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Discobar Release Party – The DJ’s DJ’s.

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Discobar proudly presents their launching party in London to celebrate the first release of the label. A nice way to open what will be a fantastic series of music and parties, put together by Toi Toi member and rising dj Lamache, and Guillaume Tallieu. If any reflection of the first release, the discobar guys will continue to provide. A technically elegant selection of artists for their first event and the East London venue can expect a storm of basement material and a seamless audible journey. The creators will be playing role as Discobar residents along with Odd Soul amongst the likes the The Mole and Marc Schneider. Between them and their knowledge of dance music, cutting edge house techno and memorable performances will be the forefront of the parties to follow. 



The Mole has sat amongst some of the most respected djs and prodcuers for a long while with releases on the likes of Perlon and countless killer performances at some of the best underground parties. His name holds resonance in the small sphere of djs and artists who’s knowledge runs deeper into the DJ’s DJ’s. Based in the cultural Canadian capital, Montreal, his English and French roots see him playing across Europe in some of the greatest venues. The experimental man, sometimes known to play on up to 5 turntables simultaneously, in what he explains to be an expiremental psychedllic experience, always offers something different with such an extensive knowledge and understanding of music. Sure to raise the roof of the Discobar party celebrating their new release in style.  


Check out DCB01 here…

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Another very special guest – The man who influences the influencers. Marc Schneider of Hamburg, technical genius, eclectic performer and all round good guy, has done wonders for the scene over the past decade collecting music and compiling seamless hours of careful selection in some of the best most unassuming venues in the world. An elusive talent who has maintained his mystery, staying true to underground while remaining somewhat of a figure head for the heads and local Berliners. Now a recent addition to Circus Company, which will put him firmly in the deserved lime light – One of the renowned talents and unsung heroes graces London with what will undoubtedly be a special performance. His sets build from a deep place and his knowledge in dance music is evidently vast – a guest not to be missed.  He is the DJ’s DJ.




With such a strong selection it is clear that Discobar are here to stay and have a clear appreciation for impressionable sounds and appreciation of sub genres within dance music. DON’T MISS THIS PARTY. MEOKO TIP!!


Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 17.05.01




By Ell Weston






Gaza Toy Drive “Thank You” Closing Event

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Following from their event last July, the Gaza Toy Drive initiative is hosting a Thank You event this Sunday, August 24th at Vibe Bar. They would like to thank all the people who have donated funds and given away toys, clothes, bikes, books, hygiene products, and other supplies to help children in Gaza suffering from war trauma. The Gaza Toy Drive has indeed received amazing support from the public, but they need help to take one final important step of transporting an estimated total of 15 containers to Gaza. Transporting these goods is no easy task, and they need your help! Convenient (on Brick Lane) and free, the Gaza Toy Drive “Thank you” closing event is the perfect place to go to support this cause.  

Artists, performers and musicians will come together to showcase their beautiful work in Vibe’s leafy, cobblestone courtyard. Live acoustic music will be playing all day while market stalls will sell food, drinks and merchandise. Highlights include a live street art & auction, a photo exhibition, live music and DJ sets in the venue’s two rooms. DJs from Keep on Going, Nifu Nifa records, Damaged, Cartulis Music vibe their love for music in Room 1.

Screenshot 2014-08-20 12.10.14

The line up includes:

– Secret Guest TBA
Remi Mazet (Colors / Hot Waves)
Georgio Oniani (Damaged)
KLADY (Nifu Nifa records)

Support from MEOKO and friends 
Nick Maleedy b2b Tony Loi
Kozber (Cartulis) b2b Rico Casazza 

Keep on Going DJS
Dean Marc (Softporn) b2b TBC and more

Screenshot 2014-08-20 12.22.39

The artists involved in the live street art & auction include graffiti artist Atm Street Art, who will be creating a piece during the event. His finished work will be auctioned around 9pm. Other live artwork will be showcased by the following talented artists:

Joyce Treasure
– Nemo tibi amat
– Tony Comley
– Frances Bartlett
ArtBy Jarvis
– Hikari Shiba
– Mike Flight
Soheila Keyani
Anna Laurini

Tatiana Moressoni and Eleanor Marriot will run a Photography Exhibition and shop.

