Next Wave announces opening party with Rhadoo

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“no philosophy, just music”

Next Wave have been doing their thing since the 2011 season, from hotel clubs, including Corso and Club Punta Arabi, before eventually settling at the monumental Privilege towards the end of last season. Making it clear just what they’re about, their legendary closing party last year hosted the one and only Ricardo Villalobos, alongside a ridiculous lineup of Raresh, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Valentino Kanzyani, Dan Andrei and Ian F. Shying away from the VIP culture that seems to be taking over the island, Next Wave are all about putting on good music, good deep and tech music to be price – without any booths or bottles of champagne. With a price tag to go with the ethos, tickets last year were a fraction of a pricise of its competitors at €15.

Since Ibiza last year Next Wave have toured Europe, with parties in Barcelona, Sarajevo, London and Berlin to name a few! Taking hold of the underground party scene and gaining solid fans along the way, Next Wave are in no way just a passing tide.


Romanian DJ, Rhadoo, returns this season but this time to headline their newly announced opening party on 19th June 2013 at Privilege. A household name in mainland Europe, and teetering on the edge of being huge, he’s played alongside Derrick May and Mathias Kaden, as well as performing at the much talked about WE ARE FSTVL. Finishing off the lineup is German artist Thomas Melchior, who is providing a live set, and Japanese DJ Fumiya Tanaka, as well as Russian artist agency, Gipsy Music, controlling the ‘Vista Blu’ room.

Purposefully keeping their online presence to a minimum, Next Wave really needs to be seen to be understood; no amount of hype can really do justice to such an event. As they state themselves on their Facebook, “no philosophy, just music”; and we plan on being right alongside them to ride this wave together. 

For more info, keep an eye on the Next Wave Facebook page



Next Wave Opening Party

Wednesday 19th June

Privilege, Ibiza

Rhadoo / Thomas Melchior Live / Fumiya Tanaka


OneMore returns to Hearn Street Car Park with Mr. G

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The OneMore collective have been providing London with some of the best below-the-radar parties since way back in November 2010. Matching their underground music with underground venues, their debut event was held in a former leather factory. In the years since, they’ve become a London staple, creating a community around their parties that is rare treat nowadays and goes someway in explaining why people return month after month. These guys are serious about keeping a certain vibe, and are not in the business of selling out.

A venue which they have eventually come to call home is Hearn Street Car Park, an exciting, industrial space, whose attaching ‘chill-out’ room adds to the unique OneMore vibe. But with unconventional spaces you are met with issues, and their biggest issue was that of the licensing kind. This meant that last minute their Bank Holiday event last month with Carl Craig had to be moved to Area in Vauxhall. Fighting for their beloved venue however means that they are back at Hearn Street for their upcoming event on the 27th April.


Headlining their event this Saturday is Mr G, (who recently contributed to our Music Through Pictures series) a DJ and producer who’s been there from the beginning. Being part of many different musical ventures including KCC and The Advent, his music has travelled via dub and reggae through to his driving and unique style of techno. After laying low on the DJ circuit for years, 2011 saw the return of Mr G, with steady bookings being made from all over the world.


Also headlining is Rødhåd, German born Berghain regular, and the co-founder of the Dystopia parties in Berlin. Rødhåd aka Mike – no last name – is getting well known for his marathon DJ sets, saying in a recent interview, “Playing eight hours is like a heavenly trip.” OneMore signifies his FIRST EVER set in the UK.

It’s great to see OneMore back where they belong and joining the party along with Mr G and Rødhåd are the OneMore favourites Arnaud Le TexierAntonio De Angelis and Outart.



Hearn Street Car Park

27th April 2013

23:30 – 06:30

Visit the event page

Buy tickets to the event 



Mr G (Live)


Arnaud Le Texier

Antonio De Angelis


Women And Their Machines: A Think-piece About Female Pioneerism in Electronic Music

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Women And Their Machines:

A Think-piece About Female Pioneerism in Electronic Music, Post-post Feminism and Some Sassy Statements On Sexism

An article with such a mighty subtitle is obviously quite a hefty affair. Not only when it comes to the substantial research involved, with the need to dig relatively deep into the history of women electronic music, those involved in analogue technological development and pioneering moments of musical creation, but also in terms of the questions any such project raises. First hand observations and comments made by some of the interviewees – among them veteran punk electronic musician Gudrun Gut, early member of Einstuerzende Neubauten and part of the cult girl band Malaria, and Madeleine Bloom, musician and ex-technical support of the music software Ableton – lead to questions about the impact of feminism and gender equality in the field of electronic music, in which females are still direly underrepresented and, moreover, frequently mis-represented.

