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Bruno Pronsato chats to MEOKO

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Bruno Pronsato is somewhat of an enigmatic figure. Not only is he in no way Italian, as his name suggests, but his music does not lend itself to any single genre, existing independently of itself in its own, self-forged categories. At once deep and minimal, dance-floor orientated and explicitly technical, his music has been, for so many years now, brilliantly packaged and presented via his widely appreciated live shows, admired as much for their sonic value as for the auteur’s unwavering energy and enthusiasm. MEOKO caught up with Bruno ahead of his debut visit to South Africa to discuss exactly how it is he views himself as an artist.


Hi Bruno, thanks for your time. I was genuinely surprised to hear that Bruno Pronsato wasn’t your real name. What’s the story behind it, and why did you go for something so italian sounding?

 The name comes from my ex-wife’s brother, actually. I always loved the sound of his name. the first record I released I thought I would use it as it sounded so much better (at least to me) than Steven Ford. At that point I never would have dreamed this would become a career.

You are especially revered for your percussion sounds – described as ‘piquant’ in one article i read and likened to those purveyed by Ricardo Villalobos. Are they a part of your repertoire you focus a lot of your time on?

Well, I played drums for 16 years before I started making electronic music. so i would say that percussion has always been a huge part of my musicianship. It’s what I feel I do best.

Your sound feels quite minimal at times. Was the whole European movement several years ago a big influence on you at all?

Ha, there’s that word again. I sort of came into my own within the community around the time of the so-called minimal movement, and because of that I feel people perceive my music as minimal. If you could see my studio projects as they exist in logic, I think your opinion would be quite different.

Coming from the US, what’s your opinion on the recent rise in popularity of EDM? Are you surprised that dance music has finally been allowed to become mainstream?

Well, EDM has been big in the US before, so it’s no surprise that it’s found its way back into the mainstream. I believe things that reach a mainstream status are good in a way because what usually happens is people that are truly interested in the mainstream find their way to more underground roots. Interested people usually educate themselves and that’s always a good thing.

Have you seen any change in the more underground scenes as a result? By that i mean, do you think it could be widening the appeal of electronic music in general?

As i mentioned above, it seems that interested people will find their way back to the roots and the more underground sounds. It always takes the mainstream to present people with what the possibilities are.

You recently played for RA at Decibel in Seattle. it must feel great having such a respected festival take root in a city that must mean a lot to you – has it changed the city’s sonic landscape for the better do you think?

It’s hard to say. I don’t live there anymore, so to say things have changed on a daily level, I wouldn’t know. I will say that the people that I knew there before I left seem to have a bit more of an interest in electronic music in general. Seattle has always been a more indie-rock focused city, so to see electronic music being taken more seriously is a nice surprise.

You’ve moved about quite a bit in your life. Are you still happy living in Berlin? Apart from the techno and amazing record shops, what’s the best thing about it?

I am still very happy in Berlin. I think what I’m liking more and more these days is the variety of places to eat. When i first moved here there was a pretty big gap between plain food and fine dining. There has always been extraordinary places to eat, but i think Berlin is sort of filling that middle ground a bit more these days.

The public are yet to hear any original productions from yourself in 2012. Did you decide to take a break after the release of Lovers Do last year? When will you next find yourself in the studio?

I did take a sort of small break after the birth of my daughter, but I have been mainly busy with collaborations. I released the Public Lover LP with my girlfriend last february, and just released a record with Daze Maxim as ‘Others’, which just came out a week ago. Sammy Dee and I have our Half Hawaii collaboration which will be out on Perlon later this year or early next.

Although you haven’t released anything original so far this year, you must constantly be updating your live show with bits and pieces to keep it fresh. Tell us a little bit about your performance ethos. Do you ever play tracks that aren’t yours?

I am constantly working on music. Some of the music I make goes into a live set – the more dance floor oriented stuff. I sort of dissect those pieces from those tracks and move them into my live set. the more home-listening stuff goes into ‘tracks.’ I never play other people’s music in my sets.

You’re playing three dates in South Africa at the beginning of November, including one where you’ll be playing on a train platform in-between two subway trains. Will it be your first time there? What do you know about the scene there? How are you feeling about the shows?