As mentioned the event is free for all. There will be plenty of activities for the kids too, in particular a Drawing Desk (draw for a child in Gaza).

Attending the Gaza Toy Drive “Thank you” closing event is a perfect opportunity to make your contribution to the children living through the conflict. Any form of support means a response to the Gaza Toy Drive initiative’s important call for help:

“Children learn so much from playing with toys. Most of all they learn to feel joy, to play and to share. Concepts such as these will stay with them throughout their life. Having a favourite toy to cherish is beneficial for children, all over the world, no matter where they are from. Help us to get toys and clothes to children in Gaza”

10362836 10153167876798868 8294826617101604747 n

In the news we read of and see bombings, missiles and deaths happening in Gaza. Let’s take more important steps to actively support the people in desperate need.


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Secretsundaze Preview

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The Secretsundaze Crew are back and ready to liven up London’s Summer with another sharp line up while other parties go on holiday for the hot season, Secretsundaze starts kicking off and catering for those that are London based.

Secretsundaze grew from its humble beginnings in London and Berlin to be one of Europe’s most respected Sunday fixtures. To prove the point, this year has seen them bring many important names; for the birthday party, Pampa oddball  & respected master of plates, DJ Koze, heads up a well-nurtured and underground line up.

10271638 10151979155470927 6679397879804121879 n

Co-founders & regulars Giles Smith and James Priestley will, as usual, open up the event., warming up for Paranoid London, a secretive DJ/live trio whose acid tunes became known to the public back in 2012, when they released the uber-successful ‘Pris Dub 1’ on their own imprint. Last May, they played live in Fabric alongside Ricardo Villalobos, and they will be back to entertain the dancing crowd with another live set. Given that one of London Paranoid is a vocalist, it can be easily imagined how this particular changes a lot in their performance.

10339704 10151979156075927 827843944779430736 n

Kyle Hall brings his fractious, melodic beat driven style. The Detroit child, who has played several times already for Secretsundaze over the years, merges house, jazz, funk and much more: every track of his clearly reveals a deep knowledge of the musical heritage born from his hometown metropolis as well as a perfect understanding and fine taste for the current scene.

10273680 10151979154535927 1924422331399304461 n

Kyle’s mellow techno tunes are a perfect shift to the final take over of LB Duke Corp, a.k.a. Luke Slater. A great plaudits to the promoters for planning out such a flawless musical climax. Slater’s perfectly measured drops and gloomy, shady minimal sounds will be the last perfect sparkle of a party that seems to develop along the same, beautiful acid/techno wave.

For this first summer party after the sold-out May event, Secretsundaze will be back at the preferred location of Oval Space. Beguiling music and atmosphere: dancing on the terrace with the last warm sun-rays coming through Oval’s ribbon windows. Get your sunglasses on ’cause this one is looking bright!


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More info about the event and tickets HERE 

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Is it Sunday yet? – KOG Preview

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There is something ‘A-MA-ZING’ly different about it.

Detractors keep saying it is not a real party, because the line up is not the first reason why regulars keep heading there. Yet, since their first event in 2012 at the 512 in Dalston, Keep On Going kept growing. Nowadays it established itself as THE after-party, gathering the various East End crowd together every Sunday morning, unfailingly.

 10276025 536755913097571 4351925949880047774 n 1

The idea is quite simple: an after party. But when they started, there weren’t many around, not in public spaces at least. Keep on Going has not even been ‘created’, it kind of came to be on it’s own. Both promoters were continuously asked ‘where to go after?’ and so it was quite natural for them to join forces and give friends what they were looking for.

And that’s the other particularity of KOG, the community sense behind it. This is where its sought after positive, friendly vibes come from. ‘La familia’ eventually grew and changed in components, but has never lost its nature: it is always the inspirational font as each event banner perfectly declares. You go to Keep on Going not only to dance but also to meet your friends, after you’ve spent the night in different places.


