of influences, Berlin, Detroit and Chicago are of course the main sources. From the UK I’ve always loved Aubrey, Schatrax and all the late 80s/early 90s acid house stuff. I’ve spent literally hours these past weeks listening to ‘Sabres Of Paradise’.
In terms of my own style, I’m not sure. It’s just about the way I programme things I guess. I spend a lot of time exploring the possibilities of sound and the way different elements react with one other in the mix. It’s very exciting to get into harmonics and the ‘hardcore’ details that make a track catchy. Tyree Cooper once told me: “Once you feel it, then everybody will feel it”. I really love this philosophy.

Your latest EP sees you hooking up with sensual house vocalist Lady Blaktronica on Phonogramme. How did that partnership come about? Did you have to alter your mode of production in order to suit her vocals?

I contacted Akua to make the track ‘Music Box’ and we continued corresponding until one day I had this vibe going on, then I saw Lady Blacktronica on Skype and after a few takes we came up with the track “Jewel Classic”. The voice is an instrument, it sings in the same way as I try to make my sounds sing, it’s the same mode of production. I’ve received a lot of support from Frank Roger recently, we’re talking with Mandel Turner about doing a track together for ages, so watch this space.

Tell us about your Live show. Why not DJ instead? Are your sets made up of strictly your own music or a mixture?

I sold most of my DJ gear years ago, only keeping a few vinyls. I’ll get back on the turntables at home soon and start buying records again of course. I started very young making electronic music with a computer to work with so I guess it was a natural progression to performing Live. I love improvising and trying out fresh material on an unsuspecting crowd, that’s where the real excitement lies. One day I’d like to improvise in the way the blues and jazz musicians used to, but with electronic music.

The Live is 100% my own music. There are still elements of tracks I’ve collaborated on with people, which I sometimes play. It just depends on whether how I’m feeling when I’m playing. Like I’ve just remixed DJ Kyros from Berlin, who has a Saint Germain vibe mixed with that Kater Holzig feel. I hope to play it at Renate in two weeks and see how the crowd reacts and see if it’ll feature in my future live sets. It’s all trial and error.

You’re playing Live at Cartuli’s Day in London on Saturday 16th February. Does your set change much from place to place? What can the London faithful expect come the weekend?

Each time I prepare my Live set differently. Today I’ve just got back to finishing an edit of a track and will add it to my set for my next gig. This week end it’s going to be dubby, deep, deep tech, even a little trancey in a ravey early 90s sort of way and some very big tech house sounds complete with tweaked voice samples, reverb/delay automation and hopefully a great vibe to go with it. London here I come.

Professor inc is next at Cartuli’s day 16th February along side Chris Carrier, Kasper & Roberto Amo. For full event details and to purchase tickets click here.

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MEOKO Presents ‘Hidden Treasures’ – Introducing Only Child London

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MEOKO has been digging deep to bring you the best in up and coming brands and designers for the coolest unique creations out there. Each brand representing positivity, creativity and a fun and friendly vibe, to tie in with what we stand for here at MEOKO. Over the coming weeks we’ll be presenting some our favourites, as well as some fresh undiscovered talents for you to feast your eyes over. MEOKO presents the Hidden Treasures series…..

only child logo

One such brand causing a stir in 2013 is Only Child London. A truly unique and creative Jewellery and apparel brand drawing inspiration from the underground scene with the brands core message promoting a positive attitude and strong social presence.

 onlychild-image 1 copy

The designer Kelly Jackson also takes her inspiration for the brand from the weird and the wonderful with the first collection ‘cosmic curiosities’ being truly out of this world.

Asteroid Pendant 2

The collection features bold and unique statement pieces made from gold, silver and titanium coated quartz. From asteroid rings and metallic spiked bracelets to mini silver spoons, hand woven honour bracelets and detailed exquisite pendants. What we love about the brand is that everything is handmade right here in East London.  MEOKO is a big fan!

OC product owl

Only Child has been nice enough to offer up one their fantastic pieces from the brand new collection for one of our lucky readers to win! To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic ‘Soul Keeper’ pendant, simply email with ‘pendant please’ in the subject title. The winner will be picked at random in the next 3 weeks. Best of luck!

View the Only Child Look book Click here

Visit the Only Child website Click here

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LWE presents Simian Mobile Disco (LIVE) – WIN TICKETS & DRINKS & VINYL!

