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CB 505 A

Music Review: Carebears – Carebears 505

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It is increasingly common in the current scene to find artists who more and more often like to hide behind secret monikers, and the guys of Carebears have been surely one of the most successful unknown-duos during the last couple of years.


With appearances on Niko Maxen’s OFF Path, Blind VisionPurism and ROWLE‘s sub-label Abduction, these guys have put out an incredible number of quality analogue jams, receiving support from the biggest in the industry. In fact, they track have been played by Cabanne, Varhat, Roger Gerressen, Petre Inspirescu, Dorian Paic, Markus Fix, Raresh, Cap and Arno to name a few. They’re now back on their own self-titled label with another infectious 2-tracker vinyl-only EP.



CB 505 A



The A-side is a bubbly rhythm track with harsh chords and a straightforward dose of 909 grooves that take you back to the heart of a dance-floor with futuristic menace. The track is filled with unexpected female vocal samples and prickly hi-notes that help to keep pressure and involvement at seriously high levels.



On the flip, ‘505B’ keeps using 909 groove elements, but directing the track in a deeper way, with rhythmic congas, dubby pads bubbling sub-bass, accented by infectious male vocal hooks throughout.







Words by Francesco Quieti

MSK001 Labels

Music Review: Moskvich Bar Infinity Anniversary [MSKVCH 001]

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Kharkiv’s underground institution Moskvich Bar had a massive 2019, continuing to host both rising local talents and renowned DJs such as Gel Abril, Pillow Talk, Nasser Baker and Kirik to name a few. During these 8 years since its opening, the bar crew’s impeccable music taste and competent international DJ booking of artists from Germany and France, the UK, and Israel, helped Moskvich to rapidly grow into a favourite spot for lovers of quality electronic music and carry its mission today.


MSK001 Labels

Click HERE to listen to the PREMIERE of Christian Burkhardt – Chameleon


To celebrate the bar’s birthday, they’ve decided to prepare a special present in the form of launching an in-house vinyl label. The debut release delivers a compilation of tracks by seasoned friends whose historic sets went into Moskvich’s history. “MOSKVICH BAR INFINITY ANNIVERSARY” features 4 killer tracks that come from the likes of German top-producer and Cocoon-associate Christian, Ukrainian Kirill Kirik, Anton Kubikov from Moscow duet SCSI-9, and venue’s longtime friend — JOSS, who’s also the head of Kyiv label Artreform.


“Moskvich Bar is the homeplace, cosy and warm. The place where friends gather to hug and smile, connect and dance. The unique venue where each worker feels like the owner. This approach changes each mindset, that of a chef, a waiter, a barman, who gladly devote themselves to their jobs and follow their calling. Ultimately, it creates an exclusive atmosphere, that is tastefully underlined by your favourite music,” says Moskvich Bar boss Anton Slepoy.


Kickin’ off with the deep and minimalistic ‘She Appears’ by JOSS who sets the standard with minimalistic drums samples programmed with a housey swing, rolling basslines, lush pads and sweeping synths, making of this opening tool the perfect cross between dancefloor mover and trippy after-hours mood.



 JOSS (ARTREFORM, Memory Remains)


Thus, the legend of Christian Burkhardt delivers ‘Chameleon’ and as the name says, this one will definitely fit in any situation. It’s a proper tech-house roller, with tons of percussions, vocal shots and a simple but effective up&down bassline, ready to shake the crowd in every corner of the world.


Christian Burkhardt

 Christian Burkhardt (EASTENDERZ, Cocoon)


On the flip, Russian Anton Kubikov steps up with the deep and smooth ‘Winter Never Come With You’. It’s an intense journey with deep Rhodes, delicate female vocal parts and a touching piano part that suck you in and keep you there for the duration.


Kubikov 2

 Anton Kubikov (Kompakt, Mayak)


Closing the EP is Crocus label head Kirik who has delivered an impressive number of quality tracks during the last couple of years, oftentimes hiding behind the Unkown artist moniker. His a track ‘HS001’ features a rolling and rubbery bassline, shuffling drums and involving grooves, giving life to another dancefloor rocker.