Performing Dj’s are part of the family, they have fun playing and you can see it from their faces, you can feel it all around. Residents Angelo Mazzone, Dean Marc, Georgia Girrl, Steve Kurz and Tim Ross keep the crowd going together with an ever evolving number of guest DJs.


1511907 517196858386810 1930589960 n

The high demand of people wanting to play at KOG often cause a line up not actually finalized until the very last days. This might lead to you going there and not knowing exactly what, or whose tunes you’re dancing to, but surely you’ll dance. And even if you’d rather spend the time in their cared for outside/chill-out areas, passing by the sound system eventually you’ll bump in to that perfect drop that will drag you into the dancing crowd. Also because, Keep on Going has now evolved into 24 hours long party sessions, just to keep true to its name.

1461425 477386529034510 1876344994 n

Other than its incredible duration, Keep on Going is also infamous for its legendary B2B sessions – KOG die hard will remember last winter Romanian invasion – and special hosted nights, which frequent collaborators include Spanish frenzy party Cartuli’s Day, and niche, minimal oriented Damaged. Alongside promoters and established Djs also manynewcomers are given the chance to play, because in a community you help each other out, don’t you?

 10168150 535812583191904 7416861928200169252 n

This Sunday morning Keep on Going will be somewhere in East London for a ‘short’ session. 

Busy snoozing that time? Well, on the 15th KOG will obviously be back again, and this time with a 24 hours of B2Bs – unmissable, in every sense. MEOKO will be there from the morning to give full support to our dearest Nick Maleedy b2b Denny Kem.

In the unlikely case you haven’t found yourself at Keep on Going at least once, we suggest you to put on your most comfortable shoes and check this party out.


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Photo credits: Nick Ensing & Tootsie

Erupted Events presents Encounter

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Erupted Events has been founded only a year ago, in their view the London party scene has a lot to improve especially when you compare it to other capital cities across the world.
The vision goes beyond the already set lines in the current underground scene. A party is not something that you can just go to. It should be overwhelming, mind blowing, it needs to be an experience, which you would feel and breaks you for that small moment from the harsh world we currently live in. It should be an experience where people will be just at our events and are just enjoying themselves and don’t think about the rest of their troubles or worry about anything.

10253882 525737920859997 7825978710281806461 n

Because of these high goals the team works around the clock to make all of this come to life on their events. In trying to do this, to find new ways, things that have not been done before. Erupted Events is seen as a platform where one can bring together all different art forms, it’s a platform where the unimaginable happens, ideally, a platform where dreams are born if you will. The music is the most important aspect for Erupted Events. The team does their absolute best to bring only the best electronic music artists that are out there. The line-ups consist of already known and respected DJ’s but at the same time equal importance is given to showing London some of the greatest acts the world has to offer, but haven’t broken through yet.

942745 364676936966097 1329276267 n

This time round, after the first Encounter in May, Erupted Events brings to you the second edition in their monthly series, come June 7th 2014. Once again it is a privileged to have a collection of world-class guests that will be showcasing their talent, with the best in minimal and techno grooves only for you to enjoy. Headlining at this event will be Robert Babicz from Cologne, Germany who will be delivering one of his world famous live sets, crafted in the soul of his mythical essence. From the USA, Butane, the head honcho of Alpha House and Little Helpers record labels will be flying in to join us. Another interesting addition to these two unmissable acts, Yakovev from Erupted Events itself and Leander from both Erupted and HDNSM will be joining this magical night.

 10258492 525737254193397 8717481877414963619 n

Set in another amazing TBA location, an element of finesse and sophistication meets the music from the raw underground. The combination of these two creates an experience like no other. In among the flow of the hedonistic atmosphere, people from all around London will be gathering together to dance from the early hours of the afternoon through till the late hours of the evening. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing yet at an Erupted event, then this will be your chance to catch up on what you have been missing. It is guaranteed that you wont look back after this. Come and join or, encounter the second Encounter event on the June 7th and leave all your troubles behind as you let go to the music. 


