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The Lessizmore 10 Years ‘Forever Never More’ Review

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Upon their tenth year Lessizmore have released [LesIzmo:r] 10 Years ‘Forever Never More’ a compilation that is nothing short of amazing. Expertly put together in a well thought out three part release the track selection represents the labels ten-year journey, showcasing artists the label has both collaborated and had at events over the years. From humble beginnings in the notorious Parisian club Le Triptyque to Brussels legendary Fuse, the labels sound has developed and evolved since it laid down roots in 2006. This journey is translated effortlessly through the well thought out compilation, which label owners Jessica Bossuyt and Fuse resident Pierre Noisiez have pieced together, communicating the labels creative vision which has grown over the last decade.  

LIM12 – Lessizmore 10 Years #1 

For the first EP Birdsmakingmachine delivers F for Flasas a moody stripped back track that has a somewhat eerie feeling to it with a deep warm base line. Deadbeat follows suit in the form of a futuristic dubby techno beat with robotic vocals interwoven into a rolling drumbeat. For the last track Lessizmore new signing Louis McGuire serves up Buffeting Tuft, a dark minimal industrial track which transports you to the underground clubs of Berlin. LIM12 is a strong first installment to the three part release celebrating the labels 10 year journey.  


LIM13 – Lessizmore 10 Years #2 

LIM14 – Lessizmore 10 Years #3 

This three part release is a credit to the label and showcases all of its strengths by encompassing the quality of the talent and events hosted over the past decade in Europe and beyond. You should purchase the complete collection, something tells me this is just the beginning.  

Purchase here: 




Words: Mahala Ashley  

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No So Serious: Talking Condiments and Fashion with Floyd Lavine

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Floyd Lavine has lived a life we can all dream of, starting off his DJ career in his hometown Cape Town, moving to London to explore his music passion further and now bringing is original mixing style to the techno capital of Berlin (being a resident for RISE at Watergate). He is one of the most diverse selectors around and his gigs have varied from small intimate Cape Town parties to Glastonbury and Wanderlust. We were lucky enough to get in touch with the incredibly cool and funny DJ/ producer and we had a not so serious chat with him to find out a little bit more as well as a brand new mix!

The best ever after party song?


Well this depends on the mood of the of the after party, but Phreakymotherfucker by Mike dunn or if its a freaky after party it’s moody and dark the moodymann ‘s freaky mother fucker ha! 


What makes a Cape Town party special?

Well Cape Town is a beautiful city and I guess it depends on the vibe you looking for. You can get amazing outdoors festivals or you can be at a really cool warehouse spot like ColorBox which host some really cool parties or be in-town and be at night clubs Era night club or Vice City or Waiting Room . there are some cool and fun peeps in Cape town so I would say the people make the party special in cape town .

What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

The Craziest dream I had was me in wonderland looking for Alice…I found her and we went to a after party 😉 just the 2 of us .


Your funniest ever story?

I have too many to mention but it all starts with this one time at an after party haha

Something nobody would believe about you?

I guess there a loads of things but the most is that I actually love drinking Tea loads of different types of Tea …and i love scrolling on Facebook. ha! until my wrist hurts

You’re a very stylish guy but we all make our mistakes…what’s your biggest fashion error?


My worst mistake was wearing all Black haha i tried it Damn thats so boring . i love colors .. for me colors represent a mood, the feeling of life and expressiveness and fun, not taking life to seriously but enjoying it . u know . ..


Who is your biggest inspiration in this world?

My Family is number 1 and apart from that – looks for me the closest people to me are all my inspiration they shape who I am. So I only keep people around me that challenge me to be a better person

Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly and why?

Fly baby flyyyyy . why because flying is fun . and also it will be cheaper to fly home.

Your favourite condiment?

Chilli and Mustard, chilli brings the spice and mustard gives an unexpected kick


The three things you couldn’t live without?

A kick drum , my small donkey and my rave kit 😉

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

I embarrass myself nearly everyday but you know what I’m starting to feel more comfortable cos it means I’m trying … you have to be comfortable in your “humanness ” to be ok with being embarrassed .


Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

Yeah Mr wonkymann haha he comes out on the weekend and at after-hours

Tell us a secret…nobody’s listening!

I cut my toes nails yesterday … eeeeuw

 13891847 10207772424882665 3154367025116096840 n

If you could create one law what would it be?

Everybody must just create, that will be the law , cos i believe that everybody has the ability to be creative . 🙂


Check out Floyd’s exclusive MEOKO mix!


 Floyd’s Soundcloud

MEOKO Internship 2016

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Bird-2---meoko 1

MEOKO is a forward thinking and creative lifestyle brand, with a primary focus on the global underground electronic music and events scenes; passionate about promotion and high quality event services.

MEOKO Ltd, the event and promo agency, offers event and physical/online promotional services to a strong network of London and the UK’s best promoters, artists, record labels, clubs/bars, PR agencies, artist agencies, management companies, festivals and charities. Beyond music, MEOKO opens up its interests to culture, art, fashion and food…

Some of our clients have included fabric, We Are FSTVL, Sonus Festival, Lovebox, SW4, Sunwaves14, Street Feast, Kerb Food, LWE, Egg, Fire, WYS, Spilt Milk, Oval Space, Found, DJ Mag, Firefly International, Camden Lock Brewery and Westminster City Council to name just a few. As well as promotion, MEOKO is passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists.


We are currently looking for two hard-working, passionate individuals who have a strong knowledge of electronic music and are organised and reliable.

We are willing to take on board a Graphic Design Intern and an Editorial Intern.

Both positions represents a great opportunity for whoever is interested in pursuing a career in music or events industry.

During this internship you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press agencies, festivals, designers and so on. You will get a very close look inside the industry across many different sectors. Moreover, you will be able to build a professional  portfolio, by being actively involved with all MEOKO Projects and by producing features/designs on a daily basis.


You should share an interest in electronic music and promotion as well as holding either a PR/Journalism degree or a Design/Creative background. Any extra skill will be a bonus.

He or she must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well as an individual or part of a team. This is a hands -on roll so please only apply if you feel you have what it takes to work as part of an extremely busy, sometimes stressful yet very exciting environment.

The successful candidates will be supporting the team and be an effective and trusted interface for MEOKO, providing a point of contact for external collaborations and enquiries.