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While Simian Mobile Disco may not have exactly spent their career pandering to the underground, the chartbusting duo have earnt the respect and admiration of many through the continual transformation and development of their sound, not to mention their phenomenal, genre-defying live show. Beginning life as a four-piece band, Jas and James went on to form the side project Simian, which eventually led them to the dancefloor-centric project that we now know as SMD. The duo’s output has evolved consistently over the last 7 years, and the release of their Unpatterns album and A Form of Change EP last year was testament to their continual ability to cross-pollinate electronic genres, drawing from a range of soulful, industrial and retro influences with a flair that now defines them.

On Friday 22nd of February, London Warehouse Events will invite Simian Mobile Disco to perform their visually and aurally breathtaking live show in a more intimate environment in East London. The duo have also curated their own support lineup, with Untold topping the bill, whose bold, hybrid approach to mixing dubstep, techno and bass music is both innovative and crowd-pleasing. Completing the line-up is Turbo Recording’s long standing resident Matt Walsh and up and coming newbie South London Ordanance.

This is a massively unique opportunity to see established electronic music legends alongside artists just beginning to make waves in the scene, and MEOKO are giving one very lucky individual the chance to win 2 x free tickets to the event as well as 2 x free drinks and a copy of Simian Mobile Disco’s A Form of Change EP on vinyl!

To enter just drop us an email at with ‘SMD in LDN’ as the subject title – the winner will be chosen randomly on the morning of the event so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page!

Friday 22nd February
10pm to 6am
East London Warehouse

South London Ordnance
Matt Walsh
+ more

Event website and tickets. 

Acid Pauli talks to MEOKO about his Inspirations, music and life

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MEOKO: Please send links to 3 YouTube tracks that have been the main inspiration to where you are now…


Autechre – Clipper
They have been a very big inspiration for me in the mid 90ies. Their record “Tri repitae” is the electronic album I listened to most. I just love this combination of “cold” sounding beats and and very warm harmonies just being hidden behind them.

Mathew Jonson – When love feels like cyring
 For me one of the most amazing tracks that was released in the past years. Don’t know how he manages to create such a melancholic atmosphere with so little elements.


Marek Hemmann – Changes of perception Remix 
 This track literally inspired me when I played it way slower one day. I even tried to re-program bits of the groove for one of my own tracks….

AcidPauli 2008 Gerald von Foris

Picture Credit : Gerald Von Foris


What does music mean to you?

 Music has been the most important inorganic companion in my life. Music always consoled me when I needed to be (consoled). Also I am connected to most of my friends through music…it’s just always there, no way to imagine a world without music.

 What was the first piece of music that really inspired you?

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne
 First time I heard this song was when I was 10, it instantly created pictures in my head, without even understanding a single word of the lyrics.

Please tell us the moment you knew you wanted to devote your life to music? 

It hasn’t been a particular moment, rather a growing experience. But I remember when I was around 20 years old, I had this moment where I knew that if I didn’t try to make music become my profession, I’d always regret this in my later life…

Without music what would you be doing?

 I am very happy not having to imagine this…

 What is your favourite place to listen to music?

A quiet place.

 What music are you currently working on?

I am currently recording a new album with my band “The Notwist”. 


You can catch Acid Pauli playing next this Saturday at Zombie Soundsystem presents ‘My bloody valentine’ at Fire.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor click here

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Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 15-17 Feb 2013 – Win tickets!

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MEOKO has recently touched on the rich history and staggering growth of the house and techno scene in South Africa (here), a country that has had the 4/4 tempo embedded within everyday life since the early 1990s and which currently has the no.1 largest house music consumer market in the entire world. Alongside this staggering love for house music, which is tied up with the country’s social and political history, a plethora of underground electronic music genres also flourish within its borders. MEOKO is therefore in full support of the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and its desire to celebrate this flourishing movement of the music we love, we are pleased to be giving away TWO WEEKEND PASSES to this year’s spectacular event (details below).

1990 513925715297090 1144783448 n

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is only a year old, but nevertheless is a crucial player in the growing globalization of South Africa’s underground electronic music scene, which has until very recently, remained largely unappreciated considering its huge mainstream popularity. With the first CTEMF held in 2012 being hugely successful, they invite you back once again to “rearrange your sonic geography” with a series of satellite events, developmental and educative workshops, and a core 3-day festival that is sure to do justice to the exciting and fruitful relationship between South Africa and electronic music.

Line-Up Flyerctfest

For 2013, CTEMF is welcoming its first international guest: none other than techno pioneer Richie Hawtin. As one of the initial role players in the global Techno movement in early 90ʼs, he has continued to be a driving force both on and off stage. However, the events, which in their entirety last from the 12th to the 17th of February, will mainly be celebrating the cream of the crop from South Africa’s abundant and varied local talent. From scene originators and business leaders to the up and coming mavericks and industry revolutionaries, CTEMF strives to provide an inclusive portrayal of the richness of the country’s electronic music culture. To reflect this ethos, CTEMF are unique in hosting a workshop component alongside their party-orientated events. In conjunction with Red Bull Studio, the workshops taking place from the 12-14th will see esteemed figures take part in lectures, panel discussions and workshops in the aim of revealing some of the mechanics of the industry, and exploring what enables artists to forge a successful career within it. 

