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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (October 2017)

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7 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- [MLTV004] – Olivian Nour – Modul EP [Melotherapy Vinyl]” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Olivian Nour comes forth with a great two track EP on his own imprint Melotheraphy Records, on vinyl only side of things, and with his own definition of groove, which was well adopted by DJs alike and people who are in for the bright side of vibes in order to have fun. Enjoy “modul” and “omaigod” this is one of the best material coming out from Olivian.

2- CTTV009 – Petar Milicevic – Cshi Tururuu – Complatt” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


One artist that is right there on getting himself out of the ‘shadow’ is Petar Milicevic, from Belgrade, Serbia. With many releases already, this is one of the vinyl only ones that represents him best and his abilities to make your mind blow and trip under dancing shoes and vibrating dancefloor.

3- PLZ026.1 – Sepp – Cantor Du Salon EP” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer

Thank you dear brother Sepp for the love that you have for music and for releasing so much of it, basically at every good underground label there is out there. Cheers up for this guy who redifined house music in his own minimalistic way, whithout bounderis and always broadening our view about what house music really means! Enjoy the new Pleasure Zone release featuring Sepp.

4- PTX019 Vinyl Speed Adjust – “Technicolor” EP” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Vinyl Speed Adjust trips back to Pressure Traxx Records with two cookies delivered from the romanian kicthen with their own detroit and housey feelings swinging in the back these release is all about smooth vibes and mindblowing minimal percusions to keep you in the jungle atmosphere for the groove.


5- [FNV001] B2 Triptil – To The Moon And Back [ Esimene EP ]


Talking about groove, Triptil is decided on this EP… it should be more about that. He goes over seas and high hills and comes on his own record label Feno Volana. With such a great release we are looking forward for more from this label and Triptil sound and friends, let’s hope he will take us ‘To The Moon And Back’!


6- Unknown Artist: Rise / Tryck // 2017


Here is another Unkown release that it’s about the dancefloor and house minimal grooves. Here is to a new label called Trulyyours which we know nothing about :). So there is not much to say but to listen on this one… pure and uplifting vibes, warming our hearts and our mornings.


7- Unknown Artist – A [INTERP01]


Here is to a nice way to end this playlist with the Bside, which is all about cooling off and chilling out, great tune for when you’re alone and crazy but till then A side it’s a nice danceable ‘Interpretation’ of an old edit we love. Good one when there are new labels every new months, i will always see, let them surprise us by the 10th release.


With care and appreciation from P. with Love


Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (September 2017)

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6 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- Pleasure Zone / PLZ004S.1 – Silat Beksi – Gravity EP


Now we’re back to bussiness, back to groove, and our attention back to Pleasure Zone, who picks up two great tunes from our Ukraine minimal-techno representative Silat Beksi. As he states in the first track, we’re also “Back to the Future” sound and you can hear is personal signature on the second’s track groove, Kin 182! Enjoy being with your head back in music, enjoy PLZ004S.1!

2- Moment / Petre Vali aka LIZZ – From Inside


The new Moment release is up and available and it’s not other than Lizz, under new production alias Petre Vali. With four long tracks covering and taking care of multiple kinds of moments in our events, the music is either groovy and straight to the point, in ‘High Emotions’ and ‘Nightlong’ tracks and more layed back and tooly in ‘Bourjois’ and Far Away. As Bourjois murmurs ‘Don’t belive… really hear’!

3- Unknown Artist – VWV 001

Love finding these ‘Unknown Artist’ releases brought to light by good labels, this one being in the back of Yoyaku store, another platform oriented for minimal side of grooves, VWV. Clearly the Yoyaku house juice is present in fuzzy voices, which is sustained on both tracks with serious beats and particular percussions with grooves to set a new standard.

4- Serialism / [SER040] Cristi Cons & Sublee – You and Me 

Sublee teams up with Cristi Cons for a great EP on the Berlin vinyl label Serialism. It’s a great release since the sound is a bit different then what we’re used to hear from their solo productions, on this one they deliver round beats and basses also break rhythms, coverd up by the classical micro-house high vibration sounds. Complete EP with a bonus track hidden inside.

5- Vid & Hokuto Sato – Rinkenn [ANDROMEDA008]

Now we’re used to the vibe of Andromeda, but now Vid takes out his own name as Sorin Rastoaca, with even a more chilled out music, in collaboration with Japan’s Hokuto Sato, this EP is vibrating with nice beats and rhythms but the musical side is more deamy then ever for Andromeda. Eight represents the infinite, choose your dream.

6- Toolwax / Sepp – Lady [toolwax004]

Toolwax is also back on it’s groove too, with a housy soul emanating, on this vinyl only release, at oriental flavors and disco cuts. Sepp is the undercover artist bringing his melodies on and calibrated with minimal beats, continuous loops, always delivering the “Krem a la Krem” for our after-hours mind trips. Tools or not, this is a must have!

Enjoy the music, support the artists, buy the records, share the love. From P. with Love!

Words by Dan Primaru

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A MEOKO Exclusive: Julie Marghilano – Sol Asylum & A Special Mix

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Over two years have gone by since Sol Asylum mistress Julie Marghilano touched down with her last mix for us. Within this time, the creative soul that she is has continued to carry her label from strength to strength, maintain solid residencies in Berlin’s Hoppetosse and Club Der Visionaere, and working on projects to adapt her live performances DJing and live. We present to you a MEOKO exclusive with Julie Marghilano.