More info about the event HERE

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Meadows in the Mountain Summer Festival Preview

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Who said your festival experience has to be dominated by muddy pools of stagnant water, shit food and toxic teenagers running amok? If, given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to be bugging out in the crisp freshness of a mountain range, surrounded by rolling peaks, clean, illness-destroying air and enough chunky beats and rolling snares to keep your appetite for music well and truly quenched? Of course you would  which is why Meadows in The Mountains festival seems like such a tasty prospect for your festival season this year.


Nestled away within the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountain range, sitting atop of the Greek border, punters and merry makers are encouraged to go wild with abandon and soak up the beautiful, natural surroundings of the uniquely placed festival. Aside from the likes of Theo Parrish collaborator and Flowers creator Andrew Ashong, San ProperHrdvsn, Jazzanova‘s Alex Barck and many more underground acts from the world’s of house,funk and soul, you can even take a horse and cart ride, have a go at downhill grass bob-sleighing, go on a mountain ramble or for the more adventurous type out there, take a trip on the ‘death slide’ or  subject yourself to a ride on the mountain top zip line.


Shunning the ethos of capitalism for community, pre-fab festivals for a unique experience and the arena-packing superstardom of large-scale festivals for intimate personality, Meadows in The Mountains represents a refreshing alternative within a deluge of paint-by-numbers festivals and events. Just make sure you remember to bring your camera along.


Check out this madness on the mountain from last year.


More information about the festival and tickets HERE

 unnamed 1

Toi Toi Musik present Praslea, Eli Verveine, Saoirse and Voigtmann

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Toi Toi Preview Banner

Agency, label and damn fine party throwers, Toi Toi Musik, return to London’s East this Friday the 28th, bringing the Toi Toi tenets of fine quality music and strong community to Smeed Road’s i Candi. For three years now, Toi Toi founders Isis Salvaterra and Claus Voightmann have fought the commercialisation tide, throwing parties steeped in authenticity by challenging the norm and sourcing the highest quality music makers.

This weekend they’ve enlisted Praslea to provide the beats, Romanian export and Understand label head often caught making music with Raresh in between a hectic European touring schedule. Praslea will be joined by experimental Swiss technician Eli Verveine, plus support from UK’s Saoirse and Toi Toi’s very own Voigtmann. As always with Toi Toi, vinyl is king – so expect a night of record discovery for the chinstrokers and uninitiated alike.

toi toi

After changing venues twice due to licensing issues outside their control, Toi Toi are thankful that it’s been ‘third time lucky’ with i Candi who have saved the day and provided the perfect warehouse location for this Winter edition of the Toi Toi party series. It also happens to be Voigtmann’s birthday celebration, so goodwill is sure to abound!

Music lovers – you know what’s good for you. Grab your tickets here.

Preview Bugged Out Weekender, 7/8/9 March in Southport

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BUGGED OUT WEEKENDER preview copyBugged Out! is known for their rich history in club culture, starting as a cult techno magazine back in 1994, evolving into an all-round events and festival brand across England and even widen their horizons to Barcelona, having the honor of adding the biggest names in the game to their lineup throughout the years.


1969314 10152212992169030 1456913910 nOn the 7th, 8th and 9th of March, Bugged Out! returns to Southport with what has become their flagship event: the Bugged Out Weekender. This year they will celebrate two decennia’s of underground clubbing. There is no better place to celebrate this significant milestone than in the North of England, where the foundation lays of how it all began. This year the Weekender will take place at the Pontins Resort in Southport, a different location than the previous editions held in 2012 and 2013.

This multi-roomed, three-day event will again feature worlds renowned DJs and live acts, offering accommodation on site and a broad scale of day time activities like several secret parties, pop up surprises, infamous pool parties, go karts, rave karaoke’s among many other occupations.