Investigating the first generation of women involved in the development of synthesizers and creation of electronic music highlighted the ways in which they dramatically influenced how synthesis was applied, as well as shaping the practice of using prototype analogue technology on broadcasted radio, in science fiction movies and also in what can be called proto-electronics or musique concrete. In doing so, I stumbled upon the a crucial contemporary debate in Germany, which spurred on female electronic music initiative Female:Pressure to gather data that would allow them to evaluate the representation of women in electronic music through looking at the percentage of females on label releases, playing on festival lineups and included in Top 100 lists. The result: according to Female:Pressure, “a 10% proportion of female artists can be considered above average” with most findings putting female representation between 5 – 8%. 

Although many argue the issue is tired and rehashed, in light of these figures it is surely important to think about the past, present, and future of electronic music made and played by females? And what about those taking bubblebaths?


Female Techno Heroines

 “’Woman’ is not a genre. Stop acting like we’re a passing fad. Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, Wendy Carlos, Doris Norton, Suzanne Ciani, Cynthia Webster… even Goldfrapp and Add N To (X)’s Ann Shenton. These women weren’t on the periphery of electronic music…they pioneered it”, says Mollie Wells of dark pop band Funerals in an Electronic Beats feature on women in electronic music. And she is right. Females have, since the post-war inception of electronically produced music, played a crucial role in its development and presentation. From the work of electronic pioneers, such as Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Pril Smiley, Bebe Barron, Alice Shields, Wendy Carlos and Delia Derbyshire through to Maryanne Amacher, Laurie Spiegel, Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle, Ikue Mori and Laurie Anderson to second and third generation examples like Diamanda Galas, Gudrun Gut and Sylvie Marks; there have always been amazingly interesting woman involved in some of the most groundbreaking musical advancements. “It’s only now though”, points out Gudrun Gut, when I talk with her on the topic, “that these women are recognised as key figures and credited for their contributive role in history. Back in the days, no one noticed or knew about it much. It pretty much went without saying that these women were doing just their jobs, nothing else.”

In fact, the reality was very much the opposite; these were people not only interested in new technology but also talented musicians, putting them at the forefront of development, as they played proactive roles in exploring how synthesizers and special instruments, such as the Theremin popularised by Bob Moog, could and would be played. Quietly locked away in sound studios and labs, many of the women mentioned would research and work to improve the performance of music technology, making new proposals on how the machines could be built, and then by trying them out by performing them live on a stage. Clara Rockmore (born 1911) was the first classically-trained musician to pick up on the Theremin and play it as a virtuoso, touring the United States and wowing her audience with classical performances played on this strangely appealing instrument resembling a howling ghost, and which she did not manipulate in the traditional way but played by executing precise movements through the air. She was also behind several of the design improvements later made by Leon Theremin, which she outlined in order for it to meet her unique requirements better.


Women On Proto-Synths

In the same vein, Daphne Oram, was a true pioneer. One of the spearhead figures of the BBC´s Radiophonic Workshop, she was also one of the earliest British composers to produce electronic sounds and experiment with music made field-recorded sounds – “musique concrete”, the ancestry of today´s electronic music. Delia Derbyshire, her contemporary at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, reached true cult-hero status due to her 1963 arrangement of the

, one of the first entirely electronic music pieces used on television, which blew the minds of millions of Brits cosily snuggled away in their living room. Space, time and the universe; all of a sudden these paradigms could be sensed and understood through contemporary composition, and also reach a mainstream audience. Air raid sirens served as her inspiration, her own voice as an instrument, and she routinely employed a lampshade to make music with. Using cut-up samples of her voice and several electronic oscillators, Derbyshire also created the soundtrack to a documentary on the Tuareg desert people in Morocco, ‘Blue Veils and Golden Sands’, as well as producing remarkable proto techno sound pieces, which she apparently made for herself out of mere interest, possibly around the late 1960s. The BBC quotes Paul Hartnoll from Orbital, who says one of the tracks “could be coming out next week on Warp Records”.