With experience of living in several countries across the world, this is something that reflects in the eclectic sounds Marghilano presents. Never one to shy away from experimental atmospheres, Marghilano maintains an open mind for raw and organic sounds. This started from a young age, as her father was a jazz musician and her mother a vocalist. A natural violinist, it’s a talent that shine through in her often emotive sound.


As many artists discover, Berlin is an amazing metropolis for the music scene, but simultaneously a tough nut to crack.  In such a competitive city for electronic music, it is no easy feat to start a successful party, nor is it easy to run a thriving record label at the same time. Add in the fact that Julie has released on the likes of Tzinah records and Little Helpers, and it’s obvious that this is a lady who likes to stay busy – and on top of her game.  

In 2011 Sol Asylum was born, with Marghilano and close companion Miss Jools leading from the front. The label represents a perfect blend of music and visual art, with each release having an individual graphic artist chosen to create the images. A one-of-a-kind visual and audio experience combined with records and events. The Sol Asylum family is ever growing, attracting prominent artists, and fresh faced producers alike. London based OdD have made an appearance, joined by the likes of Mariano Mateljan, Markus Sommer, Dilated Pupils and Pressure Point. Over the years, the label has also seen many releases from the founders themselves, with last year’s ‘Innerspace’ a true representation of the class and creative world Marghilano can immerse the listener in. 

Despite so much going on regarding the label, the frequency of parties and events remains. Whether it is an all day and night party on the canal at Club Der Visionaere, or a winter soiree on everybody’s favourite boat, HMS Hoppetosse, Marghilano & co. adopt a forward-thinking outlook each and every time.  Recent events have featured Oskar Offerman, Audio Werner and Losoul, proving once more that diversity is a trait that practically defines Sol Asylum. This month the party also saw light at London’s intimate space The Lion & Lamb.

MEOKO Exclusive Mix: Julie Marghilano: Julie Marghilano

Julie Marghilano SC MC

Outside of the clubs, when the dust is settling on the dancefloor – and when she is not conjuring up her next release in the lab – the talented artist is working on something else entirely. As if none of the above is enough for you, there is a live show in the works from the Berliner. With such a vast knowledge of different musical outlets, playing and sampling instruments such as her violin, and using field recordings; who knows where this path could lead. From what we have discovered, when it comes to Julie Marghilano, expect the unexpected. 

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (July 2017)

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5 tracks listed below by Dan Primaru will do all the talking;

1- Amorf – Blending Light LP [Understand]

Yes it’s hot summer and the sound warms itself under the sun, hot waves coming from Romania’s minds, yet a collaboration that our scene needed. Mischa Blanos, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia take on the ship of Amorf, delivering us their imposed sound and beats with the clarity and musicality of a piano always being added on, being experimented and embodied by Mischa, expanding the rulles of classic. No words really can describe this for the clubber point’s of view or for the classical experimentalist listener. So enjoy and dive deep.

2- KUSI005 by Durrrred & Arapu


Back to rrrrrhythm, who is also expanding the rules if that is Durrrred. Showly but shurely getting our attention with his tracks, this EP is a great weapon when needed. Durred just showing us other parts of the sub-rhythm we yet have to explore and Arapu delivering a smooth liniar remix, as he enjoys himself to do. He raises a bit the same rrrrrhythms under more mids and dreamy frequencies. Another great release by Kusi Records.

3- Silat Beksi -Amaranth EP – JBLTD003 

One player that got our attention in techno import is Mr. Silat Beksi, Ukraine’s export. Coming back with a second release to Jelly Beast Limited, this EP it’s so complete. Techy beats and good vibes on A1, atmosphered and chilled out track on A2, perfect for meditation. B side comes with Tibet track which purely represents the expansion of broken rhythm that Silat is always developing and a Daniel Sanchez banger on B2, what else do you really want ?!

4- YYY797

And yes, you can call me mr. Good Vibes and excuse me for always picking up the YYY releases. They are a definition of it, of uplifiting melodies and smooth grooves. They are a trend setter for the House melodies and Minimalistic grooves. And one might ask… who is really behind the YYY series, well for sure is a team of french pioneers behind yoyaku store.

5- Petre Inspirescuvîntul prin salcii 


We play and we play but there is a time when you want to chill and just be. Well that is what Mr. Petre is doing more and more, coming back with a second album of orchestral music, on Mule Music, the album already got a live concert in one of Bucharest’s theatre and we’re looking forward to this kinds of events where we can taste another part of one of our greatest DJ, Petre Inspirescu. Enjoy a trip of the wind between willows. Space yourself out.

Good bye.

Words by Dan Primaru

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Arkityp Interview with Archie Hamilton & Rossko

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ARkityp Bannerlast

Archetype [ar-ki-typ] noun.

            1          A prime example.

            2          An original model.

            3          A constantly recurring symbol or motif.

The Arkityp tidal wave is coming and now is your chosen time of discovery. Join us as we delve a little deeper behind the scenes of the fantastic new project from Archie Hamilton and Rossko. Not much introduction is needed for the two artists, both having bags of experience amongst the underground scene, not just in London but worldwide. After years of the two of them holding down serious residencies with Fuse, and hefty back-to-back sets with their infectious vibe, the time has come for them to do what only seems natural, produce their own imprint. What started as a party in Ibiza in 2015, now seems an impressive reality of the journey they have been on. The label’s debut release ‘M25 EP’ has received an amazing response being driven through dance floors all over, creating a certain buzz around the movements of Arkityp.

