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Gift Track: Alci – Syuz

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Hailing from Turkey but now based in Swiss, top-producer Alci has spent the last couple of years on the Edge of the Cosmos, becoming a point of reference for anyone who loves lively and infectious grooves. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you “Syuz”, a powerhouse of pure Alci vibes, as the curliest producer in the scene puts everything he has on his arsenal wrapping a monster club-tool from which more sounds, details, and funkiness will emerge each time play is clicked. Irresistible.

Gift Track: Pîrvu – Office

By Gift Tracks

After a stellar 2020 which saw him releasing on top-notch labels such as DeWalta’s Meander and Clovis’ Understory, not to mention his project “The Apricots” alongside Alexandra, Romanian talented Pîrvu now joins our gift track series. The entitled “Office” is a breakbeat tool that opposes to acid-esque lines and fast-skipping hats some charming house chords for a well-rounded bouncy track.

Nobodi – Bouncing Bullet

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Milan-based Nobodi lead us to the discovery of the underground (and the underwater) with “Bouncing Bullets”, a fresh freebie within which delayed spooky vocals are glued with solid kick drums and infectious groove elements.

Master by RV Audio:

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IULY.B – Aldemar

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Iulian Bivolaru also known as IULY.B is a Romanian producer and dj based in the city of Iasi.
After being part of our Meoko mix series with a great energetic and deep session, he now delivers this gift in a high quality format for us to download and play it as much as we want.
Stay tuned for his upcoming releases as he doesn’t stop and find his full discography in the Discogs link below.

Mix: Meoko – Meoko-exclusive-iulyb

Artwork by Hampus Olsson

Djebali & Stephan Bazbaz – Dakatine

By Gift Tracks

Parisian groove maestro Djebali sat down in the studio with Stephan Bazbaz last year, delivering the recently released “Coast To Coast” EP, which consists of 4 club weapons. In addition to this, the pairs have also provided one extra track called “Dakatine” and we’re delighted to share this one with all of you… for free! Let’s groove!

Find the whole EP :

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