It is pure pleasure to delve into the rich cultural heritage produced by these women, who pushed the envelope and managed to receive recognition for their work. Nevertheless, there are many more who have not received the recognition or publicity they arguably deserve; ever heard of Netochka Nesnovas, Mira Calix, Anne LaBerge, Annelies van Parijs, or suGar Yoshinaga…? The list goes on and on (see this website for more). As the author of the essay “Weibliche Elektronik” (who cites even more synth-using women from German-speaking countries) correctly points out, it is not the lack of examples of pioneering women that astounds, its the lack of awareness of their crucial roles. This does not surprise: the role of women in typically male-dominated industries like science and technology is frequently played down and overlooked.

Women And Technology

For instance, did you know that “a handful of pioneering women created the computing revolution, from the world’s first computer programmer of the 1800s, Ada Lovelace, to Austrian-American Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood star and mathematician who invented an early technique for spread spectrum communications and frequency hopping – the basis for the WiFi and Bluetooth we use today”, as writes Kathryn Parsons. Probably not. Parsons argues that there is widespread problem of invisibility concerning women in technology, which means there is a lack of role models and mentors, and a warped perspective of tech-women, due largely to the unflattering and presumably ‘masculine’ stereotypes associated with them. This might account for the fact that, despite more equal participation in the workplace, reduction of the gendered wage-gap educational gap, and women outperforming men across all sectors and industries, women don’t visibly participate in or get rewarded within technological work on the same level as men.


It seems as if this predicament, however, has never been an issue for Madeleine Bloom, a musician and ex-Ableton technical support worker. A musician from the moment she was able to express herself, she moved from singing to making music and playing instruments into producing electronic music. “I just couldn’t find anyone who had the same musical taste and vision so I ended up making music more and more on my own. I was always good at understanding manuals so I just got into music software”, muses Madeleine. One thing led to another, “I was in dire need of a part-time job because music didn’t earn me enough to pay the bills. (…) Ableton were looking for people in tech support so I applied, and since I met all requirements, they hired me.” She later discovered she was the first female tech support to work in the company.

Technicians and Secretaries

It only took some time working behind the scenes until Madeleine noticed some important things about her gender and her new job: there were hardly any female consumers of Ableton products (only 7% of people who purchased products were registered as female) and that, when talking to her, people would generally request to talk to a technician, suspecting her to be just a secretary. Madeleine decided to take a stance, and wrote an essay on “Why Not More Women Make Electronic Music and How This Could Change”. The article had some repercussions – “I only wrote it because I felt I needed to get it off my chest so I didn’t think much about it beforehand. It caused quite a stir and yes, it did surprise me. I got lots of positive reactions, but also a bit of trolling in a forum, although not the worst kind. Female:Pressure contacted me and mentioned the article in their newsletter.” – which led her to resign from her job, to offer personalised coaching. “When working as a technical support I realised that I really enjoyed teaching to others. After my article about women in electronic music I was contacted by someone about giving lectures and workshops as part of a festival for women where they can perform and learn more about music technology amongst peers. It sounds very exciting and I really hope we can make it happen.”

Madeleine´s blog makes an interesting read, largely because she explains these shocking statistics by suggesting there are ‘missing allures’, or less incentives and role models for women, as well a vast gender clichees that are primary reasons for women not being more proactive in persuing skills and careers in electronic music. Gudrun Gut, when asked about this, muses, “to be successful as a female musician is still not viewed as being sexy. And being successful, for a woman, is still not a satisfaction.” Or is it? Talking about her own respective career, she recalls: “I started getting into making music in the punk era, and I did not feel alone at all. There were other girl bands around — the Raincoats, the Slits, Hansaplast, the ex Tussies. We went to their concerts, some were more up my alley, some less, everybody had their own take on things. It was a great moment, the generation of 1968 really caused a stir and an upsurge of women doing their own stuff, and the questioning of gender and relationsship of men and women led to more liberation. It was a huge topic, there were all-female newspapers, and in Berlin we found the perfect climate to be ourselves. Not the usual feminine stuff people were used to, like the flute-playing knitting feminists, but clad with black boots, screaming and making a lot of noise. People loved it. I already knew at that time that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I really enjoyed it and wanted it to go on and on.”


On And On

Gudrun today is not only looking back on countless years in an array of ground-breaking bands and outfits but also funded her own label, Monika Enterprise, which serves as a platform for other females and their projects. “And now, thinking about it, and talking about it, again and again, I am really starting to believe that we are losing out massively if we do not take a stand. Music is not sexless, music is a language. A voice. A statement. You can express things with it. That´s a huge massive statement you can make in a society. So why are we women not taking our opportunity to make ourselves heard?” Is the reward – power through self-empowerment – not alluring enough?