Yes, it will be my first time in SA. I am very happy about this. I have never really heard much about the scene down there, so that is another exciting aspect. I have prepared some special music for the shows there. Speaking briefly with the promoter I feel like there may be a bigger appreciation of my more abstract sound. I have been trying some new stuff out here and there to see how they work. Hopefully by the time I reach SA i’ll have nailed it.

Catch Bruno next at Make Believe in Cape Town 



Josh Wink – “I love what I do. I feel very blessed to still be doing my passion”

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It takes a lot to make it big as a superstar DJ, whilst simultaneously managing to keep your integrity as a purveyor of strictly underground sounds intact. Josh Wink belongs to this school of US house and techno graduates, first spotted ferociously plugging away at the acid house scene, quickly becoming one of its most prolific and celebrated talents. From there the inevitable period of self-reflection followed, only for Wink to emerge unscathed and revitalised as head-honcho of Ovum Recordings, ready for the new millennium. Today, he remains one of the most respected and revered artists in the scene and for this reason alone, MEOKO thought it only right we catch up with him ahead of ADE.

Hi Josh, thanks for your time. Ovum just hosted one of the last nights of the season at Space in Ibiza. How was it? What was the atmosphere like on the island this summer?

I had a great time. The two Ovum parties were wonderful. Amazing music at a great club! We were very happy to be back on the terrace. One party at the very beginning of the season and one at the end. Perfect. I didn’t get a chance to go out a lot as I was on the island with my family and new baby for the first time. So, for this family the trip was very important and special for us…

How has having your first child changed your life and your outlook on your career?

It has intensified certain feelings and made me a bit more clear on my goals and my outlook for the future. And it’s opened my eyes, ears and heart up to love which you can only understand when you’re a parent. I look forward to making new music with these emotions close at hand!


You return this month to the Amsterdam Dance Event. Is this something you’ve always been involved with? How do you view its position within the electronic music scene compared to the WMC, for example?

I think I have been involved with the ADE since the start. It’s a great organization and offers important platforms for artists, labels and electronic industry types to do business and then hit the venues at night. It can’t compare to WMC. WMC used to have business and pleasure. But, it got lost and now the WMC is just a place to have parties with North and South American fans who want to hear dance music. Business has left the WMC. You can get a lot of business deals done or set up at the ADE. That said, you don’t get the 30 degree weather and bikinis.

No doubt one of the main talking points this year will be the meteoric rise of EDM in the US. As an American do you find the recent upsurge surprising, given that, until now, electronic music had always been look upon with such disdain?

It’s come into the USA as a pop platform. Something I’m not accustomed with. It’s not my thing, so, I’m not really a good person to speak to about it. But, it’s popular driven so, it serves its purpose.

Could you tell us about your blossoming relationship with Steve Bug. How did it form? What do you feel you both have in common musically?

We’ve been friends and colleagues for years! I regard my relationship with Steve highly. We share a lot of the same views and values on life and music, besides doing tracks for each other’s labels over the years. We are funny companions that enjoy each others company and enjoy DJing together. Always fun!

You certainly share a lot of artists: MANIK, Nico Lahs. Is there a special agreement there at all? Do you see a lot of similarities between the Poker Flat ethos and your own at Ovum?

Nope. Seems that we have a lot of artists that start out on Ovum and then migrate to other labels. People get excited to work with us and other labels. We like to believe that these artists have their first big records on Ovum. We’d like to keep them in house on Ovum, but things don’t work like that much nowadays. So, in the end, we only want the best for our artists and friends.

You took some time off from the studio because of your little boy. Have you been back in at all recently or are you saving that for the dark winter months?

No. However, I look forward to getting back into the studio during the fall and winter. I have started to update my computer and application software after a year. And this is taking a long time! I just want to get in and make music. Maybe I’ll scrap the computers and just do a hardware LP. Who knows!

As one of the ‘veterans’ of the global scene, what is it do you think that’s enabled you to remain so current and consistently popular over the years?

I’d like to believe it’s first and foremost my passion. I’m happy that both my personal music and music from Ovum has stayed relevant in this fickle industry. Secondly, integrity has a lot to do with it. If I don’t feel comfortable with what I produce and release. I don’t release it. I mean I have to live with myself and my decisions. So, I listen to my heart and not always my head!

