Not So Serious w/ Jacopo Latini

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An artist that sparked our curiosity a while back is on today’s Not So Serious stage. Jacopo Latini, a Bologne-based producer, has steadily risen in popularity over the last few years, with releases on Mood Waves, and his own Taboo Traxx which he co-founded, laying the groundwork for his sound. Positioning himself in the eye of the storm, Jacopo has reached an accomplished state of equilibrium with his most recent Rumore Bianco EP. The EP is absolutely sick, with all of the necessary components to get you dancing and a true fresh approach in its rounded basslines and cosmic melodies. Not to mention that his collaboration with Giammarco Orsini, Data Memory Access, is also soaring to new heights, as the duo debuted their live performance at the Picnic’s 10-year fabric takeover, and it went off without a hitch.

MEOKO catches up with Jacopo Latini to get a Not So Serious insight on what superpower he’d like to have and how he imagines partying in year 3000 would look like…

  •  Three Tunes That Never Leave Your Bag…

– Ricky. R – Underground Morality 

– Look, Love, Listen – Robot Man (Edit) 

– Mad Mike – Hi – Tech Dreams 


  •  I know it’s weird, but I really like to…

Enjoy silence! 

  •  What is your favorite 90s jam? 

It’s really difficult to just choose one. Everybody knows it was a crucial period for dance music in all of its forms; a huge legacy of DJs, artists and tracks that gave us a lot of inspiration to embrace the future. If I have to pick one…


  •  If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? 

Can I choose both? haha! 


  • What is an album you are into at the moment? 

Bicep – Isles 

  • Assuming that the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow? 

I would like to have a good dinner with the people I love, and then head directly to play at the best party of my life. 

  •  If you could blink your eyes and be in a favorite place right now, where would that place be? 

In a studio, immersed in nature with all the studio gear I have ever dreamed of. 


  •  If you could meet anyone, alive or dead? Who would that be? 

Thomas Banghalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) 


  • Throughout my teenage years, I was listening to…

I would always have different playlists with a variety of genres. I have always loved the hip-hop sound, a lot of Italian stuff, but also Eminem, Dre, Notorious BIG, Tupac. 

At the same time, I started to buy records and CDs, around the age of 14/15 , this was my first interaction with electronic music, listening to Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Prodigy, and of course more club-oriented music, particularly house music. 

Geographically I grew up in a crucial place for the Italian club scene at that time – Bologna, which was supported during the summer by another magical place, Riccione. My first club experience was when I was 16, and I can happily say that nothing can beat that feeling. 

So I started to visit clubs often. Once back home I would search online for recorded DJ sets, upload them to my iPod and listen to them every day. I learned a lot doing that. 

  •  What’s the most crucial track of all-time? 

There is more than one, but if I have to choose: Kraftwerk – The Robots. 

  • Funniest thing I have ever seen…

Hmm…really don’t know. Probably a man (who I guess was a little high) was kissing the door at the entrance of the club as if it was his girlfriend. 


  • Producer to watch out for…

Data Memory Access 😉 

  • Describe what you feel like partying in the year 3000 will look like. 

I think history has always taught us that people have had the need to dance, perhaps by changing costumes, shapes, and music but the lowest common denominator remains. Maybe the parties in the future will have new colors, new rhythms, and new locations, but we have been dancing, we are still dancing, and will continue to dance forever.


Words by Monika Zander

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Music Review: DOTT – Puppy Luv EP [Jugaar Records]

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Jugaar Records might be the first Pakistan label that reaches our ears, but if the quality is so high from the beginning, please gives us more! Taking care of the label’s second release is Thai DJ and producer DOTT. You might have seen him recently dropping filthy retro-house vibes on labels from the likes of BodyParts, More Rice, Keepitgoing, and Habits RAW, fusing spacey sounds, steady drum patterns and bulbous bassline with a pinch of old school flavour. His “Puppy Luv” EP is no exception and comes packed with a remix by US legend himself Titonton Duvante.

A1 “What Am I Gonna Do” opens proceedings with a tight 909 game along with housy string and deep, emotional pads. As soon as the track progresses, the scene gets populated by gently saturated synths, releasing notes of nostalgia. The acid line on the breakbeat is just icy on the cake, making this one an A-grade dancefloor vibrator. Following, “Spacey Mango” sticks to its name, with DOTT providing hefty outerspace synths that open and close throughout the track. The muddy acid bassline will try to lock you down on the dancefloor, while you will be surrounded by curious arcade creatures from other galaxies.

On the flip, “Puppy Luv” truly leaves a sign. Dusty lofi poignant synths give way to slippery sounds and modular bleeps to rise from underneath, later appearing again into a waving crescendo. Rounding out the package, Ohio-based veteran Titonton Duvante‘s take of “Puppy Love” brings some Phil Weeks‘ MPC shuffling experience, enriching the original with a deep, and raw old school house feeling. That’s true luv!

Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: j03L – License To Kill 001

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Inspired by the most known secret agent of our time, the newborn label License To Kill is preparing to make you dance with all the class and finesse that made James Bond famous. Guy’s in charge of the mission is label-head j03l, who’s not afraid to dive into rumbling and menacing rhythms, enriched by a majestic remix by Doubtinthomas.

The iconic swirl pressed on the A-side of the EP perfectly reflects the visceral dried out grooves of the first track, “Inglasias”. The opener slowly heats the dancefloor with tiny seductive hi-hats that add to the longstanding ones. The punchy kick drum and the gloomy clap do the rest, setting the tempo for a quality warm-up tool. Next, “Sweet As” squeezes granular groove elements and noisy bleeps into a marching, minimal bopper. 