It is, for some. One person who´s heard her calling in recent years and taken up music to transmit her very own message is Nina Kraviz. It seems, however, she is not being heard but rather being seen (in a bathtub! public outcry!) and judged by the same standards that she is trying to break out of. Nevertheless, being sledged by the double-sided sword of double standards is so typical when it comes to being a woman – in music, in this world. And
although people are tired about the outcries and ‘gossip-mag’ style reporting, the controversy about Nina Kraviz taking a bubblebath (Madel
ine Bloom also wrote a
great piece about this), while being filmed for Resident Advisor ‘s ‘Between The Beats’ documentary, serves as a perfect example of what it means to be a woman in the electronic music industry.


DJs In Bubblebaths

While some take it with a sense of humour, some also get downright agressive about it. Many people, including a certain high-profile male DJ, have critizised Kraviz heavily for having had the courtesy of letting the team film her in a bikini on a beach as well as in a bathtub, part of her routine when jetsetting around on an average weekend as a DJ. Whilst this is an outrage for many, its imposible to find people critizising someone like DJ Tiesto from the same perspective. The world’s top DJ has scored himself an advert campaigning for Guess. Why it is cool if a man is seen with two ladies on his side, one brunette, one blonde, is just beyond my imagination. Is it trying to suggest that Tiesto is so megahot he can have them all? Now this would be a sell-out worth complaining about!? Most interestingly, it shows how a man can market himself, without backlash, using his sexual manhood as an argument. But however big the advertisement and the implied sexism, it´s always the women who take the blame. If they are sexy, they are criticized for their looks. If they are technically good, they are ignored, as they are simply not sexy enough. If they just simply step up to the challenge, looking good and being good at the same time, people just go ballistic and some get downright envious. Often this envy is canalised into attacks against our gender. Why? All people suffer hardship overcoming their own limitations. Let´s just try to help each other instead of attacking others.


Whether the world likes it or not, Kraviz is a woman leaving a benchmark as a sensual singer-songwriter trapped in the body of a “Siberian temptress’” (as Greg Wilson puts in his article about Nina) writing compelling songs, which also sparkle with sparse rhythmic arrangements and interesting sounds (and if you hear her music without knowing what she is like physically, her sex and her looks are the last things that spring to mind, despite her music being very sexy). It´s remarkable that Nina is frequently undervalued for her skills as a music maker but rather judged by the way she looks, dances and enjoys being herself. Nina has her own vision of her as an artist and thankfully does not shy away of defending herself. On her Facebook she wrote, “Guys, are you serious? Aren’t you bored about this ten times dead topic about females in the industry, the idea that any boy can do what ever he wants and it’s all fine and a girl needs to behave? ‘Behave’ as in ‘not even put on make up because ‘oh my god, she can’t be taken seriously if she is pretty and feminine’- if she is herself. Since when, guys?”

Sexism Must Die

Good question. Until when, one would like to add. Nina continues: “If you think I am gonna change because you don’t feel it or you are full of cliches and sexism: You think you can control people and tell them what they should be like. No, sorry it doesn’t work this way with me. I am producing, exploring, digging records for ages, sharing music with people — all by myself. You can’t control artists and their creativity. Sexism and all similar bullshit must die. And the first step to it is to let artists be who they are regardless of their gender, skin color, sexual orientation etc… People, cliches are for those who have less crafty brains. I hope one day you will find yourself on the other side of the road.”


Words by Katrin Richter

Final lineup for Gottwood Festival released with Ejeca, Urulu and more!

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Gottwood Festival 2013 – June 20-23 – The Woods, Carreglwyd, Llanfaethlu

We already knew that Gottwood Festival, The Escapist’s dream music and dancing experience, was high on our (already scarily swamped) list of things to do this summer. Nevertheless, the Gottwood team have got us even more excited with the release of their complete musical and visual programme, which will bring countless UK and European collectives, labels, and promoters together under one woodland roof during the longest days of the year, June 20-23rd. Stage hosts include the likes of Louche, Futureboogie, Hypercolour, Drop The Mustard, Cologne-based label Traum, Tief, and many more.


New to the lineup comes artists such as the experimental rising star from Belfast, Ejeca, alongside Urulu, whose retro, crate-digging sounds have gained him much deserved attention the past few years. On top of this, they’ve also announced Zoo Look, Pedestrian, Zero 7 vocalist Sophie Barker, and the endlessly fun vocalist/DJ outfit, AZ & TOR, will be joining the weekend’s festivities (which as you can see below is jam-packed!)