EDITORIAL INTERN – press & social media

 Main Duties will include but not be limited to:

  •          writing features and news pieces
  •          writing events and albums previews/reviews
  •          writing mix descriptions
  •          contributing to the daily running of the magazine
  •          managing and maintaining websites contents
  •          contacting Dj’s, producers and record labels (client liaisons)
  •          managing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  •          managing MEOKO Soundcloud page
  •          copy editing texts
  •          contributing to MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)
  •          organizing and writing interviews
  •          listing hottest London’s event by week
  •          admin duties


  •          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience
  •          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment
  •          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative
  •          excellent English skills, both verbal and written
  •          must be computer literate (word, photoshop or gimp)
  •          good presentation skills, in writing and person
  •          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment
  •          have an eye for details
  •          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload
  •          self-motivated, friendly and positive
  •          social media literate
  •          enhanced research skills
  •          be able to work on close deadlines


Main Duties will include but not be limited to:

  •          creating banners and designs of different natures for MEOKO
  •          contributing to the daily running of the magazine
  •          managing and maintaining websites contents
  •          uploading contents on the website
  •          occasionally help with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  •          looking for interesting pictures/videos to publish on social media or to work with
  •          helping with MEOKO series (e.g. Music Through Pictures, Sound of the City, Not so Serious)
  •          admin duties


  •          applicants must be educated to degree level in a relevant subject or have equivalent professional experience
  •          proficiency in Photoshop (or Gimp)
  •          being IT literate
  •          must be able to work efficiently in a fast pace environment
  •          being a great team player as well as being able to work on own initiative
  •          excellent English skills, both verbal and written
  •          good presentation skills, in writing and person
  •          must have enhanced multi-tasking skills, be able to work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment and respect deadlines
  •          have an eye for details
  •          excellent organizational skills and the ability to cope with a demanding workload
  •          self-motivated, friendly and positive
  •          social media literate


MEOKO is looking for creative individuals to come up with always new and interesting ideas. If you have a good idea, we are more then happy to have you realizing it!

Successful candidates must own their own laptop and be able to work at least 4 days a week, from 10 to 6 over 4 months.

Travel expenses will be covered.

To apply for the internships, please send to CV and covering letter, explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO, what you will bring to the position and listing  your three favourite artists and three favourite labels.

Please write ‘MEOKO Summer Internship 2016 – editorial’ or ‘MEOKO Summer Internship 2016 – graphic design’ in the subject case.

Sonar Off Week – MEOKO TOP 11

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As many of you know we are just in the thick of things of one of the biggest weeks of the electronic music calendar. This June the 23rd edition of Sonar festival will be taking place, however, we have decided to cast our curious eye on the ever expanding OFF Parties that seem to get bigger and better every year. Starting on Monday the 13th running through till the 20th, there will be an unbelievable series of day and night time parties to feast your mind, body and soul on.

Hosted by all kinds of brands, artists, labels, & promoters it really is the who’s who of the dance music industry, and what better backdrop could you ask for than the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona. Scattered across the scenic city you will be able to find parties, on rooftops, on the beach, round a pool, outside museums and squares in the heart of the city. There is even an extremely picturesque abandoned monastery playing host to several parties across the week. What more could you ask for?

Although this proved very hard to whittle it down to our top ten picks (as there are so many incredible parties on offer), here they are:

Melisma X Pressure Traxx in Collaboration with MEOKO
Sala Plataforma
16th June, 00:00-6:30
Who’s Playing? Einzelkind, Giuliano Lomonte, Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela, Phillipe Liard
Yes you did read that correctly. We are teaming up with two of the biggest names of the underground scene, for a showcase of their finest talent. Swiss Based Melisma and the famous Pressure Traxx are both renowned for pushing boundaries, and this night will be no different when we unite to take over the 24 year old Sala Plataforma, a household name of the Barcelona night life.

An exclusive pre-party will be held at a secret private club from 17.00 till 22.00, Limited tickets available at the venue.

Melismapressuretraxx square meoko22

[A:RPIA:R] Showcase
Poble Espanyol Picnic Area
When? 16th June, 14:00-01:00
Who’s Playing? Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh, Cezar, Dubtil
A magical journey in the sunshine at one of the most enchanting settings of the city, that sounds great to us. The picnic area creates an atmosphere like no other. Many are familiar with the Arpiar boys, but without fail they supply you with a unique experience only they can provide. Joined by the talented Cezar and Dubtil, this really will be a Romanian masterclass not to be missed. We can not wait for that Arpiar sunset.
Hosted by local heavyweight promoters Loud-Contact and 0300F.

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Toi.Toi. Musik. 6 Years Birthday
Input High Fidelity Dance Club
When? 16th June 21:00-06:30
Who’s Playing? SECRET GUEST (UK), Ion Ludwig (Live), Hello?Repeat Soundsystem (Jan Krueger & Daze Maxim), Steve O’Sullivan (Live as Bluetrain), Audio Werner, Losoul, Voigtmann, Lamache, Dafoe

6 magical years have flown by with the Toi.Toi. family, spreading love and happiness wherever they go. And what better way to celebrate their birthday than in the heart of Barcelona, with as always, a careful selection of artists they adore, and that are loved by so many. Over the years we have seen them go from strength to strength, from a night, to a record label, and an agency, and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Fantastic artists, and run by fantastic people. There is always such a unique atmosphere when Toi.Toi. are in town and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table for their birthday bash.

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Get Perlonized
Poble Espanyol Picnic Area
When? 17th June, 14:00-01:00
Who’s Playing? Zip, Markus Nikolai (Live), Maayan Nidam, Fumiya Tanaka, Sammy Dee.

Usually tucked away in the dark depths of Panorama Bar, we had to include this day party, as it is a rare occasion to see the Perlon crew surrounded by mother nature, in such a fantastic location. Founders Zip & Nikolai will head proceedings, and are joined by some label regulars, so you can guarantee they will give you a day for the history books. As the day turns in to night, the magic will really start to happen.