The label is going well, you’re getting booked all over the world. Do you just continue like this until you decide to stop or are you searching for a completely new challenge?

I love what I do. I feel very blessed to still be doing my passion and something that has made me happy for over 25 years. It’s crazy! I’m open for all things that life presents. Who knows.

Finally, do you feel like a different person from the guy who made ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ almost twenty years ago?

I feel like I have lived life a bit more and can say from these ‘life experiences’ that I am a different person, which is natural. I think as humans we have to change with age. As is said: ‘Growing old’ is not an option, ‘Growing up’ is optional. I like having the option.

Catch Josh next at ADE alongside Steve Bug, Manik and Shlomi Aber – Buy Tickets Here 

Words by Carlos Hawthorn


Superfiction Recordings Label Night presents Episode #2 at Basing House on 12.10 + 4 Hour Exclusive Italoboyz Podcast

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After the success of their inaugural label showcase, Superfiction Recordings returns this Friday night to East London’s Basing House for Episode #2. The imprint, set up in July of this year by London’s favourite Italians the Italoboyz, came about from a desire to finally gain control over their output. The duo, who have nurtured strong working relationships with Get Physical, Moon Harbour and mothership over the years, felt it was time to start giving back to the scene that raised them, craving the freedom to release other music, from other artists, as they saw fit. Like the opening party, Episode #2 will feature the Italoboyz alongside partners in crime Blind Minded, who hold a creative role in the running of the label. A concept still very much in its infancy, this is a prime opportunity to see one of Europe’s most celebrated DJ and production duos in a new and invigorating environment, set against the intimate backdrop of Basing House.

Exclusive Italoboyz Podcast 


As if that wasn’t enough, ahead of Friday’s soiree MEOKO is very excited to announce that the Italoboyz will be providing the next mix in our celebrated podcast series. For those unfamiliar with them as DJs, the pairing cut their teeth on the formative decks of East London’s party scene, influential in transforming it into the international phenomenon it has become today. This 4 hour mix arrives as the opening extract from one of their marathon 9 hour+ sets at a recent Italoboyz ‘all-nighter’ affair in Venice. For those who associated the duo with peak-time floor-fillers, think again: this is a chance to see how just how versatile and mellow the Italoboyz can be.

To celebrate the arrival of Episode #2 (and the mix!), MEOKO have teamed up with Superfiction to offer one lucky person the chance to win 2x tickets to the event on Friday, as well as a copy of the first Superfiction vinyl & the next upcoming release.  All you have to do is tell us…

Which of these facts is (super) fiction?

a) The Italoboyz are originally from Italy.
b) Basing House is in the West End.
c) Superfiction was set up this summer.

Send your answers to

Doors open at 10pm and close at 04am. Tickets are available online for £6-10. MOTD.

Full line-up/

Italoboyz (Superfiction / Moon Harbour / Get Physical)
Blind Minded (Superfiction / Moon Harbour / Trapez)

Buy tickets here

Italoboyz on Facebook 

Superfiction Recordings on Facebook


Talking to NY Stomp aka Gerd

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If you heard the huge Can You Feel It? EP on Illusion Recordings earlier this year, you could be mistaken for thinking that producer NY Stomp was a one – very impressive – trick pony. In fact, the US house inspired moniker is just one of many attributed to eclectic Dutch musician Gerd. A prominent player on the Dutch house scene in the early 90s, he soon switched things up completely, turning his hand to what came to be known as broken beat and downtempo hip hop. Always restless in his approach to music, MEOKO caught up with Gerd ahead of his headline performance, as NY Stomp, at the One Illusion collaboration event in London this weekend.


Hi Gerd, thanks for your time. You’re headlining the One Illusion party in London’s East End on the 13th October as NY Stomp. How does a NY Stomp set differ to a Gerd set?

Gerd is a little bit more versatile in sound. As Gerd I play house, disco, techno and even afro if the night allows it. NY Stomp is more focussed on house.


The Can You Feel It? EP really put Illusion Recordings on the map. How did this partnership first come about?

A friend of mine from NYC posted some of the tracks on soundcloud which were then picked up by Tom & James from Illusion


Given the title of that EP, I take it you are big fan of 90s US house. Why do you think artists like yourself, Bicep and the MLIU guys in Paris are so heavily pushing this sound again?