French groove maestro Doubtinthomas opens the B-side with a liquid-ish, shuffling version of “Sweet As”. His remix brings the original vocal to the next level, adding a “Spektre” touch of mystery to the entire piece, all surrounded by delightful synths and modular atmospheres. Titled “Holy Motors” rounds things off with its pressing bassline and wide breakbeat drums that make the track float from the dancefloor before descending fast aboard a black, shiny Aston Martin.

Words by Francesco Quieti

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With the festival season coming back strong after a lengthy halt, it seemed only natural for MEOKO to prepare a list of the festivals not to miss for what’s left of 2022. You surely missed Caprices and even Sunwaves… Don’t make the same mistake again in the same year!



For its 10-year anniversary special, Dimensions festival is setting sail at the iconic Garden Resort in Tisno, Croatia. Through a 5-day span filled with unending musical experiences covering a wide range of electronic music genres (Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Minimal, Disco, and more), The festival promises to further embellish the Croatian shores with its rich program, as it continues to accentuate its already-established legacy.

More Dimensions:  Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


After a two-year break, Meadows in the mountains is back for its 1 decade anniversary. Taking place in the embrace of the Rhodope mountains, precisely in the village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria, it is by giving back to nature all while adding a touch of artistic beauty that this festival offers an experience blending arts, nature, and a deep sense of community.



More Meadows In the Mountains:  Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


After last year’s roaring success, EPIZODE is back in Albania for its second edition. The adventure that started in Vietnam packs the same eclectic energy across continents to landing on the beautiful beaches of Shëngjin, North of Albania. The first edition rocked a heavy-weight selection of House & Techno artists, and this year things don’t seem to go any slower.

More Epizode: Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


A two-year break really had Waking life regulars calling for the festival’s comeback. A call that has been greatly answered with a 6-day journey in one of Europe’s most desert-like places, not too far from Crato, Portugal. A huge self-entitled playground, where Performing arts clash with logistic perfectionism, creating an immersive experience by the lakeside. Line-up this year includes Audio Werner, Dan Andrei, Funk E, Thomas Melchior, Vera, Rhadoo, San Proper, Vlada, Giegling collective, and many more.

More Waking Life: Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


One of the most successful eco-friendly festivals is taking place once again this year, not too far from the castle of Ribaucourt in Perk, Belgium. With five different stages hosting electronic music performances of all kinds, Paradise City promises to live up to its name, underlined with consistency, responsibility, and pure creativity in this seventh edition. Having added a new expansion on the field where the festival is held, it is expected to reach not only higher levels of artistic success but also a wider ecological positive effect.

More Paradise City: Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


Running along the sides of Slovenia’s breath-taking Soca river, it is right around the town of Tolmin that Butik festival is coming back for its third edition in July of 2022. Local and international talents will be present to offer a panoply of performances, satisfying all tastes. Different stages will also be scatter around the beautiful site, making for the perfect combination between music, nature, and everything in between.

More Butik: Facebook Instagram / Facebook Event / Website


With the imprint of the legendary Craig Richards. Houghton Festival is finally back after the round of postponement it went through. Rocking a beastly line-up of over 200 artists, it’s over a span of 4 days that the Houghton Hall will witness a veritable marathon of extended DJ sets and live performances. A promising return described to be magical to one of the most relevant festivals not only in the UK but in the world.

More Houghton: Facebook Instagram  / Website


After another roaring success on its 10th edition in December of 2021, Tunisia’s finest minimal-oriented festival is promising to keep providing only the best. Having brought together artists from around the world to capture both the beauty and fervor of the Tunisian scene and the Mediterranean sea, FABRIKA is putting in place a celebration for a community that is as passionate as they can get.

More Fabrika: Facebook Instagram  / Website


For its first-ever edition, a brand new festival heads to the south of the UK, precisely in the emblematic Danson Park, Kent. Just as its name hints, it is a dream that the experience promises, with countless immersive experiences on the list, satisfying the five senses. And when it comes to the music, the festival is making sure to please all of its hosts with a line-up covering a wide array of electronic music tastes.

More Dream Valley: Facebook Instagram  / Facebook Event / Website


UNUM Festival is back with the 2022 Edition even bigger and better than the last! The full lineup has been announced and has us even more excited than the last festival. Not only is there a killer full of heavyweights, but they have also added two extra days so there will be plenty to go around for everyone. More than 70 different artists, 3 stages, and nonstop music! What more could youask for? From Wednesday, June 1st to June 6th we will be returning to the beaches of Albania for a week to never forget!

More UNUM: Facebook / Instagram / Faceook Event / Website


One of London’s key festivals is back again this year for its 6th edition, only this year, the artist roster is getting even richer. Nested in Woodland corner, Peckham Rye Park is witnessing, in June later this year, a marriage of House, Disco, Dub and jazz, and everything in between, for three days straight! Bouncing between eclectic DJ sets and live performances, the festival is looking as promising as ever.

More Gala: Facebook Instagram  / Website


Touchdown in Dádpuszta, Hungary. The region hosting the O.Z.O.R.A festival is back yet again with another gathering. The idea first came to life in 2021 when organizers thought it would only be necessary to add a few more days-long reunion in the heaven of Dádpuszta, with its hybrid beauty made of natural and structural elements. Spanning a lavish lineup, it is across three different stages that the DAAD GATHERING will be taking place in June of 2022.

More DAAD Gathering: Facebook Instagram  / Facebok Event / Website



Yet another of London’s symbolic festivals is taking place once again this year. For its 10-year anniversary, a one-dayer to hold the breath for is set for August 2022 at the Lee Valley Showground. Think one sole day can’t pack enough music and festival experience? Well, think again, because this year’s Eastern Electrics lineup is as charged as they can get, with four different stages to maintain its whole frenzy.

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Words by Ramy Ounis

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