This really is what it is all about, two close friends in and outside of music coming together, both sharing a vision and delivering their creativity in a form they see fit. It is clear the musical appreciation is mutual between the two, and we are sure we speak for many when we say we are extremely excited to see and hear what this project entails.  This is how it went down when we caught up with the duo, discussing where it all started in Ibiza, and what they have in store for the future… 

ARos 1


We are extremely keen to discover this. Will there be more Arkityp parties coming in the future? In Ibiza? or around the world?

At the moment we are concentrating on the music. We did a season of Arkityp parties in Ibiza at Underground in 2015; they were a success but this was never a long term plan; just one-off series of parties at one of our favourite spots on the island, still – never say never.

We love the definition and meaning behind the name Arkityp, how did the name come about?

We played around with many ideas. Loads actually. We wanted something that represented the idea behind the party and the music. The word means ‘the original model’ or ‘example’ and that’s what we are trying to say; nothing complicated, just high-quality output.

It’s also a play on our names; the A and the R next to each other also represents Archie and Rossko. There are three of us involved (James Reynolds is behind visual and design aspect.), hence the triangle logo.

arkityp 2

When was the moment you thought ‘OK, it’s time to take it to the next level and create a record label’?

The label came about because the two of us had been playing back to back for many years at Fuse. The season we spent in Ibiza on the event was the turning point, naturally we became very good friends in music and more importantly outside of music. When we play we have this innate connection – you can’t force that, it just happens – we’re tuned into the same frequency so moving this connection to the studio was the next step – it just felt right.

If it wasn’t for Enzo creating a Fuse studio and encouraging not just us two but all of the Fuse artists to use the space, projects like this wouldn’t be easily realised. We really respect Enzo’s mindset of being a collective. He is the example of what many people with parties/brands should aspire to.

We made 3 tracks in 3 days, all the years playing b2b, talking and sharing music it just came out of us. We know each other’s sound inside out and we respect others opinion so making music is pretty simple and straightforward. How it should be!

After the sessions Archie took them to his cave and sprinkled his magic on them, we spent the next couple of weeks road testing them and getting feedback from the rest of the Fuse crew until we were happy that they could be signed off for pressing. 


Will the label strictly be a platform for the both of you? Or will we see features from fellow friends/artists?

At the moment we see this as a label just for ourselves, purely an artistic platform for the both of us to release whatever we feel like. We wanted to explore other avenues of music that we like, but that also reflect our common ground. Rossko has a big garage, grime and jungle side, where as I have a Trip Hop and an eclectic electronica background these past influences really shape our direction and sound.

That’s not to say the door is closed with other artists but we like things to flow naturally, so whatever is meant to happen will happen.

There was quite a buzz amongst the underground scene, especially in the UK, when announcing your new venture. And the first release the ‘M25 EP’ has had so much huge support it must be such a rewarding feeling for you both. Any news/info you can give us on the second release? Or any other releases for that matter? We did see a picture from the depths of the studio that made us quite excited.

We are really happy with how it’s been received and feeling proud to know we can reach out to a lot of people around the world that support our music, rave to it and buy our records. For the record to sell so quickly and go to repress means we are doing something right. It’s a good feeling, it just makes us want to get back in the studio even quicker and put more records out.

We already have started work on the next 3 tracks. Same output; same process as before, 3 tracks in 3 days. We have been road testing them already and a few keen ears have even spotted them as Arkityp tracks – to us, this is a good sign – its shows we’re creating our own identity and sound as Arkityp. This was our aim in the first place.

The debut EP ‘M25’, really does cater for all dance floor situations, whether its peak time or an after party vibe. Is this a reflection of what you as a label are trying to capture?

They are 3 very different tracks but all are connected to a sound and an idea that reflect our personalities, we’re good at translating them into records. I guess it’s an art form really. As DJ’s first we love to play especially; peak time, intimate space, those daytime open air parties as well as your dark and sweaty after hour.

We want to make music that is playable in any situation. We can only do this because we have done a lot of research and development on the dance floor. 

arkityp 1

You have built quite a reputation with your b2b sets, at some amazing parties. It seems you have a great understanding and similar musical energy, does this shine through in the studio as well as in the booth?

When we first played we just knew. We were three deck mixing, looping, using tools, mixing for each other. When it works, it works…we really look forward to playing together. That’s the mad thing about synergy; weird stuff happens.

A few weeks ago I was playing at Fuse and Archie had given me this special track over a year ago, we were in Ibiza in his hotel room and I must of played it about 10 times in a row – it’s a typical Rossko track. The thing is I never got the chance to play it out until the last Fuse, Jan Kreuger was about to come on and he has that sleazy vibe, so I just knew that this was the moment to drop the track. As I’m just about to bring the track in the mix – Archie taps me on the shoulder to say hello as he had just arrived at Village Underground. I just put up the fader and we just laughed, did a shot of tequila and had a little dance to the track.

Its these little things like this that happen all the time with us. It’s either coincidence or someone up there winking down on us. Depends your point of view!


Is there a certain process or routine you follow in the studio, or does the magic just happen?

We have Rossko, who is more of the copilot, directing the ideas, standing up, dancing and making strange noises! Archie in the driving seat translating the madness. I have to big up Archie because to last three days in the studio with me working this way is impressive. I have so many ideas and I want to put all of them into one track. He is teaching me a lot – in fact we help each other break the rules.