To win one of TWO WEEKEND PASSES to the festival beginning on the February 15th all you have to do is email with ‘I should win tickets to CTEMF because…’ in the subject title and your answer in the main message! The two best answers will be chosen by this Sunday – good luck!

nofitstate presents Ellen Allien, Simon Baker & Geddes – Win tickets & vinyl!

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The nofitstate parties, headed up by the man Geddes himself, have received worthy attention for their unique imprint on London’s underground dance scene in the past few years. In comparison to some of the relatively nondescript events and lineups saturating the market, nofitstate parties have continuously been intimate and atmospheric affairs, often located in basements and similarly sweaty venues, whilst still delivering a musical program of stellar proportions. Previous lineups have included, Tensnake, Roman Flugel, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tale of Us and Maxxi Soundsystem to mention but a few.


Although they journeyed into warehouse territory for the first time for their two recent parties for NYD and NYD, they keep the vibes going strong by keeping it simple: “small party with a big lineup”. Their next event on February 22nd is no different; promising not only a small capacity venue (supposedly never been used before) but two massive bookings that we’ve come to expect from this lot. With Ellen Allien, Queen of Berlin techno and founder of the famous BPitch Control label, headlining, this is never going to be a party without a booming atmosphere! Falling in love with dance music in the height of the acid house scene back in 1988 and DJing in Berlin and its radio station Kiss FM throughout the 90s, after all these years Ellen Allien still manages to be at the top of the game. With four-hour sets that unceasingly shake the dancefloor, she is often labeled the best female DJ in the world, whilst simultaneously running her own record label, fashion label and having a massive production catalogue. She is awe-inspiring, basically.


Lending support will be another innovative booking in the form of Simon Baker, who has had an impressive couple of years with the release of some infectiously grooving tracks, including his recent LP ‘Traces’ on his own label 2020 Vision (part of the competition prizes, below). Hailing from the North, his eclectic sets and remixes have taken him to play all around the world, with regular slots at the BPM Festival in Mexico. 2013 is seemingly going to take him even further, with music collaborations in the pipeline with Lee Curtis and Jamie Jones. Alongside him, nofitstate founder Geddes will also be supporting; a DJ who never ever fails to keep the crowd percolating with his unrivaled selection of deep house and pure enthusiasm for the party!


In typical MEOKO fashion, we are giving away a phenomenal set of prizes to one lucky winner. As well as 2 x free tickets to the party, you can also win a copy of Simon Baker’s ‘Traces’ album on vinyl as well as a copy of the Get Physical Full Body Workout Vol.9 mixed by Simon Baker. To win, just email us at with ‘nofistate’ as the subject title and the answer to this simple question:

‘In which year was Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control label founded?’

Good luck!

Friday 22nd February
10pm – 6am

Tickets are guaranteed to go speedily as the capacity is small, so while they are only £12.50 on Resident Advisor you should snap them up quick.

Truth presents…Richie Hawtin Live – Win Tickets

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Here at MEOKO, we are keeping our eyes peeled tightly on South Africa and the players who are behind the region’s burgeoning underground electronic music scene, which is increasingly seeing renowned international house and techno artists clamber at the chance to play there. Although house music has been a huge part of the cultural fabric of South Africa since the 1990s, mostly in the peripheral urban townships of Johannesburg, developments in the last several years have resulted in it having the largest house music consumer market in the world, with the genre being the 3rd highest selling in the country. Having founded the first music awards ceremony devoted solely to house music, and with a host of house and techno-based festivals, workshops and conferences popping up in region, South Africa is a vital, but unrecognised and relatively unexplored, center of the 4/4 sound. This is perhaps to do with its often unique, cultural and socio-economic, relationship with house music. Much of the South African appraoch to house has incorporated the sounds of Chicago et al. with regional and traditional African influences, such as Kwaito, Soweto vocals or Afrobeat rhythms. This tentative musical hybrid, sometimes called Afro or African House, is hugely dominant in SA’s clubs and on the radio and is potentially what keeps the scene relatively separate from global trends and recognition. Nevertheless, more recently South African house music culture, as well as the township’s local DJs and producers, have finally become recognised throughout South Africa and increasingly around the world, with Resident Advisor‘s recent Real Scenes documentary on Johannesburg and a number of large-scale events in 2013 that have invited globally renowned artists to headline. 
The club Truth is one of the venues at the forefront of this evolution. An abandoned snake park in Midrand, Truth has provided Johannesburg with forward-thinking electronic music for over a decade whilst also being an expansive and unique space that throws some of the finest parties to be found in South Africa. For their upcoming event on Saturday 16th of February, Truth have partnered with Bridges for Music, an exciting non-profit organization that aims to promote a responsible development of electronic music in disadvantaged areas. Together they are bringing Richie Hawtin Live to Truth for a night time festival, with 5 floors being transformed to provide an immersive visual and aural experience to match Hawtin’s own innovative approach to electronic music.