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IR Presents People like Us
El Monasterio
When? 16:00-01:00
Who’s Playing? Kink (Live), Guti (Live), Schwarzman (Henrik Schwarz + Ame, Live), Premiesku (Live), Job Jose, Moreon + Baffa.
Remember that picturesque abandoned monastery we were talking about, well this is it. What better way to celebrate having such a lovely backdrop and panoramic views of the city than having 5+ hours of live music. You can’t argue with that.  Germany based, People Like Us and local promoters IR BCN have teamed up to take over this dynamic space, bringing something very special to the table. Expect to be moved.

Lola Ed Vs Half Baked
Fact Music Pool
When? 18th June, 13:00-23:00
Who’s Playing?
Lola Ed Vs Half Baked: Apollonia (3 Hours), Premiesku, Le Loup, Molly, Julietta, John Dimas, Greg Brockmann.
Checkpoint Stage: Nicolas Lutz, SIT (Live), S.A.M, Baraso, Rainer, Rick Maia, Sampol, Sonodab.
The Fact Music Pool Series has become a firm fixture during OFF week, and a favourite to many. A fantastic spread of parties during the course, however, this hands down caught our eye the most. First of all the Lola Ed crew & Half Baked teamed up to curate a day of pure grooves, spearheaded by the French maestros Apollonia. Stage 2 is hosted by local club Checkpoint, offering a feast of sounds. We are especially looking forward to SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia) delivering their poolside live set, definitely a journey not to be missed.

IR Presents: FRRC By Ricardo Villalobos
Placa Mayor
When? 18th June, 16:00-01:00
Who’s Playing: Ricardo Villalobos (Exclusive Show), Cobblestone Jazz (Live), Sonja Moonear, DeWalta & Shannon (Live), Craig Richards, Mirus.

The largest out of all of the venues over the week, holding around 5000 people, Placa Mayor plays host to a very special event, headlined by an exclusive set from Ricardo Villalobos. Whilst taking in the culture & architecture in the heart of the city you will experience a live performance of DeWalta & Shannons latest LP on Indigo Raw that we covered last month, and they are joined by famous trio Cobblestone Jazz. Huge favourite of ours Sonja Moonear will also be taking the reins in what is set to be a beautiful Saturday in the city.12828316 1321148507901622 885098939040236124 o

Elrow Off Week Special
ROW 14
When? 19th June, 09:00-22:00
Elrow seems to be appearing more and more frequently, spreading further afield than its Barcelona home at an extremely fast rate. We had to include this in our top ten because where else can you get a better Elrow experience than its original birth place. A day time fiesta beginning early in the day rolling through till late at night at Row14. A fun filled party full of fancy dress, confetti, and inflatables, providing an exciting atmosphere like no other.

Sunday Breakfast
ZT Hotel Villa Olympica
When? 19th June, 14:00-23:00
Who’s Playing? DeWalta, Valentino Kanzyani, Barac, Gianni Callipari, Sandro Kuhne.
If inflatable flamingos, and ice blasts of confetti are really not your thing, Switzerland based Sunday Breakfast have crafted a great day of music for you. Wizards Valentino Kanzyani, and Barac are joined by the groove master DeWalta for a perfect balance to your Sunday soundtrack. Oh, did we mention it’s a rooftop party, fantastic.

Fuse Barcelona
INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club
When? 19th June, 23:00-06:00
Who’s Playing? Livio & Roby, Molly, Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich NXT, Rossko, Archie Hamilton, Dan Farserelli
Far, far away from the grey skies of London, the Fuse boys have decided to spread their wings to one of the latest reformed clubs in Barcelona, INPUT. It’s always nice to catch their unbelievable sound outside of the hustle and bustle of the city they call home. Joined by the usual suspects Moscow Records owner Archie Hamilton and regular face Dan Farserelli, we are especially looking forward to seeing what Rex Club resident Molly has on offer.

So there you have it, our top picks of OFF week 2016. See you all in Barcelona, for what is shaping up to be an amazing week.

The Spirit Train at Afrikaburn – A Greater Purpose. A review of 2015 and what this year has instore for us.

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ab1 copy

I recall sitting on a dust-covered camping mattress – about as deflated as my motivation to continue, when the first notion of what would be a life-changing and character-defining process would impregnate itself into my consciousness. I sat quietly for some time, amongst the noise of my surroundings as I processed the possibility of manifesting this idea into reality. I felt a necessity for change, and the gravity of such was enough to set my cogs churning for years to come. It’s easy for outlandish ideas (in such an expressive space such as Afrika Burn) to get lost amongst spontaneous chatter and an intoxicated lapse of memory. But I am not one for weightless words … and so I said: “next year we are building a train.” What at first seemed an unrealistic concept and perceived by many as fantasy later became a reality. Nine months later to be precise – a perfect incubation period for our baby, Lobo. 

 mike 8


I broke my Burn virginity in 2009 as I embarked on a new life in Cape Town after departing from Durban in my car. I had just returned from a soul-searching adventure in South America, which included a search for an ayahuasca journey (which found me in the magical hilltops of Cusco, Peru). I had heard something about this annual ‘gathering of the arts’ and decided to head straight to the festival from Durban with what I could load into my car and my sights set on Cape Town to start afresh. With the festival still in its infancy and my head unsettled for the move ahead, I experienced only the surface of what Afrika Burn really is. It would take two more years to experience beyond the creatively free space that Burn provides, and engage in a deeper state of conscious flow. 


Afrika Burn 2013 – my most memorable Burn thus far, and where I connected with what would be a future friend and creatively motivating partner – But Corpaci. I think it is this kind of duality – of freedom and connectivity that I experienced that gives us a new understanding of what a money-less society and community represents. A space devoid of hierarchy, a space to remove yourself from ego and explore random acts of selflessness. There was a natural flow to my experience of 2013, where I wanted for nothing and began to see this environment as a wealth of information – for you to use if you choose. The information is available, from those you attract or yourself – if you look hard enough. 


“That can’t be the Clan” I said, as I stared with irreverence at the peculiar rabbit installation of 2014 (which was indeed the Clan). ‘The Trickster’ theme was in full effect and weighed considerably on the atmosphere of Afrika Burn 2014. My least enjoyable year thus far – however a very poignant year in the greater scheme of things. Some dark moments of internal questioning and external experience would ultimately manifest something so beautiful and realise a concept born from circumstance. Three words came to me at Afrikaburn 2014 (in reference to myself): logical, resourceful and capable. These are qualities I believe to possess and wished

to make better use of for the following year, with a carefully chosen crew to create something special. That was pivotal to the project, and so too was the spirit of the crew. And so I sat there on that deflated mattress (surrounded by playful banter and general oral fodder) and blurted out: “let’s build a train …” One year later I would be wiping tears from my eyes standing in the heart of this majestic wolf train, listening to the first soundtrack (curiously named ‘Waiting For A Train’) and watching young and old running besides what felt like a UFO landing on Mother Earth ! 