Again? For me the early 90s sound from NYC never disappeared. I always played MAW, Todd Terry or a Roger Sanchez record and always will. 


Have you had any feedback from the US guys that are still about on the scene? Do they feel what you’re doing is respectful of their legacy?

Yes I’ve known quite a few of the US pioneers for a long time. The ones I know respect me for what I do and love the vibe I give my house tracks. I am sure there are also producers who do not like what I do. That always was and always will be the case in this and any other industry and that’s totally fine by me.

You’re a very eclectic producer, something people might not know about you. You’ve released everything from tough techno to breaks and drum and bass. Why the eclecticism? Were you just experimenting to find your sound?  

I started making house music in 1988 when I still was in high-school. At that point I had been buying and spinning the early house sounds coming from Chicago (and later on NYC, Detroit) for quite a while. House is my first love when it comes to music. But after a couple of years you go digging a little deeper and explore other genres. The same with producing. In the mid/late 90s I got bored with house & techno music and I started exploring breaks. My first album as Gerd appeared on Universal Language/Evolution in the mid-90s and it contained only broken beats long before broken beat as a genre was born. From breaks I went into loungy stuff and from there on I started doing (acoustic) jazz, hip hop and soul and I got more and more involved in producing music for commercials, movies, television and theatre. In the mean time I still produced house music. But it was more for the fun of it. I only released a couple of house records in the period from 2000-2009 (all under various monikers). But in 2010 I wanted to focus on house music more and more again, simply because my love for house lit up again and I guess I got a little bored with the other stuff. And now, 2 years later, here we are.



Now that you’ve achieved a reputable level of success making house as Gerd and NY Stomp, do you think you will stay on this path for a while? Essentially, are you enjoying making and playing house?

I don’t know. I had considerable success with House music early 90s as well. I was one of the first to perform house music live on stage. I travelled and played all over the place. Everything comes and goes. For now I am enjoying playing and producing house a lot. I think you can see that when I’m playing out in a club and I think you can hear the joy and fun in my productions too. But just like in the 90s, I am likely to lose interest and move in other directions at some point again. I still make downtempo music nowadays and I still produce music for commercials, movies and television so, it’s not that I only do house right now. For now I love what I am doing and the question how long this will last is not really on my mind.

Your label 4Lux is equally eclectic, with very little house or techno on it all. Was this always the intention of the label, to set it apart from all the thousands of others? Will the label be keeping this policy in the future?

Yes I started 4lux in 2002 a period in which I focussed on other sounds. I released some house music but the main focus was breaks & broken beat. With 4lux White I focussed on hip hop, electronic soul and stuff like that and this sub-division is still going strong (however mainly on the digital front). With 4lux (Black) I totally focus on house music at the moment. I try to discover new talent rather than ask popular producers to produce something for me. I don’t know why but it is a little bit more exciting for me. 4lux was the first to introduce music from Kez YM, Alex Agore, James Johnston to a wider public. I will try keeping to do so in the future. The release schedule looks really good!  


At the Tsuba party back in February you were playing live as Gerd. Will we see a comeback? Do you just much prefer DJing?

I used to play live as Gerd a lot in the past. I still receive requests for live shows but I think 75% of the club things I do are DJ sets.  


Having had such a varied career, spanning so many different genres, is there anything else you really want to achieve as an artist?

I recorded a dozen or so albums in the past (3 of them were released under my Gerd moniker) and I executive-produced even more albums for other artists. But having said this, my main goal now indeed is to finish my 4th studio album as Gerd. I started working on it already and the album will feature some nice and interesting guests. I hope to finish it early 2013. 


Words by Carlos Hawthorn


Catch NY Stomp aka Gerd next at One Illusion London at Victorian Vaults alongside Bloody Mary, Adam Shelton, Tom Craven and more.

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Red Bull Music Academy presents DJ Harvey at Oval Space, London

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DJ Harvey no click

Finally, DJ Harvey returns. After a decade-long hiatus from UK clubs, the London-born sonic luminary has taken upon himself to alleviate the stress and the strain felt by British clubbers and play a special one-off show curated by the ubiquitous and impressive Red Bull Music Academy. Harvey’s love for all sounds electronic has caused him to be one of the scene’s best loved and most enigmatic figures, known as much for raw eclecticism of his dj sets as the quality of his productions.