Johannesburg Party Truth 1Photo credit:

Richie Hawtin is undoubtedly a legend, a pioneer behind some of the most important developments in techno and house. From his influence over the scene with his Plus 8 label, founded in 1990, through to his present day role as head of M-nus records, Hawtin is much more than just a globe-trotting DJ but a seminal figure in house music history. It is therefore fitting that he has been invited to play in Johannesburg at such a key moment in the music’s popularity and development.

MEOKO are offering TWO of you lucky readers a special hamper of goodies from the lovely people at Truth club, including stickers, Truth t-shirts AND a 2 x free tickets to what’s guaranteed to be a pretty spectacular party. If you are in South Afric then this is definitely not one to miss! To be in for a chance of winning, all you have to do is comment in the box below with the phrase ‘I WANT TO SEE RICHIE HAWTIN IN JOHANNESBURG’. 

We do too. We do too…

Date: Saturday 16 February 2013
Time: 20.00 UTC+2 onwards
Cost: R200 – R250

Truth, Old Pretoria Road, Midrand, SA

Tickets available at Web Tickets:

Kabale Und Liebe – Interview and Exclusive Mix

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Liron van Daalen, as he is known to his parents and close aquaintances, is one of the most interesting DJs and producers the Amsterdam scene has brought forward in recent times. The Dutch DJ and live performer, producer, remixer and label owner who uses the moniker Kabale und Liebe, originally borrowed his name from German dramaturge Schiller´s play to disguise his true identity when submitting his productions to befriended artists, intruigues with surprising elements, such as deep and dark male voices, Spanish vocals, strange effects, and a strong focus on incorporating house elements of the first decade in his driving, abstract and reduced techhouse productions whilst sounding astonishingly contemporary and fresh. First showing up on the international radar with his clubhit “Mumbling Yeah” in 2007, Kabale und Liebe who started his DJ career at the age of twelve, has since set up the label Soweso with studio partner and fellow newschooler Lauhaus, successfully followed up by its sublabel We Dig Music, both heading into an exciting new 2013, with lots of interesting new signings and outings which will turn heads and move bodies.  MEOKO managed to catch Liron between international gigs to chat about a few interesting novelties. 


aimnat kabale-und-liebe


Hi Kabale, thanks for talking to us.  Now that it’s January, how do you reflect back on 2012? What lessons do you take into the new year?

2012 has been a moving year for me, mainly on a personal level.  I’ve had to deal with some struggles, but in the end I think I’ve learnt a lot and have come out stronger.  2013 the focus will be put more on my music again. I have a better peace of mind again and have rebuilt my studio at the end of 2012, so all is set to make 2013 a year full of musical focus.

What does 2013 hold for you and your musical pursuits? Are there any big plans or is it business as usual?

Yes there are some big plans!  In the pipeline is a release on Supplement Facts, a remix for Moon Harbour and Paco Osuna’s Mindshake Records.  Also I will continue working with Joris Voorn’s label rejected and this year I will definitely do 1 or more releases on my own label Soweso Records.

You’ve been producing a lot with Lauhaus recently.  Tell us about your relationship and how it translates onto the music making process.

Lauhaus and me have been friends for over 10 years and we’ve started the labels Soweso Records and We Dig. Music together.  Expect another collab from us this year, probably to be released on Soweso Records.  We work pretty smooth together as we both have a bit of a different approach, which in our case complements each other.

How do you spilt your time between ‘Soweso’ and your solo career? Will this balance shift at all in 2013?

We have at least 1 day per week, where we meet in our office and work hard on both of our labels.  We also have 2 employees that come in that day and help us with the promotion, planning and everything else that goes with running a label.  Besides that we try and check out as many demos as possible during the week.

 Exclusive 2 HR recording of Kabale und Liebe @ Studio 80 – Click to Listen


How do you and Lauhaus split the duties of running the label? Who listens to the promos and who makes the tea?