Archie thinks in a production format where as I’m like ‘let’s do it like this, let’s do it like that’. The most important thing is Archie is able to get the ideas down and we have such a good time making music. If it’s not serious fun then we would stop. We love what we do so all this comes easy to us.


ArRo240 MC

Anything else Arkityp related you can enlighten us with, or anything we can expect in the near future?

More and more music! We have real busy summers ahead of us in Ibiza, tours, festivals and the rest of Europe. We’re both focused on our individual careers but are also touring and playing some high quality gigs together. This is our plan for the summer; to be able to share some special moments and experiences, both together and individually – plenty to look forward to!

Words by Zac Bidwell 

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Time has no limits, neither does music’ – Faster: Interview& Mix

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Faster InterviewBanner

There has been a certain buzz around the Romanian electronic music scene for some time now, and is something that just seems to continue to grow and blossom more and more. With so many incredible talents based in this country, it is vital to maintain originality, keeping ideas natural and raw, and we believe this is something Ruere Records founder Faster, captures perfectly. Proving himself to be an integral part of the puzzle.

In a short space of time, Ruere has built up huge support across the board, including a masterpiece remix from Rhadoo on the last release ‘M.O.D Ep‘. That speaks for itself. An imprint created to allow Faster to prepare his ideas and lay down his creations as a whole, bringing together the artwork, the sound, and final atmosphere created. Although taking care of business with his own label, we have had the pleasure of amazing records on other high quality outlets such as Drumma Records. ‘Resolutions‘ is coming very soon, with S.A.M putting forward his reshape and interpretation.


Outside of the studio, Faster, is building a reputation for himself behind the turntables, playing a stand out set at Sunwaves last year we can not wait to witness the magic once again in just over a weeks time. Once you let yourself in to the world of Faster, there is no going back.

We managed to have a chat with the Ruere boss, and this is how it went down:

First of all, a bit of background info about yourself. With a passion for Hip Hop in your youth, Where did your journey in electronic music start? 

Even though I started out by doing hip-hop beats, I wanted to explore more grounds. The electronic scene in Romania was growing more and more at that time so I had many influences around me. It was very easy to begin this process, the hard part is to keep up.

Who/what would you say your main influences have been over the years?

Even after more than 10 years I am still mesmerized by Ricardo Villallobos technique and his personal flavor. I was also very lucky to grow in this environment surrounded by the best local electronic masterminds such as Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu.


The music scene in Romania seems to become more and more popular amongst the electronic music world, how does it feel knowing you are part of this?

I am super grateful, always.

What inspired you to begin your own imprint Ruere Records? How did it all form?

Being a vinyl fan, it was my dream from the beginning to be able to start a record label and to print music that I personally love. I had really good guidance from my closest friends and I decided it was time to do it.

We love the artwork that represents Ruere, is this something important to you? What is your process for finding artwork for your records?

Actually yes, all the artwork from Ruere has personal meaning. I love that everything is connected and I will pursue this idea in the future. The making process involves a lot of time and effort and the main man responsible is Howl Otta which I thank.

With three extremely popular releases on the label, can you reveal what the next step is? Any future info you can give us about Ruere?

I never know the next step, sorry.

Is the label a platform, to showcase your personal talent and ideas? or will we see other artists releasing on the label? Obviously, you had Rhadoo create a remix on the ‘M.O.D Ep’, how did it feel to have such a relevant and important artist amongst todays scene, release on your label, remixing your own track?

You will definitely see other artists and strong collabs. For M.O.D. EP, Rhadoo’s personal touch on one of my tracks kept me very focused. I always admired his work and I am very thankful.

Do you have any upcoming releases on other labels you would like to discuss with us?

Yes, the next EP will be released on Drumma Records with a great remix from my good friend S.A.M. The next vinyls will soon to be revealed!

We caught your extended set last April at Sunwaves, it must be such a fantastic feeling representing your country to people from all over the world. Do you feel there is more freedom with what you can play in Romania? It must be nice knowing you can play for several hours compared to some countries you play in.

Time has no limits neither does music.

Do you have any festivals lined up this year? or any particular club nights you are looking forward too?

Sunwaves 21


Lastly, thank you for the wonderful mix you created for us. Hope you enjoyed making it. What can the readers be expecting when they take a listen?

One small journey.

Thank you so much for your time.

Multumesc 🙂  

 Faster Exclusive MEOKO PodcastFaster 238 MC

Interview by Zac Bidwell

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The ones to survive are who represent the music as lifestyle, not just as a trend.’ Cesare – 10 years of Serialism

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Serialism Cover

Ahead of the remarkable ’10 year’ milestone, MEOKO caught up with Cesare, the owner of Serialism Records, to talk about how the 10 years has been and what the future holds in store for the label.

Good evening Cesare and thank you for having us! I appreciate that you made time out of your busy schedule for this interview. First of all I would like to congratulate you on this remarkable “10 year” milestone of yours with Serialism Records. It’s a brave thing to run a label. Before we go any further, what set you on the path to founding Serialism?

Hello and thank you for having me..yes my Serialism Records is 10..times flies!

