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Triple Threat: Les Enfants Off Week Line Ups

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Les Enfants Brillants, after only being open for a few short months, is already making a solid mark in the scene as the place to visit  when in Barcelona. Les Enfants is not only a club, but an experience, which has already successfully hosted some exceptional lineups, and we are here to share even more with you!



For this long awaited Off Week, Les Enfants is delighting us with a jaw dropping 3 nights from June 16-18, a treat for your eyes, ears and your (dancing) feet, with 3 of the most prolific and influential promoters in the game, to continue impressing us with their artistic programming. 

The first of these events will take place on Thursday 16th June, and will be held by none other than Yoyaku, which you won’t need reminding of their top tier music production, releases or roster of artists. For this special event, the French label and promoter are bringing some of the main players in the circuit, Berlin based producer Maayan Nidam, who has built a reputation as a fine DJ and producer who favours a subtle approach towards mesmeric moments. Next is young but very talented nonetheless Egyptian producer Mehdi, and of course a noteworthy Janeret, who will be doing a b2b with brothers and duo Miroloja.

What a way to kick off the series of parties this weekend, tickets are available here

Moving onto Friday 17th, is Manchester music and arts collective Animal Crossing’s turn, marking their Barcelona debut. In true Animal Crossing style, they have set the bar very high with their guest artists, one of them being Priku, president of Romanian minimal, Spokenn – the merging minds of Ferro and Reiss of VBX and the legendary Voigtmann. Joining these will of course be the Animal Crossing team:  R.O.Y b2b Faze, Bowes, Olli Ryder & Joey Jackson.

You can buy your tickets here: 

To lock in the happy memories created over the weekend so far, and to round off Les Enfants Off Week showcases, will be Cinthie, one of the most respected figures in the electronic music industry in Berlin and owner of renowned vinyl store Elevate Berlin, lands at the club with her label 803 Crystal Grooves to delight us with a night full of classic and raw house sounds. Their guests for the showcase, will be Cassy, who will fill the room with a delivery of warmth and soul combined with the energetic sound of Lis Sarroca and the collaborative guise of Yard One, UK duo, who will  be showing off their craft raw, understated sounds. 

Tickets for the final showcase can be bought via this link


What a venue to experience for Off Week, and with the success of Les Enfants so far, it would be rude to not to go (at least) one of these…


Words by Bethany Gowland 


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Legendary Superfreq return to Egg London for a 13 hour party

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The Freqs are back, and they are inviting their community, old and new faces along to join them and celebrate the only way Freqs do on Saturday 18th June!

Once again they are back in the amazing Garden Room of Egg London, combining the sounds, the lazers the lighting and of course, the dancers. Another stellar lineup has been put together, and runs for 13 hours straight, beginning at 11pm, through to Noon on the Sunday.

The lineup, which features artists who will be playing some proper upfront modern acid, deep tech and techno, consists of Broken Neon, London based duo who are recognised for their deep and often hypnotic blend of house and tech that prioritises real time interactions between the music, the room and the people. Next up, is Miss C – MC, DJ and all around star, radio host, actor and presenter who over the last 10 years has played for Seth Troxler’s Smokey Tails, Burning Man, Bestival and Secret Garden, so she knows how a thing or two about bringing the vibes.

Tred Benedict will also be serving up some tracks. London native and a perfect example of an artist who rose from the London undeground scene, has played some of the most highly regarded events and venues across the UK and Europe, along with being the mind behind the succesful Spilt Milk party series, with its now vinyl label. So make no mistake he is no amateur when it comes to spinning records, and this event will be no exception.

Murf, vinyl junkie, electronic music ambassador and veteran, with a 30+ year career  as a DJ on a worldwide level, will be showing off his infinite record collection of music and technical skills on the day, doing what he does best, performing to like minded people with passion, respect and a love for good music. Eddie Richards, dance music’s quintessential pioneer and Britians very own ‘Godfather of House and Techno’ will be showing us exactly how and why he has earned such a title, making himself a highly sought after name after his flawless mix of deep driven techno with soulful and tough house, a format he has always maintained. The penultimate artist to mention on the lineup is a Live set from Marc Houle, Canadian artist who has been wowing audiences for over a decade with a consistently evolving live performance that comes from a skill set and effort which is a result of a lifetime of dedication to the craft.