It wouldn’t be a 20-year birthday without a jaw-dropping lineup including the key players of today’s clubbing essence. They tried to find a balance of all the DJs who have been compatible with Bugged Out! over their 20 years of existence. For example this year Kerri Chandler, Dave Clarke and Green Velvet return to the lineup once again, as one of the firsts acts Bugged Out booked in the mid-90s.

941816 10151680922270420 212782635 n

Alongside these veterans of House and Techno there will be a few live acts playing, Todd Terje’s first UK live show is a definite must-see. Other live acts include Kölsch and Ten Walls.

The hottest names at the moment will touch down in Southport during this three-day celebration. Among this long list of DJ’s will be Seth Troxler, Carl Craig, Andrew Weatherall, Claude Vonstroke, Dixon, Julio Bashmore, Dusky, Daniel Avery, Eats Everything, Joy Orbison, Ben Pearce, Erol Alkan, Jackmaster and more – for this reason we’ve added the full lineup below.

For more information about the festival & for tickets or accommodation visit:


Day Breakdowncorrectweb

We Are FSTVL Review: Not just beginner’s luck.

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It has been a relatively bleak past twelve months for the UK’s events and festival industry. Despite a booming electronic music scene throughout the country and a huge export market for independent and underground producers/labels, many promoters have seemingly struggled to keep afloat in a rapidly changing and over-saturated market. Ironically, as the market for electronic music extravaganza expands, events that might seem part of the dance music fabric are fighting to get numbers whilst newer events disappear as quickly as they emerged. Probably the most memorable example of this was the early closing of Bloc festival in July 2012, after it relocated from its previous home in Minehead to the London Pleasure Gardens. But in reality the past year has been scattered with the casualities of floundering festivals: The Big Chill, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Sonisphere, Underage Festival and so on. 

For these reasons, I had looked upon the emergence of the new 15,000 capacity, one-day festival We Are FSTVL with a great deal of hesitance. Even beyond the promotional tactics verging on spamming (how did they even get my mobile number?), and the dubious merchandising (ESX BOY/ESX GIRL t-shirts paired with culturally-appropriated headwear…?), I was just worried that a lack of experience and planning, a hyped-up crowd and a bit of bad luck would inevitably make the festival’s debut another BLOC-like flop.


This being said, We Are FSTVL actually exceeded most, if not all, of my expectations! Of course there were a few creases that will need to be ironed out, some of these more serious than others, but as a whole the festival was obviously well-organised and properly thought through. A post-festival announcement declared it took three years of planning, and I think this shone through decisively (as did the sun, much to the organisers’ relief I’m sure!) despite some teething problems, and for this I congratulate them. The sheer number of stages and music venues on site was seriously impressive, but even more so was their well-considered production, with unique themes, innovative structures and relatively good sound throughout. From the small, beach-themed site of secretsundaze, to Defected’s inflatable dance igloo – there were definitely some awesome places to get down in. But with so many venues, labels and collectives to choose from, it was impossible to experience everything and so I’ve outlined my own personal ‘high points’ and ‘low points’ of the festival , from what I managed to fit in and considering we left at 11.30pm shortly after the main stage shut and to avoid the inevitable madness of getting home when everyone else wanted to!

kehakuma copy     lasers

HIGH POINTKehakuma Inside tent

Inside the Kehakuma tent was some of the best music I heard all day, which was perhaps to be expected with Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann, and DJ Sneak amongst the roster. One small downfall was the layout of the stage, it was absolutely impossible to see who was behind the decks, making it difficult to connect with the person bringing all the bangers let alone trying to work out who it was. For instance, I just had to assume it was Squillace who brought the track below back into my life…


A 15,000 capacity event was destined to have problems with the bars during its inaugural event – it’s probably something like a rite of passage. The bars were understaffed, the queues were long, and the tokens were hilariously small. But most astonishingly was the fact they started running low on alcohol at around 8pm and punters were left to come up with their own cocktail concoctions, consisting of whatever spirit they had left and Pussy energy drink, lest they be left with the only other drink well-stocked: Tuborg.