I agree, it is a brave thing to run a label nowadays but we are still alive after 10 years, and We are here to stay! It all happened around 2006, I was living in London when a good friend and Italian dj Stefano Pellegrini and myself decided to join our forces and start Serialism Records. For a couple years we have been organizing small underground parties in East London (Shoreditch, Old st, Bricklane, Bethnal Green following the wave of underground parties happening all over the area at the time) we were doing our thing..we hanged out with a group of musicians and artists around fabric club (some of them now recognized forces in the worldwide scene), everyone with his own style and passion but ready to share the knowledge with the team..we thought: “why don’t we start a record label to showcase those artists?”..So we did.

It was already my second adventure in the industry as I’ve started a Record label almost 2 years before, my own imprint Mean Records, so I had already an idea of the whole process..

Cesare Studio

Were there any particular people, parties, labels or moments that significantly influenced you in the early days?

Yes, most definitely. Of course some artists and some people particularly, have been always inspiring my work and the direction of Serialism..but also moments and many experiences are effecting me & consequently the label..At that time we opened Serialism i was impressed and inspired by labels like Playhouse, Mathew Jonson’s Wagon Repair, Benjamin Fehr’s Catenaccio,  Cadenza but also Spectral, Sushitech, Vakant, Circus Company, M_nus, Arpiar and of course above all Perlon..but I had that background of the 90’s that was also pushing my taste to different directions..I felt in love at first sight (a decade before) with Ninja Tune, Warp Records, Domino, !K7, GStone, Mowax..and Soma, Transmat, Underground Resistance..some of those labels had previously made a strong impact in my musical awareness so i guess i naturally followed that line to direct the taste and creative moves of my labels 10 years later (although the music style totally different some creative patterns are common)..most of those label still rock and keep inspiring me and the team..some of them less but I still feel that respect a child has for his parents no matter what..

Would you say it is difficult to set up a record label? What advice would you give to other aspiring label owners?

 That all depends where you wanna be, what you want to achieve..nowadays opening a label is pretty easy;

make/collect a few tunes from friends, prepare a few eps (no matter how bad or good they are),  send to couple digital distributions out there (and there is plenty) that will easily spread your product online at almost no cost and no risk for anyone and with almost no questions asked..this process sounds pretty straight forward and it is. But this is not our is when you want to make something special and work the old school way, printing music on real support (vinyl) and creating a special unique concept, take care of the artists you are promoting, feel the whole process in your heart..that’s where the real pain (but also happiness) will need to invest cash, find a proper vinyl distribution who trust your sound and see a future in the sales and popularity of your will have to go through a process of production, press and distribution where more people are involved..designers, pr agencies, printing & shipping companies, record shops, promoters and so’s pretty rewarding emotionally wise but is a hell of a job..and financially..not worthy the time and energies for sure..


Serialism counts 38 releases up to date with signed artists of the highest calibre. If you were to pick the three most notable “for you” releases that you’ve put out, which would they be?

  • JIN CHOI – Full Range ep incl. Maceo Plex rmx
  • QUENUM – Face to Face Lp (incl. singles) with Cassy, Mathew Jonson, Tiefschwarz, Cesare vs Disorder & rmxs
  • FRANK HAAG – The Future is Absurd ep incl The Mole rmx

These 3 releases each represents an important step of the label in the industry and marks the start of a new era for the team (at different times) during the 10 years of life of the imprint, but I could mention many more that should be marked “notable

What do you constantly strive for with Serialism?

I am constantly searching for a fresh special sound, a unique way to translate it visually with the entire image of the project and the best way to spread it as much as possible to the right people.

Serialism4 NG


You are also an artist in your own right – which is more important? The label or your own music, or do they go hand in hand?

Yes, it is actually difficult sometimes to split myself in 2, the artist and the label. Fortunately I have a team of friends and collaborators sparse all over the world that work constantly behind the label and my moves, to make things happen… and of course the 2 go together, having the label and being able to listen and choose among so much music inspires me, teaches me and help my creativity to achieve my own musical targets.

We’re all aware of the massive increase on record sales in these past few years and so many record labels are popping up constantly. In your opinion, would you consider this as a trend or do you believe that vinyl is actually back to stay? How do you see things will be in the next 5 years for the vinyl record industry?

 It is a great thing that vinyl came back in the market and sales are growing again although I feel it is a sort of trend at the moment. I want to see it as a good thing that will last but I cannot be 100% sure.

I guess the real vinyl lovers won’t stop buying vinyl, it is a drug for many of us and the digital era it’s not a fully working rehab. Needless to say: playing a tune on vinyl is much more rewarding that playing it from a computer or  iphone but one don’t exclude the other one.. Music is music wherever it comes from.

There will be always music lovers, collectors, djs who support this magical feeling. I doubt it will ever stop. Then if we talk about quantities and numbers, that’s another pair of shoes.


Do you feel like there’s anything missing from the electronic music industry at the moment?

Difficult question..the music industry at the moment is over saturated, very dynamic, quick, in continuous evolution. Nobody is safe, nobody have too many 2nd chances, i would be almost comfortable to say it’s merciless. So i guess only the real will survive, the ones who have that plus that comes from experience and real passion, the ones who represent the music as lifestyle, not just as a trend. 

I don’t feel anything is missing directly, I just see things in continuous development. Most of the time business prevails but there is still that variable of pure passion and love in the middle that keeps things real.

What does the future hold in store for you and Serialism?

The future of the label looks bright..we have an amazing sequence of releases in the next months synched with some special parties all over the world. Next on the label is an EP of Cristi Cons & Sublee, Frank Storm with Guido Schnider & Dana Ruh rmx, Azimute incl remixes by Livio & Roby, Alex Kid, Alex Smoke and Anushka, Jin Choi with rmx by Baby Ford, Cesare vs Disorder incl Konrad Black remix, Jichael Mackson, Salvo Castelli with San Proper & Rail (Ilario Alicante) remixes and more releases are planned already but I cannot disclose them yet.