Finally, of course, the man who is at the forefront of Superfreq itself, Mr C, UK dance legend and frontman of iconic group The Shamen, he quite clearly has a lifetime of experience, skills, tracks, and experience under his belt. He will be playing to the crowd and we cannot wait to see it. Superfreq has been entertaining disceming clubbers into innovative dance music and quality lifestyles for over 20 years, completing seasons in Ibiza and recreating that spirit in London and the imprint and event series has gone on to host events all over the world, alongside a prolific record label.

This lineup really is everything! Superfreq continue to bring the best of talent through the good times, the bad times and through a community of lovers, artists, creatives and grafters. Superfreq care so much about their community and have even lowered ticket prices for this event, which can be bought here.

Oh, did we mention there will be a super sick after party from 6am too?! See you at the celebrations..


Words by Bethany Gowland

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‘The Weekender’ club launch, presented by Meoko, Ardiem & KeepItGoing lands in Zurich

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 Meoko are beyond excited to announce a super special international collaboration with KeepItGoing and Ardiem, which will be a full weekend, including an after party of incredible music, artists, vibes. Get ready for the launch of the Weekender club, above the beautiful city of Winterthur in Zurich, Switzerland, which begins on Friday 24th June, continuing on until late Sunday. This is a brand new space, freshly waiting for its first electronic party and we have had the pleasure of curating a diverse and forward thinking lineup of international artists, along with superb local talent. Everything you need to know about it you can find here, and we can’t wait to share the plans!

As we mentioned, the weekender is a brand new club, a new space for fun and to be filled with good music and good people. In this new space with open plan windows and a mezzanine, it pushes creative boundaries. Expect some live visuals and mappings over the whole weekend, and a focus quality of sound with a state of the art sound system. 

Ardiem is a new, exclusive party brand from RDM, the partner in crime to Tini and promoter of the After Caposile events in Italy. KeepItGoing are a Swiss promoter, who have had success throwing parties in Romania, Mexico and all over Switzerland, with a strong local following.

So, the first day of the event, is Friday 24th June, and will run from 22:00 to 9am on the Saturday, playing will be Tajara b2b Gene, who are two local, experienced talents in the Zurich area, next up is Poggio, co-founder of the Paris label Positive Future. Poggio is on some stellar line ups this year, such as Nostromo and Distrikt Paris. Gabbs will also play, he is Italian artist who is a fan favourite and part of the Picnic (London) crew and founder of the Jooice label. US native CHKLTE will show off his music collection, and last by no means least, Christian AB will be boxing off the debut night. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know Christian AB is a well respected, high in demand artist of the last few years, on heavy rotation on lineups internationally, whether playing alone or doing a super fun b2b. Londoner Christian has imprinted his signature sound of hardware house and techno with plenty of personality – guaranteed goodness. 

Day 2 (Saturday 25th June) commences in the afternoon at 2pm, and journeys through to 8am! A long day party to sandwich the 3 events is what we like to see. Expect a few great b2bs on this day, one of them being Guili b2b Beez. The 2nd of these is presented to you by Lorenzo b2b Allesio Gallea, and lastly Aamir b2b Ignacio Morales, all providing some fun, electrifying sound. Sami Dilla, originating from Luxembourg is a strong element of any lowkey underground lineup, from playing the Lion & the Lamb, Point, and his own forest party in his hometown the Secret Roots. 

Yaar Ku, who has played for the likes of After Caposile, and is heading to Ibiza to play for Tini and The Gang in the summer, will contribute his own atmosphere and sounds for the day, and so will Giorgio Maulini, Swiss artist who displays technical experience and dexterity at the controls, shifting through tempos with expertise. We are in for a treat when Guiliano Lomonte takes over the decks, with his nurtured love for electronic music—particularly deep, tech, hypnotic, extended cuts pressed to vinyl. It’s the sound he mines as a DJ, and you can regularly hear him teasing out the groove at Berlin clubs like Hoppetosse, Wilde Renate and Watergate. Deeply in love with vinyl and strongly affected by trippy – groovy tunes, Giuliano is absolutely passionate in playing long lasting sets. 

