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Music Review: Nah Mean? – Middle Path [Say Less Records]

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Philadelphia-based Nah Mean? debuts his new single “Middle Path,” on his very own Say Less Records. The tune, which has sharp percussion and a strong, full, pulsating bassline that establishes the tone for the track, is the label’s eighth release.

A churning 303 acid synth dominates the mid frequencies, transitioning to a jazzy muted key melody following the bridge, with vocal samples from Philly’s own Sun Ra strewn throughout the spiritual language of music.


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Music Review: – peoples_001

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Based between the vibrant cities of London and Ibiza, opens a new chapter with “peoples”, a space and project to share his own music without the need to necessarily fit somewhere. All tracks from the EP are one word, a name that represents someone or a group of people that plays an important role in his life. The digital-only releases of ‘peoples’ will always be ‘not for profit’, and currently he’s donating to the Humane Society – so there’s even another reason to cop your copy of these three brilliant originals.

Kickin’ off with “Heath”, the track recalls some Micheal James-ish patterns, especially when it comes to drum arrangements with fast-skipping hats and tiny percussions with a good dose of swing. The bassline hits hard but keeps the track fluid and enjoyable, while a few melodic elements later populate the track with elegance. 

Next, “Frink” keeps the groove rolling, heading to more electronic territories with a gritty bassline, jerky snares, wavering plucks that sound like a chirping, and mysterious vocals. The EP closes with “Frank”, which stays more dubby and deep thanks to its shiny pads, infectious drums, and a groovy bubbling bassline to round off the release properly.

Words by Francesco Quieti


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Music Review: Eddi Shkiper – Le Reveur EP

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German-based label Salin Records is back with a second release on its sub-label Salin Deep. This time it’s Siberian DJ & Producer Eddi Shkiper with a four-track EP. The release, also available on Vinyl, features a beautiful cover designed and manually pressed by Co-founder Daria Salin.

 Never or again, the first number in the EP, boasts a steady four on the floor scheme, with well-chosen percussive elements, mellow pads, and a joyful melody reigning over all the track. Le Reveur packs quite a positive vibe to it with its progressive nature, harmoniously-written phrases laying under simple, ear-friendly drum patterns that form a steady groove.

With a remix from Roger Gerressen, Le Reveur takes on a dubby path, with rich pads taking over the field. Through crunchy snares and carefully-written melodies embodied in a beautiful break, the Dutch producer elegantly leaves his imprint.

The fourth and final track “Allure” is on a more bass-driven note. Bright in its essence, the tune is a run of scattered piano chords and dreamy pads that seem to effortlessly fuse with minimalistic drums and percussive components.

In conclusion, it would be very wise to put the words ‘positive’, ‘dreamy’ or ‘bright’ as tags on this release, having very well brought together dub, melodic and minimalistic features. Grab your copy quickly either from the shelves or digitally.

Words by Ramy Ounis

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