On the event side we have started a series of off location parties in São Paulo (my home now) called Serialism São Paulo every 2 months (we already had Cristi Cons and Rhadoo with us at the first 2 parties and ready to welcome Losoul in May), then we have our 7 years residency at Watergate and a show at IPSE in Berlin,  a show at Frieda Buxe in Zurich, a show at Pacha in Barcelona, one at Glow in Bangkok, another in Ibiza with the Unusual Suspects crew, in Italy few different cities..everyday more shows are popping out around the world work cities are London, Paris, New York, Miami, Sydney, Moscow and many more cities..we will announce all step by step during the year. We are happy things are moving forward on a daily base.

Cesare that’s been great talking to you, thank you for your time! Last question for you. If you could go back in time and relive any given moment from these 10 years with Serialism, which one would it be and why?

Thank you for having me and congratulations for your 5 years in the exclusive podcast business!

There has been so many magical but also difficult moments during 10 years of our life..back of my head I could mention when Quenum & myself met for the first time in person..our good old friend and artist on the label Sierra Sam brought him to our studio (that was start of 2012) in Berlin after we have been talking for months via email and had released an EP from him already..but now it was a special feeling, one of my favourite artists coming to my studio to show me his debut album and propose it for the label..we spent hours listening, talking, laughing… who would have known that on this day a special friendship started and the friendship will never end!  Until today Quenum is one of the most important persons in my life but also a key collaborator of the label for years to come..and of course we are Azimute together 😉

Azimute Exclusive MEOKO Podcase No:237

Azimute MC

Written by Denny Kem. 

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Making Waves: BMC is Back for its Biggest Year

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 BMC preview

 On the 27th-28th April the UK’s biggest electronic music conference and networking event will be taking place. Brighton Music Conference will be a gathering of the industry’s leading delegates for over 50 talks workshops and seminars. In addition to this, there will be some world-class artists performing at the city’s best venues.

 Hot Creations frontman and Elrow resident Patrick Topping will be headlining TAKE at The Arch, performing alongside while The Terrace will have Heptone b2b Carl with A K and Matt Ortarix, and Dan Hayes b2b Regan Bowles are taking over The Hub, with a few other great new artists lined-up too.

On the 26th, things will be kicking off with welcoming drinks. The day after, Wunderground will be back with ‘DJ Blind-Date’ planned, there’s also the PRS Networking Party at BLOCK, The Toolroom Drinks and Native Instrument’s Traktor Cookery School on the 27th.

Constant Circles Label will be holding showcases on the Thursday and Friday, at the No Walls Gallery from 11am to 7pm. They will be seamlessly tying together both music and an exhibition, making it something really special.

On the 28thHorus Music and Afrika Motion will be hosting their respective networking drinks, then there’s Wiggle’s 23rd birthday with On The House, Pioneer DJ and Kuvo. Al Duomo will see the likes of Magnus Asberg, Eddie Richards, Terry Francis and and many more take over for this unmissable event.

Then there’s Berlin Brighton at The Green Door Store, Brapp x BMC presents LEVELZ + more at Patterns, adding some more flavour to it all.


Expect to see some incredible talks from the Professional Theatre, including Save Nightlife with the NTIA, BPI Presents Piracy, and MMF Presents: What Will Management Look Like in 5 Years’ Time on Thursday 27th. Then on the Friday, Creative Law Presents-But it was only a “Cheeky” Re-edit?, there’s also Changing the Tide: How to Promote Diversity in Dance Music and many other insightful and interesting discussions.

For those who are just starting out, BMCs Academy theatre has over 15 panels and workshops lined up including DJ and producer Q&As, industry advice sessions and tech showcases from the best music schools in the UK. Toolroom Academy will also be running a series of workshops. As will Native Sessions with Native Instruments, while there is also a new dedicated networking area for Professional Ticket holders.

BMC Banner2017

With less than a month to go, it is so important to make sure you can grab a ticket before they all sell-out! To make sure you don’t miss out on the coming-together of some of the greatest electronic minds around, buy your tickets here.

Words by Georgia Evans


Just Jack’s 11 Greatest Party Moments

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Just Jack- House Music is turning 11 and to mark the occasion, Meoko has compiled a list of 11 brilliant events from the self-proclaimed vibe merchants, disco peddlers and renegade masters. Over the years, Tom Rio, Dan Wild, Rag Amuffin, Jethro Binns and Rob Shaw have been bringing the boogie. This weekend they’ll be marking their decade-long reign as kings of Bristol’s party house scene with Robert Hood aka Floorplan, Midland, DJ Bone, Optimo, Soichi Terada and many more. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the amazing things they’ve brought us over the last 11years…

Jeremy Underground’s set at Just Jack’s Secret Toilet Party- January 2017

The Just Jack crew really started 2017 in one of the most bizarre and fun ways possible. Setting up a secret tent behind the portals at Bristol’s Motion, then getting Jeremy Underground to perform made for an unforgettable night. Partygoers enjoyed funky house jams while dancing under inflatable ducks, toilet brushes and cuddly poo toys, charming.