HIGH POINT – Mulletover

From what I saw, the Mulletover stage was packed from front to back with unadulterated vibes all day. Despite being one of the smaller stages, the crowd was spilling out of the ‘crop circle’-themed tent and was backed up by the bar. The music, the DJs, and the crowd made it the most ‘festival-y’ stage on site: sometimes house and techno, so often experienced in dark warehouses and underground basements, seem oddly placed at music festivals with their outdoor spaces, big stages and poor-quality sound. But Mulletover represented everything a house festival should be about: mid-afternoon skanking, hands-in-the-air anthems, and Kerri Chandler standing in a spaceship, mouth to wax, singing into his vinyl. 




However much I may dislike the influx of Ibiza-style VIP areas into UK festivals, I would still have been pretty peeved at how un-special this whole area turned out to be. It was essentially just another place to keep the crowds, and there wasn’t really much that was ‘very important’ about it apart from nice toilets and a moderately less busy bar (which still ran out of alcohol, anyway). It seemed as though 90% of the festival had VIP wristbands, and I even read rumours that people were allowed to upgrade to VIP on the day for free. Saying that, the little rave tent in the corner had some very strong vibes, in spite of some semi-questionable mixing. 


LOW POINTMain stage closing at 10pm

In what I can only assume was a local council issue, the main We Are FSTVL stage shut down at 10PM, leaving in it’s wake a larger part of the site empty, strewn with paper and plastic remnants of good times once had, and increasingly trampled on by security guards and trash-pickers resembling hungry crows leering over the carcuses of our buzz. Essentially, we stumbled out of the VIP arena expecting to become a part of the Villalobos multitude, and instead witnessed this terrifying sight and felt a collective despair that just couldn’t be redeemed afterwards. Note to We Are FSTVL: next year please provide some sort of vague timings pre-event so that we don’t end up in this position again!


HIGH POINT – Festival site

Despite some hiccups and teething problems, the aesthetic and layout of the festival site was hugely impressive, especially the main stage, which was pretty bleedin’ epic. It was clear the organisers and designers had put a lot of effort in to packing all the visual elements of a larger, 3-day festival into a 1-day experience. This isn’t to say there was an abundance of non-musical entertainment, but there was enough to distractt the eyes while meandering between the array of amazing venues and stages. For a festival with so many punters there were always going to be lots of queues, but when it came down to toilets, food and space to dance, there was ample to satisfy my needs! 

Essentially, We Are FSTVL far exceeded my expectations and proved to be definitely worthy of the excitement and hype that surrounded it. Personally, I don’t think this was an easy feat considering the day-festival format, the Upminster location, and the crowd…it took more than just beginner’s luck and the organisers should be massively proud that their hard work paid off. I’m confident that We Are FSTVL will return next year and be equally as successful, if not better when they learn from and improve on the mistakes of this year!

main stage


Words by Becky Amoi 

Photo credits: Paul Underhill

ANNOUNCEMENT: The MEOKO Project @ Red Gallery – June 28th ( The MEOKO Project has moved to VILLAGE UNDERGROUND)

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The MEOKO Project

Friday 28th June

Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London

We are delighted to announce our first official MEOKO event since launching back in 2011: The MEOKO Project is our way of celebrating our achievements over the past two years and saying a big THANK YOU to all those who have supported us along the way. So please join us for a truly special party that represents everything MEOKO is about – celebrating music, art, culture and more.

The MEOKO Project is a 12-hour musical and cultural experience located right in the heart of East London at celebrated arts venue, the Red Gallery. Alongside a stellar musical experience featuring rare London performances from the likes of Cadenza’s Valentino and Jun Akimoto of the London label and party collective, Fuse, it will bring together individuals, brands, and collectives under one roof to showcase the creativity and innovation that surrounds London’s colourful nightlife and music culture. 

meoko project logo banner

Spread over two floors, from 5.30pm until 6am, The MEOKO Project will feature a host of ‘exta-musical’ activities, including a London Nightlife Photography Exhibition curated by celebrated underground photographer, Daddy’s Got Sweets, alongside a ‘pop-up’ fashion market showcasing some of our favourite up-and-coming street wear brands including festival-ready Puckoo Couture and Fuudhoods.