Afrika Burn 2014 blew over and after a few months of the concept lingering in my head I decided it was time to commit and attempt to find those who may embark on this ambitious adventure with me. Little did I realise the challenge that lay ahead. However a crew was formed and most importantly plans galvanised with the full commitment and passion of But Corpaci, who brought with him a very logical and thorough approach to life and technical skillset to implement our ideas. Our concept became a consolidated vision on the day of January 5th 2015 as we headed for the beach with my puppy ‘Edge’ (who was without doubt an inspiration for the wolf, project mascot and smile giver to all who met him throughout). The train received an identity that day, which brought the story home of the spiritual aspect that is an

intrinsic part of the tale. An organic progression and culmination of circumstance deeply rooted in conscious awareness. Sounds like an illusion of literacy but, in fact a true story. But and I would soon be sitting for countless hours, brainstorming design, logistics and functionality of every facet of the project. It consumed our minds and became difficult to ignore – often struggling to fall asleep at night. We faced insurmountable challenges throughout – particularly in the early stages of the design process. With such a large art project our biggest enemies were space & time – fittingly so, since Lobo needed so much of it. Funding was, funnily enough not our biggest challenge because of the sheer joy the project was injecting into our souls, and we knew we would fund it ourselves if we had to. So that’s largely what we did, without a moment of regret. 

mike 2

mike 3

Words are few to adequately colour the spectrum of emotion we experienced and the guidance we received from what I can only believe was a divine force – generated through pure passion and dedication. From the highways in the sky … to the poetic timing of Buffy (head artist) crossing our path as we spoke of him … the no-mans’ land in the heart of the CBD which sits against train tracks and is owned by a fellow named Rael (which ultimately became the home for Lobo) … the Equadorian Sculptor, Javier – who presented himself after we decided we needed a sculptor … and Chris Barnaard (our chef & photographer) with the unbelievably fitting name for the man who would nourish those who kept the heart of Lobo alive. An inspired process of synchronicity and creativity that brought strangers together and will hopefully live on inside of us for many years to come. What has since unfolded (certainly on personal levels for our crew) has organically embodied its name-sake, and the spirit in which it began – that of selflessness. We have endeavoured to think beyond ourselves and start a fund for an under-privileged 14year-old kid who had the misfortune of a near-fatal accident with us during the course of the project. Though no fault of our own, we visited him in hospital and were touched by both the child’s bravery and sadness, and we sympathised for his dire living conditions. The Spirit Train is a medium for us to offer him a better chance at life and feel the love he has been deprived of thus far. We hope to introduce him to our crew at Burn 2016 and integrate him into a community of love and opportunity. Therein lies the magic of sharing an original project in a community that are transformed through its deeply challenging dynamics. We sought to bring life to a train, but this train has a name – affectionately known as Lobo.

Original sketch of Lobo (credit Buffy)


As a youth (ages 8 onwards) I felt a deep sense of questioning, of seeking out purpose … with a distinct sense of insignificance as a human on this earth. We function like ants with apparent purpose but actual insignificance – or so it seemed to me then. I wanted to make a difference (be it big or small) and have since maintained this insatiable thirst to do something radical. I feel I have done this with The Spirit Train and have just wet the lips of my untapped creative force. I feel justified, extremely satisfied, stronger, inspired … but overall I feel transformed. 


Up-to-the-minute review: The crew are working hard and ready to bring Lobo home to the dust with a polished coat and microchips tweaked. Some original, unfinished creative plans from year one are now a reality, along with some other exciting, interactive modifications within the 6D design (rooftop platform above the Dj booth / increased & improved soundrig / LED circulatory system complete & more). And then there’s the story of the train station ! Well, we wanted to make our dancefloor experience that much more surreal and cozy. We threw the idea out via our Facebook page and were delighted to meet a German crew (named Wanderzirkus) who took the concept and ran with it, like a hyperactive dog with the morning newspaper. The structure will be based on an elevated platform that can be accessed by stairs. The ground floor will be a place to get some shadow during the day, hang out, listen to some train station tunes and enjoy the view. The station will have stairs on the inside that will lead to the side balconies and a watchtower. During the night the station will transform into a massive dancing platform. Of course the station will get a clock and you’re gonna meet some (un)usual train station characters !

original sketch of dj booth: (credit Buffy)

dj booth

There will be a fundraiser event in Berlin (20 March) for Hauptbahnhof Station Link:  CLICK HERE plus there will be a Decompression/Fundraiser event in Cape Town, SA (07 May) for The Spirit Train Link: – CLICK HERE



More Afikaburn

MEOKO & One Night presents New Years Day with Alex Celler / Nu-Zau – Melodie – Derek & Thomas Purton

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MEOKO wass born in 2011 five years on, the music and events platform is going from strentgh to strength, always trying to bring you the freshest in electronic music and what is going on around the world, this year MEOKO itself  is  taking over the patronage on New Years Day and teaming up with One Night to bring you some of the finest and freshest talents around to make you party till the early hours of 2016.



Its that kind of event which will make you want to travel until the end of the world – and beyond – only to be part of whatever it may be. It is more than exciting to become part of something which is a little off the radar yet so vanguard it is more than just surprising that this is happening. It does, as if by magic, in this exact constellation: Alex Cellar. Nu-Zau. Derek. Melodie.  And Thomas Purton. Look no further.

NYD A5 TXTAll these amazing artists – some of the most remarkable and up and coming underground artists around –  make up the nucleus of this fantastic party, all brought together in one single night which is bound to be an excess of fresh frequencies and fantastic frolics, thanks to our teams great artist curatorship.

