MEOKO’s Weekend Guru: Carnival Weekend!

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Bank holiday weekends can be stressful sometimes, hectic often, and bad for your health presumably always. No need to worry though, MEOKO’s Weekend Guru is here to help with all your raving requirements; from warehouse parties, all day blow-outs, Sunday summer shindigs and more. Below is a selection of this weekend’s top house and techno events, where you can expect to see at least one of the MEOKO team gracing (ahem) the dancefloor!



 Cirque Du Soul – Islington Metal Works

It’s carnival weekend, and for those of you who like can’t wait until Sunday to get dressed up than there’s nowhere better to be on Friday night than Islington Metal Works. Throw Psychemagik and Medlar into the mix and you’ve got a winning combination for a quality night!


Time: 10.30pm – 5am

Tickets: £12+bf

Trouble Vision Carnival Warm Up – Corsica Studios

Stones Throw hip-hop superstar J Rocc alongside Detroit legend Marcellus Pittmann. Need we say more? 


Time: 11pm – 6am

Tickets: £12.50+bf



South West Four – Clapham Common

This will certainly be one of the highlights if you’ve been lucky enough to get yourself a ticket! The Carl Cox & Friends Arena is where we’d be headed, with Carl Cox going b2b with Loco Dice for the first time in the UK, as well as Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Guti, Hector and Carl Craig. Armin van Buuren is also playing on the Kiss Main Stage, if that’s more your sort of thing… 


Time: 12pm – 12am

Tickets: £55+bf


The Hydra: Underground Resistance presents Timeline Live – Electric Brixton

A marathon 12 hours of Detroit techno featuring UR, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, James Ruskin and Samuel Kerridge. Not one for the feint hearted!


Time: 10pm – 10am 

Tickets: £22.50+bf

House of Disco day & night party at Oval Space

If Detroit techno aint your thing and you’re not up for shelling out for a festival ticket… head to Oval Space for some BBQ and beats from the likes of Satin Jackets, Greg Wilson, Late Nite Tuff Guy and Session Victim!


Time: 2pm-6am

Tickets: DAY & NIGHT SOLD OUT. Night only £20+bf 


ELM Second Birthday with Magda – Village Underground

ELM turn two and celebrate by inviting one of the most revered names in techno from the Minus family.


Time: 10pm-6am 

Tickets: DAY & NIGHT SOLD OUT. Night only £18+bf



Half Baked Voodoo Voodoo Special at TBA 

Half Baked always deliver, and to celebrate the Bank Holiday are opening their doors until 2am. They’ve invited Seuil, Vadim Svoboda (who’s treating us to a live set), Cristi Cons and Robin Ordell down… 


Time: 2pm – 2am

Tickets: £10+bf

Toi Toi – TBA 

Thomas Melchoir and Ion Ludwig take to the stage at a secret warehouse location, in a special open event from these esteemed London promoters. 


Time: 12pm – 12am

Tickets: £10 before 3pm, more after


WetYourSelf! Bank Holiday Special – fabric

Three rooms brimming with quality from every avenue, with DJ Deep and Dinky heading up room one, TIEF in room two with Axel Boman from the Pampa family and Uncanny Valley’s Jacob Korn. As if that’s not enough, The Meoko Project’s headliner Valentino Kanzyani will be tearing it up in room 3! 


Time: 11pm – 8am

Tickets: £14+bf

Krankbrother Carnival Afterparty – TBA

The annual Krankbrother after party is always worth hitting up, especially given Steve Bug, Heidi and Justin Martin will be behind the decks. They’re also promising their best venue yet, let’s hope it delivers!


Time: 8pm – 6am

Tickets: £30+bf

Lokee Love WIlde Renate – Netil House

Lokee are another favourite of ours… simply because they seem to get it spot on every time. This Sunday sees Matthew Johnson, Ryan Crosson, Peak & Swift play alongside Nisekay & Sebastian Voigt. They also win the prize hands down for best artwork!


Time: 11pm – 6am

Tickets: £15+bf

So there we have it! Three days of pure unadulterated hedonism await, so get a group together, cop your tickets on RA and we’ll see you on the other side! 