After a lengthy period of considerable silence, Harvey has once more returned to the forefront of electronic culture, not only playing prestigious events at Berghain, Robert Johnson and Sonar but also contributing to RBMA’s celebrated lecture series. On October 19th, he will return to London’s East End and play the entirety of night, pressing start on the first record and stop on the last. Oval Space incidentally is rapidly becoming one of the capital’s more popular venues, with a brand new sound and ventilation system helping to keep the party funky and fresh all night long. Tickets will sell out for this, so get them now.

Doors open at 22:00 on Friday 19th and close at 05:00 on Sunday. Tickets are on sale for £18 now.


Full line-up/

DJ Harvey (All Night Long)


DJ Harvey on Facebook 

Oval Space on Facebook 

One Illusion London presents NY Stomp aka Gerd / Adam Shelton / Tom Craven / Bloody Mary & more – Win Vinyl & Tickets

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With Summer definitively over, it’s time to start looking ahead to a Winter of top quality clubbing. Two camps holding this exact sentiment to heart are One Records and Illusion Recordings, both leading the way as the UK’s brightest house music labels. To commence the brand new season in true four-to-the-floor fashion, the Birmingham and Leeds based imprints will be throwing a one-off collaborative event in East London, not dissimilar to their popular parties in Barcelona during this summer’s Sonar-Off.

Adam-Shelton-954x798 copy

As ever, respective head-honchos Adam Shelton, Tom Craven and James Cotterill will provide the necessary support, while the prime headline slot will be filled by none other than NY Stomp AKA Gerd. As the auteur of that groundbreaking EP on Illusion in January this year, this will be a really special opportunity to see the Dutch master at work, in a guise he only very rarely adopts. French-born DJ Bloody Mary will also feature, bringing her heady cocktail of thick basslines and sultry, twisted vocals to the dance. The chosen venue is victorian Vaults with a capacity of only 300, making this intimate space the one and only way to get properly into that Winter groove.

 Exclusive Bloody Mary Podcast 


Doors open at 11pm on October 13 and close at 06am. Tickets are available online now for £12.

To commemorate this meeting of minds on UK soil, MEOKO have teamed up with the two labels to provide ONE lucky winner with the chance to win 2 tickets to the event plus a vinyl copy of both the brand new One Records release AND the brand new Illusion Recordings release PLUS One Records T-Shirts. All you have to do is answer this very simple question:

Adam Shelton & Subb-an run One Records, but from which Birmingham house night was the label born?

a) Back to Basics
b) Warehouse Project
c) Below

Send your answers to

Full line-up /

NY Stomp (Gerd)
Bloody Mary
Adam Shelton
Tom Craven
James Cotterill

Illusion Recordings

One Records


Klubnacht presents Innervisions Überall at Berghain/Panorama Bar

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inervisions no click

Saturday October 6th marks the return of the Innervisions crew to Berlin’s Berghain and Panorama Bar. The celebrated German label will take over the entire club for the duration of the Klubnacht festivities, which (in)famously run from Saturday night right the way through to the early hours of Monday morning. Head honchos Ame will start off in Berghain, performing both a ‘Full Techno Live-PA’ alongside Henrik Schwarz and a solo dj set, with varied support from the likes of disco-house don Gerd Janson, Alva Noto and militant Berghain resident Norman Nodge.

Meanwhile in Panorama Bar, British tech-house wizard Lee Burridge will help bring the dawn chorus in, assisted by deep houser Marcus Worgull and resident dj Nick Hoppner.  Late Sunday morning will see Ame gravitate upstairs to the housier confines of Panorama Bar, where themselves and Henrik Schwarz will be joined by label confidant Dixon, as well as Tiga, playing a rare house set, Mano Le Tough and P-Bar resident Tama Sumo. While rumours that the club will close in 2013 may have been quashed, an opportunity to see an Innervisions takeover should nonetheless never be passed up.

Doors open at 23:59 on Saturday 6th (closure open-ended) and entrance is €14.