Kirik 2

 Kirik (Crocus, UZVAR)




Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Ema Remedi – Outsider EP [Visionquest 081]

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Montevideo-born and Berlin-based producer and DJ Ema Remedi (Melisma, Drumma, Sketches Records) is ready to drop her debut release on the legendary Visionquest label. ‘Outsider’ EP consists of 4 original cuts, in which Ema melts her typical Latino groovy-roots together with the most avant-garde European meticulous approach, giving life to some lovely deep house pieces of art.


 IMG 44235166

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Visionquest’s 81st release kicks off with ‘Even Odds’, characterized by curious vocoderized parts, which turn to be almost sung by robots. The vocals float above sharp compelling groove and under short and panned arpeggiators, whilst deep chords are joined by various tiny elements. 

A2’s ‘Why’ is a hell of stripped-back number with a mean bassline, modular sounds, repetitive distorted vocals and a powerful dose of 909 grooves.



Click HERE to listen to the exclusive premiere of ‘Open Closing’


On the flip, ‘Open Closing’ is a proper deep house tune within which you can (easily) find all the Berlin-ish typical elements: dancefloor-oriented grooves, delicate cymbals, deep pads, sparkling and crispy synths, all together perfectly in keeping with the rolling sub frequencies drawn into an addictive low-end pattern.

Closing the EP is the creepy ‘No Sun, No Problem (feat. Sol)’ which features sinister keys, distorted effects, unexpected squelches and rattles. The track is raw, gloomy and murky and proceeds with solid sub-bass, piercing hats and electric synths, wrapping the listener in a halo of mystery, as the title track itself foreshadowed.




Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Harry Light – Take A Journey [ARTEFORM 037]

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Harry Light – Take A Journey [ARTREFORM]


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Listen to the premiere of Harry Light – Entrance:


05 arr037 ab print-page-001


Ukraine is one of those countries that is slowly making his appearance into the European scene, being influenced by the “Rominimal” sound from the West and the more techno-oriented sound from the East. Within the vast panorama, JOSS’ label ARTREFORM has been a stable point over the last 8 years, with releases that involved names such as the local studio-wizard iO (Mulen), Chaim, Ugur Project, Tripmastaz, Rhadow, FilOu, Christian Burkhardt, GFD, and Kirik to name a few. 


05 Joss Picture

Label owner JOSS


The 37th release comes from the wise hands of Harry Light, who’s back on the label after three years since his debut EP with the entitled three-tracker ‘Take A Journey’. Kickin’ off with the main track, Harry delivers a huge a dancefloor tool with a bouncy bassline, siren-ish synths and a solid 909 rolling groove; here, the aggressiveness of the track is contrasted by a whispering female vocal and some epic sinister atmospheres. Next, is ‘Faux Bro’ where punchy kicks and 909 open hats perfectly match with an old school-sounding bassline (remember the old Hot Creations stuff?) and more female vocal chops amongst sweeping synths and rich drum shots.



Harry Light


Closing the EP is ‘Entrance‘, marked by lovely deep pads, which are later joined by dubby and delayed synths. Little by little, the track evolves with skipping drum licks and bubbling sub-bass, accented by infectious female vocal loops throughout, rounding out an impressive EP.




Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Entoniu & Agape – Prelucrare EP (incl. Rowlanz Remix) [Salomon Recordings]

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Entoniu & Agape – Pelucrare EP (incl. Rowlanz Remix) [Salomon Recordings 015]


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Listen to the premiere of ‘Entoniu & Agape – Pelucrare (Rowlanz Remix)’:


76605055 736767753493923 7624653353787588608 n


South America is one of the countries contributing heavily to the house and techno scene at the moment, especially if we take a closer look at the rising ro(minimal) movement. Mexican-based Salomon Recordings continues to provide a great musical output that it has provided over its 10+ releases. These guys have released some quality stuff from established artists like Mahony, Dudley Strangeways, Javier Carballo, Red Pig Flower and Dubphone plus upcoming talents like Chklte, Mike.D, Stoilku and Octave (RO). 