Quite excitingly, Gottwood have revealed that this year’s theme is ‘The Wild Things’, with the organisers saying:

“This theme is a reinvigoration, a celebration and most importantly an exploration of your imagination. We want everyone to pause, take a step back from their everyday life, leap off the edge, and wander into an unrestrained, untamed, wild and wonderful parallel mindset celebrating everything in your life that is not actually there, but is locked up top, and in most cases is rarely given a chance to flourish! We will be building an a magical backdrop of colour and vibrance, and we can’t wait for you to show us ‘The Wild Things’.”


With two open-air stages running until 4am, RFID providung 360 degree visual projections, as well as a whole host of installations and visual trimmings including live oil painting and wood sculpture, designed to turn the space intro a living fairytale. With Lonely Planet naming it the ’Greatest Region On The Earth 2012’, we cannot wait to see their plans in fruition!


Limited number of tickets left here

Visit their website here


Full lineup:

TRAUM / WIGFLEX: Extrawelt (live) / Ryan Davis (live) / Microtrauma (live) / Morris Cowan / Spam Chop / Ambitur /


JAUNT: Ben UFO / Blackhall & Bookless / Richard Rowell / Tom Rankin / Liam Vance

HYPERCOLOUR: Luke Vibert / Tom Demac (live) / Bareskin / Alex Jones / Cedric Maison

LOUCHE: Move D (four-hour set) / Brinsley Kazak / Josh T / Bruno Schmidt

TIEF: Bicep / Wolf Music / KRL / John Malcolm Moore / Thick as Thieves

FUTUREBOOGIE: Crazy P (live) / Futureboogie DJs / Christophe / Futureboogie All Team (b2b)

HIT&RUN: Marcus Intalex / 2 Bad Mice / Chimpo / Strategy / Rich Reason / Acre / Jonny Dub / Kanjira / Preacha – Hosted by Strategy / Sparkz / T-Man

APOGEE: Detroit Swindle (live) / Cera Alba / Charlie Banks / Zoo Look / The Pushamann / Owen Howells / K.A.G / Ron E / Gearo / George A G

ETA/REAL NICE: Waze & Odyssey / Real Nice / Ca$h Back / Benedict Jackson / Hugo Heathcote / Adrian Forster / Jimmy V / Luke Brancaccio / Rollo Maschietto

DROP THE MUSTARD: Ejeca / Urulu / Alex Blaxx / Croz / Farrer / Timmy P / Charles Darkly / Oli Hackett / Krywald NIXWAX: Joonipah / BEHR (live) / OJsmooth / Kris Le Vay / Hunter Giles / Rob Amboule / Alec Function THE SOUND OF C: TCTS / Toyboy & Robin / Jigsaw / Werkha / Belch / Jakkit & Saizme MANIPULATE: John Scudamore / Jackie Baxter / Ryan Pickering / David Moran / Haydn / Andy B

IDIOSYNC: Josh Butler / Luke Leadbelly / Aslan / Harry Crowther / Alex Foulkes / Black BOXFORD: Kostas G / Ed Steele / Dr Cubis / E-Ratik / General Weiredness / Slim D

ETON MESSY: Maribou State / Pedestrian / A.Z. & T.O.R. / Luvian / Transmission Collective / Atlas / Thieves / Eton Messy

GOTTWOOD Presents…

Archie Hamilton / Arkane Society / Autophase (live) / Sion / Ed Mackie / eLDOKO / General Roots (live) / Kalichakra (live) / Lacuna / Little Thoughts (live) / Lorcan Mak / LTMDTW (live) / The Scribes (live) / Sophie Barker (live) / Van Did (live)

Also… Ali Wilson / Angus Cowen / Bangor Uni DJ Society / Brothers of Jah / Butterside Up DJs / City Fly / Daffadam / Dan Jordan / Digby / FEO / Hannah Hammond / The Hat / High Hopes / Jarvis & Dean / Joey Nelson / Just William / Let the Machines do the Work / Leitmotif / Lizzle / Lucy Moores / Maff C / Nerram / Nick Assheton / Nick Duffy / Red:I / Sam Crofts / Sharkbait / Six Axle / Ste Waite / Theo Wainhouse / Thomas / Tweak / VII.Y.P DJs / Willow & Alex Lewis / Zade & Kayne Cross and more