Headliner is Alex Celler of Trelik, Tuning Spork and Concealed fame. No stranger to MEOKO lovers, he is a safe bet for a fantastic workout on the dancefloor. The greek master of all things modular has dance music in his vains: his old man used to run a discotheque in Thessaloniki. It’s the total biography clichee, but Alex got his first fix through his record collection. With his move to London in 2004 where he picked up his studies in sound engineering, Alex became serious about making music for the dancefloor that “has its own personality, its own story to tell, its own vibe and groove“.  He resisted until 2014 to submit a demo to Trelik, one of his most admired labels, and got picked up by Baby Ford after investigating modular synth sounds. It seems like the quest to creating the most forward-thinking, alien sounds possible has paid off, so join him on his voyage.

Alex Celler Exclusive Mix – Listen HERE

Read Full interview HERE


He is backed up by the creme de la creme of the up and coming next wave of amazing Romanian DJs and producers: Nu-Zau, known for his output on Uvar and Soul Inn Records, is about endless alterations and rhythms, 
sounds, percussions, basslines. Growing up with hip-hop sounds, he was also heavily influenced by the minimal sounds that were all of a sudden cropping up all around him in Bucarest with the a:rpia:r crew being the centre of things. Nu-Zau’s way sparse, stripped-back productions originally owe a lot to their aesthetics, yet he has been pushing the boundaries even further with his efforts on on the glitchier, more drawn-out side of electronic music, culminating in the release of his debut album through pioneering minimal imprint Archipel in 2012. Sincethen, Nu-Zau has been busy developing Uvar, his own label, and exploring sounds in all its facets.

Derek is probably the most remarkable newcomer hailing from Romania right now. Only 21 years old, just signed to MEOKO agency and having released his first record at 16 which saw him spinning alongside Tania Volcano in Ibiza before he was legally allowed to enter liquor stores in some countries, and this laid back been-there-seen-it-all attitude explains his approach to sound and production: really open-minded and without any need to rush things: he just knows how to follow his instincts. His recent string of releases on labels like Parang and Hourglass are just the tip of the iceberg.

Read Full interview on introducting Derek on MEOKO – Click HERE 

In a similar vain, deep thinker Melodie, similarly fine and fresh, is another safe bet when it comes to producing unpredictable, intelligent sound.  He is connected to the machines, in order to produce emotional music, which in turn, results in better understanding of emotion. After landing a release of Metereze, Raresh’s label, the tracks had been set for him to keep exploring., and he has not stopped ever since, only gaining momentum.

Read more about Melodie in Resident Advisor – Breaking Through

Last but not least Thomas Purton, also hailing from Bukarest, and one of the newest additions to the scene.

We are excited to be there with all of you fancy faces.  Time to huddle up with like-minded music heads and dance like nobody is watching us…just how it all began.

Not only is MEOKO a quality source for all things techno and house, this fantastic music resource is at the forefront of bringing quality artists to the right spot at the right time.

For more information on MEOKO and what we do, go to .


For more info and tickets fot this limited capacity event – click here 

Alex Celler: Exclusive Interview + Mix

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Alex Cellar Banned

MEOKO are extremely proud to add Alex Celler into the mix series, who has supplied us with a wicked hour of stompy and sophisticated sounds. Featuring deep digs from as far back as 97’, this is a fascinating insight into Alex’s minimal mind with some stunning selections that ooze heat and grit. I caught up with the lovely Greek to find out a bit more about his love of modular, Villalobos and his latest release on Trelik. #207. Listen here.

Hey Alex! So where were you born in Greece and what were your early influences musically? 

Hey! Okay I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. It might sound cliche but my father actually did have a massive record collection (about 5.000 pieces) as since 1979 he owned one of the first Discos in town. There was tons of jazz there, fusion, funk, disco, soul and a bit of rock but recently i discovered some super rare original versions of disco singles too like Ahzz – New York’s Movin (1981) and High Frequency – Summertime (1980). I was very excited as you can imagine. While growing up my parents would listen mostly to funk, soul and jazz, so those were my first memories, along with music of the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis which our nursery & elementary schools introduced us to, quite a choice i have to say.

Do you remember the first influential (house music) tune you heard? Also what was the scene like in Greece?

Kenlou – The Bounce was certainly the first track that really blew me away when i was young. That must have been back in the late 90’s. I was 13-14 at the time and a friend of my dad gave him a CD with some Greek DJ’s CD mix with loads of house tunes. It was the first house music i’ve heard, Masters at Work and other solid straight up house jams. The first record i bought was Attaboy – New World on Toko records from the UK. Cool deep house, but back in the day apart from a friend of two there was very few people to help me get started and introduce me to good house & techno records, so it took me sometime till i discovered the really inspiring stuff few years later. I left Greece in 2004 so i really didn’t get to see much of the scene back in the day. There were some influential clubs like Faz in Athens in the early 90’s, Plus Soda and Umatic also come to mind. Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos was a blast in the early 2000’s also and Decadence & Venue in Thessaloniki but i didn’t get to see much of that. When i was growing up there was loads of progressive house and psy-trance going on, i was exposed to that a lot, some very interesting records in those genres too, but not ultimately my kinda thing.

1077292 10152663105017311 4369282171897477941 o

When did you start making music? What was it like?!

I started making music about 2001 or so. I still use the same program i used back then, the dated and archaic Sony Acid, which is – sadly – not in production anymore.  People wonder, but in reality all you need is a good soundcard, good speakers and quality hardware. The DAW is not as hugely important as people think, although this is debatable. My first tracks were surely very average prog house mixed with tech house and also super hard techno.

And moving to London in 2004… How did that all come about?

Since the late 90’s i was reading DJ Magazine, Mixmag, Musik and i was really into what was happening in the UK,  Fabric, The End, The Cross, Ministry of Sound, it was all a dream world for me. I knew that it was a very important place for electronic music and i did speak English, so naturally it was my best bet. Staying home wasn’t an option as i knew i wanted to be in the most influential place i could possibly be – in regards with house & techno. Thankfully my parent agreed to help me study music engineering so in September of 2004 i started my studies at SAE College.

I would say your music is deeper than your average track in terms of emotion and meaning. Do you always try to write about experiences / emotions instead of just making club music?