To complete the lineup for the marathon that will be Saturday’s event, Alci, who will be right at home in his home country of Switzerland, Igniting his passion for music, his taste has evolved over the years, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky house grooves and minimalistic techno. At the age of 17 he was already on the Zurich circuit and a resident dj at Club Supermarket. Today he is called upon to play all around the world like Sunwaves, Amnesia, Epizode, Caprices Festival, Rex Club, Resolute NY, Un_Mute and more.

To round off the weekend, is the Sunday afterparty which continues from 8am, up until 22:00, to finalize the dancing and maximise the experience. Playing will be a juicy lineup consisting of Sid, The Lumens and Gourlay b2b Dablo. In addition to these will be Munir Nadir b2b Paolo Macri who both DJ and produce impeccably on an individual level, so we cannot wait for this special b2b. Following from this, will be Alex Dima b2b Christian Sarde, frequent collaborators and groovers. 

And ultimately, Nicolas Lutz will be there on the final day, to round off what will have been a groundbreaking experience for all involved, dancers and artists alike. Nicolas Lutz has always operated best on the very outskirts of dance floor culture. A master of mystery and relentless seeker, his knack for unearthing precious gemstones -for immediate exploitation and then, slowly but surely, the greater good of the community- is uncanny, and its this insistence on clearing a path between the unknown and the utterly unexpected that elevate his sets into explorations. Never one to compromise or contradict a steadfast musical philosophy, one only needs to see the owner of My Own Jupiter in action to understand the existence of his fans, following and respectability as an artist. 

This weekend and special collaboration is the epitome of all things creative, music, art and bringing people together with music, there is something for everyone and we know you are dying to purchase a ticket…they can be bought via this link. See you on in Switzerland…


Words by Beth Gowland 

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Soper Univers: Off Barcelona 2022 with Alci, DeWalta & Kal

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Bringing the heat with some strong vibes at their Sunday Situations #4 in Café Barge Paris inviting Italian maestros Giuliano Lomonte and Nicky Macha, Soper Univers is now heading to Barcelona to spread their smashing rhythms at Sonar Off 2022, on 15th June from 23:45-5:30

Already well known from the French scene, the crew has already well shown their  taste by creating top-tier line up with talents from Europe and abroad. On July 15th, they will go invest Upload club incredible venue powered by Funktion One sound system.

Located in famous Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, during Off Week, Alci -bangers master hailing from Zurich, Dewalta – magician producer from Germany and Soper Univers curator and resident Kal will gathered for a smashing party that will juggle with entrancing rhythms all night long.

Alci, one of the latest Swiss exports, is a unique and avid selector that has played and delighted international dancefloors such as Berlin (Hoppetosse), Paris (Rex Club), and Ibiza (DC10) going all the way to beloved Sunwaves Festival or Vietnam’s Epizode for instance, and keeps gaining attention for his signature laidback charisma behind the decks and eclectic record collection which keeps providing smiles and endless dancing throughout the globe. The Swiss selector and resident of Sunday Breakfast Club (Zurich) will display his sophisticated selection, impeccable technique and deliciously contagious minimalistic house infused beats which are indeed a unique treat to enjoy that will keep you energized and dancing incessantly until early hours of the morning.

DeWalta, one of the label heads of the experimentally layered Meander imprint is constantly wowing us with his clever use of funk, jazz and hip hop elements in an electronic context — being a traditionally trained musician made it very easy for him to find his feet within the reduced context of the Berlin experimental house and techno scene, and he promptly got snapped up by Vakant Records. His ability to bring us on cosmic travel demonstrates the great spectrum of this utterly talented musician. The ease with which DeWalta provokes flow and freshness is something that will make this event a night to remember.

Last but not least, Soper Univers co-founder, resident and freshly involved with Yoyaku team, Kal will be in duty of representing the French groove. The head behind all of these events will definitely be another one to not miss. He already shared the decks with Gescu, Lamache, Mihai Pol and Miroloja to only say a few, mixing his marocain influences with his wide range of sounds. We look forward to seeing what else is in store for this upcoming party.

