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PREMIERE: Moray, Different Reflexion – Ni Pastis Ni Ketis (Dieru Remix) [Focus On Egoless]

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After having released, trippy-dynamic cuts from the likes of Rowlanz, Pascal Benjamin, and Kirik among others, Gran Canaria’s Focus On Egoless returns with yet another EP on board by label’s head Moray and Andrew aka Different Reflexion. Titled “Alfrent Vicent”, the EP features three massive bold-paced originals and a great re-interpretation by Honne Music co-owner Dieru who opts for hypnotic and catchy vibes to get on his remix of “Ni Pastis Ni Ketis”.

PREMIERE: The Mekanism – LouLou (ADRIANZA & Lou Flores Remix) [Adrianza Records]

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French maestro The Mekanism is back with more of his well-crafted beats, this time on the Adrianza Records label with two new singles that get remixed by label boss Adrianza & Lou Flores. Title track “LouLou” gets remixed by Adrianza & Lou Flores into another heady house cut with rich sci-fi motifs, sleek synths, and real warmth.

PREMIERE: Thomas Macdonald – Hours [Bandcamp Exclusive]

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The entitled “Hours” marks a new chapter for producer & DJ, Thomas Macdonald as he says farewell to his previous alias of 6 years. An exciting new beginning in such bleak and uncertain times has proven to be just what he needed, delivering two dancefloor-ready tracks for when clubbing and nightlife returns. Now available to purchase from Bandcamp.

Engineering & Mastering by Chris ‘Bunny’ Warren Cold Water Studios. Artwork by Thomas Macdonald.

PREMIERE: LVCA & Matman – Ground Control [Superlux Records]

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Mike Gill, Nick Gynn, and Johnny Hunter’s Superlux Records opens up its 2021 release schedule this February with a fourteen-track VA. Superlux 004: Lost In The Future is the label’s first compilation release and sees a myriad of artists make their debut, including Voigtmann, Krywald & Farrer, and many more.

Ground Control arrives courtesy of LVCA and Matman, a celestial club-cut that reflects the mysterious nature of the pair with an array of alien-like bleeps throughout.

PREMIERE: Alci – Heinz [Nervmusic Records]

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Alci finally joins Denis Kaznacheev’s with 7 originals wrapped under a fantastic 2×12″ release. On the entitled “Delayed Control”, the marvelous Swiss-based genius is able to explore the facets of the house and minimal spectrum, giving us, as is the case of “Heinz” a perfect blend of dried-out grooves, rhythmic vocal chops, and bulbous sub basslines.

PREMIERE: Sly Turner & Wyatt Marshall – Arpeggiated Dreams (Ben Balance Remix) [Rendr Records]

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After having released groovy jams from the likes of Ray Mono, Casey Spillman, and DeMarzo among others, Rendr Records strikes back with another wicked EP by Wyatt Marshall and Sly Fox which also sees Ben Balance on the remix. In his version, the Mannheim-based producer turns “Arpeggiated Dreams” into an instant peak time, heads down, hands up duty driver. Blending hard-hitting drop moments with a break that gives you more suspense than a nineties horror flick. A true reflection of his capabilities and a compliment to the original.

PREMIERE: Sweely – She Gave Me The Funk [Automatic Writing]

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Automatic Writing kicks off 2021 in style with the return of one of the most intriguing figures of the current panorama, Sweely. Known for his unique blend of deep vibes, fast-paced rhythms, and a healthy dose of insanity, the Nice-based producer now drops “Beast In My Bass” – a massive 4 tracker EP of club-tailored cuts, automatically written on wax.

PREMIERE: Asvedu – Traveler [Hollow Lab]

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The now unknown future of entertainment has reinforced us to believe in the power of music and the meaning of sound in our daily life. Spending time with music is the best way to escape reality and reinvent ourselves”. Melbourne-based Hollow Lab’s very first release of 2021 comes with a great variety of house music, minimal, and peak-time 4 am old-school aura.