An Open Letter: to The Booth Bitch

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an open letter meoko

Booth bitch: listen up!

Before I begin, understand that I really am saying this for your own good. It seems the only logical explanation for your behaviour is that nobody has told you what you’re doing makes you look like a dickhead – or if they have – you’ve put it down to jealousy that they can’t work a dance floor into a frenzy like you can. But something needs to be said about the way you’ve taken to infiltrating the DJ booth (like so many others before) posing next to a man twice your age looking like a cheap escort.


First of all, you’re not fooling anyone. We all saw you skulking by the entrance to the booth, waiting for the bouncer to take a fag break so that you could slip in unnoticed, after your elaborate attempt of wrapping a flyer over your wrist to imitate a VIP band failed miserably. We also saw every time Mr DJ palmed you off after you tried to get him to do a lazy fist pump in unison with you. He doesn’t want a line of your shit coke, doesn’t have one for you, and you were more likely to get a restraining order than phone number the way you were acting.


Realising that any chance you thought you had with the superstar in the room had been blown once again, I watched as your attention gradually turned to the crowd after a couple of hours. It was around this time that the DJ booth transformed into a platform to radiate your sexuality across the entire room, and no inch of the dance floor was left untouched! You may not have caught the big fish, but you seemed confident that the chance of getting your paws on some sort of industry head or lesser-known talent is high… and that’s still worth some pretty major kudos. You’re too good for the jerk in this booth anyway, right? Nonetheless, despite your best efforts of looking like Nina Kraviz making ‘those eyes’ at everyone, it just looks a bit like you’re pranging out off some dodgy MXE. We’re embarrassed for you down here. Haven’t the Boiler Room sets taught you anything?

At the end of the day, surely you want to get your money’s worth? After all, it’s nice on the dance floor! People are having fun and the music sounds a lot better when you’re in front of the speakers than in some dead zone to the side of the monitors. Besides, you’re not going to make any friends brown nosing a guy that’s going to be on a plane back home in three hours.So for the love of God, take off those ridiculous high heels, turn down the intensity of your stare and come and have a fucking dance. Anyway, that woman dancing next to you that just wouldn’t piss off despite your best efforts? That’s the DJs wife. 

dj booth rules

Hackney Pirates to build Ship of Adventures and need your help!

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Local enterprising charity ‘Hackney Pirates’ appreciate just how important it is to nurture our future generation. They strive to develop literacy and creativity amongst young people by giving them one-to-one attention provided by volunteers, working on an plethora of projects including developing music videos and theatre productions, as well as creating T-shirts, CDs and Hackney post cards. They have already worked with 150 young people, 500 volunteers and given over 12,000 hours of attention to these fantastic projects!


To cater for the growth of this increasingly popular endeavour, they are launching a crowd-funded campaign to raise £20,000 in order to move into a brand new building – an innovative space both for them and the community. Not merely an ideal location for their ongoing literacy workshops, the ‘Ship of Adventures’ will be a hub of creativity, with a retail area and events space incorporated into the venue, which will moor up on Kingsland High Street in the heart of Hackney. It will act as a public front to the organisation, not only providing a new space for the community but also raising awareness for the Hackney Pirates – who they are, and what they do. But in order to make this a reality, they need your help first.


In return for supporting the cause, there are a number of rewards available in return for certain levels of contribution – ranging from £5 – £1000. A Seadog will receive the young pirates guide book to Hackney, a Jolly Roger will receive a guided tour of the area, from tourist spots to some of the lesser known treasures on offer. A Quartermaster will get an invite to the VIP launch of the ship and the use of the space for their own private event, and a Buccaneer will enjoy a candle lit boat dinner amidst an evening of exciting conversation and educational innovation in a beautiful setting!

To get involved and demonstrate your support for this brilliant cause, you can donate HERE


WANTED – New writers to join the MEOKO family

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Do you have something to say?

Is your finger on the pulse?

Are you passionate about electronic music?

MEOKO are currently looking for new aspiring writers in London, Leeds, Manchester and various other cities to join our editorial team. Whether Fashion, Music or Art & Culture is your passion, we invite you to apply.   We are looking for writers that are creative and confident, who love going out and have a first hand knowledge of the underground music industry… but most importantly, we are looking for people who think out of the box.