We are also massively proud and excited to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive London premiere screening of new electronic music documentary, BEATZ: Divergences and Contradictions of Electronic Music which features over 150 artist interviews with industry professionals, label owners, managers and DJs such as Craig Richards, DVS1, Luciano, Loco dice, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Monika Kruse, Laurent Garnier and more. The screening will take place in Red Gallery’s basement from 7.15pm onwards, and there are limited tickets available with only 80 places – so please make sure you purchase your tickets for the BEATZ screening & party as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Watch the trailer below, and buy your tickets here. 


Plus, of course, it wouldn’t be MEOKO without a delectable house and techno lineup to take us through the night and for this party we have gone deep into the underground to bring you nine hours of partying with a selection of our favourite DJs and producers from Slovenia, Germany, Japan and London herself. 


Valentino Kanzyani

Labelled as one of the “founding forefathers of Slovenian techno”, Valentino’s laid-back but skilful approach to his craft (providing serious tech-house music and sets to the masses) has taken him around the world thrice over, making him one of the most respected vinyl DJs. As well as founding his own label, Jesus Loved You, and his own clubnight in Ibiza, Next Wave, Valentino is a celebrated producer with releases on Cadenza, Tenax and many more, as well as being selected to feature on Richie Hawtin’s upcoming Minus compilation.


Jun Akimoto 

Flying in from Japan, exclusively for MEOKO, Jun Akimoto’s return to the Big Smoke has been long awaited by all those who know and love the London institution that is Fuse. Jun’s love for electronic music truly began to flourish when he moved here in 2003; mixing, producing and striking up a passionate affair with dancefloors across the capital. 93 Feet East (RIP) was a particularly special haunt, and is where he met and became inextricably connected with Fuse London, a relationship that has allowed the musical careers of Jun and his frequent partner Ittetsu to blow up rapidly. Now with a collaborative project with Yaya Desolat under his belt, 

 we expect to see big things from this artist in 2013.

Listen to Jun’s MEOKO mix below

jun akimoto mix



Although a Dusseldorf native, Binh’s name and reputation is inextricable entwined with the modern underground Berlin. When he finally settled in Germany’s capital, he immediately made his mark with a residency at the reknowned Club der Visionaere and founding his own night, Noon. He has since taken his refined, deep techno style around Europe’s most iconic clubs and festivals, rapidly gaining fans and industry respect even before releasing any of his own material. Nevertheless, his first release on Concrete Music is imminent and the scene is waiting with baited breath for more to come…



Gaining a reputation from early DJ sets as resident and co-promoter for Toi.Toi.London, Voigtmann has, in a considerably short space of time, established himself as an electronic music producer with an ear for high quality underground output, as well as co-founding new label and DJ roster Toi.Toi.Musik. As a DJ, gigs at fabric in London, Rex in Paris and Club der Visionaere in Berlin have further cemented his reputation as a vinyl mixologist of the highest calibre. Now with a solid release just out on Assemble Music and many more in the pipeline, Voigtmann’s patience is paying off and MEOKO is excited.

Listen to Voigtmann’s MEOKO mix below

voigtmann mix

Rico Casazza

In today’s day and age of over produced and over hyped tracks constantly doing the rounds, it’s rare to find a young producer who has forged such a unique and special sound. MEOKO describe his experimental style as ‘Music from Mars’, futuristic funk meets deep minimalistic techno and house grooves. Rico Casazza certainly has our attention.

Listen to Rico’s MEOKO mix below

rico mix



Friday June 28th, 2013
17.30 – 06.00
Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, London

Screening & party: £15 early bird / £20 / £25 

Party only: £10 early bird / £15 / £20 / MOTD

Buy tickets here

Join the Project on Facebook here