For me, that’s the exact goal, to hit the nail in the head and find the right balance between ”writing about experiences & emotions” and ”making club music”. If you focus more in one rather than the other, you mind end up with something which carries a lot of emotion but doesn’t necessarily move people and has little effect on the dance floor. Or the exact opposite: you might end up with a functional, groovy track which doesn’t stand out, it’s just a groove and will be easily forgotten. I see each track of mine as separate entity, as a unique existence and non-replicated event which has it’s own personality, it’s own story to tell, it’s own vibe and groove.  If all these things don’t come together in harmony and if all the frequencies and the elements don’t coincide, then i don’t consider the track finished. That’s why although i have literally hundreds of unreleased tracks, i rarely release or share them with friends. Because i don’t think they are fully complete, mature or worthy of being presented. One needs to make no concession when making music, you gotta be strict with yourself and only present the very best of the best.


I know Ricardo is a big influence in your music, what is it about him that inspires you so much?

It’s impossible to put that in a box. Ricardo is a perfectionist and a complete purist in the way he approaches music and sound, in every possible way. He presents to you his compositions in it’s most perfect form, at least this is how i perceive it. Every single thing is inspiring in his productions. Where does one start? The infectious groove & the drum programming? The deep musicality and melodiousness? The absence of anything redundant and it’s pure edginess? The authority by which the music manifests itself, it’s stomp and its’ thud? His impeccable mixdowns and the audiophile level sound quality & recording techniques? The boldness, the fresh sound design on his synths or the inventiveness of the vocals? Or maybe the attitude of the actual groove and of the music, which caries tons of tones and tons of bravery too.  Maybe it’s the unpredictability and it’ refreshing, futuristic scope that i enjoy the most, that’s what inspires me the most. His music sounds alien, from another planet, from the future; but is mixed with an unstoppable, infectious groove. It really moves you, but its also so edgy. Genius combination.

We covered your latest EP Haz on Trelik, how has it been going and how did you begin your relationship with Baby Ford?

So far so good, i am very glad with the way things are going. Releasing in a record label with such history as Trelik is a privilege and i am feeling blessed for that. In regards with the record getting signed and my relationship with Baby Ford, that goes back some time. In 2009 i set a long-term plan and made some decisions. I took a big loan and invested time & money in my studio. I also put in selfish amount of working hours in making music. Props to my partner at that time for putting up with that. I wanted to get signed with a big record label of Trelik´s caliber. At that time most of my friends smiled at me with some sympathy, mixed with amusement i´d say. That was of course expected, but you gotta be in it to win it. The hardest part is being patient: you usually only get one chance and you can’t waste it. I resisted the temptation many times to submit a demo over the past 5 years, as i felt my music wasn’t good enough. But come November 2014, i finally decided i had some tracks Peter may like and gave him a CD, in Fabric along with the 7th release in our record label Sylphe (run by myself and Kreon). Then Peter pulled of his bag the 2nd release of Sylphe and told me it was one of his favorite records that year, so i guess that helped a bit. A month a half later, on Boxing day 2014, we agreed with Peter for the next Trelik release, TR027, to be 2 track of mine Haz & Pacificon. A truly unique Christmas present i’d say.

TR27 A-2

And what was the meaning behind Haz in the end…

Haz is one of these tracks that was made in the flick of a moment over one session. Not much thinking put into it. My mind was in ”fun” mode, which is by far the most productive mode when in studio. Also, Haz was made with Gemini in mind. It’s my tiny tribute to him and inspired from his work if you like. Dedicated to his huge heritage and influence in our scene. Also, i’ll give you another insight. Baby Ford had initially chosen two other tracks of mine to release: Adios and Sam’s Shuffle. Then, one evening we were chilling in my studio and my girlfriend was around too. She said out of the blue ”Why don’t you play to Peter that track you have sitting around, Haz”? At that moment i was caught by surprise as i didn’t expect that suggestion from her and also never considered releasing or submitting Haz as a demo. Props to her, Peter was excited to hear Haz (and Pacificon a bit later) and decided to replace the initially signed tracks with the ones that came out now. Crazy how life turns out some time!

I know you are a big digger and this mix is full of wicked records… what were your thoughts / feelings when you were making this mix?

You’ll have to excuse me for this, i have to be completely honest: making mixes in the studio on my own, live or not isn’t so much fun, so i always see mixes or podcasts as a arduous, demanding task. I think that nothing beats the actual moment where you play in the club and interact with people. To be fair however, making a mix on your own lets you give another perspective to mixing, maybe a more chilled one where you can pick and choose records without the pressure of time running out and – why not – sometimes make better choices.

There is definitely a modular feel to all the tracks too. Do you have a modular system and how important are machines and these systems in your productions / track selections?

Indeed in this mix some tracks do have modular sounds/soundscapes, i do like edgy sounds i admit. I have been building a Eurorack modular system since 2011. It really is a beautiful thing, sounds beautiful and looks beautiful. It also it is a real addiction, should you decide to invest in it seriously. Modular systems are like women: You need time to understand them, but you never really know what they want. You to invest money for them, but it’s never enough! Modular systems have a life of their own, one day you can be patching and it sounds awful and next day for no apparent reason you got the most serious sounds going on. They really are at the forefront of sound design, presenting us to a whole new world of sonic capabilities, sounds from the future. To this day i have, curiously, met more people who actually have given up on modulars, rather than those who actually stayed true to them. I guess that’s partially because of the complexity and dedication they command. For me, being a wholehearted admirer of Ricardo’s work, they are of paramount importance both in my productions and DJ sets. I mean, i see it this way: I love the 808 and 909 drum & percussion sounds, they are always going to be within my sound palette, i used them all the time. They are the classical sounds of house & techno. But as a young musician, I consider it my duty not only to use these sounds that have been massively explored by most of us, but also to introduce new sound palettes and timbres into electronic music. The modular is exactly that, an open system which enables you to create all the stuff you have ever imagined, plus so many other sounds you never dreamed of. Of course this has been done already, but it has not been explored and abused the way other machines have. So because of its endless connection capabilities and it’s openness as a system, it creates countless possibilities for creating the most forward-thinking, alien sounds possible.

Stuff to look out for from you in the coming future?

More stuff to Trelik or Pal SL hopefully next year, but also a follow up of my last year’s Tuning Spork/Contexterrior release ”Kammsa/Plex Astunde” and a follow up of my release ”Polhammer” in Martinez’s label Concealed Sounds. Next month we are doing our regular Sylphe night at Paradigm in Groningen, with our guest being Margaret Dygas and also there’s another date i am doing for some Greek friends who run Silk Group on 12th of December here in London.