Along with getting free entry to some of the best music events and festivals,  you will also be able to showcase your work to tens of thousands of readers, network with other industry professionals and build a strong portfolio along with some other great benefits.

21707 497461890318209 1095914332 n

To apply, please mail with the following details

1) Name and city you live in

2) How you heard about this opportunity 

3) Past writing experience with links 

4) Why you want to write for MEOKO

5) Three of your favourite artists 

6) Three of your favourite labels


Thank you! 










Because No One Wants Tinnitus

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For those that miss out, we’ve secured a discount code for you so that you can get your hands on them £5 cheaper than usual – because everyone deserves to be protected! Just insert the discount code ‘MEOKO’ when at the checkout… The perfect Xmas Present for loved ones.


To find out more (and get your hands on a pair), head over to their website, and make sure you support them on this worthy cause.


You know when your ears ring after a night out, and you make a gentle reminder to yourself not to stand so close to the speakers? One day, that ringing might not stop. It’s widely acknowledged that one of the primary concerns from those heavily involved in the music industry is hearing loss. Whilst high volumes and quality sound provided with vast Funktion-One sound systems can be one of the crucial factors for a good (and successful) night, we tend to ignore the health implications, which can be devastating. Can you imagine anything worse than a generation of 30 something’s having to shout at each other with maxed out hearing aids because they couldn’t be bothered to protect their ears? We can’t…

earpeace events

And yet hardly anyone wears hearing protection! Then again, when you’re out at a club looking your best, who would want to stick luminous pieces of foam in your lugholes that will not only drown out the sound of the music you’ve paid £20 to hear, but also make you look like a secret agent out of a kids spy film. Thank god for Ear Peace then. A company with a fresh take on hearing protection who address the very problems that have detered people in the past. Multiple filters ensure no loss of sound quality, whilst a low profile design and different skin tone options mean they go unnoticed when out. These linear attenuating earplugs are made out of hypoallergenic silicone, so can be reused, and won’t keep falling out of your ears, and they come in a small, stylish aluminium case. In short – these will improve your experience, keeping you free from hearing problems without having to sacrifice your nights.

ear peace pics

We’ve teamed up with Ear Peace, getting our hands on 100 pairs of these little lifesavers, 80 of which we’re putting in the MEOKO flyer packs this month, free of charge, that will be given out at random outside some of the best parties in the capital.The remaining packs will go to the first 20 people to comment in the box below this post, and email us at with names and contact detailsFor those that miss out, we’ve secured a discount code for you so that you can get your hands on them £5 cheaper than usual – because everyone deserves to be protected! Just insert the discount code ‘MEOKO‘ when at the checkout…

To find out more (and get your hands on a pair), head over to their website, and make sure you support them on Facebook

The Beginning of The End?

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Hackney Council plan to introduce a Special Policy Area to Dalston, which will mean that all restuarants, bars, cafes, cinemas and of course clubs will have to shut after midnight so as not to ‘spoil resident’s quality of life’, whilst making sure that businesses continue to thrive and people can keep coming to Dalston for a ‘great night out’. Whilst perhaps not as much of a problem for cinemas and cafes… such an early curfew means you can pretty much kiss goodbye to any of the clubs. Check out the map below to see the exact area that will be affected:


Quite frankly, the proposal is absurd. The massive influx in business in recent years has done nothing but pump more money into the area, which in turn is transforming what was once a pretty undesirable place to go out into a vibrant hub of creativity, and its increased desirability will ultimately drive house prices up – surely a good thing for London, no?

What good they hope to achieve by imposing a curfew on clubs and bars is beyond us, which is why we want to encourage everyone to have your say, by filling in the questionnaire on this link:

Come on, let’s stop this madness.