Apogee / Boxford / Drop the Mustard / E.T.A & Real Nice / Eton Messy / Funktion-One / Futureboogie / Hit&Run / Hypercolour / Idiosync / Jaunt / Louche / Manipulate / Nixwax / The Sound Of C / Tief / Traum / Wigflex / Yoghurt Warrior


Interested in PR/events/music journalism? MEOKO is looking for a London intern for Spring 2013

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Spring Internship Opportunity 2013

MEOKO is a 360° events and promotional agency / online magazine that specializes in cutting-edge, underground electronic music. With clients and media partners ranging from fabric, Eastern Electrics, and London Warehouse Events, to events such as Gottwood Festival, The Playground and Echo Festival, MEOKO has garnered a strong, reliable reputation in the year and a half since it has been established. As well as PR and promotion for events around London and the globe, MEOKO is also passionate about top-quality journalism and regularly hosts reviews, interviews and features on its website written by some of London’s finest journalists.

As summer fast approaches us, MEOKO is in the lookout for a hard-working, passionate individual, who has a strong knowledge of electronic music (preferably of the house and techno ilk), is organised, reliable and who enjoys social media. During a 2 – 4 month internship, you will able to network with promoters, artists, agencies, labels, press representatives, festivals, designers and many more creative types, as well as gaining an invaluable insight into the world of events.


You should possess an interest in music events and promotion as well as holding either a PR/journalism, design and creative OR sales and music background. All would be a bonus. Knowledge of Photoshop would be helpful, but isn’t necessary. Most importantly, you must have excellent people skills, be creative, be able to communicate well especially online, and above all, relish working in a fast-paced, busy, sometimes unpredictable work environment.

This role will NOT consist of making tea and doing boring admin work. It is a hands-on role, meaning getting involved in all areas of the agency from press & PR, to sales, creative writing, social media, website management, admin work and other random tasks. This is great experience for someone wanting to break into the music or events industry. The internship is NOT entirely unpaid, as travel and expenses will be covered plus we will offer regular bonus incentives and allowances where possible.


The internship will run for 2 – 4 months from late April / early May.

Tuesday – Friday

10am – 6pm

Based in East London


Requirements for the position:

Must have own laptop

Be familiar with Excel / Word / Web / Photoshop 

Background in PR / Journalism or Design

Strong passion for electronic music

Be able to work at least four days a week 10am – 6pm 


To apply for the Internship, please send us a covering letter explaining why you would like to work for MEOKO along with your CV to with ‘MEOKO Spring Internship 2013’ as the subject heading.

MEOKO on Facebook

MEOKO on Twitter

Mixmag & What Matters Launch 501 Series with UNER (6 hr set)

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The arrival of new and unique event concepts that stray away from conventional and/or formulaic party modus operandi, is always a breath of fresh air. Hence, MEOKO lends its full support to the 501 Series, a new party program resulting from the collaboration between Mixmag and London-based promotion collective, What Matters. The series, which launches on April 13th, will host nine monthly events in unusual and intimate spaces around London; all no larger than 500 capacity and all with only one headlining DJ, playing a six to eight hour-long set!

Uner eflyer

To start of the proceedings, 501 Series have invited Spanish-producer and innovator, Uner, to play the launch on April 13th at Westbourne Studios. The event will also be an official pre-party for Vertigo Festival (which you can win tickets to here) taking place in the Italian mountains from August 15-17.

Uner, having released on nearly all of the most esteemed labels including Diynamic, Cadenza, Get Physical, 2020 Vision, Cecille and Visionquest, is undoubtedly becoming a household name. It’s hard to think of better way to see an artist who was on both the Top 100 Most Charted Artists and Top 100 Most Charted Tracks on Resident Advisor in 2012, than in a six-hour-long set in Westbourne Studios. Ahead of his performance we’ve got our hands on an exclusive podcast from the man himself which you can stream and download for free below.



Catering for serious music lovers throughout the capital, the rest of the series will bring down the likes of AudioflyOliver HuntemannPig & Dan, Livio & RobyNoirMonika KruseTodd TerjeKink & Neville Watson LiveWe’d suggest copping your tickets now, these are guaranteed to go quickly.