Their 15th instalment comes from Italian duo Entoniu & Agape with their ‘Pelucrare’ EP which also includes a remix from man of the moment Rowlanz (INFUSE, Yoyaku, Berg Audio). 


entoniu agape


The original version is a 7-minute deep immersion into the typical SW-inspired groove enriched with jungle textures and crispy percussion. Characteristic Romanian vocals gently introduce airy ambience and lovely synths, giving life to a delicious warm-up tool. 


On the B-side, UK producer Rowlanz reinvents the track with his trademark signature style, using the original vocals and synths and adding light arpeggiators and the right dose of groove. His remix is a blissful after-hours weapon, especially if you think about some proper ‘hands in the air moments which come from the celestial sounds introduced to us during the long breaks.


19989369 1547495571956941 8058175763095055601 n



Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Chrivu – Music Brought Me Here EP [Midas Touch 001]

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Chrivu – Music Brought Me Here EP [Midas Touch 001]


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Listen to the premiere of Chrivu – Music Brought Me Here: 


photo 2019-12-02 18-40-54


Romanian rising talent Macarie is about to launch a brand new label called “Midas Touch” – an unexplored space where he’ll be able to showcase his musical vision, expressed by both upcoming and already affirmed producer. For the first chapter, he brings into play Iasi based Chrivu, who provides the entitled “Music Brought Me Here” EP, which includes three driving originals plus a remix by fellow-Romanian friend Vlad Arapasu.


photo 2019-12-02 18-42-12


A1 kicks the things off with a breakbeat inspired drums and soft-cosmic arpeggiators over distorted vocals and refined textures, while “In Charge” is a more stripped-back tune with a splash of modular sounds, and a raw darkened bassline that waste no time in setting the mood. On the flip, “Linear Space” follows exactly the journey started on A2, adding to a solid and sharp beat some sci+fi effects and haunting analog stabs. Closing the EP is the Vlad Arapasu’s remix who turns “Linear Space” into a punchy club-oriented version, with shimmering atmospheres above his signature Romanian trademark groove.



Words by Francesco Quieti


Music Review: Grec – Climacool EP [MINIM Records 006]

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Grec – Climacool EP [Minim Records 006]


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Listen to the premiere of Grec – TC90:





NYC based MINIM is back with 006 in their vinyl-only series. This time around they welcome a young Ukrainian by the name of Grec to showcase his debut ‘Climacool EP.’ We kick things off with the title track ‘Climacool’ which is a high energy, astral journey through space and time. A low rumbling bass, a chest-thumping kick drum and starry notes all interlace to deliver a dancefloor mover.


48063030 283082295887123 94806240508510208 n

Legendary Derek Carr turns out a toned-down remix but still packs enough to find it’s way into most DJ’s record bags. A sundrenched interpretation that really hits the spot!

TC90 is another fast-paced trip which twists and turns with finely programmed drums, jacked out percussion, high pitch squeals and a lovely yet haunting vocal that makes for an enjoyable listen.

TIJN delivers the remix on this one and has done a great job of stripping this back with skippy hats, atmospheric pads and a groove to get any floor moving!



koia copy

Music Review: Cristi Murar – Andromeda EP [KOI Series 001]

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Cristi Murar – Andromeda EP [Koi Series 001]


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Listen to the premiere of Cristi Murar – Mos:


koia copy



The enigmatic KOI Series opens its door for the very first time with a stunning 2-tracker EP by Cluj-Napoca groover Cristi Murar.

Coming from years of experience in the underground music scene, the Italian guys at RE.FACE Records have decided to step on the way to the sky opening a brand new one vinyl-only label. KOI Series overlooks at aesthetic lands of zen gardens, fairy feelings and cherry trees in bloom, and just looking at the artwork, you can immediately see the organic vision behind the whole concept.


 download copy copy copy


Andromeda EP sees the Romanian producer working under his real name for the very first time; previously he had releases with his “ICS” alias on renowned labels such as Sintope, Jargon!, Get Physical and Dirtybird to name a few.