An Open Letter… to ‘That Guy’

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an open letter meoko

My Dear Friend,

It’s like you came out of nowhere! I was desperately looking around for a rizla when you popped up waving five in front of me, and there begun our first exchange.

rizla splitter

There’s something about the smoking area that has an element of magic about it… a real sense of unity rests in the air that can’t be found anywhere else! Maybe it’s that we jump on the chance to chat without being drowned out by the speakers, or perhaps you could just put it down to ecstasy-fuelled enthusiasm. Barriers are broken down; coincidences realised at a rate of knots and then marvelled upon with child-like wonder. ‘You have friends in London! No way man, me too! Weird!’ The result? Iron cast friendships formed faster than you can say ‘yellow rockstar’, and ours was most definitely one of them.

rockstar splitter

Did you go out alone? Or did you just decide my group of friends would make for a more interesting evening? Either way, we had no problem in welcoming you into our little circle of friends to dance the night away. One of my friends gave you a key, and in exchange you offer the last warm drip in your scrunched up water bottle – a genuine act of kindness at 3am. As the night comes to an end we make our way out of the club, hailing down a couple of taxis to continue the party back at mine. You come with us, of course.

And at first – my eager friend – everything was just fine! We’re a fairly close-knit group, but you kept things entertaining with elaborate stories of getting ketty with James Jones and Liam Foss, your sets at DC10, and other questionable anecdotes. Okay, you may have spilt your drink all over our floor and sofas a few times with enthusiastic gestures – but no big deal. It was when you took control of the speakers that things started to go a bit west. That dubstep remix of the Lloyds TSB advert? Hardstyle? Snow patrol? Come on mate, I thought you’d feel the atmosphere tense up, or at least see from the people leaving the room that this wasn’t the time… but no! With a sinking feeling, it dawned on me that you must just be ‘that guy’

gurn splitter

As if a light had been turned on, it was suddenly so clear. There was something feral about you, as your eyes darted around the room, switching between staring people out and avoiding eye contact all together, although in all honesty your eyes had been doing their own thing most of the night. You sat there, crossed legged on the floor, blasting out Beyoncé and fiddling with a lighter – and I suddenly became all too aware that you’re one of the only ones left. Moreover, I suddenly became aware you’ve lost half your clothes and are covered in… dirt? What even is that? There’s a weird smell and I look down to see you’ve spent the last five minutes trying to set fire to the carpet. We had to find a way to get you out…

‘Err mate… everyone’s pretty shattered; I think we’re guna hit the hay…’

It was weak, I’ll admit. But it was all I could come up with. We started to go through the motions… turning off the speakers, moving things away in a half arsed attempt to look like tidying, all the while avoiding eye contact with you. It was our last resort, and maintaining the ruse was crucial.


‘OK I’ll just sleep here on the floor’ 

           you replied, pulling your jumper over your head and making a pillow out of an empty can…


And there we had it. You were to be part of the furniture for the night, whether we liked it or not. You lay there, snoring away with the sort of death rattles which cry out for a change of lifestyle, whilst we desperately tried to block them out and get some shut eye for ourselves. Hours passed and we drifted off, and when we arose you were gone. Where? None of us were sure. You dissappeared just as mysteriously as you arrived. 


So there it is! If you do stumble upon this letter, my messy companion, i’d love to hear from you. Who knows, we could be great friends one day? Besides, you left your phone and one of your shoes. 





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Camden beach banner

Summer is finally here; on with the flip-flops, sun cream and time to dust of that BBQ. For those who aren’t hitting the road to enjoy the country’s all amazing festivals, or getting on a crowded plane to the party islands, then lazy days in the sun with your feet in the sand might be a mini treat well deserved. Lucky for you, London now comes complete with its own inner city party beach; a longed for addition to the shining sun and those record hitting temperatures. Most of us have once or twice been for a dip in the Hackney Lido, or maybe Hampstead Heath, but little did we know that there are places to make sandcastles with your friends, sip amazing cocktails in your bikini and even have a dance at real-beach gigs worthy of Bora Bora Ibiza!

The Roundhouse team in Camden, famous for their hosted electronic music events, live performances and festivals, have brought us a different take on a long-loved classic – the beach. During July and August they have 900 square meters of golden sand- 150 tonnes of it to be precise- laid out on their roof terrace, complete with parasols and beach chairs. But not only can you chillax in the sand here, this free attraction also offers playtime activities such as ping pong, boules and badminton, and afterwards you can cool down with a Holly Lolly! (an ice-lolly and frozen yoghurt cart) from the ice-cream van on the Camden Beach Pier.