15844013 1232570576779459 6877906648266613034 o

DJ Koze takes over the Arnolifini as part of the Altered States- April 2015

The Red Bull Music Academy tour collaborated with the kaleidoscopic party-curators to bring together music and art in Bristol’s Arnolifini Museum. Crowds were thrown into psychedelic fantasies of colour and sound. Koze projected enigmatic images onto the walls to bring together an all-encompassing sensory experience.

10410190 816797455056026 8129690493859031257 n

9th Birthday at fabric- February 2015

Just Jack are a Bristol landmark, but they broadened their horizons for a legendary night at a legendary club. After celebrating their ninth birthday with a massive blowout at Motion, they moved further afield to Farringdon. Here, they brought their own flavour with Terry Francis, John Barera & Will Martin and Tom Rio & Dan Wild all taking to the stage. Bysmashing it in the capital, they proved themselves to be champions of the British house scene.


Just Jack’s Circus Freak Boutique- October 2008 to present.

Just Jack’s Halloween parties are legendary in Bristol. The Circus Freak Boutique is now a tradition. Having been going strong for the last decade, we thought it would be suitable to reflect on the early days, having only been going for a couple of years, the crew were quickly taking off, moving into the bastille that is Motion’s Skatepark. They claimed it would be the most sordid party they’d ever thrown, and they continue to out-do themselves every year since. By 2015, it was headlined by Ricardo Villalobos, Kyle Hall and Sonja Moonear. In 2016, they had Âme. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

14902722 1123069807762121 7351850017135685140 o

Just Jack Presents…Booka Shade- November 2010

What a way to take over In:Motion. Booka Shade, Matt Tolfrey & Geddes, jozif, Buckley, Waifs & Strays , Tom Rio and Dan Wild all blew the crowds minds with this all-star extravaganza. They claim to eat your face off, and they came close.


Illusion Recordings & Just Jack present MR. G- December 2012

Before collaborating with the godfather of the underground scene in 2015, Just Jack hosted a spectacular event at The Garage in Leeds, teaming up with illusion records to provide something truly magical. An intimate setting with unbelievable soundscapes and a living legend, Mr G. What could be better?


Just Jack at Hideout festival Croatia- July 2012

The ‘Noah’s Ark’ themed festival party was one of the first festival appearances for the house mavericks. Bringing their own unique style and sense of humour to the beautiful Pag in Croatia. Hideout was still in its early years but this collaboration blew partygoers out the water (excuse the pun).

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KiNK and Neville Watson with My Love is Underground- December 2013

The return of the Jack. This time in the Empire Theatre. Returning to their hometown after travelling across the UK, these guys made sure to have one hell of a homecoming. Taking over two rooms, they provided an intimate den for high quality acid house and techno, courtesy of Colonel Wrongface himself. The main room saw KiNK and Neville Watson collaborating on a mind-bending blend of anthems while Jeremy Underground and brilliant Brawther threaten to tear the back doors off the place. Unforgettable.


Just Jack Agency Launch- June 2013

This marked a pinnacle moment for the party-planners as they branched out from events to their own label, which has since released some incredible tracks. Stamp the Wax and Just Ticket joined together with the Bristol-born mavericks for a Berlin-style open-air day party at the Riverside Youth Project in Bristol. A monumental occasion that featured Mano Le Tough, James Welsh and Typesun who provided some of the best in house and boogie.

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Just Jack’s 10th Birthday- February 2016

Having established themselves as an institution, they celebrated their tenth birthday in style. Three hours of Seth Troxler and Eats Everything playing back-to-back. Optimo, Hunee, Honey Dijon, and Steffi all marked the occasion. Europe’s biggest DJs all gathered to Motion to mark the last 10 years and to welcome in the next.

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Robert Hood aka Floorplan and Midland for Just Jack’s 11th birthday- February 2017

Ok, even though this hasn’t happened yet, it is guaranteed to be an epic occasion. Following last years extraordinary spectacle, Just Jack are pulling out all the stops to bring one of their biggest and best nights yet. An evening of funk-house and foxy jams will be provided by the stellar line-up; Robert Hood, Midland, Optimo, DJ Bone, Soichi Terada, Jayda G, Tom Rio and Dan Wild. The true originators and the champions of the underground will be taking over Motion of this night of unstoppable fun, funk and festivities.

16115028 1200414553360979 7679706285099121388 n

So there it is, some hand-picked moments from Bristol’s house pioneers. To stay up to date on all the action, have a look at their Facebook page. To listen to some of their fresh tunes, head to their Soundcloud. And to make sure you don’t have FOMO this Saturday, get yourself a ticket to the big 11th birthday bash, here.


Words by Georgia Evans


Romania: The Fertile Ground for Underground Scene

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Rom Banner223

There’s a certain aura that surrounds the electronic music scene of Romania, which has met an unseen development compared to other countries. From humble artists that like their profile as low-key as possible, to parties and after-parties that go on around the clock for days, crowds with an insatiable thirst for high quality events — the Romanians started from scratch the design of their underground scene, more than 20 years ago, with an outcome that acknowledged the interest of the whole world.

The political background and the social context had a lot to do with the start of this current. During communism, finding artwork from any genre of music was a real quest, the access to information being severely controlled and limited back then. Since the forbidden is always desired, the challenge only spiced things up for the ones passionate about music. In the long-term, it made them explore the unknown without being restrained by trends, patterns or following some induced rules. They had freedom and infinite possibilities, something that determined them to develop their own vision without much influence from the outside world, and eventually to come up with something unique.