Next record you’re gonna buy…

Possibly some random 50p 12” in a dusty bargain basement! Always my favorite way of record shopping.

12189993 10153697019334643 361009893601809398 n copy

 Catch Alex Cellar on NYD playing for MEOKO meets One Night at Bar 512 – More Info on event HERE

More Alex Celler?




 Words by Marlon


More Pressure, More Traxx

By Hot Off The Press, Interviews, MEOKO Presents

pressure traxx banner

Frankfurt based label Pressure Traxx have gained many fans since their initial release back in 2012, with appreciation being directed towards their ethos of presenting ‘no bandwagon blues, no sounds-alike songs’ and sticking to it…Their roster of artists reads very convincingly, with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Barac, Suciu, Christian Burkhardt, Chris Wood & Meat and of course, Frost and Einzelkind, who have been at the helm of the ‘more pressure, more traxx’ project since day one. We spoke to Einzelkind, to get beneath the pure passion for what has become one of the most well respected imprints in the industry.

 Hi, how are you doing?


Fundamentally, what does Pressure Traxx represent?

Love for house & techno, old and new, a way of life that is about passion, sharing music and ideas with our friends and people all over the world.

Going back to the roots of Pressure Traxx, how did it all begin and what inspired you to create your own musical vision and output?

Frost and me have known each other for a long time. We’re ravers and music freaks in the first place, so we always talked about and shared music and many, many funny nights. One day we visited our friend Christian Burkhardt in his studio and started a track. Christian had to meet his girl at 4PM and started at around 2 so we had two to three hours to finish the track. So we kept saying Pressure Traxx all the time. That’s how the name came together, and like everything else it was a natural thing that just came along. We’re not following any masterplan, we just do what we like and we’re really happy that so many other people seem to like it as well.

PressureTraxx 2013 002 B-W Kopie 2

With the first release on the label produced by Einzelkind & Frost, what did you want to represent and introduce to your listeners?

Like I said we’re not theoretical people when it comes to music. We just get down and do our thing. We had a few bits together, that we thought had to be released and because we’re a lil bit special when it comes to music, we wanted to have everything in our hands like artwork, mastering, schedule and other artists on the label.

So the only way to do it properly was to do it by ourselves. But in general, we want to present high quality dance music, that doesn’t follow any trends and stands the test of time.

What response did you initially receive from the release?

The response was really good from the get go.

As one of your most respected releases, Voodog, how did you initially manage to get Ricardo Villalobos on board to present his tracks through your label?

The main reason is that we’re friends and we share the same passion for music. That’s one of the reasons why we love Ricardo, no matter how big he is, music is always the driving force behind everything he’s doing. We think that many DJs that become big start to play music that is only functional but has no soul, because they think they have to play like that to work a (big) crowd. Ricardo is different and so are we, so maybe that’s why we get along so well…

If you had to choose only one of your releases from your catalogue to define your sound, which would it be and why?

We can’t pick one really. Every single track reflects and defines the sound of the label.

What impact does Pressure Traxx have on the underground electronic music scene in Frankfurt?

We’re not the ones to ask that really. To say that you have an impact on a whole city would be really pretentious. We have a great and lively scene in Frankfurt with a lot of great labels, DJs and producers and we’re friends with many of them. Check out some of the new labels around: Traffic, HardWorkSoftDrink, Sensual, Pager…So there is a lot going on and I think we stimulate each by sharing new tracks and spending time together.

How does it make you feel when you hear one of your label’s tracks being played out, or see DJs supporting tracks from your label?

To sit in your basement working on a track and then go to a club or rave and hear someone playing your track and the place goes off is one of the best feelings you can have that’s for sure. We’re happy about everyone who buys, plays or supports our music in any kind of way. Thank you for that!

What has been the milestone for the label so far?

Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns was our biggest release so far. When I heard the track for the first time I had the vision to re-release it with a remix by Ricardo. When everything came together it was just great. It’s a really special record. The original is from ’82’ way ahead of its time. To find a piece of music like that and bring it back in a new context was/is amazing for us. And of course it was an honour to do our own version of the track.

If you could pick one artists to release on your label, that hasn’t already, who would it be and why?

We have many artists in our mind and some plans will already become reality in the near future…wait and see!!

What can we look forward to from Pressure Traxx for the rest of the year?

There will be a re-release of a special Nail track from 1995 called Sentipede with one of my tracks on the flip. For Silver Series (our sub-label) we have an amazing release by Bernd Maus aka Parallel/Gadgets lined up. The tracks are smart and timeless and we’re happy to share them with the world soon. Then we’re hosting our clubnights at Club der Visionaere and Robert Johnson, and maybe some other clubs later this year so watch this space.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own underground electronic music label?

Your passion for music has to be the driving force, and don’t talk too much. If you’re doing something great, people will recognise, you don’t have to tell them. And be aware of your abilities, just because your friend has Photoshop and did the flyer for your girlfriends birthday doesn’t make him a graphic designer. And some Wave Plugins doesn’t make you a mastering engineer. Don’t try to save money on the wrong end and hire professionals. Create something you’re proud of.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us!

Thanks for having us!


Pressure Traxx have presented music from some amazing artists, we managed to speak to a variety of them about the renowned label…


Vinyl Speed Adjust

What was the concept behind your Groovin N Moovin EP for the Pressure Traxx Silver Series and how does Pressure Traxx relate to your style of music?

‘The release we did on Pressure Traxx was a great pleasure for us, because we had the chance to bring out stuff on a label that we respect and that influenced us so much. We did the tracks in our regular way, and then we sent them to Frank & Arno. They decided to make a record with us, so this is how everything worked!’



How have Pressure Traxx supported your music, and what influence has it had on the success of your productions?

‘Pressure Traxx supported my music by simply liking it and despite the name they don’t put any pressure on anybody. I would say that they influenced the success of my productions by exposing them to a proper crowd.’



Why did you think that Pressure Traxx was the right label to release your Verniana EP on?

‘I think the tracks fit perfect to the musical direction of the label. Frost is a good friend of mine, so when we decided to plan the release on Pressure Traxx, we had to choose between many, many tracks I made. So at the end I was really happy with the choice of the final one, Frost and Arno selected for the EP.’