Early bird tickets have sold out, but you can still buy tickets in advance for £15 or full price for £20 here

Event info

Mixmag & What Matters present 501 Series w/ Uner (6hr set)
Saturday 13th April
The Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road, London , W10 5JJ
Early birds £12.50, Advance £15 then £20


Life Festival: Ireland’s fairytale electronic music festival

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lifefestivalBANNERnolink copy

Life Festival, Belvedere House, Ireland, 24-26th May

With all-night revelry and pounding basslines set against the backdrop of Belvedere House, a Georgian villa surrounded by 160 acres of Irish countryside, deep forest AND a lake, Life Festival is an electronic music festival like no other. As well as amazing music and epic parties, Life Festival puts respect for others and the environment at the centre of its ethos. Considered one of the best Dance festivals in Ireland, it was also recently listed in the Top 25 Festivals to Discover before you Die’…a claim that is easy to believe!


From May 24th -26th, Life Festival invites “good vibes seekers” from all over the world, to celebrate the beginning of summer with an impeccable roster of forward-thinking, varied electronic artists alongside a range of traditional and visual arts, workshops and performances. The musical selection ranges from live bands to alternative electronic acts, but the emphasis is clearly on showcasing quality house, techno, and other 4/4 variations. But even further, Life also seems intent on showcasing some of the most unique, rare headlining sets currently on offer – with Groove Armada doing a DJ set, Modeselektor and Booka Shade coming with their live shows, and Amon Tobin presenting his ‘Two Fingers’ DJ set.


In the past month, alongside adding the legend that is Laurent Garnier to the lineup, they’ve also announced their partnership with Red Bull Music Academy, who will be hosting their own stage throughout the festival bringing some of the underground’s most respected rhythm-maestros and some past RBMA participants, including Kerri Chandler, KiNK, Floating Points, Boddika, Karenn and many more.

As well as being located amongst astonishing grounds and lake, you can expect four stages, eco-friendly camping facilities, secret areas to explore, workshops, lots of love, and pretty fantastical decorations and installations. The crowd is eclectic, international and friendly, and the sound systems are of top quality, blending all you can want from a festival deliciously into one bass-filled jar. And it’s only a month away!


Life Festival, May 24 – 26th

Belvedere House Gardens and Park Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, IRELAND

3 Day Camping pass: EUR 143.00 (last presale)

Visit the website

Buy tickets here


The Playground Festival returns to Brixton Academy

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Taking over the incredible Brixton Academy for the return of their annual two-day festival on the 7th and 8th June, The Playground Festival is bringing a host of heavy-hitters in the electronic music scene to the capital for this special event, which looks to see nearly 10,000 people through the doors across the weekend. Experimenting with unusual ways of holding an electronic music festival, this time The Playground is coming to the centre of one of London’s increasingly buzzing nightlife hubs, Brixton town, with a line-up that skilfully toes the boundary between the best of the underground and the more mainstream, classic, talents in the industry.

Playing homage to some of techno’s brightest innovators, the line-up features the ‘fathers’ of the Detroit techno scene: The Belleville Three A.K.A Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins, with the latter performing as his legendary live act, Model 500, on the Saturday. 


Alongside these three underground legends, The Playground Festival will give Londoners (and non-Londoners alike) the opportunity to see rare performances from artists such as Gary Numan, founding member of Kraftwerk, Wolfgang Flur, Digitalism (Live), and Kavinsky. German house duo and co-founders of the Get Physical label, Booka Shade also feature and with the recent release of their EP ‘Haleshop’ after nearly three years absent from the production game, they will no doubt pull out all the stops for their live show this summer. Packing even more punch into the roster, is a man highly respected in the underground scene and renowned for his use of the iPad to mix live at his events, James Zabiela, alongside ambient techno crusader Pantha Du Prince.


Add on to this an array of exciting, genre defying, and straight up fist-pumping acts playing across the weekend, including UNKLE, DJ Hell, Boddika, Wildkats, No Artificial Colous, Nathan Fake, Luke Vibert and many more. Then take into consideration that weekend tickets are currently going for a measly £70, with a pass to one of the days only costing £35. Then put it all together, against the backdrop of a sunny Brixton atmosphere, and it’s easy to see this is going to be one of THE London events to reach this summer…

Don’t miss out.


Date: Friday 7th / Saturday 8th June

Where: Brixton Academy, London

Buy tickets: / £35 day tickets / £70 weekend tickets


UNKLE – James Lavelle
Booka Shade- LIVE
James Zabiela
DJ Hell
Model 500 – LIVE
X-Press 2
Krystal Klear
Mickey Pearce
No Artificial Colours
Whyt Noyz
Dan Beaumont
Luke Unabomber
Luke Solomon


Derrick May
Kevin Saunderson
Pantha Du Prince- LIVE
John Foxx & The Maths
Wolfgang Flur [Ex- Kraftwerk] Nathan Fake
Luke Vibert
Fantastic Mr. Fox
OM Unit
The Ninetys
Charlie Traplin
Maxx Baer

Echo Festival 2013: A focus on the deeper side of life.