The EP is an astonishing and immersive trip with fluffy and ethereal sounds, smooth and happy grooves and manages to condense diverse dancefloor moments in 2 tracks only. We can say that it’s the perfect example of the “less is more” motto, because both the tracks are just perfect in every aspect and detail, not making us regret about the absence of two more works.

A1 “Andromeda” is about dreamy synths and light grooves, while on the flipside, “Mos” is a stomping tune with some serious low-end power which is clearly designed for the dancefloor.


KOIwhite copy copy


Music Review: St. Joseph – Player Nr. 1 EP [Dokutoku Records 006]

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St. Joseph – Player Nr. 1 [Dokutoku Records 006]


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Listen to the premiere of St. Joseph – Feel (Arno aka Einzelkind Remix):



For their 6th instalment, Katie Drover’s label Dokutoku Records brings us a sublime EP from the talented and Tini & The Gang member St. Joseph with his ‘Player Nr. 1 EP.’ Three delicious original tracks along with an infectious, groovy number turned out by Arno (aka Einzelkind) complete the package.


12973099 1006827802727864 6218903430916800305 o


We kick the A-side off with ‘Feel’ which is a slow, hypnotic rolling track you’d expect to hear in a basement club in the early hours. A bouncy b-line mixed with drawn on Rhodes notes really take us on a voyage of self-discovery, which leads into ‘Random,’ a jazzy track that sounds like it was produced back in the hay day of the ’90s. Seriously good! The B side really takes things up a gear with Arno‘s (better known as Einzelkind) remix which is a peak time number that you’ll find hard not to move to. What’s surprising about this is that Arno actually created his version without the benefit of the original parts, giving life to a monstrous track over its 10 minutes ride …very impressive! Rounding off the package is ‘Player Nr 1’, a chuggy, slowed-down groover, providing a lovely 3-minute interlude to close the EP in style.


P.S. Don’t forget to check out Katie Drover’s exclusive Live Moments Episode on our Soundcloud channel!

MEOKO reviews: Michael Melchner – Pi Came First

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Early last year in the heart of Madrid, vinyl only label Colt Music was born. With an unbelievable series of local parties, and a couple of releases under their belt it seems they are picking up the pace impressively well. The key to their success boils down to the careful selection of artists they choose to work with. The fact they have previous releases from Hamid and Brian Harden which includes a magical remix from Romanian duo SIT, literally speaks for itself.

For the third release on the label they have hit the jackpot again, this time around they are treating us to the sounds of long term resident of Rakete Club (Nürnberg) Michael Melchner. The native German is known for his extended sets taking clubbers on a euphoric trip, touching on all corners of electronic music. Diversity is definitely something this man doesn’t lack, and this shines through in his productions, creating something special for all dance floor situations.

‘Pi Came First’ is a solid three track EP, with a unique touch that many desire but fail to achieve. The title track taking up the whole of the A-side is an in your face groover, driven by a combination of spiralling magical sounds and hard hitting kicks. Providing you with that peak time bounce and energy we all desire. The hypnotic breaks, supported by some strange voices, suck you in before you’re thrown straight back in by the glitchy rolling beats. The more atmospheric brother of the opening track ‘Pi Came Second’ in comparison definitely has a stripped back approach. Similarly to the opener, there is that push and drive from the drums, but it has a much more minimal and floaty feel to it, one for the journey. A real touch of class.  The most mysterious out of the three goes by the name of ‘Prague’ and it screams that 7am dark and eerie after party feel. Having you in a daze from start to finish, it is a very steady track fuelled by outer space sounds, ready to take over your mind. 

The EP really proves the understanding that Melchner has for moving dancefloors; be prepared to be impressed by his timeless work. It’s soon to be released, so you best keep your eyes peeled for this one, and the serious movements Colt Music are making, going from strength to strength.