‘These tracks make the release very special, because it’s so well balanced and there’s a mysterious energy behind it. Because Frost asked me from the first moment for the track called Verniana, I decided to use this title also for the whole EP. It represents all the books of one of my favourite writers Jules Verne, which are often pretty mysterious too. So yes, Pressure Traxx was the perfect imprint to release this EP and i’m very happy with the result.’


Chris Wood & Meat

How has the process of producing music with Pressure Traxx been different to other labels?

‘We do not have a special plan, when we are in the studio and start producing even when we work for a specific label we normally go with the flow. But when you out a little more pressure on your traxx, you are on the right way! And because we are all friends, working with Pressure Traxx is always a pleasure!’



By Sam Quilter


More Pressure Traxx

Visit Pressure Traxx official here

More Einzelkind
















HOT WAX Tools & Tips 11th August 2015

By Hot Off The Press, MEOKO Presents, Reviews

hot wax banner

These bits do the business, all out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise:

Berg – Berg 03 – (Berg)

The Berlin based elusive project and label Berg return with three hypnotic and stripped back tools. Opener ‘3000-3009‘ is a reduced melody that moulds together a crisp bass-line and hollow hi-hats, which leads into ‘Montag’ which is a warmer cut with a bit more bite. Closing track ‘Melodien’ is a heady exploration combining atmospheric swirling synths with growling drum pads.


Click Here


DJ Jus-ed & Mr G – Gotee EP – (Underground Quality)

Underground Quality present a split EP of two of the biggest dons in the scene, Mr G & DJ Jus-ed through each of their trademark styles. In true Mr G fashion ‘Billares Londres The Rum’ delivers a tough jacking jam in comparison to ‘Freakshow’ which enters a dubbier terrain with tight and tenacious pads. DJ Jus-ed offers spaced out analogue house cuts with ‘Gotee Stroke’ and ‘Heaven Sent’ which is scattered with one of the smoothest vocals you will hear all year. TIP!

goatee ep copy

 Click Here


Folamour – Chapeau Rouge – (Fauxpas Musik)

Fauxpas are bringing the sunshine vibes to our ears with their latest release from Folamour which drifts between the dance-floor and the after-hours. Lead track ‘Chapeau Rouge’ provides rigid pads with warm keys with a stomping undertone, which is followed by the soulful and snappy ‘Baise En Ville’ which is enriched by cloudy vocals. ‘Lost Between Friendly Fires’ strips everything back to one lazy drum kick and soft strings before ‘Walking On The Macadam’ gets things moving again with glistening hi-hats.

folamour copy

Click Here


Shenoda – Mancs EP – (Electric Minds)

Electric Minds return with a mature release from Shenoda who has certainly found his feet and is going from strength to strength. The opener ‘Mancs’ pays homage to 90s era rave through organic and nostalgic stabs, with a kicking undertone. Follow-up track ‘Nonamenoname’ keeps things simmering through it’s thumping bass-line and sporadic hi-hats, before ‘Dave’s Myth’ rounds off a solid EP with misty, marching textures.


Click Here


Tc80 – Phrase – (Cabaret Records)

Japan’s leading label is back with tight groove goodness from a new talented producer, Tc80. A-side ‘Phrase’ locks into sharp atmospheric elements, that lead onto ‘Dardos’ which is the stand out selection with scrambling drum pads that fall into place perfectly, creating a truly infectious groove. ‘Final Monologue’ breaks the beat back down, unwrapping it through stripped elegant sounds.

tc80 copy copy

Click Here


 Voigtmann – Minor Compositions Of Incredibly Imaginary Futures – (Toi Toi Musik)

Voigtmann’s first solo release has landed on Toi Toi Musik, which showcases only his original work and it is everything we envisaged it to be and more…The four tracks are presented as a package of music that work in unison, and are multi-functional outside the realms of the dance-floor. ‘Possibilism’ presents a shifting sequence with perfectly placed vocals that wrap around bold bass elements, which dissolves into the swirling stepper; ‘Fruitification’. On the flip-side, ‘Groovism’ represents an effective after-hours burner, before the package concludes with ‘Repetitionism’, a hypnotic encounter which is repetitive for all the right reasons.

voigtmann copy copy

Click Here





Music Through Pictures – Vera

By Hot Off The Press, MEOKO Presents, Music Through Pictures

music through pics copy

Music Through Pictures is where we attempt to highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music whilst also getting an insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

German born Vera has become extremely influential for the female spectrum of electronic music through her elegant appearances behind the decks. Combining subtelty with solidarity, her music presents an intutive taste with an organic nature. With releases on Peron, Hello? Repeat, Oslo and Half Baked, Vera has become a firm female figure and her ability to move a dancefloor through her own and other artists productions is unparallelled. We caught up with her for our latest Music Through Pictures!



IMAGE 3 copy copy

Sunsets are so peaceful and magical and full of warm cosmic energy. This track of Chateaux Flight feels like this sun: radiating, sizzling, warm, beautiful and energizing.



IMAGE 5 copy copy

This reminds me of a LSD trip, seeing cosmic energy fields, looking at the surrounding world without perceptive filters, the real world, that is just pure energy of vibrating particles. I imagine that world sounding like this:



IMAGE 6 copy copy

Whenever I imagine a sound track for Berlin I think of this:



IMAGE 7 copy copy

I love looking out of the window on a plane while watching the clouds pass by, it relaxes my mind and my soul.



IMAGE 8 copy

…What a bomb!



swimming copy

Looks like summer time… Let’s go swimming!




The Vegetable Orchestra was the first thing that popped into my mind. They play music on vegetables/ instruments made of vegetables



IMAGE 9 copy copy

This image reminds me of the TV series Twin Peaks, which by the way is one of my favorite TV series EVER!




IMAGE 11 copy

I’m reminded of my late teenager years, when we used to drive from my home town Heidelberg to Frankfurt to listen to Sven Väth at the Omen.Entering the “big city” by night was a magical feeling. It felt super cool 😀




This image has a dream like, kinda melancholic but beautiful atmosphere subtle, typical surrealist image.I listened Aphex Twins Album “Selected ambient works1985-1992” many times and it always felt very surreal to me.


Vera plays for Square 1 this Friday at Hoxton Gallery, for tickets click here


More Vera