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echo preview banner

Echo Festival, Croatia, 6-10th June 2013

Unlike many of the other electronic outlets crowding in amongst the Croatian coastline, the team behind Echo Festival are determined to stand out from the masses. Only in their second year, with their very successful launch in 2012 setting an example of how to marry underground music and beach hedonism in a truly intimate environment, Echo has returned with an even superior line-up and a musical ethos difficult NOT to take notice of.

IMG 4011  IMG 8313  IMG 8193    

Located in Kanegra, near the picturesque town of Umag, this brand new site promises an as-yet-untouched festival setting, marrying the intense beauty of the Adriatic Sea with wild woodland backdrops. Musically, Echo have curated a refined and incredibly talented array of artists, looking to focus in on those deeper acts that deliver quality again and again, ignoring the need for big-name crowd pullers. 

Carefully selected artists such as Petre Inspirescu and Space Dimension Controller have been recognised for their longevity and substance, while many other artists have been kept aside for next year to be incorporated into an equally well-cultivated show. Their recent line-up announcement has also added to the buzz and excitement surrounding the festival, with Magda, Redshape (Live), John Roberts and Audio Werner all added to the list!

echofestival artist additions

Echo is also noteworthy due to its diverse booking policy, with the line-up juxtaposing artists such as D-Bridge and John Roberts, Braiden and Fred P, and Redshape (live) and xxxy. From jungle, garage and all the way to tough-talking techno, Echo promises to cater to everyone’s tastes whilst inviting all revellers to approach the festival with an open-minded outset. To add to its charm, tickets are being offered at the very affordable rate of £65 + booking fee and with plenty of cheap, easy options for accommodation in the nearby vicinity, Echo is potentially proving itself to be the coolest new kid on the block…

Date: Thursday 6th – Sunday 10th June
Tickets: from £65+bf online. 

Buy tickets here
See accommodation here
Visit Echo on Facebook

Full line-up/


Petre Inspirescu

Nick Hoppner

Delano Smith

John Roberts (Live)

Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium

Redshape (Live)

Audio Werner (Live)


Christopher Rau


Colours Music (Ian F, Aneuria + Evano)

DoubtingThomas (Live)

Rico Casazza (Live)

Mandy Jordan

Daniel Madlung



Luca Pilato

J Nelson

Space Dimension Controller (Live)


Locked Groove

South London Ordnance












Marcus Intalex







MEOKO is recruiting for the Summer

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As part of our New Year resolution, MEOKO is now on the lookout for fresh new peeps to join our quite awesome team. We are looking for hard-working, reliable girls/ guys who are as passionate about electronic music as they are about working in the music scene. The work we offer will be street promotion, covering all hours of the day, sometimes mornings, midday, late night and all-night weekends. The hours are flexible as to fit around your life. Your availability can change from week to week, and so can your schedule. Each work schedule is discussed on a personal, one-to-one basis. We’re cool like that. The work takes place mainly outdoors and so you need to be comfortable with that.

A good healthy knowledge of electronic music is essential, but more importantly you need to be organised, reliable and have a positive outlook on things. Being there when you say you will and being friendly when talking to strangers are the very basis of the job.  For this reason, your English should be fluent and your smile in its right place whenever needed. 
In return we offer a good range of street promotion work, the opportunity to learn and contribute first hand with ideas to the campaign you’ll be involved with, help and support at every stage and also a great rate of pay.

If all this sounds good to you, give us a shout asap. We’d love to hear from you, we’re always on the lookout for new staff, so apply anytime. If we feel the same about you, we’ll invite you over for a face to face chat, where we’ll give you coffee and biscuits and hear more about you and what you want to do. 

First step is to send an application to and cc and tell us in a few words about YOU. 

Keep it short and sweet, you can keep the “CV” out of it as long as you clearly explain in your own words any experience you may have, why do you want to work with MEOKO and what are you looking for. Simples! Also would be cool if you can include a photo. REMEMBER to leave a phone number, so we can get right back at ya for a live meet.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to a live and uncut, face to face interview, held at our little office in Dalston Kingsland.

To apply now email or if it’s easier give me (Serge) a call on 0779 203 7982


MEOKO on Facebook 

MEOKO on Twitter