Full lineup/

Ame & Henrik Schwarz (Full Techno Live-PA)
Alva Noto (Live)
Ame DJ Set
Norman Nodge
Mike Parker


Panorama Bar
Lee Burridge
Marcus Worgull
Nick Hoppner
Rui Vargas

Sonntags (Sunday)
Tama Sumo
Tiga (House set)
Mano Le Tough
Ame & Henrik Schwarz Live



Make-Believe present Face The Music w/ Bruno Pronsato (Live) at the Train Lodge Cape Town – Win Tickets

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South African promoters Make-Believe are currently pushing some of those most quirky, forward-thinking parties to be found anywhere in the world. An exaggeration? Not at all. In conjunction with the Train Lodge, an event space in which the dance-floor is situated on a train platform, between two actual trains and a swimming pool, Make-Believe have started Face The Music, a series of parties that aim to bring top-quality electronic artists to some of the most interesting and avant-garde venues in South Africa. Hoping to boost what are increasingly burgeoning house and techno scenes in Cape Town and Durban, Make-Believe are riding the wave of a significant nationwide sonic and cultural shift.


Make-Believe Boat Party 

On November 3rd  Make-Believe presents Face The Music will be inviting none other than US techno favourite Bruno Pronsato to headline the extended 14 hour festivity. Showcasing his much-lauded live show, Bruno will be bringing his unique blend of detailed, sophisticated but ultimately groovy electronic music to the Cape Town public. Those that have witnessed the Seattleite in action will know that few in the scene put as much effort and enthusiasm into their performance as Bruno does, never failing to forge a palpable bond between himself and the dance-floor. The occasions in which great djs and mindblowing venues are brought together are few and far between; here is one that cannot, and should not, be overlooked.


**Competition** Make-Believe have very kindly offered MEOKO the chance to give away 2 tickets to the event. All you have to do is tell us which of the below does NOT hail originally from Seattle:

a) Starbucks
b) Nirvana
c) The LA Lakers

Send your answers in to as soon as possible for the chance to win.


Doors open at 14:00 on Saturday 3rd  and close at 04:00. Entrance is R120 before 18h and R140 after.

Full line-up /

14h00 Terrence Pearce
15h30 Marshall
17h00 Dan C
18h30 Marq
20h00 Jimmy Chronic
21h30 One Track Mike
23h00 Floyd Lavine
00h30 BRUNO PRONSATO (live)
02h00 Killer Robot

Sound Installation by Kilowatt AV

Video mapping & visuals by Afterlife


 Make-Believe on Facebook 

Bruno Pronsato on Facebook 


Weekend Circuit presents Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase with Lucy & Xhin at Rhythm Factory

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steroboscopic no click

Weekend Circuit bring a nine hour techno marathon to Whitechapel courtesy of Berlin based label Stroboscopic Artefacts. At the helm is head honcho Lucy (aka Italian born Luca Mortellaro) taking you on a journey through the darkest outer reaches of the genre all the way through to industrial and will be sure to pepper his set with surprises in between. Also in session is one of Stroboscopic’s star acts, the Singaporean Xhin (pronounced “sheen”) whose oppressive brand of electronic music marries techno with so many other genres that the only way to describe it really is as a “soundscape”. Support comes from Gareth Wild (EarToGround) and Michael Wells (Weekend Circuit) and there will be a VJ team on hand throughout the night making this exclusive showcase one of the most anticipated events of the weekend.

10pm – 7am

Rhythm Factory

16-18 Whitechapel Road


E1 1EW

£15 adv / early entry £13.50


Weekend Circuit on Facebook


Toi.Toi.Musik presents Dewalta & Ion Ludwig (live)

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toi toi no click

Beloved London party Toi.Toi is back this weekend in another exciting secret warehouse space in the Dalston/Stoke Newington area. Dutch DJ and producer Ion Ludwig will be performing live and is joined by the jazz loving Dewalta who brings his unique style of music perfect for those seeking “massive funk with their freak”, plus residents LamÂche and of course Claus Voitgmann. Highly respected with a revered word-of-mouth reputation, Toi.Toi is known for its boutique approach to monthly, intimate parties that gets their dedicated crowd returning time after time. The guest-list only policy ensures the much hyped community vibe stay strong, as the promoters form strong bonds with the Toi.Toi members over their shared taste in quality music. For info on future events and how to join the members list email

10pm – 5am

TBA London

£10 adv / £15 otd

294420 430682616983022 251992328 n

Toi Toi Facebook page