Camden-Beach2-537x357canonical 1

If you are after a delicious thirst trenching drink, there is Jimmy’s Margarita Shack, blending up a variety of margarita’s in all shapes and colours, and the Tiki Hut Grill and Beach Bar, which offers beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and some spicy Caribbean specials. The Camden Beach have also jumped on the trend of the pop-up stalls and street food, and the beach is now temporary home to Fishy Business, courtesy of the acclaimed restaurant Made in Camden. At Fishy Business you can enjoy a “classically seated” lunch or dinner, with plates and everything, and you can even reserve a table online if you want to be sure to beat the waiting list. The steaks and burgers from the BBQ are grilled by none other than the man behind the Arkansas Café in Spitafields market, Bubba. There is also a designated family area for the little ones, to which you can bring your own spades and buckets!

For the grownups, there are a variety of musical events taking place on the beach-rooftop during August, and the big screen will be showing all major sport events throughout the summer. If you like to be sure to have a space for you and your friends in the sun, you can also reserve one of the three beach huts. The music events kick off on the 2nd of August with an urban soul night (JJ Soulx, Cynikal and DJ Milo) followed on the 9th by an experimental guitar music night (Phil Maguire, Jack Allett and DJ Fauxlo). On the 16th of August there is a mellow acoustic indie night (Vanessa Gimenez, Sophie Blackburn and Ellekaye) alongside a DJ set from Manish. Finishing off the official summer month, on the 23rd of August, is a sunny reggae vibe inspired event (Whitney Williams, Iam1, Tempting Rosie and DJ Emmanuel) that will officially close the Roundhouse’s Camden Beach for this year.


The Roundhouse Beach is admission free, and is open from 5pm-11pm Mondays 12pm until 11pm Tuesday-Friday. Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH. (Music event prices vary, check website for more information, )The Happy Hour on offer is; Cocktails – buy-1-get-1-of-the-same-free Monday to Friday 5pm until 7pm. No outside food or drinks allowed.


Words by Maria Lodetoft

Good Tunes for a Good Cause: EDGE w/ Binh & Dan Farserelli

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edge charity banner

It’s relatively rare to see the underground party business galvanized by a political or ethical cause, not because promoters are greedy or indifferent, but often it is preferred to leave behind the ideals and save the dancefloor for the music and the vibes. This has certainly changed, however, when it comes to raising money and awareness for a pretty heart-wrenching foundation, The Stacey Mowle Appeal.

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 11.51.06

Saturday 3rd August sees underground techno party-people EDGE throw a special charity event at Bar-a-bar in Stoke Newington in aid of the appeal, which is raising money for a young girl – Stacey Mowle – who is battling Neuroblastoma Stage 4, an extremely rare form of cancer. The cost of her treatment, which she needs to have in the US, is an enormous £500,000. But with help from promoters like EDGE, and so many other people who are putting on fundraising events, getting together that amount of money is hopefully achievable. It’s obviously an incredible cause to donate to, and an undeniable reason to get down on the 3rd of August. 

If your cold heart is still not persuaded, then perhaps the fact that EDGE have got the Club der Visionaere resident Binh, whose minimalist sound is synonymous with the sonic movements of Berlin right now, topping the bill. Alongside him on the line up is Dan Farserelli, OdD, and residents Ian Grimwood & Jimmy Reckless.

Listen to Binh’s mix for MEOKO below

BINH cover


EDGE presents : Binh, Dan Farserelli, OdD @ BAR A BAR is on Saturday, 3rd August 2013 from 10pm

To get on the gueslist you need to send your names to and all proceeds on the door will go to the Stacey Mowle Appeal. 

Join the event on Facebook here


Peoples’ Charts: 12-14 July

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MEOKO believes that your opinions count just as much as any of the top DJs on the circuit. That’s why we have introduced the ‘Peoples’ Charts’, where we head down to some of the best parties in the city to find out just what tracks you’re all waiting to hear. Anything goes. Simple as! 




Arttu – Space Trippin

Neinzer – And Again



BLACK – Andrea Fiorito