We both listen to demos, the A&R is done equally by both of us.  We both have to feel a track comepletely before we release it.  So you can say we have a double filter.  The tea is made by one of our interns, obviously 🙂


The focus of ‘Soweso’ has always been to provide a platform for the talent around you.  Are there any exciting new artists breaking through on the label in the coming year?

Of course! Just released on vinyl now, and soon out digitally is a release by Panos & Sentenza.  Two guys from the US, who I’ve met in Detroit in 2011.  They’re making really solid house tracks and are definitely guys to watch out for this year!  Besides that we have another big talent and great DJ from Amsterdam coming up on Soweso later this year called Efdé ……On We Dig. Music we have Bjorn Wolf & Youri Donatz who have made 1 of the biggest dancefloor bangers of 2012 featuring Mike Dunn called Iz Diz Houz?  A remix EP of this is coming out soon, featuring remixes of Butch, Sante and Coyu.

Your track ‘Hiphouse’ with Lauhaus really captured a style that has taken off over the past 12 months.  Were you aware of this movement when you made the track?

No, that is not the way we work.  And actually the track was already made in 2010 and layed on the shelves for over a year, before we sent it to rejected.  Clearing the rights of the vocal also took a very long time, so when it eventually came, in our minds it was already a bit old…  nevertheless I’m still happy with the result.  Oldschool hiphop has been a big influence and inspiration for me in my life and this legendary rap by Eric B & Rakim in particular.

What is it about the hip-hop/house fusion that has captured the imagination of so many recently?

I don’t know… that’s different for everybody I guess, as everybody experiences music in his own way…


How have you seen Dutch house music change since you became a part of the scene back in 2006/7? Is it a more open and easily accessible community today than it was then?

Yes definitely…  as music evolves, so do local scenes.  I also don’t think it’s very healthy to keep on doing the same thing… In the beginning it was kind of new and surprising to people, but eventually it loses it’s element of surprise and it becomes predictable.  Then it’s time to move on and evolve.  Lately I think other people and labels like Clone and Tom Trago have come into the spotlight of the Amsterdam scene.  I think this is a good thing. It allows the scene to be known as a more diverse scene and not particular for 1 kind of sound.

Over the years do you feel as if you’ve settled more into the production/label management groove as opposed to Djing or do you still enjoy the club environment as much as ever?

Not at all.  For me, producing and djing are two separate passions, which I’ve both been doing for a long time.  I couldn’t choose between any of the 2 and I still enjoy both as much (if not more) as ever.  They’re both a different way of expression.

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FLOOD Presents BABY FORD (4 Hr) Set – Win Tickets

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On February 2nd, another instalment of Flood will once again be bringing an innovative and tasty line-up to London’s East End that reflects their continuing passion for delivering something unique to the clubbing scene away from the mainstream. In the past, they’ve collaborated with other collectives to bring a range of international and local techno innovators to the UK, showcasing them within an intimate East London context they wouldn’t normally be seen in: from their launch party with Peckham’s finest Wbeeza; to international star Alexi Delano, whose hybrid techno/acid house productions have been released on prestigious labels such as ‘Richie Hawtin’s ‘Plus 8’; to, more recently, house pioneers Milton Jackson & Shur-i-kan.   Their line-ups continue to be interesting because they select artists based on their musical prowess and nothing else, and therefore their bookings have been hugely diverse in their productions and international reach, although many of them have been doing their thing since the 90s (which says a lot about the quality of music on the night).

Once again exceeding expectations, the Flood team are hosting BABY FORD.  Famous for his contributions to the burgeoning acid house scene in the late 1980s with his Ford Trax album, released on Rhythm King, he is amongst the living techno legends of the U.K. Real name Peter Ford, Baby Ford has released under a number of different monikers over the decades and in the 90s became a seminal figure in the minimalist scene, when releasing on the legendary Perlon label alongside Ricardo Villalobos, and playing as a resident at ‘Get Perlonized’ at the Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Not only can the Flood guys guarantee we won’t be able to see such a legend in such an intimate environment, but they’ve also invited Kanaka Projects from Rome to construct a visual/lighting experience that will parallel what’s going on behind the decks.

Doors open at the not-as-yet announced venue at 10pm on Saturday 2nd February, and the party goes on until 7am. The tickets at the moment only cost £8 but will rise to £10 and then be more on the door.

You can buy tickets from Resident Advisor here 

MEOKO has teamed up with the lovely Flood family to offer two of our lucky readers the chance to win free tickets to this event.  To Win, Simply email with  “Acid House” as the subject heading

Full line-up:

Baby Ford (Extended set)

Max. & Jamma


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