Tickets are available on Resident Advisor, via this link. We can’t wait to see how this event goes down!


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Kiku Music Presents Chapter One: Attack The Block in London

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Chapter One: Attack The Block is the first of an exciting set of parties presented by Kiku Music coming up on June 26th. On this first edition,

Herck will be accompanied by Kiku residents, XXX Culture and Damian Nova, to turn on the dancefloor at Bar a Bar in London.

The party starts at 9 PM in Bar A Bar, a descending underground basement with a Martin Audio Sound System. Since the late 2000s, Bar A Bar is a

space dominated by local djs and producers featuring the best hip hip, house, techno and disco. Its intimate floor has hosted some of the biggest international events like Boiler Room and some of the most famous cult DJs.

Starring the lineup, romainian artist Herck will create a magical atmosphere with a soft mixture of deep house and minimal, an alluring

sound that will fill the dancefloor at Bar a Bar. Herck started his production career in his teenage years and since then, he has gained

recognition as one of the best in minimal with catchy tracks in some of the most renowned labels such as Curtea Veche, Madame Roche, Muted Noise

to name a few. As a DJ, Herck has been on the move playing at the best parties of the romainian scene, displaying his enormous talent in the

international stage and guaranteeing a sensational night. Certainly an artist you cannot miss in London.


On Chapter One, Herck and Kiku Records will present its latest realease called Attack The Block EP, a 2 track vinyl release with profound

textures and an exquisite minimal groove. This EP displays Herck’s special style which explores mystic sensations through vocals and a

cosmic rythm.

Next in the lineup is XXX Culture, a Birmingham based dj and producer whose talent make up the unique sound of Habits Records and Kiku

Records. In addition, he has had huge success with his own label XXX Culture releasing his most extraordinary music inspired in the urban

culture and gaining support from DJs around the world. XXX Culture will bring heat to the party with powerful house music and energic rythm,

straight XXX vibes.

Last but not least, another Kiku resident and London based DJ Damian Nova will be in charge of setting the mood of the party, displaying the

rolling beats and distinctive deep vibe from Social People Project. Damian has positioned himself as an important artist in the London

scene, showcasing his talent behind the decks, promoting exclusive events and leaving his footprint with his eclectic music taste.

Tickets for Attack The Block: Chapter One are available here. Make sure you do not miss this event and

stay tuned to Kiku Music for more music and events.


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Music Review: Nah Mean? – Middle Path [Say Less Records]

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Philadelphia-based Nah Mean? debuts his new single “Middle Path,” on his very own Say Less Records. The tune, which has sharp percussion and a strong, full, pulsating bassline that establishes the tone for the track, is the label’s eighth release.

A churning 303 acid synth dominates the mid frequencies, transitioning to a jazzy muted key melody following the bridge, with vocal samples from Philly’s own Sun Ra strewn throughout the spiritual language of music.


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Music Review: – peoples_001

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Based between the vibrant cities of London and Ibiza, opens a new chapter with “peoples”, a space and project to share his own music without the need to necessarily fit somewhere. All tracks from the EP are one word, a name that represents someone or a group of people that plays an important role in his life. The digital-only releases of ‘peoples’ will always be ‘not for profit’, and currently he’s donating to the Humane Society – so there’s even another reason to cop your copy of these three brilliant originals.

Kickin’ off with “Heath”, the track recalls some Micheal James-ish patterns, especially when it comes to drum arrangements with fast-skipping hats and tiny percussions with a good dose of swing. The bassline hits hard but keeps the track fluid and enjoyable, while a few melodic elements later populate the track with elegance. 

Next, “Frink” keeps the groove rolling, heading to more electronic territories with a gritty bassline, jerky snares, wavering plucks that sound like a chirping, and mysterious vocals. The EP closes with “Frank”, which stays more dubby and deep thanks to its shiny pads, infectious drums, and a groovy bubbling bassline to round off the release properly.

Words by Francesco Quieti


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