After communism’s alienation, things slowly started to unfurl. Around ’95, like-minded people started small gatherings, the first ones having crowds of less than 50 people, while young talents like Rhadoo were practicing at the decks. At the turn of the century, the legendary La Mania parties were happening on the Black Sea coast, marking a milestone for what was coming up next. Clubs started to open, such as Zebra or Kristal Club which allowed people with similar interests to meet and organically develop their relationships with the music. Raresh and PetreInspirescu joined this path, and it was not long until their friendship and love affair with music brought them together. Sunrise Booking Agency started as a necessity soon afterwards in 2005. This brought the trio together, and acknowledged Romania as a breeding ground for talented DJs and producers. One year later [a:rpia:r] started their own imprint and got gigs outside Romania, despite the fact that the music they were playing was so different to the style the foreigners had in their vinyl bags.


The year of 2007 represents another milestone. The first Sunwaves Festival took place, and it’s needless to mention its weight in supporting the scene. Also Club Midi opened, the first location in Transylvania exclusively for electronic music, instantly receiving international recognition for the price they put on quality and their spaceship-like venue. Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca emerged as the most homogenous cities around the country that deep-rooted this movement, most of the young talents moving in as these hotspots grew further. In the last 5 years, the evolution reached a higher-pace, with more and more talented people joining the crew. There is a serious love for vinyl, labels and strong brands that have made a name for themselves, be they clubs (Guesthouse) or festivals (Mioritmic, Casino Sinaia, SNRS48, Waha).

The scene in Romania is definitely passion-orientated, paying special attention to local talents and audiences rather than courting international renown. Club owners are focusing a bit more on the whole experience and the special moments they get to live when creating a line-up, instead of the business side. Even when it comes to big events, the promoting is not flaunted, leaving the followers to gravitate themselves towards the happening.

Cluj-Napoca is probably one of the most welcoming destination in Romania, mainly due to the positive energy of the people and the committed organisers. The main promoters make sure to deliver high-quality events and settings, following quality over quantity principle; usually there’s one main party every weekend, but it’s so good that it’s enough. The main promoter – Club Midi –is active during autumn, winter and spring, with Mioritmic festival being their highlight in October; while Alandala organises parties mostly during summertime, making the most of some spectacular venues around the city. 

On the other side, Bucharest is restless: you can go out every day of the week and attend proper parties; it’s no wonder why with so many DJ’s living there. During the week Misbits, MadPiano or Control Club are places you shouldn’t miss, but keep in mind to save some energy for the weekend. No matter if you choose to go out at Guesthouse, Eden or Kristal Club, these places run usually for more than just a night. It’s not a surprise to find Guesthouse open on a Monday. People found their place, and they let themselves be carried by it, wherever it takes them. There’s nothing forced about it, everything flows very naturally, just like the common thing that brings these people together: the music.

In the last few years, the so-called “Romanian sound” phrase was overused when referring to any outcome of the Romanian producers, but its relevance seems to be more like a plate of nationality, since the sound can hardly be defined like this. If you check the quality, variety of the two styles and approaches and the amount of electronic music exported by Romanian producers, you’ll discover differences and diversity. They’re being very exploitative rather than limiting their musical diet to a single genre. They’re split into countless sub-genres, and you’ll notice that they’re very dissimilar one from another.


The most renowned producers coming from Romania developed individualistic experimentation, each and every notable one wearing a personal signature you can’t match. Just to mention a few, take a look at PetreInspirescu, G76, SIT(Vlad Caia b2b Cristi Cons), Barac, Zefzeed, Cezar, Livio&Roby or Suciu – they are anything but similar. From the second you start playing a track, you’re soaked in a story with a driving bassline, clean cuts and strong attitude – each of them wearing their personal trademark. At first it seems harmless; only later do you realize what you’ve gotten into. They’ll get you travelling just to see them playing.


With this organic evolution of the movement in the last 20 years, it’s not surprising that it became appealing to many youngsters to get involved and create something on their own. The number of those who test their skills is growing constantly; but only when an artistic vision, commitment and technical abilities are all present something distinctive will turn out. Authentically learning the mathematical patterns of music and creating tracks from scratch has never failed from being the best recipe of a masterpiece. No matter how many shortcuts there are nowadays, the ones who avoid them make their way to the top. It’s a pleasure to see Romania has a handful of producers that still think this way. This goes hand in hand with their low-key profile policy, by keeping a sort of mystery regarding themselves and their work, from tons of unreleased artworks to limited vinyl runs and the very rare interviews.

VladC MC

Romania has one of the most dazzling night lives, with lush soundscapes and visuals that anchor your mind with ease. From festivals to clubs, the video-mapping is one of the highlights of a night: accentuated and ambiguous — they make out of a record more than the sum of its parts, sounding richer and more nuanced the more you lose yourself in the panorama in front of your eyes. The parties go for days; the idea of playing long sets fuses with the DJs desire to express their vision: there’s no rush. Starting from its inherited natural locations, you’ll have one of your best party experiences in Romania due to the fusion between organizers, line-up, visuals and friendly people.

With a growing interest from people based outside Romania, it’s a pleasure to see how the scene managed to maintain an intimate and welcoming vibe rarely found nowadays, and an up-for-it crowd, in a restless search of the track-IDs. The scene was enforced with music of various levels of understanding, not something that the Romanians invented, but something where they had a meaningful contribution. It’s now about a lot more than making people dance.

Words by Bianca

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